Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Chak De Star Voice of India

Saritha returns to talk about VoI, where celebrities and tears have been flowing freely.

After a looong gap and a slooow net connection, I finally got to my analysis of VoI taking into account the last three weeks’ shows. Keeping with the tradition of rating a performance on a scale of 10, here is what I thought.

On the ‘Chak De’ episode with the all-girl team from the movie, Shaan tricking viewers into believing that Sharukh Khan would be on VoI: -5

But actually bringing in the original coach and the real life hero who inspired the film, Mir Ranjan Negi : +10

Abhijeet and Alka enjoying or rather listening to all the performances carefully : +10

On the other hand, Lalit and Aadesh’s ghusur-pusur when someone from the competing gharana Prithvi was singing and then discrediting the contestants' performance with their nasty comments : -10

Dressing up contestants in atrocious outfits, especially making the girls look like fashion victims and tampering with their natural looks: -15

Later, a totally revamped look given to the girls who dazzled in whites and gorgeous shaadi ke kapde: + 10 (VoI producers, thanks for reading this blog and firing your darji)

Isha Koppikar in a lovely yellow saree, refusing to suck up to any judge or contestant while voicing her opinion: + 10

But her choice of words after Irfan’s pathetic rendition of ‘om shanti om’ almost demoralized the kid for a while, hmmm: -5

Velvety voiced Kunal Ganjawala’s (he’s so cuddly) frank analysis; riding high on the success of ‘Chak de’, the energy and spunk brought in by the girls: honey-voiced Shreya making all the participants comfortable singing duets with them and sharing her earlier interaction with Irfan in a children’s singing competition (they were asked not to mention ‘SRGMP’); most wonderful Shabana Azmi hosla-hafzaayi karte huye; svelte Malaika Arora Khan with hubby throwing some oomph and jhatkas on the stage – interesting array of celebrity judges: +10

Fake skits, forced laughs, sympathy gaining tactics: -5

Charismatic Shaan having more talk time than before, adding a friendly vibe to the show, leaving very little scope for the judges to throw tantrums: +10

So the final score, not bad for this poor Cinderella of a show pitted against her two evil (kidding) step sisters – SRGMP and II3 in a bid to win some princely popularity.

As Aspi would say it, some phaltu advice to Gajji from my side: how about bringing in the witty Sharukh Khan, who is eager to flaunt his new six-pack along with the beautiful Deepika Padukone to promote their new flick Om Shanti Om? Use some of Star Network's connections if you have to. After all Sharukh’s association with Star goes back to KBC days.

Think about it, Ok?



Anonymous said...

As Ismail Darbar would say on "my" favourite show - sawaal hi nahin uth ta: +10 for Saritha. Poore dus mark. All the best.

dockaul said...

@Saritha - Brilliant, Incisive & Impressive... Poore 10 marks wah wah!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Manish & dockaul.
I dont remember getting full marks on any test,so far.:-)

Anonymous said...

Saritha, that's because you prefer VOI. Shift to SRGMP and you'll know how everyone can get a perfect 10, everytime.

Anonymous said...


(hung my head in shame and disbelief)I almost forgot that on SRGMP everyone is 'mindblowing'.
Thanks for the reminder.:-)

In ur own style,as ID would say "mujhe ab shirf apne writing pe dhyaan dena hai.kyunki shirf achchi writing hi mujhe bacha sakti hai.toh aap janta ka shukriya karti hun kyunki janta hi malik hai jo meri garib parivaar VoI ko top tak pahuncha sakhti hai."

Unknown said...

I must say this prathaa of announcing contestants with some terrible shayari is much fun. Saritha, you should compose something for the show in your next post.

Anonymous said...

aree Aspi miyan,kya bole tum.Tabiyath kush kar diye.ama,woh Shabana begum hyderabadi hindi mein bolen,sune tum?mast bole.Aur woh Irfan potta bhi kya gaa ra re.Charminar ki kasam unuhich banta dekho VoI.

achaha tuma bole nayi,yeh handva kya cheez hai?

Anonymous said...

Great post Saritha! Been a while since i tuned into SVOI. Have been watching only SRGMP so far.
Am so glad to know of the results on SRGMP. Dont wanna post the whole spoiler here but i was darn sure Poonam would be leaving. I thot Zee had sabotaged her performance...notice how there was no background music except for the tabla when she was singing? The original song had subtle complementing guitar/piano with alka's vocals. Zee made Poonam's song sound verry boring and bland. Despite lack of music, i thought Poonam sang very well...Alka actually went shrill while singing the stanza in the original song, but nothing of that sort from Poonam. I am soo glad shes still around!

Anonymous said...

