Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007: Bye Bye Bleeng Bleeng

These days I am filled with admiration for Aneek Dhar. Why? For one, there is that terrible moniker he has to live: Royal Cub of Bengal. It gets thrown in his face several times a show. Then he has to live with being Himesh Reshammiya's chela - a feat that must surely require Gandhian levels of tolerance. And then, his guru puts tons of pressure on the poor lad every time he comes out to sing. "Romance karo" he orders. "Sing your best otherwise you're gone" he threatens. And Aneek walks up and cranks out one terrific performance after another - all in good humor without missing a beat. Someone make the guy the coach of the Indian cricket team!

In a new episode of the ongoing jhagda about variety versus roti, Vishal finally picked up the mike and decided to have a go at the House of Reshammiya. This was an ill-concieved move. Because it was nearly not as well plotted as anything Himesh would have done. And because it was a disorganized attack, Himesh - I'm afraid to say - had Vishal for lunch.

Here is what my phaltu advice to Vishal would be: focus on judging the contestants - if Poonam sucks for example, dress her down instead of giving her perfect marks. If Aneek isn't good, call him on it. If he kicks ass, praise him and move on. To be inconsistent is courting ridicule. To tangle with Himanshu is inviting disaster. In all of this though I can't help get the feeling that Amanat might just end up as the biggest gainer.

On to Kareena Kapoor's appearance to shill for her new meet-cute movie Jab We Met - which minus Shahid Kapoor in the promos looks about as inviting as a sauna in the Rann of Kutchh. Nervous, self-conscious, and fighting a constant battle to keep her off-shoulder dress above the boob-line, she drove the Drift Memsaab to exclaim "How does she manage to act!?"

There were two supremely funny moments in the Kareena episode - and neither came during her chamchaagiri of Himesh - a sure sign of the man's rising clout in Bollywood. First, Head decided to join Aneek and Kareena on stage. Himesh promptly jumped up and dragged the poor host off, making sure his chela got the spotlight. "Yes Sir" you could hear Head over his live mike as he scurried for cover.

And then Kareena had to distribute newly released CDs to the audience and the poor emaciated girl could barely toss the pieces - her expressions indicating where they might have landed - short of the first row. Enter Vishal Dadlani - who probably took out a couple of fans with his throws.

Yet the glittery, wrapped gifts that the singers presented to her touched me. And so did that tiny cake wheeled out to celebrate her birthday that could barely accommodate any candles (Happy 10th Birthday, Kareena)

Now, if we are to believe everything on the show, the lack of cellular coverage in Chhattisgarh resulted in the exit of Sumedha Karmahe urf the Bhritni Spheyar of India - purveyor of fine if somewhat choppy and occasionally shrill singing. I'm not sure of the rules but this apparently resulted in Bappida making his exit from the show. A hilarious montage of Bappi's time on the show was spliced in. This included Bappi on a humongous chariot drawn by two puffing horses - an image that will be indelibly seared in my mind forever.

To all of this I cry Foul! I will sorely miss Bleeng Bleengdas style and panache. Vishal-Shekhar will miss their ally. To think that he went without once singing one of my all-time favorites - the incredibly sexy Mosem hey ganey ka. Sob!



Anonymous said...

Vishal looked like a ship lost at sea and fish out of water without my shakky jaan.. btw you didn't mention anything about him being unwell and fainting before the shoot..

Sania said...

Has no one been listening to me for weeks? If the shishyas are eliminated, then the gurus go too! That is why

Vote Aneek off = No Himesh!

The kid will have a bright future regardless. Let's make it a VS v. ID finale - woo.

BTW - that clip does not sound like Bappi da, like, at all.

Anonymous said...

i dont think that kiddo will make it big because he sounds too mainstream and typical.. but i aint no expert in this

"Rann of Kutchh"??? hmmm shekhar is a "Kutchi" does that mean he comes from the Rann of Kutch???

Anonymous said...

Shahid apparently kept away from Kareena's birthday party. Apparently, he was sulking away in Toronto. And Ms.Kapoor? Check it out here.

Anonymous said...

What's up with our film and TV personalities fainting? (Karan Johar fainted while filming K3G, singers have fainted on stage when they voted out ...)

Looking at Shekhar he looks pretty hatta-katha. Why would he be fainting?

- Joules

Anonymous said...

