Friday, September 14, 2007

Indian Idol 3 final stretch frenzy

The Times of India reports in a piece called Hills go into Indian Idol frenzy on its front page today:

Perfectly sober people, including senior bureaucrats and ministers, are doing bizarre things to get either Amit Paul from Shillong or Prashant Tamang from Darjeeling voted as India's next singing sensation.

Announcements are being made during football matches, marriage ceremonies and birthday parties to see either of the two singers through. Some ministers are exhorting voters to send SMSs in favour of their favourite crooner; others have booked PCOs for the job.

Even former militants are allegedly browbeating residents to vote for the local star.


Anonymous said...

Its really reaching a level way beyond a singing talent contest.
Lakhs and Crores of rupees are spent on SMSs and voting. I just cannot believe the amount of madness this whole thing generates!

Anonymous said...

I know. And Sony can't spend the money to atleast get some known/popular singers for the results show. (like American Idol)

The result show has become more of a b***h fight between the judges.

- Joules

Unknown said...

Rubaroo is even worse. What with Sonia Mehra and that dude who sung Maheroo (and has a penchant for pointing here and there but mostly up).

Anonymous said...

Star news does a special on how Bips and John are still together. Really, THIS is news?
I think you have a competitor in Star News Aspi, look at their interpretation of the body language and the equally enlightening captions.

Anonymous said...

What?!That's news?It looked more like the saaa bahu saaga- repetitive camera angles and dialogues.

John and Bips look hot,though.

Anonymous said...

Well, looks like AirTel and Sony have bribed ministers to be their marketing agents.

Sania said...

Faboo parody - check it out if your broadband doesn't defy you in India.

I generally don't enjoy desi comedy, but this was really quite well done.

ppl said...

Thanks Sania!!! That was awesome. Aspi may I suggest a video section where such gems can be linked in one place.