Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ode to a young friend

(Artwork by Manish)

Mind Rush embarrasses me with these birthday wishes for the Drift, which turns one in October

Happy birthday dear Drift
You give my day such a lift
You even make my clouds shift
What can I give you as a gift?

This blog is such fun, yaar!
Your humor has a sharp “dhaar”
Kabhi Javed bhai to kabhi HR
Make me want to read you “baar-baar”

Megan, Manish, Leera, Rupal,
Sidekick, Saritha, you are LOL

Joules, Sania, Ritha and Anu G
I love all your commentary

Your captions are truly genius!
The atmosphere is like a circus

Hope you enjoy yourself too
Happy first birthday to you!

Best wishes,
Mind Rush


Anonymous said...

Oh I'll write him a poem too

aspi happy birthday
be happy and gay

you are cute and your heart is pure
you make supermodels insecure

you got lack of hair
but aint lackin in
style and flair

you are the internet blog lord
u make music without guitar chord

all you aspi haters
take a effin hike
cuz he's the one boys get
plastic surgery to look like

Anonymous said...

ok first things first....happy birthday driftie! :D

Now to the main point....ROFL...is tht HR in the extreme right of the top image??? oh my god....this is funny! Manish too good!!! And might i add that you make this place so colorful with ur witty posters and ur very poetic presence ("make my clouds shift" -priceless)! Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Oops sorry abt the goof up...all the appreciation for the poem is for Mindrush ...:D.
Manish ur ARTWORK rocks!

Anonymous said...

Happy 51st birthday, Apsi!

Anonymous said...

Meg, love the poem. Manish, you are so good I bet you do this professionally. Ritha, thanks for the comments.
BTW, Aspi is turning 51??

Anonymous said...

just to clarify, this poem was to celebrate one year of Drift, not Aspi's b'day.

Anonymous said...

oh i thought it was his birthday. I am dyslexic and have problems reading, that's my excuse whats yours anon and ritha?

Anonymous said...

Ok,now that things are clear....Aspi,u must be so proud that ur 1 year old baby is so famous and entertaining! Congratulations! What a Successful production!I can only wish Drift many many more such birthdays!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Drift!!!

Mind Rush-That was hilarious and must say excellent rhyming. My husband couldn't stop smiling, reading the poem.

Saritha- Pls. FedEx the cake.
Aspi-I'm there to sing B'day greetings.

Anonymous said...

Manish and Mindrush,
Stupendous!Urs is of course the best birthday gift baby-Drift could ever get!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon went one step ahead...changed Aspi's name to Apsi.

Anonymous said...

M & M: wonderful! u 2 are a huge part of what makes this place such a big draw. Aspi thanks for such a g8 site to hang out at. Mind Rush was absolutely right - I do want to read here baar baar, coz i want to laugh baar baar! This place was a nice getaway when I lost someone very dear recently.

But then fame has its price, I guess! This place has changed in tenor recently and I haven't even been here that long. That said it's all worth it to have a core group of regulars to shoot the breeze with. Happy birthday Drifters and 3 pats on the back Aspi :)

Sania said...

Taaliyaan! Lovely poem, thank you very much for the inclusion. I have broken my rath of silence for this very purpose. Saalgirah mubarak Drift. Aspi's janam din is around the same time as my very own, and that's not for at least another 10 months.

Agreed with sidekick on the changed tenor, but whaddya gonna do? I'm just an old fogey.

As an aside, Sidekick, hope all is getting better in your life.. and if you ever want to talk, please feel free to reach out!

Anonymous said...

M, sorry I forgot to mention earlier! Ur poem was also really entertaining!ROFL!!

Sania said...

PS - is that Rakhi Sawant in the banner? I see Aspi, Abhaas, and HR, but I don't recognize the chhokri.

Excellent artwork Manish!

Anonymous said...

Sania, glad u broke yr silence. we need to have u around :) also, thanks much. i'm good now - this place was a nice change of pace when i needed it.

Meg: agree with anu g, that was very funny :D

ppl said...

Happy birthday Drift!

Just like the infamous, omnipresent mascot of the blog, Himanshu would say - 'Isse rishto ki buniyaad mazboot bana rahe hai - am i right audience?'

Manish and Mindrush, awesome job.

Aspi, keep that acerbic, ruthless, pop culture analysis going.

sanjay said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shekhar Ki Deewani said...

Dear Drift,
happy Birthday!!!may you be a permanent feature in internet history!!!
Sorry Aspibhai, i aint a poet..but seriously Midrush, what a "Mindblowing" poem...lol
Great goin guys..love all of u!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday drift
my only wish for you is that may ur fan following be as great as Himesh's arrogance, and Aspi, may ur idolisation of Himesh remain forever...

