Saturday, October 20, 2007

The best new Bollywood music - 4

More of the best new Bollywood music from the Drift CD changer.

No Smoking (Music: Vishal Bhardwaj)
  • Jab Bhi Ciggaret (Adnan Sami)
    This cabaret-lounge song - perfectly suited for Sami's aiyashi voice - sets the mood for a genuinely different album which is highly entertaining even thought it never climbs great heights.

  • Phook De (Rekha Bhardwaj) and Kash Laga (Sukhwinder, Daler, Vishal Bhardwaj) have been growing on Ritha

Saawariya (Music: Monty Sharma)
  • Chhabeela (Alka Yagnik)
    Hugely playful, tremendously cute, the most fun on this album.

  • Jaane-e-jaan (Kunal Ganjawala, Shreya Ghoshal)
    A lot of violins and a rousing chorus lead quiet, lilting vocals from two singers who combine surprisingly well. It emblematic of the album - music which will sound fresh to a new generation - but has been done to death before.

  • Yoon Shabnami (Parthiv Gohil)
    A girl gets praised to the skies with flowery superlatives. What did I tell you? Its been done before but it still sounds good. Great little qawaali interlude in the middle.

  • Jab Se Tere Naina (Shaan)
    Easily the best tune on the album, Shaan's new found ability to soften his voice is combined effectively with his ability to scale several octaves quickly.

  • Thode Badmash (Shreya Ghoshal)
    The distaff sequel to Yoon Shabnami. You'll either like it a lot or it'll put you to sleep. Either way, worth a few spins.

Mumbai Salsa (Music: Adnan Sami)

  • Mumbai Salsa (Adnan Sami, Alisha Chinoy)
    Lusty, dance-worthy, infused with horns (rare on Bollywood tracks), guitar interludes and Alisha breaking her voice in really interesting ways.

  • Akeli Zindagi (Shaan)
    This is essentially a pop-rock song with a few trumpet licks thrown in that make it sound really good.

Manorama - Six Feet Under (Music: Jayesh Gandhi)
  • Woh Bheege Pal (Zubeen Garg)
    There are three versions of this song on the CD, two by Jayesh Gandhi. But I dig listening to Zubeen's breezy voice.

Jab We Met (Music: Pritam)

  • Mauja Hi Mauja (Mika)
    Annoying or not, I am developing an appreciation of Mika's ability to bring the party to a song.

Dil Dosti Etc

  • Lamha Ye Jayega Kahan (K Mohan, Music: Agnee)
    Chance to listen to K Mohan doing a terribly earthy version of Adnan Sami on a pretty song.

  • Sambhalo Dil Ko (Sunidhi Chauhan, Music: Siddharth-Suhas)
    Terribly derivative, filled with lame, cliched electronica - but its Sunidhi Chauhan and she always plays on my CD changer.

  • Man Moniye Remix (Labh Janjua, Mona, Music: Siddharth-Suhas)
    I generally don't prefer remixes but this is less of a remix and more of a retooling and it really works for this song. Plus, aren't you curious about this "new sensation" Labh Janjua?

Chhodon Naa Yaar (Music: Anand Raj Anand)

  • Kasak (Anand Raj Anand)
    Gorgeous, especially if you like Anand's ghazal light genre. Wonder what Niranjan thinks of this.

  • Chhodon Naa Yaar (Shaan and others)
    I'm a sucker for songs that start with a sound like someone is playing a matka.

Bal Ganesh (Music: Shamir Tandon, Sanjay Dhakan)

  • Ganaa Ganaa Di (I) (Shankar Mahadevan, Amanat Ali, Aneek Dhar, Nirupama Dey)
    A lot of fun + a chance to listen to SRGMP alums!

  • Ganaa Ganaa Di (II) (Asha Bhonsle, Junaid Shaikh, Mauli Dave, Sumedha Karmahe, Rishi)
    A chance to listen to SRGMP alums!

Laaga Chunari Mein Daag (Music: Shantanu Moitra)

  • Chunari Mein Daag (Shubha Mudgal, Mita Vashisht)
    On a dog of an album this reworking of a Manna Dey classic is a standout - delicate, melancholy and powerful, primarily because of Shubha Mudgal who sadly doesn't get enough play in Bollywood.

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Anonymous said...

This reminds me of Cibaca/Binaca Geet Maala on Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation. One of these days you should do a post on these programmes Aspi - and maybe take a look at those unforgettable Doordarshan serials!

