Monday, December 10, 2007

Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 2: Bahu versus Babe

Prachi Sandhya Jhalak Dikhhla JaaFor a few weeks now JDJ has needed a shot in the arm - some palpable tension to make up for celebrities dancing feebly and passably. And the insertion of Prachi - say what you will about the politics - has given the show a much needed shot in the arm.

Last week Prachi played the "I'm not exposing myself" card - one of the oldest in the profession - and in doing so, partitioned the top two contestants along the lines of sexuality.

Urmila Matondkar Shiamak Davar JeetendraClearly Sandhya Mridul is the better of the two dancers. But as probably shrewdly observed by Prachi, she is also open, aggressive and bluntly sexual in her dances. And by positioning herself as the goody Indian girl who will dance on her own orthodox terms - Prachi stands a good chance of alienating Sandhya from the conservative vote bank.

All of this Prachi did with one sentence: "I refuse to wear revealing outfits". This right after writhing on a table and being virtually licked by her choreographer partner - who for some reason dances with his mouth open constantly - reminding me of a goldfish.

Mona Singh PrachiNot that there is anything wrong with that. Its perfectly fine to not want to show cleavage (or thighage) and still do a mean Helen. But I'm just saying.

Sandhya - on the other hand - is very focussed on her dancing and keeps reminding us of that. Only the pressure, not to mention Prachi's continued popular presence, is annoying her enough that she talks about her rival constantly.

This cold war reached such a crescendo last week that the choice of the third finalist was coincidental to the show. Jay Bhanushali - that guy who always makes people laugh - although not quite how he intends, squeeked through at Negi's expense (more on that in another post). This makes one feel good for his partner Bindi - purveyor of highly entertaining and energetic whips, spins and jabs on the dance floor.

Speaking of Negi, let's talk about his dances - shall we?

First, Negi showed up as a server in a restaurant - twirling a round tray with such glee that given his unhappiness with the judges, it looked like he might be sending it in their direction. This performance got him some shakes of the head. But later he emerged to sing the Gujju classic "Ae to prem chhe", dressed in a glittering sleeveless yellow tunic and a green dhungi (dhoti meets lungi) and handing out whiffs to everyone of his freshly shaved underarms.

Sharmila Tagore Soha Ali KhanThis joyous performance earned the exclamation "Sexy!" from guest Sharmila Tagore and resulted in a thrilled shoulder jiggle from Negi. Unfortunately, this would prove to be Negi's last competitive dance as in the elimation that followed, he was given the kiss-off.

But cometh the hour, cometh the man. And as the competition gets hotter, the entertainment here will come from a bahu and a babe.



Anonymous said...

Your above description of Prachi had me "writhing" with laughter under my table.

You gave me some ideas...We need a Mind Rush analysis of the personalities of Prachi and Sandhya.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha!!this post was really really funny. The one about Prachi and her goldfish partner is leaving me jiggling my shoulders with laughter!!!
U guys didnt see the shoots of JDJ on the news pre-showtime.It was captioned 'Bahu' something, and they announced how the bahu-Prachi refused to wear revealing clothes.And the shot they showed was long distance, so the skin coloured stockings didnt show,they kept on and on repeating it about 7 times.......I was watching with my eyes popped out cos it looked like we could see one whole leg even beyond her thigh almost until her waist.....looked worse than a cabaret costume.....just like a tight tshirt looks ok, but a tight blouse displayed under a sari pallu out-of-place looks very bad.

ppl said...

I agree Anu G. However modest Prachi wanted to be, there's no excuse for that mismatched monstrosity! Sex appeal is missing innately in her no matter how little or how much she covers.

I realized how much I'll miss Negiji when he did his swan song with the hockey stick. Also his outburst came across both honest and touching. Especially when he said 'kisi aur ko pyaar kare to chubhta hai'

Btw has anyone noticed the level of creepiness that Jeetendra invokes lately?
Once again solid caps aspi. My favorite being the wax figurine Shiamak giving a thumbs up. Freeze that!

Unknown said...

anu g, thankfully you watch the news for us and give us the skinny. I hate watching Indian news these days because of the sheer repetition.

leera, I think Negi was taken by surprise about how nasty his outburst sounded after some fancy editing.

Anonymous said...

nice job aspi! the bahu-chudail battle was fun to read abt. i'm firmly in sandhya's corner and this has nothing to do with her dancing. figure the ambitious, assertive indian woman needs all the support she can get to fight the good fight against the simpering, pseudo innocent, passive aggressive bahu. needless to say my views are based entirely on drift discussion. have watched neither JDJ nor the saas-bahu shows. truly an informed opinion :P

Tania said...