Aspi ,

MINDBLOWING Caption : Head hits Puberty !

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Aneek truly is a good singer. Shame that he is in Himass's gharana.

Unknown said...

Geez Sania, I thought you were kidding. Who knew the show had such a random rule.

Joules, on-demand fainting is my favorite part of the show. Shekhar probably had some business to attend to - or he needed a vacation from the circus.

Anonymous said...

He may have fainted but he was not in a coma for sure...I base this on Vishal's report. Vish sent a text to Shek as soon as Sumedha was eliminated. Pat came the SMS reply from a fully conscious Shek...bring her to the sudio next week for a recording...

I concur with Aspi...any sane man would need a break from the circus. BTW, Aspi, genius captions! My fave is the one with all the sobbing.

Anonymous said...

i thought illness was an excuse too for shakky to take some time off and get his hairy chest waxed but no he really FAINTED..


and my baby's still my sexy human sasquatch

Anonymous said...

Mindblowing captions Aspi.Superb!These superlatives are truly addicting.....six months ago, these words werent even part of my vocabulary, and now when I need to praise someone, its only these which come to my mind!
The shows r becoming boring with very few people left....i prefer reading the blogs and comments here...they deserve much higher trps!

Anonymous said...

life imitating art


watch 42seconds to 45 seconds

Unknown said...


You called this show a circus. A circus is a dignified honest to goodness entertainment. Tell me don't the Jokers in a circus also do an honest day's work ?

Why insult the circus?

SRGMP is in a different undiscovered genre...this is a new "entertainment" form. Mark my words one day posterity will envy us for witnessing the Hamishness of His Himesh the Besharmiya and his Maha Cub Porky the Oink.


Anonymous said...

i hate to say ' I told you so'
::smirk::but didnt I mention that the stage would be a maha boring place without bleeeng bleeng dada (and his claps) and himass too...all the world and its mother loves nautanki!

ppl said...

Crazy Aneek clip @00:17:47.


Watch our man hold his sur as crazy chick on X grinds on him.

Unknown said...

Naww Aspi -- loved the way Vishal tried to lunge at Himass's throat (with Shaky it would've been more interesting; maybe both would've exchanged some txt messages of "dekha isko kaisa squirm karaya"). Only Vishal's dignity gave up before Himass's "crass-ity". As if to say, ye ye...mirchi lagi...hehhe...

*~mad munky~* said...

*applause* love this entry! far more entertaining than the show itself!

i'm afraid i've been a bad (mad) munky and only tuned in for amanat's performance this past weekend...the raj kapoor song.

have no idea what the rest were up to - but i now have a better idea :o)

lol @ vishal trying to tussle with the himanshu muscle! ;o)

Unknown said...

Munky - you sure missed something. Esp. when Vishal tried his needling with a slight "ab tujhe sikhata hoon" act, for a wee bit. Only to return to his dignified self once he gave Himass where it hurt. And hurt it did - like hell. Himass tried to muster support with "Am I right" (in that quirky nasal voice) to the audience...who really booed him. But the "blind" sport that HR is - he took all the booing as applause.

Anonymous said...

Are you against everything right?....I feel whatever Vishal did was right. There is a limit to which something can be tolerated.Someone has to be blind to be not able to see through the designs of Himesh.I think your advice is more suitable for Himesh.

Anonymous said...

Yay,Aspi,Great News for you!Werent u saying some time ago that u were looking forward to ogling, sorry, seeing Deepika Padukone!Ur wish has been fulfilled.U can see her this Sat with Farah and maybe SRK.
The bad news is that Poonam is out.....she is a great singer, but fumbled horribly last week. Poor girl!

Anonymous said...

what r U talking abt???

Deepika and Himesh on the same show?If I remember Deepika featured in his album'Aap ka surror'(not the movie).

He'll make the girl feel sorry for choosing to promote her debut film on SRGMP and not VoI.

Hell,Gajji are you sleeping?You lost out on fantastic oppor to pump the sagging trps of ur show.

Unknown said...

Are you against everything right?....

Depends. Would you go to a circus and read Rabindranath Tagore? Would that be right? See my point? Playing Himesh on his own turf with a straight face gets you nowhere. I'm not disputing Vishal's point.

Just suggesting that a different approach is necessary. Besides, it would be more entertaining - which is all I care about.