Shekhar Ki Deewani said...

hhehehe..agree 100% manish..dunno bout sri lanka broadcastin corp...i definitly know bout DD1...and DD2..
spkin of the smokin has some nice tunes...lagaa's title track is good too..

Sania said...

Labh Janjua isn't all that new - he's been on the bhangra scene for quite some time. He sang Mundian to Bachke, the epic bhangra anthem.

Shekhar Ki Deewani said...

OMG...did he???that's my all time Bhangra fav...

Anonymous said...

Hey Aspi, i am apalled that you have not menioned a thing about Om Shanti Om.We have rocked the world with our music in the movie, and you don't even mntion it here?I am seriously disappointed.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I take my words back. I just saw the previous part 3.

Anonymous said...

:D u reviewed no smoking :D:D

Shekhar Ki Deewani said...

Speakin of Bal Ganesh...Manish...can u do a Bald Himesh???

Unknown said...

Vishal D, what are you talking about man - I'm always reviewing your music. BTW, that Hinglish stuff is getting a little tiresome. Can you fix that in the next album. It won't affect your rockability, I promise.

Ritha, I listened extra hard to that album after I heard about it from you.

Anonymous said...

Aspi, I just saw this article on rediff and was wondering what the drifters favourite "top ten cheer" movies are.

While some of these make sense (Angur, Golmaal, Chupke Chupke, Jaane bhi do yarron..) my favourite movie "Hera Pheri" did not make the cut.

Sorry if this post is a little off topic.

Unknown said...

Joules, I think that's a great topic. Ok, I will ask people in a new post - unless you want to write one for me :)

BTW, I think Blogger's image upload is broken today. I can't upload some stuff for Mind Rush's latest uttam entry.

Anonymous said...

some of this music is currently playing on my ipod.....

Ritha, i too like Rekha's phook de. Her voice is atmospheric. Jab se tere naina is my fave track on saawariya and maybe the only keeper on this album for when i move to the new music. Mauja hi majua (despite the obnoxious mika) fm jab we met is a nice addition to the workout playlist. Also like the soothing Tum se hi fm this album. Fm LCMD 'Ek Thaiya Motiya' is my fave.... again rekha bharadwaj. what can i say, i like unconventional voices!

Anonymous said...

here's a conversation between Ranbir and Sonam

Ranbir,loosen up a bit and have fun,dude!You are too reserved or what?

Anonymous said...

saritha, figure the average is abt right.... ranbir is serious and measured while sonam seems impulsive, like she leaps b4 she looks. for now they're joined at the hip, so the balance works.

btw, not sure if others agree but saawariya promotion seems like overkill. one can't visit an indian website without being hit by some new sonam-ranbir feature.

Anonymous said...

Just 25 and that serious look??huh..

Sidekick,while watching this,I had this strange feeling that this movie might not do well....I have no idea where that came from.But sure this whole exposure is an overkill and I can't digest that bluey tinge at all.Reminds me of the jaundice tinge from 'Kaante'.phew.

I'll still watch it for the lead pair,though.

musing said...


I read all your comments. Lolz they are very funny. Where are you in Dubai ?


Shekhar Ki Deewani said...

Thanks Kasim...I am in new, y do u wanna know??

musing said...

SKD, LOL. Thanks for replying..Why not? it's an amazing coincidence I am based out of Jumeirah too and we organize shows too.. Maybe, we can meet sometime over coffee or something?

Shekhar Ki Deewani said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shekhar Ki Deewani said...

Hahahaha...ur publicly askin me for a date kya???heheh...poor drift..plz utilize my blog page for that purpose..

musing said...

Hey SKD, Same difference :)

Both places are public and both places identities are a mask.LOL

Anyways, NP. I will put it there and look forward to meeting you soon.

Anonymous said...

aww thanks not sure if 'listening extra hard' meant u had to endure it coz i kept ranting abt it! :D Either way am glad that the album hogged some 'post space'!
I notice ur affinity for Zubin Garg...for me his beshht is 'jaane kya' from pyar ke side effects, which is a highly underrated album i feel.

Unknown said...

Hey I rely on you to point out good music.

My affinity for Zubin is primarily because he shares his name with someone close to me. He doesn't sing bad either, though does he?

Anonymous said...

i like zubin too...but to me, his voice is not distinct...i cant really pick out his voice...for instance the song 'ek din' from naqaab--i was darn sure it was zubin, turned out javed ali, who also sounds nice, but again i don't find it distinct. Or maybe coz of their limited presence, i dont find enough material to tune their voices into my head!

Daddy's Girl said...

I adore 'Chhabeela', I've listened to it like 20 times over at one go without geting tired of it. Such fun.