Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Star Voice of India is a burnt recipe

Saritha almost falls asleep this week on the show which makes me wonder if Abhijit is trying to audition for Shakti Kapoor's laawaris roles.

Last year I decided to surprise my hubby on his birthday by preparing an Almond-fruit cake from scratch. I got all the ingredients, double-checked the proportions and mixed them well. The batter looked exotic and while placing it in the oven I was confident that the cake would be delicious. 15 minutes later I noticed smoke coming out of the oven – I quickly turned it off, struggled to put out flames caused by the overflow and tried every trick to make sure the alarm didn't go off.

Last week’s VoI was reminiscent of my burnt cake experience. The perfect ingredients: fine talent on the show, a leading channel like Star Plus and the brains that originally conceived this format aren't helping. VoI put up a lackluster performance last week due to a disorganized team, no coordinated team leaders, an ambiguous set of rules, poor decisions and unclear judgment. And I clearly felt like a fool watching the wild card episode where everyone on the show, including the celebrity judges, knew who was in and who was out.

No prizes for guessing that Toshi garnered maximum votes (duh!) but there was no pinch or pain on anyone’s face when Arshpreet, Prantik and Sumitra were shown the door. Later Abhaas cleared the round prompting Alka (who now stopped checking her nail polish) to give a bhashan on how girls don’t get any votes - which made all the other judges to use their Veto Power (what power?) to retain Priyani on the show.

This privilege had been used previously by Jatin to bring back Abhaas. Confused? So am I. If the audience had powers like these, they might well be shelving this show.

Still Friday’s episode salvaged some grace with all ten contestants singing duets showcasing their competitive abilities. Totally loved the girls’ performance for they enjoyed it and didn’t try to outdo each other as Toshi and Harshit did in "Mast Kalandar" song. I was tickled to see them do khushti with high notes. Guys, relax! It’s not the Grand Finale yet. While listening to Arshpreet and Priyani’s rendition of "Hum to aise hai bhiayya:, I realized that Priyani is bankable - for she belongs to Alka’s jonar whereas Arshpreet with a husky voice needs to target the niche market. Listen to me gal! Cut an album.

If Abhaas’ sargam was immaculate on "Laaga chunri mein daag" then Irfan’s experience covered up his partner’s immaturity. With "kalbali hai kalbali" Prantik and Ishmeet forgot that this was a competition and had pure fun. And finally Abhilasha and Sumitra who share great rapport danced through Johnny Gaddaar’s latest party song.

Celebs Konkana and Kunal were cool on the show. I expected Kunal to be very laid back (not like Akshaye Khanna who spent a previous show slouched in his seat) and say a few things, but he sure was lively and said "abey saale" once. That was enough for me to jump up and take notice of the proceedings for 2 minutes.

On Saturday the show added another feather to its cap by putting the hyper-volatile Daler Mehndi to sleep – the poor chap just needed a pillow to lie down on the table. What could you expect from a lesser mortal like me, I was yawning all the time.


Unknown said...

Sterling work as always Saritha!

Sorry I couldn't take the screen caps you wanted, but I had done the screen caps previously so I could post this early.

Anonymous said...

heheh! grt job i wanna see this episode..though i had given up on svoi last week...well everyones doing it - leave and return so am no exception ;)

Anonymous said...

Saritha!The burnt cake was a a very apt description.Lol!
I saw only parts of Voi(sorry!!) so it was great reading ur post. I guess I should watch a rerun.
What i remember is Konkana;s look of amazement when the contestants sang...she did it quite often, and after a while,it seemed unnatural!

Anonymous said...

Aspi, wow , u cum up with the captions without watching the prog?

Anonymous said...

lets not spell "come" like you have anu g, we got kids frequenting this website.. oh wait hang on this aint I-F so no one will get offended and bleach their eyes..

nehoo VOI is getting sooooo boring. The singers are so mediocre and they all sound like clones, they dont have anything new to offer to the table.

Kunal was annoying, someone feed him some fried chicken please.. and make him shower. Konkona puts me to sleep..

sanjay said...

hey aspi i really like that bats outside the crease caption , its really funny , hats off to you for the captions , no not from Reshammiya from me

Anonymous said...

