Friday, September 07, 2007

A veggie good year

I've finally figured out what to grow in the backyard - stuff that can resist my terrible gardening skills and stuff that I can eat day in and out. Summer is winding down but every morning I brave the biggest and fastest mosquitoes this side of the Arabian Sea who lurk inside my cherry tomatoes, salad greens and chilis and grab tons of stuff for my favorite salad.

Ok, now the truth. If I didn't write about Indian Idol or Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, this is how mind numbingly boring my blog would be.

I'm taking a short break from TV, I'll have to skip this weekend's shows and will have to catch up with next weeks somewhat late. In between I'll post some more boring stuff. While I'm not nearly as egoistic enough to think I'll be missed, I'll definitely miss everyone's wonderful company here. Crudmonkey, what am I going to do when the shows are over?!

Meanwhile, be sure to check out Saritha's Drift Ticker where she tracks who's hot and who's not on Voice of India. As you can see, she is harder to impress than me.

And I'd also like to say: Chak De girls, you are all on the M-list. Very bad!


ppl said...

'Mindblowing' shows will keep on coming and bottles of liquor await. How about Nach Baliye 3? (snicker) I'll watch it if you write about it.

Anonymous said...

me too.Dance over music -anytime,Aspi.

And Nach Baliye 3 has the two khatarnak cats from last season's 'Big Boss' Kashmira Shah and Rakhi Sawant.meow.lot of masala.

And I dont think we'll let you take a break after SRGMP,II3 and see,yeh dil maange more,aha.

Sania said...

Where are you going Aspi? Did we scare you away? We're sorry. :(

Rumour has it that Mini Mathur is going to be a contestant on Jhalak Dikhlaja - a Dancing w/the Stars type show. You could always cover that!

I will save my argument that I think Mini is also pregnant for your next Indian Idol post. :)

Unknown said...

Ok, I'll check out Nach Baliye and the Mini Mathur show.

I need to make a quick trip somewhere - where there won't be TV and streaming vids is going to very problematic. This is where stuff like Facebook comes in handy so you can only share your plans with your friends.

Anonymous said...

oh thats sad to hear Aspi. I was anyway depressed that Saregamapa will end soon and now my favorite blog site on Sare is on vacation. Not pretty! But have fun and hope ur break turns out useful for you.

Anonymous said...

I opened ur site and thot i landed up at some cookery blog instead :P
Will really miss ur take on the shows. Sigh...adjust kar lenge.

@Sania - I soo think shes pregnant too! Firstly shes getting chubbier and in 1 of the episodes think her bump showed (unless it was mere flab). Her wardrobe has changed to have more empire style clothes now...hmm hmm hmm


Anonymous said...

I saw the promos of Saturdays VOI. Whats with Irfan? He goes and invites the guest to come and dance with him.....he did it with Isha Kopikar, he did it last week with the Chak de girl. Tried his luck sometime ago with Govinda/Anil Kapoor who politely refused? The poor guest has to stand on the stage and dance or clap hands. Obviously the guest is forced to come out with wonderful comments!!!!!Thankfully he sings well, but I do pity the guests.

Anonymous said...

Aspi’s sudden announcement of sanyas (albeit temporary)from our Phavorit TV shows had thrown me into one of those highly intellectual brooding sessions…the propositions and counter propositions emanated are listed herewith :-
a) Aspi has other important things to do : ( Bull shit! Hah! Watching three of such shows back to back in a week , reviewing them, responding to comments, purging vulgarity and sounding witty at the same time does not leave Anyone good enough for doing any other thing, Period!)
b) Psychiatrist’s Advice : ( Could be, Mrs. Drift was heard lamenting that of late, every full moon night, Aspi dons all her jewelry , pulls on a sunglass, wears a cap, chews cud, fetches a lauki from her kitchen table looks up at the moon and wails Nuuuuuuufraaaaaat…..)
c) The M–shot game has taken its toll and Aspi has to visit the rehab ( WTF! Hic! …No time is wasted is you stay wasted all the time…Hic!)
d) Mauli Dahling will be back in US and Aspi is the head of the reception committee ( Hey why didn’t I think of it before… things are falling in place)
e) Aspi is an alien and has to attend their yearly conference at Andromeda ( Ummm…Highly Probable, if the other xenomorph Vishal is also missing during the same period , you have a story man!)
f) Mini Mathur is pregnant and Aspi is…..( Saaaley, Kaminey!, Kuttey..@ ..# ..Ghar mey ma behen mini nehi haey kaya??...@ #)

Man! Don't you wish there were a knob on the TV to turn up the intelligence? Mine has one marked 'Brightness', but it doesn't work.
Love u Aspi will miss Ya!

