Monday, September 24, 2007

Indian Idol 3 Grand Finale: The making of an Idol

Did it surprise anyone that Prashant Tamang became the third Indian Idol? Sure Amit was the crown prince waiting for the throne to become available, but you got the sense during the many months that Prashant's strong fan following and his ability to coast through the season without resonating too much negative energy was wrapping this contest up for him.

So on to the noisy and somewhat boring finale - long enough to rival a remake of Mughal-e-Azam. I found it terribly ironic that all the returning contestants - except the top two - mimed their songs on stage. Heck, some - like Richa Aneja - didn't even try to open their mouth.

Anu Malik mimed his opening sequence and seemed to have forgotten the words. Alisha Chinai was probably the worst offender - first showing up in a corset that looked like a it had been purchased in a Lord of the Rings auction and then miming rather poorly. With all that extra hair and fabric weight was it any wonder that all she could do was periodically lift her arms while miming?

All of this culminated in a rather hilarious performance by the boys - which combined the infamous miming of Milli Vanilli and boy band moves from the 90s. Suhit Gosain - onetime recipient of tons of daat from Javed Akhtar showed up, having replaced his fake rock aura with a look that reminded me of Lance Bass. Somewhere Tom Araya must be breathing a sigh of relief that the terrible aping has ended. If these guys ever form a band, they should call it NSync Vanilli.

Fortunately for all of us, Sukhwinder Singh showed up and kicked some ass with that big voice of his. And the fact that the girls - poorly voted for throughout the season - got special air time with him was a nice touch.

So what is behind Prashant Tamang's victory? Are you kidding - if I knew I would be an executive at Sony. But a few observations about Prashant might reveal an interesting design pattern for an aspiring Idol. More on that in a later post.



Anonymous said...

That comic with our beloved Prime Minister and Sonia Gandhi was hilarious!

And I have a secret for you: Darji from VoI designs outfit for Alisha Chinai, nuff said!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe U buddy!!!

You put Indian Idol before our glorious win against Pak today in 20-20.

Where's the match review?

Anonymous said...

Most elements of the Finale held no mystery. I came away with deep admiration for Sukhwinder. Vishal-Shekhar need to pair up with him more.
Unintended comedy was provided by Sonia G....for a public figure she was sooo stiff and uncomfortable. She and Kareena are two sides of a coin.
Prashant has limited range and let's face it...will he really quit a lifetime-guarantee job as a cop to become a struggling singer in a saturated market? I think not. Anyway, I am miffed because Emon was my cadidate and he did not much stage time at the Finale.

Anonymous said...

Balle Balle oye Balle Balle

India won

Balle Balle

Anonymous said...

Dhadani ki dhan
Dhadani ki dhan

Unknown said...

I didn't get to watch the finals :(. Only follow it on Cricinfo. Can't make up a report then. But I'm chuffed.

Anonymous said...

Three Cheers to Dhoni and Team

Hip Hip Hurray
Hip Hip Hurray
Hip Hip Hurray

Anonymous said...

Bring on the Confetti and the champagne and the dholaks.

Time for Celebration.


Anonymous said...

Congrats to the team! Well played, boys. You are Bharat ki Shaan.

I must admit that I was worried that if Pakistan won, janta would have voted Amaanat off SRGMP show as a knee-jerk reaction.

Now we can go back to the talent, ummm, popularity contest.

Anonymous said...

What a circus!

I am sure there was a damn good reason why every quality of the show that made it interesting needed to be wiped out for the finale. The all-knowing Sony bosses could probably explain it to us.

It started with the lip syncing fiasco as we watched in stunned disbelief, going to Mini and Hussain who we can only hope wore those 'costumes' because they were contractually obligated and moved finally to the ousted contestants none of whom we recognized at first glance. This was because all their individual personalities (which we watched so avidly all these weeks)had been sucked out of them. The girls with their ironed flattened hair, glossy makeup and corset tops were indistinguishable from the backup dancers.

It was so bad that we found ourselves hailing Alisha Chinai as the only consistent and familiar sight.

Anonymous said...

The last line abt Alisha was hilarious,meena.
Iam sure the darji has been consistent in what he does.No ups and downs.Always down.

And wtf,did PM actually show up with these two?Got to see this ,NOW.

Sania said...

Agreed with whomever said that they stripped the show of every likeable aspect - which for me, namely, was the interaction between the contestants. The show got progressively more and more boring as they got rid of them.

I did enjoy seeing everyone though, and I must confess that I liked the boyband. Although I was laughing pretty hard during the performance because I couldn't figure out if it was a spoof or not. But those guys looked super yummy. And now I feel like Mrs. Robinson, although I'm not really that old.

Sania said...

And seriously, Sukhwinder was awesome but he reminds me of a cartoon character that I can't quite place just yet.

