Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Spice Girls make Headlines

I've been listening to the new Spice Girls single Headlines (via YouTube here) from their upcoming Greatest Hits CD due November 20.

In my love for the copious cheesiness that emanates from this group, I've endured many taunts over the years. Yet I've persisted. But what gives with this new video? (Beth - in an email - called it "porn-tastic, or at least Victoria's Secret-astic")

First, you'd like that song only if you are half asleep, which if you are not you soon will be halfway through it. Yes, it might grow on me - but so would a wart.

And then what's with those all-black outfits? There is Ginger writhing against a wall and then getting cuddled by Posh. Scary seems to be humping a blanket. Sporty (hey, excellent solo album - tough luck with the numbers) wears curve-flattening dresses and hides in the shadows. Sure, there might be personal points to be made, but that's what solo projects are for.

Only Posh here is meeting her potential, dressed in a highly amusing blinder of an outfit. Much self-examination needs to happen between now and those US tour dates, if you ask me.

The Spice Girls US tour dates are on sale at TicketmasterThey play Chicago on February 15th at the United Center. Tickets are between $69.50 and $119.50.



Anonymous said...

i was crazy abt their music and still like some of their ballads.I saw just a short clip of their latest song...it took me back to the days when i wud be in love with such a song...but not anymore. I dont think its a bad # just not terribly addictive or hummable. R u planning on attending their concert????

Unknown said...

I'd really like to! I'm looking into tix.

Anonymous said...

hmmmm.... aspi, didn't have u pegged as a spice girls fan :). The girl power days were interesting, but surely that ship has sailed. so i'm not entirely sure what their hook is anymore and judging by this song they aren't either! i guess peddling nostalgia and hot mama bods is as good a hook as any. love beth's description of this vid --- defi VS-astic. Posh after 3 kids --- wow!

Anonymous said...

People magazine had a blurb on them and said that between the spice girls they have 7 kids and that Posh does not exercise at all.
Wonder how much work she has done
on her.

Anonymous said...

My analysis on why Posh's reality show failed besides it being so cheesy and over the top was that American like their craze-idols to be younger (Paris, Lindsey, Nicole).

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I used to be a huge spice girls fan, but I think they're new 'Spice-MILF' approach is a little disturbing. I dont konw if I'm on board with this new song, although, I havent heard the whole song yet, so can't criticize just yet!

Unknown said...

I actually enjoy Posh's personality in many different ways whenever she gives an interview. I particularly liked this faux-Ali G interview she did a while back.

Joules, Posh looks very surgically put together doesn't she?

Anon, interesting thought.

girlie girl, funny!

Anonymous said...

Nver liked dem...dont like dem now either...dey r a bunch of crap.

Anonymous said...

Aspi - who'd you nominate for a desi version now that the Spice Girls are rather, as Jawahara put it, Old Spice?

Unknown said...

Amrita, just read your site and piece on Spice Girls. I'm going to link to it.

And that's a great question, not to be answered lightly. I will ponder it and perhaps make this the subject of a future post. In fact, I'll be sure to ask for your nominations as well if I get down to it :)