Saritha,what a lovely article..It was exactly what I felt on all issues.....alas, I lack the literary skills of presentation.......since i'm lucky not to have a gurugraph, heres a 100 to you......To set the record straight, the denominator is 10 and numerator is 100.....unlike when Amit Kumar was the judge and told one of the contestants,(i think sumitra )for her very good performance.."bahut acha gaya..aapko mein 10 deta hoon,50 deta hoon, 10 out of 50.... very nice"...or something to that effect....
As for Om Shanti om, someone will defintely come on both shows..there was a news prog recently which said that this was a very cheap free advertisemtn for the film guys......the Tv guys are happy. to have judges who generally are on their best behaviour and gush over contestants cos they want everyone to see their movie.....and we in the audience r also thrilled to see win-win for all.

Anonymous said...

The spoiler says its Abhas who has got out.Poor guy! He is certainly much better than many contestants.

Unknown said...

Deepika Padukone and SRGMP would be a match made in heaven. She is enough of a chhota starlet that Himesh would harass the crap out of her.

Anonymous said...

heck naw... Himesh would be kissing her ass..
don't you remember last episode where he was all praise for TUSHAR..
"95% of his movies were super duper hit...yadda yadda yadda"..that was such a long and annoying speech.. Kunal looked like he was trying really hard not to crack up...bless the hottie..

I mean wtf Tushar Kapoor of all ppl?

Bappi didn't even get a chance to compliment Rajpal Yadav to call him "beautiful"..

Unknown said...

Thanks for reminding me of this wonderful moment on SRGMP. IN fact, how could I have missed it?!

Must use it somewhere - I thought the expression on Tushar's face was priceless. He could scarcely believe how vigorously he was being licked.

Anonymous said...

yeah he visibly looked embarassed, the praise was so over the top that it sounded like Himesh was taking the piss.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ritha and Anu.You guys are too kind.

Ritha,that is a fantastic observation abt Poonam's song.I never heard it before and when song title was flashed,it didn't really felt like a Rahman tune to me.

anu,you write well and it was evident in all those comments.I also feel that someone from the VoI team must have read your comment on how Abhilasha was potrayed the previous week.A lot has changed( for good) in a week.:-)

Anonymous said...

Saritha, Nice job! I've never watched VoI, but yr piece almost had me adding another show to my list ; esp. enjoyed the Shabana stuff - I'm a huge fan of hers! Unfortunately I think I'm maxed out for time......

Aspi, seems like we have plenty of great guest writers shd u ever need a breather :)

StarVoiceOfIndiaShow said...

Perfect analysis.

Though I disagree that Isha was too harsh on Irfan. I think she was reasonable and one of the better judges that VoI has seen.

Anonymous said...

Onto a different show, namely II3...see this link

It seems that Amit is lagging behind Prashant in terms of votes.

Anonymous said...

Aspi, just in case u r feeling a little left out amidst all the praise for Saritha,,,,,your blogs are very fact it was this blog which made me a first-time-blogger. I was relieved when u mentioned that our addresses are safe...cos I read so much about how unsafe the net can be, and my cyber-gyaan was limited to checking my mail and reading the news!It sure is addicting.

Anonymous said...


Vishal wearing a suit (almost)

Music release video of om shaanti om

*cough**shameless plug* *cough*

Shekhu Jaan's chest is so hairy and wtf is he wearing. His first makes him wear crap clothes cuz she be one insecure lady????

Anonymous said...


I loved ShabanaJi as well.She exuded so much warmth on the show that at the end of it,Iam pretty sure all the contestants must have given her a big hug.

And anu,

If Aspi ran a marathon,I just took a baby step - No comparisons at all. :-)

Anonymous said...

We need a Manish Malhotra for music directors.

Shekhar does look cute though.

I love the music of OSO and I think this is a good album from VS after their last dud (Mindblowing mahiye...)

Since I am already on the OSO track - SRK looks awesome. Would love to know what he has been upto.

- Joules

Anonymous said...

Thanks J for stopping by.

I felt,Isha read Irfan's expressions and quickly moved on to make a technical analysis,which was true.Besides that tiny blemish of sounding slightly rude,Isha came across as refreshing as a bunch of daisies.Can't wait to see her in Nach Baliye 3 where she'll be one of the judges.

Unknown said...

Yaar, all the praise for Saritha is well deserved. And since I get upstaged by the comments on this blog daily anyway, its no big whup to have people pitching in with terrific posts as well.

Unknown said...

Saritha, here is what a handva is - hands down my favorite Gujju thing to eat.

Anonymous said...

I can't forgive Manish Malhotra for making the dancing diva Madhuri Dixit look 'Over the top' on KWK-pink saree with a golden lace(what?!my cousin wore that in '92),buffoon hair,terrible make-up.

I feel Vishal looks cool in a t-shirt(bottle-green is good on him) and a pair of jeans.

Can you post that 'Arshpreet wild card ' stuff here as I feel it is more relevant here.I dont remember where I saw that.Thanks

Anonymous said...

Oh no, Saritha, it looks like VOI is back to its tight pants and short tops for the females.....But their hairdo looks better this time.
Catch the pics on:

The darji should learn from Neetu.....she has aged so gracefully,and looks so stunning and dignified.