M, thats a shocked and embarrassed silence.I was trying to use sms lingo, seemed to have goofed up, didnt even realise it!As one of the most seniormost members here, I can only say 'Tauba,Tauba, aajkal ke bachche!"!I am blushing!

Anonymous said...

Hey, what's up with Abhijeet's hair. Is that a rug?

Unknown said...

anu g, no, I do watch VoI but skim through most of the performances because Saritha give us all the skinny in her Ticker update.

Anon, Abhijit recently got a hair transplant. Like he said himself "ekdum fresh"

Anonymous said...

Saritha, another super writeup. i was critical of II3's loss of momentum in the final week, but VoI seems to be meandering way b4 that --- like anu g, i too like the cake analogy.

i zipped thru Sat's show but i was pleasantly surprised by an amiable and (pseudo?) humble Daler Mehendi --- at least he seemed nothing like obnoxious brother Mika.

enjoyed the LCMD show with kunal and konkana. both seemed unpretentious and bindaas and had come ready to enjoy and appreciate. i've always liked konkana, although i still have trouble thinking of her in masala film roles. kunal was cute, although i was itching to send him off pronto for a haircut and a shave. what's with the love for overgrown facial hair and unkempt hairstyle? it is with some trepidation that i look ahead to the weekend--- a friend is threatening to drag me to watch LCMD. it's been a while since I saw a hindi movie in a theatre and i'm insecure abt not having a remote in my hand! at least, i'll be able to check out the kunal-konkana chemistry onscreen - they strike me as being an odd pair.

as for the singing, the duets worked well- esp liked the Johnny Gaddar one by sumitra and abhilasha and the LCMD one by arshpreet and priyani. saritha, yr comment on the latter underscored why i liked arshpreet so much. i have no patience for the shrill, uber high notes of the alka jonar.

still enuf here to soldier on for one more week.........

Anonymous said...

Anon, abhijeet par meherbaani dikhao! Poor guy has been travelling the world(singapore,dubai) for the past 6 months (so he says)to get his hair transplant/weaving.
Tho I accept he looked much better,bald and beautiful.He looks like a villain these days.

Anonymous said...

...and behaves like one too??? :D

ppl said...

Aah, that atrocious weave brought back memories of high school and my favorite 'nariyalpaniwala'.

Anonymous said...

thanks everyone.

Aspi,can I ever complain abt ur screen caps?They r superb as usual and thanks for reminding me that Abhijeet said something like 'main yeh studio jala dunga''re rt.He wants to play Shakti Kapoor and I want to say this in Shatrugan Sinha style..."Khamooosh"


the singing on sat reminded me of Indian Idol on a bad day.So feel free to take break now.Hopinh they'll get more serious very soon.

Anonymous said...


I noticed in many reality shows they reuse the audience shots for various perf's...but on VoI the editor is so clumsy that the guy uses the fri's audience's reaction to sat's perf.
And that Konkana's sighing and phewing was so made up.Expected her to be unpretentious.

Anonymous said...

Least said the better abt abhijeet's hair.I dont know what made him think that he now looks younger on the panel.

He looks like a scarecrow.dishti bomma.

Anonymous said...


Iam with you on Sunidhi's and Richa's.Thats the reason I'd suggest Arshpreet to come up with an album where we can hear her crisp voice in all the songs.

Since 80% of the bolly flicks follow a certain formula,it's always a safe bet to get Priyani to sing for those cutesy heroines.She's highly inconsistent in live perf's but might do well in a studio.

Anonymous said...


It been a long time since I watched VoI... Since Alka walked out of show.

Pretty much, have stopped watching these reality shows... Couple of reasons Schools have started and so have extra-curricular activities with kids and as you mentioned in your post, everyone on the show knows who is or out.

I am as Addicted to Aspisdrift, 'JAISE JAL BIN MACHHALI'. So, I do get all the updates about SRGMP and VoI and all the interesting tidbits and gossip.

At least I can talk about it at parties and social gatherings.

To make long story short; with your writing and Aspi's screen caps, (the burnt cake analogy was superb) I will need to watch last weeks episode.

Keep it up guys!!!