Anonymous said...

saritha, I wont be surprised if OSO team lands on SVOI as well. Its free publicity afterall.

Coming to Poonam's elimination, am just stuck on my conspiracy theory that Zee has sabotaged Poonam's performances in the recent past. These eliminations have been soo predictable (nevermind the order). Agreed she was bad last week, but Raja being #1? I though Amanat wud've been #1 if one goes just by last weeks performances. Well just my theory anyway.

Bappi's farewell msg "bye bye bappida ,we'll miss you" made it sound as if woh parlok sidhaare! Tsk tsk.
Adi's Pink corduroy(?) pants - not happening!
Kareena was very self-conscious but i was surprised at her warmth and congeniality. Expected her to be a bit snobbish actually.

Loved Vishal's retort. It was evident even he wasn't convinced of the logic- but thats exactly the point! Half of what Himesh says has no valid point or logic, but he says it anyway, so it was befitting that Vishal gave him back in the same coin. Himesh seemed frustrated coz Vishal wasn't making any sense - Haha finally he knows how others feel when he talks! Hats off to Vishal; that smug look on his face when he gave the remark spoke volumes, and spoke for all of us!

Anonymous said...

I thought so,ritha.Gajji just missed being first,that is.

Sumedha,poonam had to leave before reaching top 3.It was never abt the order.

Amanat,Raja and Aneek r 'destined' to be in the grand finale.We all knew that,didn't we?
We also know that Aneek will win the title.Himesh has become a cult figure for Zee now and there's no way they'll send him home,sulking on the finale night.

They cleverly chose to have a 3-way battle instead of 2-way ,letting the audience vote for the other two popular contestants...bhai,after all they need a bigger fig(than 7 cr votes) to declare.

And I think the best line of the show was said by Vishal a long time ago when Himesh asked mauli to repeat her Maiyya perf for Rajesh Roshan - Vishal said

"Humen yeh sochna hai ki yeh competition ek gaana gaane wale ke liye hai ya phir ek gaana rutt ne wale ke liye hai"

Himesh bashing takes so much time and energy that we tend to ignore the other fine momnets on this show.

Now that it's coming to an end,how abt a post on
best/worst lines
best/worst moments of the show.They'll be plenty,Iam sure.

Unknown said...

Just suggesting that a different approach is necessary.

Aspi, aspi....do you think any other (intelligent) way would've worked with the "brain dead" Himass? Sometimes you have to give it back in the same coin, to be understood. Not that Vishal seemed to care. As Saritha points out, HR was frustrated and Vishal did look smug. Seemed as if Vishal wanted to make a point, which he did superbly. Like - ok buddy shuddup about Raja. While HR like a fiercely ambitious (corpo?) guy first identifies the strongest contender, and then tries to kill him, is leaving no stone unturned to wrangle Raja's neck.
Saritha has a point when she suggests we talk of other good things that happen on the show, but Saritha - this man has an innate capacity of making passions rise - so much...that discussions can go on for weeks after the episode is over. Whoa!!!

Aditya Desai said...

Wonder how the contestants manage to get gifts for Kareena from their native states (country). looks like insider/ staged /choreographed to me.. even the word fights between HR and Vishal ;)

Anonymous said...

Him*** has such an overpowering influence that if Ismail starts singing like him, Vishal starts talking like him! God help us!

Anonymous said...

Deepika and Farah coming on the show!! great but i bet Himesh will get another chance to blow his own trumpetd by mentioning Deepika was on his video yadda yadda

he will be like "Om Shanti Om, i have seen the movie, it is mindblowing superb and will be the biggest hit of the year... MARK MY WORDS"

but one thing ooooooooooh i bet Vishal and Shakky Jaan will be singing OSO tracks and they'll be on stage

I hope the one that shakes doesn't put his hands in the pocket on stage AGAIN.. not a good look

Anonymous said...

Plus these guys are struggling artiste. One of them so poor that her "poor-ness" is mentioned in every episode.

If anyone should be giving gifts it should be Kareena to the contestants.

Anonymous said...

in one of the Hungana episodes Amanat got sumeda and shakiraben some dress from "pakistan that is very popular there"..assuming its same selwar that he got kareena

NOW how many of those does he have? i was like send me one in pink amanat

what color do you think deepika will get?