Awesome Aspi,
I am firmly on the side of the babe albeit I watched the bahu Bani/Prachi in pre JDJ days.
I am sure Prachi is going to win and this sounds so unfair to me.Just like last time when Madam jassi campaigned for herself with the Jassi chasma on.For those whocan't tolerate her as the hostess , wait till you hear madam Bani and her silly gigglings.AAArgggghhhhhh.
Go Sandhya.
And I will surely miss Negiji.

Anonymous said...

Tania I agree with u. I do think Prachi will win becos she is supposed to be the good bahu. Her saying she will not reveal has made it so much easier for her.Even the news channels went ga-ga over her bharatiya-naari-type dialogue.If her giggling makes u go aargh...what about her baby language. Thats so irritating!
Sandhya is certainly a better dancer, tho I think she needs to tone down the extreme expressions she displays on her face when she is dancing.....she could make it more subtle.

Tania said...

I really don't understand teenagers acting like pre-school kids and being all babyish with their teddy bears etc etc. It makes me wonder, "Whats wrond with them".Prachi seems to fall in the same category.
Prachi's seduction routine was as extreme as Sandhya in facial expressions. And I think Prachi backed by Ekta backed by Jeetu Uncle is nepotism to the hilt.

Anonymous said...

I am with you Tania, Jassi last year started one of her numbers dancing with a teddy bear. It was so annoying.

Its the same problem I have with movie actresses who are 30+ acting like teenagers. I am not going to name any names or will start another verbal war here :)

Unknown said...

Its the revenge of the women - they've been playing their age for too long and letting Rishi Kapoor get away with it.

Its just as annoying but different!

Saritha said...

Revenge of the Women,LOL.

I've seen Mona ask the voters,'Pls apni iss Jassi ko vote kariye'.She played it too often I believe.Shveta Salva had to say this on camera,then"Main aap ki Jassi nahi hun phir bhi aap toda saa pyaar mujhe bhi di jiyen"

btw the title is too funny-bahu and babe.Who is baa here then,Mona Singh?Picture Perfect family - Baa,Bahu aur Bab(e)y

Anonymous said...

Just spotted this article on Shiamak Daver's thoughts about public voting.

Your thoughts, Drifters??

Unknown said...

Magnificant link! This line from Shaimak cracked me up:

people have come forward and congratulated me on my attempt to master the language

Is that how he went about mastering dance?

As far as public voting goes - that's what the show is all about. So its a little naive to complain about it. Imagine going to an Italian restaurant and complaining about pasta dominating the menu.

Saritha said...

ha ha,Spruha,

That link gave me my first dose of laughter for the day.Mastering the language???Seriously,he's living in a bubble.

ppl said...

Let the bahu win JDJ. At least the babe is good at her day job - Acting!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you leera. My interest in daily soaps and just a need to see Prachi at her day job took me to watching a couple of episodes of Kasamh Se. I expected her to be bad but she is horrible.

Her acting talent is minimal and her dress sense is awful. She is always fully covered though and when she wears lehengas wears the chunni like a chaddor where the corner is pinned on the other shoulder kind of how old aunties would wear it.

Anonymous said...

OK,so here's another link I've just spotted. Personally, I too thought that Prachi couldn't act. But people seem to think otherwise. Drifters, share your thoughts!

Anonymous said...

What I have heard is that she use to be very good when the show started but since the show has taken time leaps and she is playing the mother of a five year old her heart is not in the show anymore.

Unknown said...

Spruha, for some odd reason I can't open that link. But I have to say - Prachi better have more expressions up her sleeve that what we've seen so far on JDJ :)

Anonymous said...

Basically, the article says that Prachi is set to do a movie with Farhan Akhtar as her co-star. I'm not too sure how that will go, but I will say that I don't think Ekta Kapoor does a good job of using her actors/actresses to the best of their potential. I'm not too sure that Prachi can pull this off based on what we've seen so far.

ppl said...

Ok on this kick of prachi bashing I ended up watching the last half hour of Indian Telly Awards (some delightful catty comments between Ekta and ex fave Smriti Irani)

Her current fave miss Prachi (in her best bahuesque white kurta) won best acrress! Even between her shrieks snd bsby talk she reminded people to vote for her on JDJ.

NB won best reality music/dance show.

Anonymous said...

Actually Prachi did not get the role due to credentials but due to connections. Ekta's first cousin Abhishek Kapoor is directing the project.