Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil Champs: And then there were three

Last week Akshay Kumar walked in on Lil Champs and introduced a girl called Tejaswini who didn't speak for the first several years of her life but straightaway started singing. And she had a pretty decent voice to go along with a lot of support from her family.

But as she sang, Motorsandal asked me "How can someone not speak and still sing so well?". To which the Drift Memsaab replied "Everyone has a special talent". At this point Youngling, who just turned six and gets away with murder around our house turned to his mother and said "I have a special talent too, Mom. I'm lovable".

Sounds like someone has unusually high self-esteem in our house.

Akshay Kumar arrived in a strange mood - part crabby, part engaging - like he had been dreaming his favorite dream and then had been rudely woken up (that would also explain the sarso-da-khet type stubble). However he did us all a gigantic favor when he broiled Tanmay for that hugely insensitive and unfunny commercial antic that kid pulls on all the guests. Bravo Khiladi Kumar! Your crabbiness has been forgiven.

Now that there are only three contestants left and just a week to go before the final votes are tallied and the winner announced, various vote-grabbing stunts were pulled. And I would like to congratulate the producers for meeting this part of the show (which I lovingly call the House of Reshammiya stretch in fond memory of the rug-pulling antics staged by the newly-hirsute one) head on.

How did they do this? Well, they dressed the kids up as netas and staged vote rallies, thus skewering politicians and themselves in one fell swoop. Can these guys get any wink-wink smarter?

Some SRGMP seniors showed up to sing duets with each of the remaining three little champs. Raja Hasan sang something with Tanmay - he was gracious as he always is and made that I'm-oh-such-a-simple-guy face once or twice, which made me chuckle. Aneek showed up wearing what looked like Mel Gibson's wig from The Patriot and kept putting his foot in his mouth when talking. Both sounded fabulous once they sang.

And then there was Mauli - who played hide and seek with sur once or twice while singing with Rohanpreet - but in general reminded us of her appeal. And that is best explained by this anecdote. Once, hugely confounded by the nationwide appeal of Jessica Simpson I asked the teenybopper daughters of a friend what was so special about her. Both girls thought for a while, shrugged and then said "Well, she seems nice!"

Mauli did really good nice on Lil Champs last week.

So who is singing really well? Clearly Tanmay isn't in the same league as Rohanpreet. And Rohanpreet, despite singing really well, is falling short of holding his own against Anamika, who is trailing in vote tallies so far. But what is nice is that ever since that avoidable fracas where Anamika almost quit over concerns for her father's health, Heart Attack Dad has been in all the shows smiling widely and enjoying his daughter's singing. Well done.



Anonymous said...

I'm so glad your pointed out the Akshay Kumar's crabbyness. He was in a really b*tchy mood, it seemed like. But thank god he told Tanmay what he really thought of his little infomarcial. That kid's so cute but he's so damn annoying with his annoying same-ol' crap. Someone had to be rude and shut him up, and I thought Ajay Devgan would've done it last week if Kajol hadn't have been with him...but Go Khiladion ka Khiladi. Way to put that kid in his place!

I really enjoyed seeing the srgmp 07 folks again...although, now I know why Mauli didnt win. She still sucks!! I wish they would've brought back Amanat...I really think he would've been good. And how horrible did Onik look!! Someone point him towards a gym!!

--girlie girl

Anonymous said...

Can a Khiladi get some R-E-S-P-E-C-T around here?

Dear Dr. Mind Rushji

Maybe you’re not a doctor by training, but ki farak painda hai? Your salaah puts the real ones to shame. In any case, doctorates are granted to all and sundry. Even someone from my colorful past was granted one for much less: making chicken curry on a TV show and standing up to bitchy bullies.

But I’m evading the main reason for this plea. Baat yeh hai Dr.ji, that I am a deeply troubled Bollwood actor. 2007 was a banner year for me. All my four releases kept the box office registers ringing and singing! But I get no credit for being the reliable superstar that I am. The public flocks to see my movies (god bless their souls and their wallets) but they never vote for me for any of the awards. On the other hand, the one they call the Badshaah of Bollywood/King Khan is the one who walks away with the awards every single year. My movies in 2007 beat his --- only one of his was even a super hit, yet it is as if he is the only star around. I have nothing against him. Actually aapse kya chupaana – I hate his guts but lets pretend like I have nothing against him. Main kya jhak maar raha hoon?