Anonymous said...

apparently Saawariya team is coming to SVOI this weekend.
I think i'd rather watch them than the OSO team with or with mr.repulsive 6 pack.

Anonymous said...

Whoa! Read that Ismail is going in for a makeover!If makeover means whats being done to so many contestants, then please,Ismail, u look ok the way u r!!!!

Anonymous said...

Aspi, any review on the latest movie 'Loins of Punjab presents'? Its supposed to be a comedy based on music reality shows! Would be a very apt movie to discuss here.Has anyone here seen it?

Anonymous said...

Poonam is TV's Sushmita Sen!Just heard that Poonam has an adopted child....Check it out!If its true, then I wonder why it was not mentioned all his time.

Anonymous said...

a third world baby is everyone's favorite accesory these days.. i kid i kid

Poonam seems like a compassionate person, god bless her.. its good to see someone showing some humanity and compassion in this day and age... and i am so glad that Zee did not know about it or they would have exploited it every episode.. specially himesh..grr

i think sushmita and poonam's intentions are quite diff but lets not go there

Anonymous said...

duh. poonam adopted the kid when she was 22, was living in poverty and barely had enough for herself.

sushmita adopted her child after becoming rich and successful and having enough money.

God bless Poonam for her compassion and her character. Besharmiya should really go and take lessons from her on How To Act Like A Human Being With Human Values.

And i salute poonam for not mentioning it, she knows that the knowledge of her daughter would have enabled her to get more 'sympathy votes'.

My respect for Poonam has increased tenfold.


Anonymous said...

mine too.. poonam is a role model in true sense.. its so easy to find people who show pity when they see someone suffering but very few actually do something about it..

Anonymous said...

I wonder whether SRGMP intentionally didnt let this news be known until she was eliminated cos her presence wouldnt fit into their scheme (of Aneek,Amanat,Raja being the final 3).

Anonymous said...


thank UUU.

There,getting the debutants Ranbir and Soham to appear on TV is a masterstroke-not to mention the Bansali's legacy of closing all the doors for the media thru out the shooting of his movies.

I knew Sharukh can't appear on any other channel.huhuuuuuu

Now I think he'll show up with Farah and Deepika on the next VoI episode.

Heard that Farah is pregnant,how can she have agreed to bear Himesh's nuisance?Didn't her mom tell her to stay away from bad omen.

Anonymous said...

that is a very touching article.Thank You.

I always liked Poonam.The girl had the courage and the mental strength to cope with all that was being said to her abt how poor she was.I wanted to kick the production team,besides Himesh, for playing that depressing background score everytime she came onto the stage.What?! When she is not feeling sorry for her state of being why on earth r u abusing her right?

Kudos to her for adopting a child when she doesn't have enough money to feed herself.Everytime I think she has set an example to a lot of people she surprises me with something extra ordinary.And Iam in awe.

God bless You Poonam.

Anonymous said...

Very true.I am really impressed by all that Poonam has done, and how well she carries herself off....U always see her with a wide smile.Even when she was speaking about the day she was hungry, she was trying to smile thru it...she is indeed a very special person...we should be idolising her rather than so many others.....I pray that she gets all the happiness and success in the world.

Unknown said...

Wow! What a gurl - Poonam. Has been so focussed on her work all through, has been dignified, and seemed to be on the verge of asking ppl to shuddup about her background, when they go on and on, ad nauseum. Its ok to share once with the audience - tho' even that, I think needs immense courage. But she has grown in stature hugely - such a large heart. Even tho' her means were limited she had the courage to pick up the abandoned kid and adopt her! Way to go...Poonam, you make us all proud! Leave us reflecting too....**thumbs up**

Anonymous said...

Wow...that's an unbelievable story. Thanks Anu g. I have great amount of respect for this girl...and it makes me sad to hear that she'll be leaving the show. although, when i think about it, if terrible Mauli aka Shakiraben can get some gigs after getting kicked off, then Poonam will definitely be successful! Someone should fwd this website to HimASS to show him how courageous this girl is and how he needs to learn that opening is big mouth ALL THE TIME is not a good idea!

Bravo, Poonam!

Anonymous said...

Call me a cynic, but why isn't this news been released yet until her exit. Did they show Poonam going home and meeting her mom and family members?

After all we had to listen to Shakira ben's neice, why not this little girl.