Hopefully we'll keep the Pak bashing to a miniumum here? Thank you!

Anonymous said...

It started horribly where Anu Malik could'nt mouth the words properly. Alisha's outfit was the most ridiculous one I have seen her wear and that is saying something. And then I did an info on my Dish and found out the program was 3 effing hours long.

Was Abhishek wearing a wig in the boy band song?

Chang and John Abraham looked cute as usual. Sukhwinder Singh and the two girls were amazing.

Emon for some reason was sidelined. Did he anger the sony bosses?

The kurta's worn by Amit and Prashant were too long. Made them look like they were waddling.

Seems like Mini got her outfit designed by Tina Hussain.

Uff, what a let down,

- Joules

Unknown said...

Sania, that's a good observation about Sukhwinder. He looked pretty funny in that tapeli cut hairstyle.

And Joules, I have to say I did chuckle a bit when I saw Abhishek's hair. Clearly the hairdresser didn't like him one bit.

Mini's outfit didn't account for an inch of her heels. I felt like sliding a piece of paper underneath.

Sania said...

I would also like to point out a number of additional things:

- I think Alisha's gold/copper breastplate had faux pierced nipples. (Am I allowed to say that on a family blog?)

- I find it amusing that Suhit traded his Metallica duds for Backstreet Boys duds.

- I'm telling you, Mini is pregnant! Hence the boobalisciousness and the relative covered uppedness of her. All bets are on that she'll be eliminated from Jhalak Dikhlaja pretty early because I mean, come on - she can't start showing on Indian TV.

- The boy band didn't seem to be taking itself too seriously because they were bumping into each other left and right and laughing. That's refreshing. I still love them.

- Srsly what was up with sidelining Emon?

- True that Richa didn't even try to mouth the words, but check out her expression when one of the backup dancers tries to dip her. She's positively scandalised.

Aspi I want to be your facebook friend.

Anonymous said...

dayum i didnt bother watching the finale but i have recorded it ..i'll watch it later tonight

it sounds great

Sania said...

Ok since this was like a 3 hour show and took me forever to download, I feel the need to exceed my maximum number of comments for one day/topic/post. I may also need to do a fashion review about the finale; although, I may think about that one.

(I also hereby declare the same privileges for the Kareena Kapoor SRGMP should there be one.)

- I think the kids sang well, even though it was recorded in a studio. For example, Emon's part in the Heyy Baby song proved that I would want to listen to him doing playback. And the girls managed to elminate that weird inflection on MAAEEEENDD-blowing mahiya. Although I would like to point out that that was totally not Richa's voice on Jai Jai Shiv Shankar, unless it was *heavily synthesized*.

- They also danced pretty well; I wonder how much time the had to practice? I liked the wardrobe too.

- Pooja's song Maahi Ve - 2 things, she was totally hamming it up, and she was wearing those damn shoes she wore in *every single gala* Someone please explain.

- They did this cameo introduction to the the girls "Sab ki dhadkanen tez karne wali..Charu" etc. - did they do the same for the boys? It was pretty damn good editing for Indian TV, esp. II.

Unknown said...

Sania, wah kya round up hai. You can find me on Facebook anytime you'd like. Just use my name or here's my profile.

Anonymous said...

BTW, why was Bips missing??? Gol maal hai...

*~mad munky~* said...

after all the fuss....the arguments with my dear mother about me just having to watch II regardless of which saas-bahu drama she was missing....*pauses*

i didn't watch the final :oS

i shall have to look online to catch the sukhwinder performance - fab voice :o)

i was hoping for an amit victory, but hey...

ooh - did someone say facebook? *goes to look you up* hehe...


Anonymous said...

I liked the boy band..mainly because they really seemed to be enjoying themselves -- and also because it was nice to see Abhishek, Parleen and Chang together again!

The girls' performances were also good because of the high energy song choices and the choreography..all of them became Ankita for that moment :) What an irony, eh? Also, can someone get Ankita a hair clip to pin her hair back!

Anonymous said...

Anon, I assume the Indian Idol guys paid a handsome fee to the hair-stylist for a makeover!The day Ankita came on stage like this, I could see Minnie and Hussain forcing the audience to say she looked superb...and all this while Ankita was peering thru the hair, like a doggie!Its so true that most people look much better before their makeover!

Anonymous said...

i caught up on the 3 hour show in under 45 minutes ---- how did this end up being such a snoozefest? it was as if sony took lessons on how to systematically drain life out of a show built around the drama of giving talented young bathroom singers their 15 minutes of fame. suddenly on a musical talent show, the singing is lipsync-ed; our lovable, affable, quirky bathroom singers become lifeless mannequins or worse yet bad back-up dancers with ramp-model like uniforms, floppy hair and too much make-up! sheesh.... this was one finale worth skipping! also, how did emon go from golden boy to mr. invisible? i feel certain theres a story here!