To all other driftys... happy happy :)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday drift!

Just a clarification. Aspi's birthday falls sometime in mid-august. He was born just a few days before India got its independence, way back in 1947. He'll turn 61 next year.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Driftji! May you have an awesome day and continue to thrill us with awesome posts for years and years and years to come! Keep smiling and have a good year ahead. :D


Anonymous said...

Okay, which was the first ever Drift post? It wasn't easy to find, but here it is - a review of Don: The Chase Begins Again

Those good old days when Aspi wrote the reviews and logged in as Anonymous to post comments himself.

Anonymous said...

Oops! I had missed the "archives" links...

Unknown said...

Hey Aspi much has already been said, and I would be repeating the sentiment – kudos! Uou’ve created a place I’ve grown to love. With the phunny/ “punny” posts it’s much more than just a laugh. The wit and humor – it’s unbeatable. Manish – what artwork! Super! The gang – anu g, sidekick, mindrush, Megan, seetha, ritha - make this place such a delight. Something to look forward to after a day’s work; and maybe take a sneak peek during the day, if possible! :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Aspi's drift!

It's just 1 year old & it's rocking!

& 100/10 marks for the poems :-)

Cheers! :)

Anonymous said...

thanks for liking my poetry.. even tho i made a booboo and didn't realize it was the blog's bday not aspi's

ok i'll tell you how i first got here.. i googled "megan srgmp" a few weeks after the now infamous show was aired to see if anything would come up and this site did.. i am a narcissist..

first impression:
i thought everyone were making fun of me and i thought they thought megan was someone with no life making thousands of videos..

then i responded just saying yo its me sup? and then i got hooked because this blog has a lot of funny people who don't fly off the handle easily.. you wouldnt believe how many times i have choked on my sandwich, spilled my diet coke and looked like an idiot laughing out loud in front of the laptop while reading the posts here

*muahhhh* love ya'all..

*shekhar mode*

I am honored to be a part of aspi's drift to me all of us are winners.

Anonymous said...

M,dont worry. I am sure most drifters thought it was Aspi;s bday. To be frank, so did I..It was only when I read the comments that I realised it was baby-drifts bday!I guess its human to quickly read thru something and make judgements.In fact Aspi was mentioning that his mom was wondering why the Tribune said he was from Palestine.So did I initially(sheepish!).Since Palestine is pretty (in)famous, I looked again and realised that i'd read it wrong. So dont feel bad about it.And continue with the poetry....I am extremely poor at rhyming words, so am in awe of people who manage to do so!!!
Tho I wonder why theres silence from Aspi on ur poem. If he is like most men (including my hudband)who are eh,which gentler phrase do I use in place of 'lack of hair',then he may be a little embarrassed. Dont worry, Aspi, its a sign of wisdom!

Anonymous said...

Aspi, I just realised u havent replied to any posts here. I am really sorry.My comment was unwarranted.I generally refrain from making personal comments.As usual, in my frail attempt to be funny, I goofed up. Please let there be no further discussion on this subject.Sincere apologies.

dockaul said...

Congratulations on a job splendidly well done.. The humor of this forum is truly "Mindblowing". I am a regular reader . Do keep up the good work.

doc kaul

dockaul said...

@ Aspi - Da Cool Dude

Dua hai Ki Kaamyabi ke har shikhar per aap hee ka naam hoga,
aapke har kadam par
duniya ka salaam hoga.
Himmat se mushkilon ka saamna karna
hamari dua hai ki waqt bhi ek din
aapka gulam hoga...
Happy Birthday!! 2 ur Drift

Anonymous said...

Ok,I'll sing the song in the good ole fashion-

"Happy b'day to you,
Happy b'day to you,
Happy b'day dear Drift
Happy b'day to you"

CHA CHA CHA......yay......clapping

Mindrush and Manish! Two thumbs up for the poem and the artwork.Wonderful gift to Aspi.

Meg and Dockaul,wah wah....

Manish,yeh kya dushmani hai Aspi se?Does the man look like 61 from any angle?bechare Aspi...

Priti,yaar,U meant Saritha?b'coz there's no Seetha here.;-))

Aspi,enough of blushing,pls reply to these comments.We luve you.

Anonymous said...

anu g, u're the drift sweetheart and i don't think u could offend anyone here if u tried! pretty sure aspi's silence is not on account of anything u said. i'm sure drift saab will emerge in good time :)

saritha, hope u're feeling better. we're waiting for yr VOI update!

Anonymous said...

Wow, this blog is only a year old. Great going Aspi.

I have to read it everyday. Have enjoyed every single post and most of the comments.