To add insult to injury, even my lovely biwi who twinkles like a star gives me grief over not being an award winning actor. She nags her pati to match her mummyji’s accomplishments as a much decorated actor. Even when I appear on a TV show with no movie to shill and entirely for a good cause, taanaas of crabbiness come my way. Arre Khiladi Karen to kya Karen? Dr.ji, what does this khiladi have to do to get some R-E-S-P-E-C-T?

A(droit) K(hiladi)

Anonymous said...

Great caps, Aspi.

How come these shows never learn? Yet again the penultimate show was so thanda with some B grade starlets! It was nice to hear the big kids --- at least Raja and Aneek. Reminds us that as cute as the LCs are, they are still in a different sandbox!

Amen to Akshay giving Tanmay his comeuppance! That obnoxious product ad needs to die like NOW. I too gree that Akshay is a bit of an odd bird, sometimes compassionate as with Tejaswini and sometimes really strange and morose.

Anamika seems clearly the class of the singers, although it wouldn't surprise me if one of the boys pipped her to the post. At this stage it is almost immaterial who the best singer is --- popularity rules. Nothing else can explain why Tanmay is still around. If it weren't for his uber cuteness and sheer pluck the kid would be long gone.

Aspi, hope we hear more abt Motorsandal's and Youngling's doings and sayings --- they sound adorable :)

Unknown said...

AK, great job! Hmmm...I wonder who this articulate Akshay fan might be?

girlie girl, I imagine Amanat had visa problems otherwise he would have been a good choice to bring in.

Sidekick, I'm almost sure Anamika won't win.

Anonymous said...

Oh no!How come I missed the 'stop this nonsense,tanmay' part. I am so glad someone has asked him to stop it. Whats more irksome is Aditya, asking Tanmay in almost every episode, to describe his new product....Its like a typical proud (and irritating) parent saying 'Pappu-beta, uncleji ko abcd sunao'. I guess I missed the showdown cos as soon as Tanmay started the 'kya aap...', I walked off to do something else cos I felt I'd scream.I can only hope Tanmay doenst start off his tirade in the Grand Finale in front of the special guests and the crowd.SRK was there last time. Wonder who will be there this time.
Anamika is way ahead of the boys as far as talent is concerned. I am also afraid that she will lose out. Though I feared the same last year, yet Sanchita won. So theres hope.
Lovely post and captions Aspi. And how sweet to hear what ur little one had to say. The innocence of kids can really tug at the heartstrings,cant they.Hope to hear more Aspiputrisms.

Unknown said...

Forget SRK, how about getting Saif-Kareena? After all isn't their new movie opening soon?

Anonymous said...

Thank god someone asked Tanmay to stop!! He's cute and all, but the whole commercial nonsense was getting annoying like the second time around. I agree with Anu G that there is hope for Anamika!! It was a similar situation last year with Sanchita and she won. The only thing that worries me a little bit is that I think Sanchita was a better performer than Anamika, but both of them were by far the most consistent singers of their group. Will have to wait and watch this weekend! Aneek looked disgusting and seemed to be turning into mini-Himesh, even with the way he was answering Aditya's questions. Sonu's presence was certainly missed on the show in both episodes.

Anonymous said...

I agree...Mini-Himanshu was very repulsive looking. Someone tell him that surviving in the film industry (whether Hwood or Bwood) is more about looks, unless you've got that 'special something' talent wise, which I dont think Onik has.

Anonymous said...

I agree...Mini-Himanshu was very repulsive looking. Someone tell him that surviving in the film industry (whether Hwood or Bwood) is more about looks, unless you've got that 'special something' talent wise, which I dont think Onik has.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha...i have always disliked Oink....not bcuz of his singing abilities..but that guy lacked humility...and he was so FAKE!Now it is all showing!
I guess Akki is goin thru male menopause n gettin hot flashes[?]

Anonymous said...

Good job Aspi! I was very happy to see Mauli. She is a good entertainer.So much that I was not listening. I was looking.She looked pretty too in all her dance moves.From what I read on the net Akshay was called to be present but he refused and agreed only when he heard about Tesjaswani. Hey that guy is asking for crores in this business and I think either Zee paid him nothing or something that meant nothing.It is all about money.My opinion:)And I would rate Anamika as the winner. Tanmay has lost it and Rohanpreet has nothing new to offer.Aneek will always be my favourite.I feel he is innocent and new to this whole game.

Unknown said...

Having heard Aneek a bit here and there I would probably say that he will make an excellent live singer. He has a voice that really holds up, he has range and he can learn and sing a song with bare minimum mistakes.

Anonymous said...

TOI interviews Tanmay...Oh my God, I hope this doent mean they think he is going to win.