Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Day Doodles

If you've seen Ed Harris' superb interpration of the artist in the movie Pollock, you might remember the scene where an accident with a brush leads to the invention of his famous drip technique. Its a bravura scene because it captures the way in which the celebrated American artist embodied energy and immediacy in his art. Later this was to develop into a genre that we now call action painting.

Anyone who has dabbled in oils will know that its hard for paint to move the way Pollock wanted for his technique to work. So he used industrial gloss enamel which gave him the fluid viscosity he needed.

In any case lately I've been addicted to which has a Flash application that allows you to dabble around digitally like Pollock did on a canvas.

You simply load the page in your browser and move your mouse around - its fairly intuitive, you'll get a good feel for what you can do as you go. You can get paint to drip, streak and splash. Click to change the color of your virtual brush. Refresh your page to start all over again.

Boy, if only my acrylics could be manipulated with so much ease!

If you do one and know how to screen cap it, send it my way so we can all see it. A couple of mine are in this post.


Anonymous said...

I love that website. It is so much fun and you can get so creative with it! Unfortunately all the "art" work I've done on that site, I didnt save. I think it's the "Paint" for the next generation!!

--girlie girl

Unknown said...

Thats the biggest problem (among others) for that site. There is no way to save anything: its inherent in Flash clients actually.

So the only way to do it is to make the drawing and then using PrntScrn on your keyboard to capture an image.

ppl said...

That was totally lots of fun, actually made me bust out my oil paints from school and have a go jacksonpollock style.
Wish it was easier to save, my prntscren is broken.

Anonymous said...

Damn you Aspi - that thing is like meth. I'm totally addicted. :(

Unknown said...

leera, what kind of art are (or were) you into?

ppl said...

I used to love doing these abstract patterns with intricate squiggles and contours and a psychedelic palette. Its kinda like mehendi turned on its head and sans peacocks.
I am not terrible nor am I great, I honestly enjoy the cathartic act of doodling away without a plan.

And Amrita, I concur on the 'art crack'.

Anonymous said...

i'm joining the its addictive chorus. what a fun way to kill time ;)

mimi said...

oh my god, this site does my head in! maybe cuz my screen is tiny, but all the scribbles leave me a little claustrophobic. Also I hate how you can't pick colours!

I did love the film Pollock though.

Unknown said...

Tiny screen could be frustrating. Yes, changing color is one problem with this. Another is not being able to lift the brush when you change colors.

I tend to click my brush lots of times till I get the color I want.