Anonymous said...

wow anu!thanks for that link.

I was too busy looking at the kapoors and Sanju baba in those pics -always love Neetu.

Iam so eager to watch this episode.

PS - why r Kapoors making their presence felt on both SRGMP and VoI on the same week? :-?

Anonymous said...

Two things: Firstly there is a Rishi Kapoor movie coming out. Inde film mostly for the international market. Directed by Aditya Raj Kapoor (Shammi Kapoor's son). I think its called Sambhar Salsa.

Secondly Sanjay Leela's movie Saanwariya featuring their son Ranbir is soon to be released.

- Joules

Anonymous said...


'Saawariya' is scheduled for a Diwali/Eid release.So my guess is,it got to be the other film U mentioned.

'Sambhar Salsa' - too funny.Iam watching that.

Will there be a 'Idli ballet' too

Anonymous said...

off topic
Ishmeet used to always cry and my family used to be like "he's gonna get a beating from his dad when he goes back home for crying in public"

and when his dad was on stage and was crying, my little sister gets up and says "WHO'S GONNA BEAT HIM UP NOWWWWWWWW?"

Unknown said...

Hilarious. Your little sister should guest blog for us.

Anonymous said...

haha well Ishmeet used to always cry for no reason.. as if he was crying for his mommy.. i never understood..

almost as bad as Bobby crying at some award show this year when Dharam Paaji won a lifetime achievement award.. we were like "sunny is gonna beat him up with his 5 kg ka haat for being a jatt and crying like a sissy on stage"

Anonymous said...

yeah my family are extremely violent, we talk about mukka and beatings more often than himesh talks about roti

jyotijaiswal said...

voice of india - abhilasha is such a mean female, she looks cunning & mean & she actualy is, she has forgoten songs so many times & still got a chance, thn she dint think abt rules & now whn d eliminated ones r getting a chance, those who r beter than her she is talking abt rules,

Anonymous said...


Can you pls tell me what did Abhilasha say about the rules and on which episode?

Anonymous said...

yes i can't stand abhilasha either

Anonymous said...

Saritha, its obvious that 'Gajji' is trying to get back his favourite contestants quietly.There was a Wildcard show Sunday nite IST 11 pm where all the eliminated contestants were asked to sing before a panel of music-stalwarts like Khayyam,Ravindra Jain, Anandji and Parveen Sultana.4 people were to be shortlisted by them, and the public wld vote for 1 out of them who will make a comeback......Which public? Hardly anyone knew of the programme,in any case it was too late (in fact can someone who watched the prog tell me who were the 4).
Jyothi, I am not too sure Abhilasha is to be criticised so much. Take it from the 5 contestants point of view.They have slogged it out week after week going thru all the practice,singing, the tension of having to perform their best, and then getting thru to the next round. Now someone will simply jump so many places, and reach their level.Obviously its not a nice feeling.Harshit also said that if there was a wildcard, it should have been earlier.....I am sure all felt the same.Since Abhilasha is still a young girl, she blurted it out.I hope she doesnt have to pay for the folly of youth!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

thanks anu dear,what would I do without you?:-)

I watch these shows online,so besides the stuff that gets uploaded I dont really know what's happening.Iam yet to see the Sat episode though.

I agree with U on abhilasha or for that matter a lot of youngsters on these shows.They were probably roped in to cater to a younger demographic in India - with 32% or so Indians falling under age 15 as per last census.
When Pooja on Indian Idol said something about Ankita not being a trained singer in a rather unpleasant way,I was taken aback for a while.Soon I realized that these kids speak their mind on camera.They are not groomed to say politically correct things,just not yet.They'll soon learn the Parliamentary Manners when they are not stressed out.

Anonymous said...

Saritha, you can find all wild card videos on There is discussion going on the site whether wild card round is fair or not and in my opinion, it is absolutely fair.

Anonymous said...

thanks J,

that's helpful.i'll chk them soon.

I have no clue why would Gajji choose a 11pm slot on Sunday for that round.

Iam not sure how many saw that.

Anonymous said...

Heres news for u Saritha......It seems Sumitra is out....I wonder whats happening ...she goes out, and when 4 are left, two wild card entries cum in? Gaj seems thoroughly confused.
Sumitra sang(screeched?) quite badly earlier, and now just when she has started to sing, she is out!

Anonymous said...

I read that too,anu.

Gajji is in the middle of utter chaos,designed by him ofcourse.

The man needs a lesson on marketing and sales.No professor can teach that better than HR.Himesh shd be called 'Mktg' and not HR(Human Resources)

Then again,he along with his chuddy buddy(borrowed) Ismail make perfect combo -

HR(I)D-Human resources department.
Effective utilization of the remaining resources.

Anonymous said...

The 11 pm slot on Sunday? Wasn't that to counter the II3 Finale?

Anonymous said...


that explains.I must say the wild card entry episode was better than the previous episodes.