Manish, the artwork is so funny. I think Aspi should add it to his banner.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sidekick for asking.Iam feeling better now.The update is right on its way,mam.

anu,everything sideckick said-ditto,ditto.You are a sweetheart.

Manish,who's the boy up there...thick eyebrows,funny hairdo.The girl,I suppose is Mauli.

Unknown said...

Saritha - many apologies - of course I meant Saritha!!! I was thinking Saritha and writing Seetha. Ummm...am I dyslexic too?!

So many birthday visitors Apsi for baby Drift, and you are still sleeping? Rise and shine -- time to blow out the candles!

Unknown said...

Oh hey, all my favorite people in one post. That's terrific.

Mind Rush, Megan and Saritha, thanks for writing those rhymes - I'm a sucker for them.

And everyone else - I was too embarrassed to post comments earlier. Thanks so much! You guys know now that SRGMP is over I have nothing to write about :(

Unknown said...

BTW, the Apsi slip from Anonymous is something that happens time and again. No one has known me for more than a year and not mispelt my name like that at least once.

anu g, don't be silly. No offense taken.

I should also tell you that when Manish sent that artwork over it came with a note asking me to be thankful that he had put more hair on my head in his cartoon than reality warranted.

Manish, who is that girl modeled after in the banner? And come to think of it - who is the cricketer supposed to be in there?

Anonymous said...

Thanks all of u who support me. I think this is happening so many times, i feel like a fraud. I remember Aspi mentioning once how on JDJ, people say they dont dance well , and then pause and wait for the others to say 'Nono,u dance well'!I feel like that!
Its just that I never make any personal comments when I meet people, so when I read my own comment,I thought it sounded rude.
My experience is with my husbad, whose, er, wisdom is growing rapidly over the years.And I find its a very sensitive point with him(and most men). Often I am supposed to look at the little new hair which has grown in the front of his head.I am literally forced to say "Yes. I can spot it" to make him feel good:)!!!God! He is going to hate me for saying this in a public forum.
Manish thanks for writing that note to Aspi, makes me feel better.
And Aspi, thanks for being a sport!

Anonymous said...

Saritha and Sidekick, Priyani is out! Poor Alka-Abhjeet are left with just Ishmeet and Irfan now.I am sure there r going to be hysterical reactions from AA. I guess we have to be prepared for some 'I'm queeting'?

Anonymous said...

Aspi, the cricketer was supposed to be a young Tendulkar. And the lady is supposed to be the only resident celebrity we have on the blog - the mysterious Ms.M.

Unknown said...

Now that you mention it, that Tendulkar looks really cute.

As for Megan's caricature, uh...interesting imagination.

You know that girl knows too much about old Bollywood to be 20 years old. Perhaps she isn't and that sister she keeps referring to is really her daughter going everywhere crying "Amma, why do we have to stop by and check the computer again for Shekhar's email!"

Unknown said...

anu g, what a tremendously funny commentary on men and hair. This reminds me of one of my favorite C&W songs (hey, I listen to Country music sometimes, nothing wrong with that): Terri Clarke's Girls Lie Too.

Terrible vid, but pretty funny song.And that comment in the end (3:10) about men's hair - heh.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how I missed this post, belated happy b'day aspi! Your blog has been a blast! :)

Anonymous said...

I cant believe I missed it too!! HAppy Birthday Drift!! Aww, our little drift is all grown up! hehe! Mind Rush & Megan, that was an AWESOME poem...I have tears in my eyes from laughing...and people at work are looking at me weird...but it's totally worth it! Nice artwork as well Manish...the HR is hysterical!! THere is only one word that describes how great Drift (and all the drifters) is...'Mindblowing!'

Anonymous said...

hahahahaha aspi... that is so funny... me being a mother.. yeah i'd be the type who'd accidently forgets the kid in a mall and comes home and then realizes ooopsies!!

or like "mom the house is on fire cuz you left the oven on all night"

me "let me finish one post in aspisdrift and then brush my hair and put some makeup on then we'll run outside" hehehehehehe

Anonymous said...

manish.. hahahah you gave me big boobs!!!!! and blue eyes!!! i wish i had blue eyes...

thank u thank u.. do you have msn?

Anonymous said...

Amma Megan?

I wouldn't be surprised if she now comes in fuming and brands Aspi as a 151 year old.

Here's my poem:

Meg is sharp as a hare
Aspi is old as a tortoise

Maybe it doesn't rhyme. But it has reason.

Anonymous said...

i always feel flattered when aspi's like you know so much about movies etc

i go to another blog and girls as young as 15 talk about kurosawa and Ray and write 500 words movie reviews explaining every tiny details.. and like they talk about guru dutt movies etc..i feel so sheltered and dumb..

