Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Star Voice of India - Heads or Tails

Saritha returns to catch us up with Star Voice of India on which Abhijit's admission that he wasn't feeling right in his head tickled me to death.

On Friday, I watched Al Pacino and Mathew McConaughey's "Two for the money" where the protagonist consistently picks football winners in this sports betting movie. I wonder if I could hire him to pick the winner on VoI.

Then again, I was not willing to bet a single dollar on the most unpredictable, incalculable musical show I have ever witnessed. First Irfan was shown the door and then the golden goose Toshi was eliminated. Fortunately with just a couple of weeks to the grand finale, the heart of any such show - the singing - is getting only better.

Spoil-sport of India: Abhijeet (Leera calls him 'Naariyal Paaniwala') is not sure of how to grab the limelight. One day he compares Harshit with Kumar Sanu and next day he feels Harshit has his own voice. A few weeks ago, Ishmeet didn't deserve to be on top 12, but now he has the most original voice which can be called as 'Voice of India'(??). He refused to comment on any performance on Saturday, much to my amusement, saying that there's no competition now after Irfan and Toshi got out.

Two things - one, Ishmeet is still on your team, so what about him then? Two, dude, this could well be your last chance to save your public image (if there is any). There are only two ways to be a judge - the Sonu Nigam way or the Himesh Reshammiya way. Now, both of them get their point across, just the paths they tread are different. On a fine day, your judgment is better than any one sitting there, but you need to find a smooth way to deliver the message.

Oh, yeah! He even criticized Ishmeet for choosing a simple song like 'Koi yahan aha nache nache' for a contest. Hmm,is it the song or the original girly voice? Now, what would Bappida say, "Ami conphused, thud class parsan!"

Sanskarik of India: Aadesh, with some serious intestinal and wardrobe issues, called Harshit 'The Sanskarik' and went on to explain how India is known for it's sanskar. OK, next! We heard this already.

Romantic munda of India: Ishmeet takes the title after singing my favorite "Tum dil ki dhadkan mein". This guy has a very sweet voice and his simplicity is growing on me. But when it comes to a peppy number, Ishmeet sings like Nagarjuna emotes on screen - both are struggling.

Hangover of India: On Friday, Jatin looked nauseated and flushed from an alcoholic hangover which explains why he chose a shirt from his brother Lalit's wardrobe. He plays 'Tauji' on the show hoping that every baccha will win the title, secretly wishing that baccha should be Abhaas.

New angry young man(?) of India: After Toshi's (Sidekick thinks he is poor man's Raja) elimination, Aadesh threatened that who ever is responsible for this, maa Saraswati ki kasam, is not doing the right thing. To me it sounded more like "Agar Maa ka doodh piya hai ho toh saamne aa". Ok, Ok I am watching too many hindi movies.

New Hema Malini of India: Besides the poise and grace of Hema malini, Deepika Padukone has the similar funny accent too. She along with co-star Arjun Rampal couldn't spice up the things on OSO episode the way I'd hoped. Too bad. Neither did we have Farah or Shahrukh to pass on witty remarks nor the Prophet Himesh to chato these celebs and declare how big OSO will be and that Sharukh was originally a junior artiste in his previous birth and Deepika is none other than Madhubala from 50's. He would have actually made us believe that if we missed this true reincarnation flick, we will have to take another birth to witness anything like this.

Himesh-wannabe of India: One of the Sajid-Wajid pair was sported a cap, jumped up on stage, threw out words like 'mind blowing, fantastic, superb', had the mike glued to his hand all the time, talked over others and promised to give all the contestants a career break. Nice! How about checking in with your 'Partner' (Ok, dont get ideas, it's their most successful movie) before blurting out promises?

Romeo of India: The forever 17 year old Abhaas is trying hard to project himself as the latest lover boy, dancing with Diya Mirza and now flirting with Deepika. All this to win? He might be taking a leaf out of Aneek Dhar's book. There is something about Abhaas though - in terms of clarity, he speaks like Javed Akhtar but sings like Md. Rafi.

Band waale of India: The darji managed to dress all the boys in a pattern resembling the Shaadi ka band, the hair-spoilist (anu g coined this term) went a step ahead and made Toshi-ka-ghosla. Great!!

