Sunday, February 24, 2008

80th Oscar Notes

The Annual Academy Awards are so overexposed these days what with the predictions, the various award show windups, the handicapping and the campaigning that by the time the show arrives all I'm interested in seeing is if someone tries to make a funny and bombs or if someone else has their life's greatest moment only to find their mike audio cut off because their colleague took up way too much time thanking everyone.

Yet, this time around I had some extremely perceptive observations that I'd like to share with everyone.

My son has now figured out his stripper name: Cyrus Embers. Thanks for recycling that one, Jon Stewart.

The real reason Miley Cyrus was able to score a spot at the Oscars was because the Academy wanted to bring down the average TV viewing age from 62 to 59. Score!

Tilda Swinton's surprise win for Best Supporting Actress means Michael Clayton director Tony Gilroy can now ask the studio for another $20 million for the budget of his next flick.

Renee Zellweger is actually a really creepy man in love with himself

Marion Cotillard's win for Best Actress might be an indication that the Academy might have watched the movies they voted for this year.

Is it just me or is it incredibly rude to clap only for famous faces when the obit montage plays?

Someone at Red Bull sign up Tom Hanks for the next commercial. That guy made Martin Scorsese look like a plodder.



ppl said...

Wow what a snooze-fest that was.

Replace Jon Stewart with Colbert and Miley Cyrus with Lindsey Lohan. That would have made for some hilarity.

Hopefully the filmafare awards fare better. Considering it has Saifeena at their over-exposed best.

Anonymous said...

here is another one

Tilda Swinton is really a scarecrow just come to life or she is witch and probably just walked out from her coven meeting.

what was she thinking with those clothes!

All it needs is for three stars to show up wearing red (exact same shade of red too! pathetic) for all the commentators to start saying how the choice this year is to bold. Bold! I ask you!

Coming off the rich pageantry of Jodha Akbar, the oscars were as exciting as tepid bathwater.

Filmfare awards at their cheesiest worst got to be more entertaining than this.

Anonymous said...

Leera, Heres Saifeena for u......

Unknown said...

Yaar, I cannot find the Filmfare awards on DVR guide! Hopefully it'll be online somewhere.

meena, I think Tilda Swinton thrives on being different. Hence that hairstyle, choice of clothes and somewhat entertaining speech. But there was no question she wore an outfit to challenge Bjork's dead swan.

Unknown said...

anu g, wow a whole slide show devoted to how Saifeena hold hands. Astonishing!

Anonymous said...

Aspi, the Filmfare Awards is going to be telecast only on 2 march. So I am not sure you can get to see it online before that.

Unknown said...

Really? Well, I suppose its not fair for the Indian channels to have it on their TV guide that far down then. Given that they get next week's programs wrong.

But thanks for the date. Will make sure I catch it!

Anonymous said...

Awww, my tilda won and so did marion! Love those two ladies. And while other people dress badly because they have no taste, Tilda only wore that dress coz she's a good friend. Did I say, awww?

Unknown said...

Amrita, I thought of you when Tilda won. I haven't seen any of the other supporting turns so hard to say how she stacked up, but she did well and the recognition is good coming after an unusual career spent on the periphery of Hollywood.

Although if I were truly a friend of the designer's, I would have said "Listen, yaar. That dress is ugly as hell. No point in me looking like shit promoting something that looks like it. Design something different! You'll thank me for this in 3 years"

Anonymous said...

Though I like Tilda the actor, Tilda basmati rice is far more interesting than the woman in that black sack. If you have to make a statement, wear jeans and T to the Oscars! Don't pretend to dress up. The outfit was too goth.

Also, why can't the Americans learn to make gracious and classy acceptance speeches like the English do?

Anonymous said...

i won the oscar pool we have going with some friends --- and i hadn't seen any of the big pic nominees! i'm convinced i do better when i don't see the movies. last yr i saw them all and bombed in my picks!

lol, mind rush --- tilda basmati rice :D. her dress was horrendous - in that black bed sheet, she couldn't have looked worse if she'd tried --- loved her acceptance speech though. she razzed clooney in front of an audience of a billion - totally cool and very funny. also agree that the brits make great acceptance speeches... the yanks need to be schooled.

meena, so with u girl. oy vey, what was with fire engine red grecian goddess dresses??? it was like a uniform. nothing to beat indian fabrics, colors and handwork. hope the ladies pulled off some good looks at the filmfare do.

aspi, astonishing indeed. the indian press is starved for news if that hand holding technique is a feature in and of itself.