Unknown said...

Saritha, that Shatrugan Sinha visual is hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Rupal,it's really nice to hear from after a really long time.

You wouldn't believe I was just thinking the other day ki what ever happenend to Rupal and Bhumi.Good to have you back.

Thanks for saying all the nice things.

heh heh thanks Aspi.

Anonymous said...


dont forget to share with us ur LCMD movie exp.Konkana and Kunal as a couple look really odd but from what lil I've seen I guess Konkana was given a fresh look in the movie.

Anonymous said...

Like I said, always visited once a day to read all the posts. Just did not add comments as I took 'Temporary Sanyas' from reality TV.

Thanks for the kind words, saritha!

Aspi, just like people meet at high school reunions, we need to plan some get-to-gether for Aspisdrift readers.

Anonymous said...

Aspi- Hope the trip to India was fun.

Unknown said...

Rupal, good to see you here again. The trip to India was fun as always. I can't stop smiling as soon as I get on the plane and a week after I get off the return flight.

A get-together would be great. But I'm not sure how many of us are in chicagoland. In any case, if you are a Facebook, you are welcome to link up. Some of us have done that and its cool to see what each of us is up to every now and then.

Anonymous said...

anu g, loved the local color, esp the english translation - Dhaniyavadaalu! although thanks is probably what works in colloquial telegu :)

saritha, i tend to get nerdily over analytical abt everthing that comes my way - even humor, so careful what u wish for... i'll defi give u my quick take on LCMD though. hope u recover in time for the weekend of VoI. we may lose megan to rani m. allergy :P

Anonymous said...

Sidekick, Telugu?:) Saritha, chose VOI over SRGMP this week....actually the later half. U were mentioning that u remembered (so did I) only rishi-neetu in the earlier VOI episode. I think thats happening most of the time on VOI. The stars seem to be taking over the proceedings so much that it becomes a star-show with the contestants' songs acting as fillers.No complaints tho.
I was quite surprised to hear rani sing reasonably ok. Her voice doesnt sound good when she speaks.And I think it was so thoughtful of her to gift all the contestants an idol of The Goddess. I mean until now no star has ever done anything like that at all.
Ok, now I can see the anti-Rani camp glowering at me! Peace M!

Anonymous said...

he he ...anu,I just spoke to my mom
in my newly aquired baritone voice due to a bad cold(ok,is there a good cold:-?) and she told me that she liked Rani too...and I said something nasty abt her voice on a diff post and see,now I sound ten times worse....U see,god is watching he he...

Sidekick,I never heard anyone say Danyavaadalu before.Just read it in a class book.Telugu???

Anonymous said...

apologies .... that was fm a telugu friend who also said that it is rarely if ever used ---people just said sorry!

i enjoyed rani's appearance on VoI yesterday. more on the show after yr update. i've actually always liked rani's voice but then i like unconventional voices -sand papery, husky. also i chickened out of LCMD, after it got pilloried by the critics. it seems to have been uniformly panned so i'll wait to see it on a plane! am now committed to watching either OSO or saawariya on diwali weekend.

Anonymous said...

Saritha, did u watch the Sat VOI episode? That was a terribly boring show. I guess since they knew most people would be watching the SRGMP final, they decided to take it easy. All the contestants sang the songs which they have sung best till now!All over again!And sang some songs with the mentors.What a bore!
Btw, I have followed ur instructions!Pampinchaanu!

Anonymous said...

No anu,I didn't see VoI.I usually watch it on mondays.....and thanks.

Sidekick,Iam glad you didn't take the risk.Wait till you get onto a plane to watch can still choose to read a book if you're bored.

Anonymous said...

Rani's episode was sooooooo boring. WTF was she wearing? she looked pregnant and gosh her niceness appears so fake.

The songs put me to sleep and the show dragged on and on and on.

DID ANYONE ELSE LAUGH when Shaan said "LCMD has opened huge" LOL the shooting was done on tuesday or wednesday and the movie hadn't released.. And the movie opened really poorly 15% to 20% apparently..
They must have been really confident the movie will do well. Yashraj LOL

Anonymous said...

Heres an interesting article on VOI and SRGMP Finals.