Curious if this was Poonam and her family's choice or did the production unit think she may get skewed votes (too many sympathy votes or too less girlfriend next door votes)

- Joules

Anonymous said...

Farah is expecting triplets, BTW.

Can we get someone from Papua New Guinea or some place really remote to adopt Himesh?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Brad and Angelina can adopt him! They seem to be in the market anyways!

Anonymous said...

himesh has to bake in the sun and buy fake nationality papers, cuz they want an african kid next, so Zahara has someone who looks like her for company

i kid u not..

Anonymous said...

Does one need nationality papers for adopting pets too?

Unknown said...

Anu g, I didn't know that about "Loins..." I will be sure to see it as soon as I can. In the interim, if you happen to chance on it, let us know - in fact you could do a review for us :)

Anonymous said...

wow! I am just bowled over and all teary eyed over Poonam's adopted daughter. What a woman! I am also stunned that Poonam is 26! I assumed she was 19-20.

Anonymous said...

Aspi I am overwhelmed by the faith u have in me (I am all teary-eyed, sniff sniff)! But Please! If I write the review, I am sure no-one will want to see the movie after reading it. So I leave it to you to do the honours, so that I can have double -fun , watching the movie and reading ur blog.
In any case I wont be able to watch the movie soon.If u wonder why i am suddenly so active on this blog, its cos my kids r burning the midnight oil studying for their exams, and I show my solidarity by staying awake.... and enjoying the blog here!

Unknown said...

Fair enough, burn the midnight oil. But that excuse is more acceptable than thinking the review won't be fun coming from you.

Anonymous said...

Check this out:

The judges think they are doing 'seva'
by signing a guitar, and SRGMP makes money and takes the credit....
I'd laud Poonam any day!

Anonymous said...

Lataji has this to say about reality shows:

Anonymous said...

Reason for bappida's bling...turns out they are his birthday gifts(atleast some of them)...
(the revelation comes at arnd 2:50 in the 4 min video)

Anonymous said...

aneek is acting like a pet monkey with his madari himass
'aneek deepika ko
'aneek gaana gaayega'
'aneek phaltu bakvaas karega'
'aneek chaatugiri karega'
POOR ANEEK...despite being a good singer has to cater to his himeshness' whims and fancies!
himass was at his worst on saturday accusing V-S of giving the best song to raja...i mean, how low can he go?but he surprises me everytime....

Anonymous said...

Oh no, now that the girls are out, Him starts a love story of aneek with deepika!If he thinks 'love' is to be publicised all the time, then why does he never speak about his wife/bring her out? Thats hypocracy!
He just goes 'bak bak bak' and now has started asking the others to shut up and listen to him(politely of course)...he insists on having the last word....doenst realise that he is only putting his foot in his mouth!

Anonymous said...

Deepika Padukone was tossed around in the show like a shuttlecock. Papa Padukone won't be too pleased.

And Minnie, Poor Aneek? He is one HornyEek.

Anonymous said...

who is her dad? is he someone famous?

OMG manish u r so right, they treated her like some toy..getting tossed around and Farah asking her to go on stage every 5 seconds.. and she would be like "sure farah"..

and shekhar has a crush on her or something..he was acting a bit weird around her, holding her hands etc..it was bizarre

btw Sonam Kapoor was on star voice of India and Sonal is 1000 times more likable and adorable than Deepika.. she was so sweet
even fugly Ranbir is charming..

Anonymous said...

M, Deepika's dad is Prakash Padukone, the Badminton Champion years ago.
As reg Shekar, dont u realise its filmi style revenge:Shekar read here on this blog that Megan ditched him for Neil Mukesh....so that was his way of publicly announcing that 'agar tumhaare paas neil hai, to mere paas deepika hai'.

Anonymous said...

Badminton champion? i don't know why it made me chuckle..

hahah i didn't ditch him, i just appreciated someone else on the side but you know boys will be boys..insecure and immature and jealous!!!! he was checking himself out on mirror all the time last week and i didn't realize why..

he was reading some men fashion magazine all night that he had to rush to the sets without taking a shower and looking very unkempt (ghazel episode).. i'm sure all of you noticed the new "homeless look"..

Anonymous said...

poor shekhy baby...hope his health is ok and stays dat way...
love u shaky!!!

Anonymous said...

this article is so cool .great job