Sunday, December 23, 2007

Nach Baliye 3 Grand Finale: A coronation goes south

It’s amazing how you can build hours worth of programming around what is essentially 1 minute ka kaam. And so it was that Nach Baliye 3 went on and on for over four hours on Saturday – even though it was the final fifteen minutes that yielded the most amusing drama.

Having danced really well as a couple throughout the show, Rakhi Sawant and her exuberant partner Abhishek Awasthi had translated their status as early forerunners into final favorites. A hugely confident Rakhi pranced with élan in pre-finale press conferences and declared her belief that she would finally win a show.

Many seemed to agree with her: she was up against the pair of Aamir and Sanjeeda – graceful and flexible dancers but with all the personality and presence of undercooked noodles.

As the results were about to get announced, Rakhi shed copious tears. Abhishek clasped and read the Hanuman Chalisa under his breath. Someone next to Rakhi’s mum looked about to keel over a statue of Mary she was holding. Both the dancers looked like they were winding themselves up for an “Oh my God! I won!” type of release.

But bhais ki pooch if it wasn’t the competition that was announced as the winners. For a whole minute, it seemed, neither Abhishek nor Rakhi moved. They didn’t even glance at the winners – let alone make a gesture to congratulate them. And when they did move, they stormed straight off the stage.

Even a guy like me – who loves tacky crap like this – cringed a bit. Because something like this has got to hurt. It means facing up to the fact that you might just not be as popular or likeable as you might believe you are.

It was kind of like Kashmera Shaw on the same show dancing her heart out and still not impressing the judges. The thought must surely have crossed her mind that perhaps she was just not good enough as a dancer.

Speaking of which, was it really necessary to cram the show with dances by just about everyone? Bhagwaan ke liye, if I wanted to watch TV stars dance to Bollywood numbers, I’d tune in to a TV awards show and drink in the Bollywood envy. This annoying practice reached its zenith when Barkha Bisht and Indraniel showed up and executed yet another loose dance. Although for a moment it was fun to see Indraniel waving (he calls it dancing).

Still I noted the fact that hosts Hussain and Tina had established camaraderie with the contestants and earned their respect thus enabling them to keep the show tight and maintain some level of positive energy in front of the camera.

And I was thankful to the judges for shaking a leg between commercials – thus giving me the impression that people were into the show even as my eyes were turning bleary and my neck was hurting.


Anonymous said...

I had seen NB2 finals last year in India and the show was four hours long too. By the time the end came I was so bored and so sleepy that did'nt care who won.

The presenter believe his name is Shabbir was doing a Munna bhai-Circuit skit all through the night which was funny the first five minutes and went downhill from there and towards the end you really wanted to strangle him.

On another note, saw Karisma Kapur on SRGMP lil. God those two sisters are so uncomfortable in public. Note to these actresses that come on these shows. Do something unscripted - laugh out loud, make a joke, act a little foolish. Not everything has to be perfect.

On yet another note, saw Jab we met and thoroughly enjoyed it. Kareena is too good and Shahid is surprisingly good. Watch this movie if you haven't. Imtiaz Ali is one director to watch out. He takes simple love stories and makes them great and extracts good acting from his cast.

Anonymous said...

here is my take on the subject

Anonymous said...

i felt really sorry for rakhi...tho maybe her naatak WAS a bit over the top ...but i felt she had a point..heck, a whole line to make....isnt she more popular AND a better dancer? how come Ekta's protegees win every show?

Anonymous said...

and also ...Karisma is such a goongi gudiya ..she made the same comments for everyone...she looked most disinterested ..and fiddled around with her hair or her mobile most of the time..arent these actresses called so cos they can ACT?

Unknown said...

I thought Rakhi danced really well in the finale - probably better than she has before and just as well as Abhishek. But I'm also enjoying the post-defeat drama.

Karishma spent several hours looking for her favorite earrings and kept the press waiting according to reports. I wish they could have televised it - it would have been tremendously interesting.

Anonymous said...

Aspi, you are so right about televising the earrings scene. Also Karisma walked out on the press when they asked her about Kareena and Saif. Now that would have been worth a dekho.

I am getting a little tired of Ekta getting blamed for everything that goes wrong on TV. She can't be that powerful.

Well, the truth is that these reality shows cater to the same audience that watches the daily soaps. I could'nt watch JDJ for that reason because I could'nt connect with the characters.

Unknown said...

Well, I've heard that Rakhi has filed a police case. Must remember to interrupt the cricket for a quick catch up on that hilarious controversy!

On the other hand, I've been catching up with some early SRGMP exits and the things they tell me about that show! Tsk, tsk!

Saritha said...

hey Aspi,welcome back!

What's wrong with Rakhi?She blames the Channel for using her for trps.Is she blind or something?Can't she see that they are still using her?If Sanjeeda-Aamir had lost NB,they would have accepted it with lot of grace and would have moved on.The channel must have predicted this outburst from Rakhi after facing defeat,which is only working in Star's favor.

Aur bhai,Aspi!Your bratther-in-law Abhishek dude asked for votes, a couple of weeks ago
"Humen bhaari maatra mein votes be jiye aur humen jitayein,humen inki sakht zaroorat hain." Is he campaigning for Lok Sabha seat or what??

Abhishek is better than Aamir,but Sanjeeda is much better than Rakhi and I am happy for her.I think Ekta is powerful enough to trade things for her favorites but I am not sure if she had done this bcoz they don't really feature in her fav list.I never heard of Aamir-Sanjeeda before Nach,but I liked them for keeping the proceedings mostly to dance and that is no mean feat when Rakhi is full-on with attention-seeking tactics.

Have you seen the rest of the contestants?They looked maha happy for A-S.Not sure if they all were secretly hoping to see the drama queen lose:P

Anonymous said...

I missed so much drama. Sigh!
Saritha, I think the other contestants were always against R-A cos they thought it was unfair to have professional dancers pitted against them. Oops, Have to leave, Catch u all later.

Unknown said...

Saritha, your observation is an excellent one. I think with her nautanki, Rakhi isolates herself from mainstream Bollywood (its not so much the Hindi/English deal). There is a bit of a class issue as well.

Now this is something Himesh does as well, but he is careful to form some very deep alliances with people which I don't see Rakhi doing. So he always has a core support group of chamchas.

Anonymous said...

I just read this article.Can comeone tell me what the newsitem was about?§id=12&contentid=200712272007122703341654649180db7

Anonymous said...

Joules, Jab We Met was fun wasnt it. A simple movie which managed to entertain.

Anonymous said...

Whats this about Karishma's earrings? Did she appear on Nb3 too? And if they didnt telecast her nautanki, how did u all know so much abt it?

Unknown said...

anu g, the news item is about Rakhi raising a ruckus about Star allegedly fixing results on NB.

Karishma was only on SRGMP LC, but the discussions tend to blend a bit here. And they didn't telecast her nautanki, but the press - who was kept waiting - were so pissed at being sidelined by a pair of earrins that they went after her a bit the next day.

Anonymous said...

Aspi, thanks for the clarifications. Actually I was curious to know how Star was supposed to have fixed the results.I did read it yday elsewhere.