There were rumors that Harshit got voted out and I could imagine how Adesh and Lalit must have gone "Nahiiiiiiiiiin". But now according to a different source, Abhaas could be the unlucky one. If that is true then, hey, I am the new 'predictor of this game' of India. Few weeks ago, I said either Ishmeet or Harshit can win this competition.

Uh-oh! It's too early to say anything. Let's wait and watch, until then 'Happy Diwali' and enjoy OSO and Saawariya.



Unknown said...

Woohoo, welcome back Saritha!

Anonymous said...

.... and we really missed you! Without yr column , the show was flat and pretty much unpalatable! Your terrific post triggered a bunch of minor unrelated peeves listed in no particular order:

1. What is with all these young wannabe playback singers chaatoing beauty queens? Someone needs to keep score on who is the most popular pretend muse - Dia or Deepika.
2. Deepika's strange outfit must have gladdened the heart of the VOI darji. He probably found a kindred spirit in her darji!
3. I can see how getting Lata M for the finale is a coup and therefore a chance for much marketing mileage but referring to her ad nauseum as maa saraswati is beginning to wear me down. No doubt she was a great singer in her day (which is long past), but is this deification really necessary?
4. As for the singing on VOI that is almost incidental!
5. The judges on this show are all super weird and Abhijeet leads the pack. Methinks Gajji's choice of judges is the fatal flaw of this show.

Saritha, my money is on Harshit, although the beleaguered and stoic Ishmeet is starting to get some sympathy from me.

Drifters, happy diwali. Looking fwd to yr post-viewing comments on OSO/Saawariya.

.m.a.n.o. said...

Help-- He might adopt me again!! lollzz :D
It was a great treat reading your review again, Saritha; you were missed a lot :)
I'd originally known that Harshiot would be the one winning the competition, due to the judges favorism and his Dadi-- But Ishmeet, with his loyal voters behind him, may be the one...?
Anyways, since my favored singer Toshi has left with more grace and impression since the last time, I'm gonna say let the better singer win. Neutral both ways :P

Anonymous said...

Thanks Aspi,Sidekick,.m.a.n.o!It's not me but your comments make my post a good read:)

Anonymous said...

Spoiler of the Week

Acc to Rediff,Saawariya gets 'Two Thumbs down' and from some other website,Taran Adarsh rates 'Om Shanti Om' the biggest blockbuster of the year.hmm,I'll wait for Rajeev Masand's review on CNN-IBN.

Anonymous said...

Also the US version of Saawariya has the nude butt-shot of Ranbir.
The US version is rated PG as it is distributed by Sony.

Unknown said...

That's wierd - I haven't seen a Hindi movie in the US with a rating attached to it. The ones that come to the local theater are all marked NR.

Anonymous said...

since sony is producing & distributing it, they have the rating.

Tania said...

Clearly SVOI was boring last week without you and your review.You are the mirchi in the bland dal of VOI.
About Saawariya, the rediff guy said exactly what I was hoping the review would be.Son-Bir hyped to the hilt and Sony's precious $$$ gone down the blue river in lala land.

Anonymous said...

Saritha,Wow, I think u should take up astrology!!!Abhaas is out, I read.So as u predicted its a Harsh vs Ish final!Great fun reading ur blog. This proves how good writing can make a very boring thing sound so interesting.

ppl said...

Yay Saritha.
I have never 'loved' SVOI but I make it a point to skim through it after your entertaining reviews.

I really liked some of the girls (especially that husky arshpreet)on this show but alas they went fast.

As for Ishmeet, his fan following seems to be as staunch as Prashant's from II3, and we all know how that went down. Its that calm, sweet non threatening personality that the voters can't seem to resist.

As for Harshit, as you rightly pointed out in an earlier post, he has no depth in his voice, nothing exceptional methinks.

Anonymous said...

Tania,anu g and Leera - Thank you so much!

blue river in lala land - ha ha funny.Sony might move on soon but Sanjay will take time to recover.

missed you!So,it's ur computer,huh??I hope it's in
good condition and I want it to be so that you can write more often:)

You are absolutely right.Prashant's success story helped me pick Ishmeet as a final contender.Too many similar personality traits and a loyal fan following - good chance of winning.

Parveen Sibal said...

Good Luck to Ishmeet - Prashant had a sweet voice and he deserved to win.
A Mini Spoiler for next week ASVOI - Shaan in a new look with Pony Tail and only two Judges present Alka Vaigyanik & Lalit Pandit !