Thursday, February 28, 2008

Dance Moves: The best of Bollywood

Only recently I watched not one but two shows about dance: Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa and Nach Baliye. While one provided tremendous hilarity around one particular dancer, the other had a terrific drama queen. And I must confess, ever since these shows have ended I have developed a fine appreciation for Bollywood dance.

Whenever someone dances at a party or a gathering - and let me tell you this is high on the list of American Desi priorities (and god bless them for it) - I find myself noticing the steps and the finesse of execution. Small mistakes are ruthlessly noted. Fine flourishes evoke a smile.

I try to calculate how many hours of practice went behind the routine. I analyze how the dance could have been done better. And when it all ends I find myself compelled to give the performance a grade (although this I don't reveal to anyone).

The same applies to movies as well. And after watching a number of songs on B4UM since then, I've realized that Aitraaz's Gela Gela is the greatest dance song ever filmed.

Why? Because it comes with a number of highly innovative moves never before seen on screen. And they are all brilliantly executed by two actors who seem to have hit the bong hard before coming on the sets. Hey, there's Khiladi Kumar pointing repeatedly to his feet and trying to be rather hip hop. And there's Kareena looking suspiciously like she's trying to stay out of Khiladi's reach.



Anonymous said...

LOL! Great analysis.
Ummm, I think i will stay away from the dance floor forever, in case you are lurking at the next Desi Do.

Anonymous said...

ROTFL! Super Caps....Aspi, the shows have created a monster --- Ritwick and Prabhu Deva may join Mind Rush and stay away fm the dance floor for fear of u.

That song is 4 odd minutes of pure hilarity. The stars are paid handsomely for their time and all that, but don't they feel silly doing moves like that in public?

Unknown said...

I suppose the stars have enough chamchas to tell them they are looking great.

But I have to confess whenever I see something made in the 80s and 90s that depict Bollywood stars dancing on the streets in the US and Europe I cover my eyes.

Anonymous said...

Really funny! How do u manage to make a story out of trivial matters!I am so impressed.Maybe just a collection of ur drift posts will in itself qualify to be a wonderful book.U have lots of confirmed buyers already.

Anonymous said...

Quite Funny!...Marathi-Hindi lyrics combination add to the effects! :-)

Unknown said...

pratik, what are the Marathi lyrics in there and what do they mean?

Anonymous said...

Hillarious, as always Aspi! I've always wondered how R.Kelly's original song, which had the same beat would look with Khiladi and Kareena dancing to it!! lol!

Anonymous said...

I think de marathi lyrics are 'Gela Gela' meaning...'Gone Gone'

Excellent observations aspi....i wud love a piece on Govinda n Karisma's Khatiya dance from Raja Babu......if u guys rememeber....Sarkayleo khatiya jaada laage.....LOL

Unknown said...

SkD, I will see if I can find that.

However, since Gela rhymes with Mila and the Marathi word you refer to is more like Gayla, I'm not sure thats it.

Also I still remember once sitting watching TV at a friend's place and the Carefree (or some equivalent) ad came on. And his sister turns to me and says "Aspi, what *is* that? My brother doesn't know anything!" Awkward.

Anonymous said...

Aspi, the word IS 'Gela' or 'Gayla'...
the song goes: Gela gela gela dil gela gela
gone gone gone heart gone gone
[my heart is gone gone...]

mila mila mila koi mila mila
found found found someone found found
[after having found someone...]

PLEASEEEE get de khatiya dance!
Else, u can check ALL of 1990s Govinda-karisma hits!Do u remember Dulaara, with 'Meri pant bhi sexy'??

Unknown said...

Ok, that makes sense. Although I will periodically go back to my understanding that this line really means "my heart is wet" which is an obtuse and fun concept especially when Kareena is involved.

Beth Loves Bollywood said...

So this isn't exactly on topic but I can't resist.... On Friday night in Munich all of the European bloggers and I were at an Indian restaurant and once the staff found out we were all Bollywood fans they kept insisting that we dance. We kept refusing. Finally they convinced us to let them plug in someone's ipod so at least there would be film music. One of the waiters danced around with the his little daughter, who was hanging out in back. After four or five songs and a round of free mango juice, we put on our coats to leave but were finally worn down. So the ipod owner put on "Deewaangee" from OSO and we danced. We were TERRIBLE and the owner even brought out his video camera to capture the madness. I hope the tape never surfaces. But I did try to do the fun clap-clap/tambourine-against-the-hip move from the song.

Unknown said...

For the sake of me, I hope that tape surfaces. It sounds like a lot of fun. In fact, I've tried to get myself doing really bad dances on tape but its never worked.

Anonymous said...

Aspi, Skd,

I maintain a site which hosts lyrics to these songs...

Let me know what you think about it. You might even catch the videos from YouTube!


Unknown said...

Harpal, loved your site. And the YouTube mashup as well. Be awesome if you could do a cross platform mash up like say songza does. But its still great.

Your custom google search is crap though (almost like mine) - if you can fix it, your site would rock.

Be happy to link to it.