Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A new jodi curdles Nach Baliye 3

For some reason on Nach Baliye 3 last week, the judges were in a murderous mood. Maybe it was the fact that Madhuri Dixit wouldn't show up at all while promises were being made (enough to put anyone in a bad mood) or that a new jodi was announced and inserted mid-way in the show. Whatever the reason, they looked grumpy and came with their knives drawn.

Madhuri Dixit Aaja NachleFirst, Karan and Amita danced their hearts out. In particular Karan really tried hard. But the judges seem to have decided en masse this wasn't good enough. So they dug into the hapless guy, none more sharply than Vaibhavi Merchant. Since Karan is always ready with a joke on the show, David Dhawan pulled the "you don't take this dance seriously" angle. Visions of Mika! Poor Karan swallowed hard and smiled like Asha Bhonsle would after running into Himesh Reshammiya.

Nach Baliye Rakhi SawantA little later, the new jodi took the stage. This I was curious to see because the reason given for the surprising insertion of the couple was that the show would pick up steam. It amused me to note that the jodi struggled to impress. One half - Barkha Bisht - seems to be a sharp dancer and appears to be an overachiever types - kind of like Mini Mathur (and we all know how that turned out on JDJ). The other half - Indraniel - unfortunately, comes from the Amitabh Bachchan Finishing School for Dancers.

Their tepid performance was promptly mauled by all the judges with marks handed out so stingily I don't remember seeing anything so low. Both seem affable enough - but boy, it would be embarrassing if they were knocked out next week - which seems like a distinct possibility.

There was also a "Take your friend to work day" episode on Nach Baliye last week. This resulted in couples calling on their friends who then strode on the stage and did a vote appeal for their friends after saying something warm and fuzzy about them. Rakhi Sawant and Kashmera Shah decided they would bring each other as their friends. This entertained me: because both seem to be putting on an act (read Rakhi's comments on Kashmera in Sakshi's interview with her on the sets of NB if you don't believe me).

Priyanka ChopraHow did the star guests fare on the show?

Madhuri Dixit: Came at the very end in a foot-rickshaw, waved around like the Queen, danced reluctantly, exhibited minor diva-like behavior, stoked Rakhi with a flattering comment that trailed off in a very sarcastic chuckle and announced that she would be staying for another episode. B

Priyanka Chopra: Walked on briefly to show her support for pal Amir (and partner Sanjeeda). Revealed the mind boggling tidbit that Amir always wore white socks when dancing. Looked and sounded fabulous. B+

Konkana Sen Sharma: I've seen more personality in a chomchom but she seemed nice enough. B-

Kunal Kapoor: Kept playing one-handed table tennis, which always irritates me. But generally was less annoying than the last time I saw him on VoI. C+



ppl said...

It was a completely disastrous week and I am really starting to get peeved off with the stupid teasers that turn out to be damp squibs.

The Madhuri appearance however hilarious and contrived still was not enough to bolster what was a seriously hackneyed evening. Out of so many yashraj films the contestants seemed stuck on Bunty and Bubli and Dhoom 2.

Anonymous said...

'one handed tennis'

Totally off the topic, i finally caught up with Om Shanti Om this weekend. I thot it rocked, i totally loved the movie. i think i was in the mood for something totally filmi :)

Anonymous said...

"Amitabh Bachchan Finishing School for Dancers" - Totally ROFL!!!

Is it just me or are others getting irritated with celebs on these shows trying to promote their movies?

Did anyone see SRGMP lil'? Mauli and Aneek were visiting and no prizes for guessing what song Mauli sang.

Anonymous said...

Dancing Diva madhuri's best dance numbers -
Up,Close and Personal

Hum ko aaj kal hain -Sailaab
Kay sera - Pukar
Maardala - Devdas

All three - A+

I've spent days trying to master the 'Mera Piya ghar aaya' step in school and finally gave up b'coz I could never get that expression.sigh.

Unknown said...

Boy, she gets excited easily, doesn't she?