Saturday, October 20, 2007

What's a Dafli these days?

A long time ago there was a movie called Sargam in which Rishi Kapoor banged on a dafli and shook his crop of hair in tune which made Jaya Prada drool. There was a legendary song in there called Dafli Baja sung by Lata Mangeshkhar which you might be excused for thinking should never be remixed.

Well, since there is hardly anything left to remix these days, "Dafli Baja" has fallen into the hopper courtesy DJay Remy (the "ay" cleverly inserted ostensibly so he doesn't get confused with Dutch producer DJ Remy). Now turns out the DJay is a man with a penchant for raising his hands a lot and pointing fingers.

Fortunately, this remix blasphemy comes with a terribly entertaining video in which the dafli is - very pointedly (literally) - equated with a rather skanky looking, drunk girl's booty.

Take a look while the video is still up.


Anonymous said...

Some things are sleazy but fun. Some others like this video are in bad taste, just plain nasty.

"Drift wale, Delete dabaa"

Shekhar Ki Deewani said...

Wat a sick video..