Saturday, January 26, 2008

Kaho Na Yaar Hai: Star Games

Since Sidekick asked last week, I decided to sit down and watch last week's episode of Kaho Na Yaar Hai (Star Plus, Fridays 8pm). And after seeing much tacky potential destroyed by some inane posturing by the invited guests I was ready to give up on it when one of the guests unleashed a corker.

Bear with me here while I explain this.

This whole show - hosted by Nach Baliye 3 jack in the box Karan Patel - brings together two celebrities who come accompanied by their two best chamchas, sorry yaars. And a bunch of silly games get played that seem to test the loyalties of the dosts for their decidedly famous star-pal.

"How well do you know your famous friend?" Karan seems to be asking. And there is much fun in seeing something like this unfold because besides seeing the friends being treated like hanger-ons, this also allows you to see the stars preening with all the attention.

In between all of this, Karan announces each new game to be played with chuckle-worthy names like 'Yaaran da Tashan' - trying to sound as enthusiastic as possible.

In one game, the men - led by special best friend Sonu Nigam - were asked to break matkas and the women - led by special best friend Mallika Sherawat - were asked to belo rotis. Hey, what if we came across an old celebrity - will they be asked to rock in a chair? Or how about someone who's put on some weight - eating laddoos then?

Dynamite potential, if you ask me.

Unfortunately, one of the games looked rigged to me. And another had potential for copious cheating. You'd think if the producers are afraid the stars won't get anything right - they could just ask them ridiculously simple questions rather than turning a blind eye to the cheating.

But apparently even that might not work. Why so?

In the final game, Mallika and her friends were asked this question: "If an egg takes three minutes to boil, how long will three eggs take to boil?" Then Mallika was asked to plug her ears while her friends were asked if she'd know the answer. The friends nodded eagerly. "Of course" they insisted rolling their eyes.

Mallika, who looked lovely all night and displayed a fine sense of humor and balance, pulled off her earphones and answered the question with much confidence "Nine minutes!" Mummy had a saying for moments like this: I wish the earth would open up and swallow me whole. That was Mallika's friends right about then.

Who knew one answer could save a show?



Anonymous said...

Wooohoo! I was hoping you'd post something on this show! I saw the episode since I really like Sonu. The thing that came to my mind while watching this is that Mallika Sherawat is always acting and totally overdoes it or she's super dramatic in real life anyways. That whole game where Mallika threw water on the model looked scripted and her acting skills, or lack there of, were totally visible. Karan's voice reflected how excited he was and he seemed to almost shout when announcing the title of the game. LOL. But that last bit with eggs was hysterical! It amazed me how confident she was! Oh, and I would just like to tell Sonu to lose the cleavage!! IT'S NOT HOT!

Anonymous said...

yeah mallika acting like a diva has to be scripted..cuz no one looked shocked or anything..she was being a total biarch and since she's no A list actress, she won't get away with treating staff like that

anyhoo the egg question was very ambiguous.. it wasn't clear.. obviously if your boiling one egg you'd use less water so it takes less time to boil.. when you decide to boil three eggs you'll get a bigger pan and then add more water and it will take longer for the water to be at boiling temperature.. WTF

if they meant they already had boiling water and you just add eggs then they should have said so

anyway back to show, i dont watch desi tv much these days but i saw the episode and it was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo booooring...

Unknown said...

I think that whole segment with both of them was planned and both discussed it in some detail with their friends. Hugely avoidable!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Whew! I am back finally.I dont think I have managed to solve the problem with my system, just tried another route(like a heart-bypass I guess).Its been so frustrating hanging around reading all thats been written,and unable to do anything(I empathise with paralytic people totally).!!Now why am I talking about medical problems.I guess a few days away from the drift has made me age much faster!I sure am glad to be back here.

Anonymous said...

Its so nice to see a star supporting a sport other than cricket. I didnt have a great impression of Akshay Kumar, but after this, I think he deserves more credit than he gets.§id=30&contentid=200801282008012802282957845f1e30c

Anonymous said...

Sonu fans,heres an interview with sonu.

Anonymous said...

What a humble guy Sonu is! When he was asked what was the one thing which he had and Himesh didnt have, he said 'Humility'!!!!

Anonymous said...

This Republic day saw contestants of various shows, singing patriotic songs. lilchamps had the armed forces guys as audience. As the contestants belted out one patriotic song after another, my husband had a different take on this. He says that the army guys r anyway patriotic and forever hearing patriotic songs. So why should they be forced to hear the 'sandese aathe hain' or 'vande mataram' for the umpteenth time They would be much happier to hear a dhoom-machale or om-shanti-om.(NDTV has a'Jai Jawan' prgramme where filmstars visit the borders. The soldiers seem so happy with the change.)I think I agree with him. Poor soldiers. Give them a break!

Anonymous said...

awww, aspi --- i'm touched that u take our requests so seriously. little wonder that it's hard to stay away fm this place :P

the show sounds like high cheese and therefore right up yr alley? somehow u sound less than enthusiastic - although i agree that mallika's final answer totally salvages it. this is one to rival jessica simpson's chicken of the sea reference

and meg, what's with the nitpicking? the intuition behind the question seemed pretty clear.

Unknown said...

Indeed, Sidekick, I think I'll be checking it out again. What's up with Mission Ustaad these days, I wonder. Have you caught any episodes? How is my favorite punching bag Javed Akthar doing?

ppl said...

Ok tentatively watched this one cringing everytime the sappy,uber-cheesy, promo song played.
I did like karan patel, he was the funniest on nach baliye and managed to quite steal Rakhi's thunder, when it came to the 'quote a minute'. Also the idea of watching mallika sherwat's current avatar was tempting.
I forwarded through most of the fake dosti game sequences occasionally catching an unguraded moment here and there.
I guess its a good filler show, provided the 'stars' keep acting awkward and dorky and continue giving us tacky reality show costumes.

Anonymous said...

aspi, i'll look for updates from Leera and you - seems worthwhile for cheese lovers :)

haven't kept up with mission ustaad at all. in india i caught a few glimpes of JJ thundering away at Kailash and Vasundhara but otherwise the social awareness mission thru song wasn't working for me. the singing is always terrific, so i may source it again --- i'll keep u posted :)