Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mir Bidaai on Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 2

Well it had to happen sooner or later - but Mir Ranjan Negi bit the dust last week, leaving a rather sad me in his trail. Why did I become such a fan of the Mir?

For one, in the very first episode of JDJ, the producers stuck to showing snapshots of him voguing for the camera - thus sending us a clear signal that he blew chunks. This endeared him to me, especially since he was carrying a hockey stick in that non-performance to remind us that he was actually a khiladi.

Then he turned in one riotous performance after another - his brilliant choreographer making light of his inability to do complex moves by giving him comic avatars.

Since Negi was the oldest contestant, everyone - including the judges - called him "so sweet" and told him he was great! At one point the judges - obfuscated by Negi playing a stiff puppet - gave him a perfect score. Consequently, Negi became convinced he was in with a chance and seeing it evaporate bad mouthed the judges just prior to his departure. Entertainment!

At one point Negi showed up dressed as a black basketball player (with a darkened face to boot) in a glitterarcious outfit, causing Mind Rush to send me this furious note:
Being Black or of African origin is not a cartoon character that one can imitate and caricature. Negi and the production people are essentially satirizing a whole people and their appearance. What's worse, they are furthering the stereotype that Black = Basketball player.

There was no need for the darkened face and Afro. It’s the equivalent of a Hollywood film depicting Indians in turbans and speaking with a thick accent.

But Negi put this behind him and went from strength to strength. His khiladi friends starting sending SMSs to the right shortcode and Negi was off to the races. He even got a kiss from Diya Mirza (the flying kind) and a "sexy" out of Sharmila Tagore. Now think about this: how much has a self-appointed "chocolate boy" like Jay Bhanushali gotten out of actresses across generations despite chatoing them relentelessly? Zilch! See my point?

For a while it was Mir Ranjan Negi's world. We all just lived in it.



Anonymous said...

I know Negi is a poor dancer,but I supported him to make amends for being part of the gentry who thought he had let down India during the Asiad in 82. I was in school then and all of us thought he was a traitor.
When I read what had actually happened recently(and I have matured enough to know I was wrong) I felt so guilty and therefore started supporting him. When I heard he had lost a 19 year old son, I really thought he needed to get some joy in life.....but then he was so bad at dancing, it would have been unfair to the remaining contestants if he had gone any further.Its good for him that he came this far.
I am glad to have lived in Negi;s world for the short time he was on JDJ.

Anonymous said...

I just watched a jhalak of this weeks; JDJ on the news. Jay came dressed in a girl's costume and the part I saw was most disgusting. It was not funny at all. I think he is going to lost out on a lot of female following after this act.

ppl said...

Wow Anu G. your comment really put his background in perspective. He's obviously seen more real life than the other contestants.

He took this well, tried his darnedest and all through it keep that bemused school boy smile. A true non-dancer but an even truer gentleman.

Tania said...

Negi was a true sport! He did everything needed to provide us with the comic entertainment.
Unlike the other non-dancers like Aadesh and Mika, he tried everything his choreographer suggested at the expense of being called a comic relief.Kudos Negiji! Hats off to you!(clap clap)