Anonymous said...

anu g, thanks for the spoiler. i shudder at the prospect of another dreadful staged walkout. at least bappida's queeting and return had the bong accent, bleeng bleeg and union jack inspired shirt to keep us amused....

also, thanks for sharing that delightful nugget on yr husband :). i joke that mine is the bitter half, but i wouldn't hear the end of bitter if i ever outed him on something in public!

Kalyan said...

Aspi -- Congrats on 1st anniversary of drift! Probably you should put that cartoon by Manish on the top of your blog replacing Aspi's drift bar.. ...Its toooo good.

Unknown said...

You think? That was Manish's original intent but I turned him down.

Hmmm...let me try it out.

Anonymous said...

Folks, to keep up the theme of celebration, I went back and read the Drift archives. Here is my fave list of Aspi's posts from the pre-II# season:
1) Nov, 7, 2006
2) Dec 13, 2006
3) Feb 14, 2007
4) April 30, 2007

All are worth a re-read.

Anonymous said...

i am glad priyani is out, i stopped liking herafter she was brought bak instead of arsh

Anonymous said...

aspi, the new manish banner looks good :) as do all the little design updates.

Anonymous said...

The Manish touch makes this site look more fun!
Sidekick,now u remind me of my grandma, wiggling her finger at me and saying 'Now, thats not nice.U rnt supposed to be saying such things in public'.
I feel pretty guilty now.But I guess the harms done.From now on , No more such comments mam!!

Anonymous said...

I wanted the hairy issue to end.But I am sorry I just had to link u to this post. As the anchors on these music shows say to the losing contestant,to sort of- literally rub it in and make them feel really miserable 'for the last and final time on this stage'.....

Kanan said...

Manish & Mind Rush, great creativity to match Aspi's site.

It's unfortunate that I can't write good poetry like you guys but I will try my hand at a sheyr.

Arz kiya hai... (waah waah... waah waah...)

Roz roz Aspi ke drift pe aake aisa lagta hai
Roz roz Aspi ke drift pe aake aisa lagta hai
Jaise koi kavi-sammelan ke aajevan sabhya ban gaye!

...and a parody to sing like "ek ladki ko dekha to aisa lagaa"

ho jab drift pe aayi to aisa lagaa
jab drift pe aayi to aisa lagaa
jaise achha julaab
jaise aspi ka khwaab
jaise boli megan
jaise har taraf paagalpan
jaise sabhi ke hai naam (nicknames)
jaise drifters ki baraat
jaise itna hasaaye ke pet mein dukhe
ho jab drift pe aayi to aisa lagaa

ho jab drift pe aayi to aisa lagaa
jab drift pe aayi to aisa lagaa
jaise Zee TV hai soup
jaise SRGMP gaya doob
jaise HR ki taal
jaise Bappi ka style
jaise Vishal hai baal
jaise Shekhar ka jaal
jaise HR ki beh jaaye thandi hawaa
ho jab drift pe aayi to aisa lagaa

ho jab drift pe aayi to aisa lagaa
jab drift pe aayi to aisa lagaa
jaise captions ki bahaar
jaise taunts ki puhaar
jaise dukhiyon ka swarg
jaise chamcho ka nark
jaise hum hase baar baar
jaise hum sab ka pyaar
jaise ahista ahista koi gudgudi kare
jab drift pe aayi to aisa lagaa

Happy 1st to Dear Drift! Cheers!!

Shekhar Ki Deewani said...

Hahahaha...mann Kanan...Like Himesh wud say..."Excellent, Superb, Mindblowing...FANNNNNNNNNNNTASTIC"
Nice one...esp "jaise achha julaab"..hahaha..didnt luk at drift from dat angle..hmm..yea, even i have stooped sufferin from constipation lately..ahaha..

Unknown said...

Kanan, wonderful! A future as a song writer in Bollywood awaits!

Anonymous said...

Kanan...That was way too Funny! Nice job working in all the srgmp gurus!!

Aspi...the banner looks amazing...fits well with the atmosphere of this blog!

Anonymous said...

Kanan,thats damn funny....lol

Kanan said...

Thank you, guys 'n' gals. :D
Check out another parody on Aspi's Himanshu here --> topi ke neeche kya hai...

Anonymous said...

wah! Kya gajal compose kari hai! Niranjan bhai sahab would be proud!

Anonymous said...

Kana, wow, u deserve to be in bollywood!!

Anonymous said...

no, no anu g --- my comment was meant to be admiring not forbidding :) i shd try it sometime on the BH!

so, HR is going the abhijeet way - shd be interesting to watch. what will his stylist do with the hazaar topis?

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!. Thought you might enjoy this:


It's the konkani song "bebdo" sung live by the original singer Lorna. People may have heard the tune as a Nike jingle. Enjoy.