Anonymous said...

Wow Bong! I thought people change their names based on numerology! I assume that u have changed ur name based on my comments.Hey, no offence meant,. It was in jest. I feel like an old grandma who has done the 'naamkaran' of her grandson.
As for Aspi,whatever the reason for his absence may be, I will miss his blog.

Anonymous said...


I dont know if Mini is pregnant or not,but(like meg said)I sure noticed something is seriously wrong with V-S on SRGMP.

How can one explain their bulging bellies?

Meg,dear!Shekhar doesn't need a stylist,they both need a personal trainer ASAP.Mail Vishal abt this.

Anonymous said...


good observation about the contestants pulling the guests onto stage for no reason.I was about to point it out in my next post.

And guys! What if Aspi has taken a break-we can still stop by and share the lastest gup-shup...come on.I know,he would love that.

Any one noticed himesh's new look this week?And ofcourse loved Raja's outfit.

And our dear head used clipper instead of comb and he looks nice.

Anonymous said...

There is something seriously wrong with Himesh's look besides the topi thing. Does he wear women's jeans?

Anonymous said...

Aspi, I miss you too!

Bong, loved your comments! You should write a guest column for the blog while Aspi is gone.

Folks, to feed our Drift addiction, let's start a chain of comments to speculate what this blog owner is up to...

Methinks: He is an undercover agent who is a mole. Who else has time on his hands to watch all these shows and write about them?

Anonymous said...

p.s. Aspi's current secret mission involves stealing tomato technology for a far away totalitarian state....

Anonymous said...

Methinks he is too depressed with Mauli leaving. Bappida only staged an exit, our Aspi is doing the real thing.

Anonymous said...

He's been appointed as HR's stylist. Notice HR's unbuttoned shirt and his shiny waxed chest? That's our Aspi at work.

Anonymous said...

ha ha...thats funny.

Glad that Mr.Bong.....G.C.Bong started something interesting to keep us hooked.

Anon 1,
lol at the idea of himesh wearing a women's jeans.I wouldn't be surprised if he actually wore one in the name of fashion.In that case,anon 2,Aspi cant be his stylist.

Unknown said...

You guys have no respect for me. Excellent! I expect no less.

But this reminds me: I need to do a post on Mauli if I can get my last set of Mauli interviews with the neighbors done today.

Sania said...

OMG - I have the *BEST* photo of Himesh to share with y'all. Some of these women's jeans rumours may be substantiated. When I get home from work this evening, you'll get a peek.

Is it weird that there's a Sania, a Ritha, and a Saritha on this blog?

Anonymous said...

Sa(nia)+Ritha =

Sania and Ritha,I think it's time to do some collaborative blogging(and ripping Himmes) if you guys live anywhere near NC.

Unknown said...

Well, this inspires me to take a Sangrita, modify it a bit and call it Saniagritha and dedicate to all of you.

Sania, we look forward to that pix.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha this is hilarious!
Saritha...all the humor in the comments is a reaction to Aspi's posts!!
Thanks for the honor Aspi!
Say, wasn't one of the characters in Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd. called "Aspi"? That was the first time i came across the name...what does it mean btw?

Unknown said...

I remember watching the preview for that movie during Don and my friends started spontaneously laughing very hard when that character showed up on screen. Probably because he was a bit whiny. Gee, that was hurtful for about 2 seconds.

Everyone has their own interpretation of Aspi in *my* family. Dad says it means Aspahan, which means a marble horse (ostensibly I look like one). Mum calls me Aspandyar sometimes even today which means a generous friend.

But most accurately its short for Asfandiar, which means special order made by Zarathustra's own hand.

Sania said...

NC + Y = where Saritha - Ritha + -nia lives.

Um, yeah so I'm in NY not NC. :)

Aspi I visited your city. It's pretty.

Unknown said...

Sania, which city: Vadodara or Chicago?