Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil Champs: Family Drama

Before we dig into the humongous jhagda on Lil Champs, lets spare a thought for Anamika shall we? No one will now remember how she walked in and tore the stage up with a bravura rendition of Lata's "Kuhu Kuhu Bole" and then came back and kicked the pieces around with Shobha Mudgal's low-slung classipop "Ab Ke Saavan".

There is a lesson in this for all those participants on Dhoom Macha De: a really good live performance doesn't involve trying to kitchie koo the audience. Its more organic than that.

But on to the jhagda. What transpired was this: Head first announced the top India votes for each kid. The order was Rohanpreet, Anamika, Aamir and Tanmay. Much happiness ensued for Aamir, his big brother and his Dad. Head cautioned him - probably knowing fully well what was to come.

Then when the international votes were brought in and tallied with the local ones, poor Aamir finished at the bottom of the barrel. And to his credit, the young one seemed dejected but in good spirits. Why, earlier when goaded by Head on what he would do if he was cut, he even appealed to the viewers to vote for his friends along with him. Well done kid!

But just as Head was wrapping things up, Big Brother grabbed the mike and presented logic that made my head spin. "Why didn't you eliminate one kid that day when Aamir was in the top three!" he thundered. "Because if you had, Aamir wouldn't be here!" He was trying to make an argument about momentum, which had changed and placed itself squarely against Aamir in the last two weeks.

For a while Head gamely took up the challenge and went toe to toe with Big Brother - this got me excited. At last! I told myself, we would get to see the Master of Milquetoastness finally kick some butt. But guest Amjad Ali Khan shut Head up by asking him to take it outside. Thus Head zipped it, poor Aamir was left gesticulating to his family to stop the drama and a massive walk out was staged.

Much as I love jhagdas on stage, I should probably clarify that the only ones that entertain me are the ones between judges, guests or contestants themselves. The entire family getting involved isn't fun.

On the other hand, it was entirely fun watching Sonu Nigam prancing around half naked - appearing to pay tribute to Julius Caesar - and displaying his one-pack in the video for the new single of his album Classically Mild.



ppl said...

Hmmmm, that clip of sonu is creepy yet intriguing. Must locate a video soon. Much hilarity will ensue I hope.

Anonymous said...

here's the full video of the song:

Anonymous said...

I think its very sad that Amir;s family failed to understand that they have earned so much (name,fame and moolah) and must be thankful to zee for that. After all Zee even went to his town and showed a special clipping of his family.
I wonder why Sonu mentioned even when Amir sang, that he seemed to be losing his innocence, and there were some not-so-good vibrations?

When the programme began and Amjad Ali Khan was playing the sarod, I saw Sonu and Suresh sitting on the floor. Suresh Wadkar disappointed me so much.There was Amjad Ali sitting straight and so dignified, while Suresh was simply slouching on a bolster. Tut, tut, Sureshji, not good for your back, nor for your image as a music-teacher!
Have you also noticed that when he utters what he thinks is a very funny dialogue, he looks at Sonu and beams with pride:).

Unknown said...

Man, I wonder how much the drama will be squeezed out today! I did notice however that Suresh stayed out of it all - letting Sonu and Amjad Ali Khan come up with the strong words.

Must watch tonight...

Anonymous said...

The brother had a point but it was just his opinion. More importantly, seemed they had already planned to spend the prize money on a sister's wedding and a small house.
Instead of arguing, Head should have listened, moved on, and then in the post production editing, added his explanation.

I felt very, very bad for Amir, and also for the other kids.

What I did not like was Son Nigam saying, "they acted gareeb earlier..." Being poor does not mean that you have to be deferential. Brother had every right to express his anger and opinion. Shame, Sonu!

Anonymous said...

On a different note, I LOVED the unintentional comedy in the form of Sonu video...
Him-Mess Besharmiya, watch out! A new shirt-less Ceasar (scissor?) is here!

And he even wore a Ceasar salad on his head!

Anonymous said...

Not endoring Aamir's family's behavior here, but Sonu giving the whole "jis thaali mein khaate hain usi mein chhed karte hain" bhashan totally got on my nerves. So what if a lot of people sent in money for Aamir after seeing him on this show? By the same logic you could say even the show makes money because of all the people that participate.

Anonymous said...

Indeed there were some rule regulation issue here, i have seen in one show Anamika said that she does not want to perform and she decided to quit the show after that i dont understand how came she came in show she should have been eliminated. In one show they did not eliminate to anybody and i think these are the rule and regulation issue and this should not be in the hand of judges.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that Sonu recognized how Aamir didn't want to have anything to with the walkout!
Aspi, I'm sure you're disappointed that there were no fireworks today!

Anonymous said...

Sonu is a smart guy.Tanmay made a big faux-pas when he asked Ajay Devgan to become his brand ambassador for his product-a skin-darkening cream.Ajay could have got miffed.But Sonu realised it and told Ajay that he has a better product ..the hair-one.I fail to understand why they keep on and mn talking about this cream.
I loved Kajol for her perfect comments.She has been one of the most genuine guest-judges on the show. When she didnt like something, she said it politely. Anamika made a big mistake in her song selection for the second song.She should have chosen a song with a much better variation in pitch and range.I hope it doesnt affect her scores.

Anonymous said...

Ajay Devgan is a nightmare type guest on a show. He needs to be more generous with his comments, praise and take a lesson from his wifey. After all he came to get publicity for his phillum. They could have put a tree-stump on the chair and no one would have noticed the difference!

Mind Rush is going to be compelled to write observations on this miya-biwi ki jodi! Watch out Aj-Kaj...

Anonymous said...

Tut tut, Mindrush. You r sounding like Anu Malik...Anu malik ne kar dikhaya hai, anu malik karegaa'.....Doest suit a psychotherapist to be talking in the third person.
Oh, maybe since so many people with problems come to u, u have developed a problem of ur own. Oh no, now whom can u go to?And whom do the stars go to:(.

Anonymous said...

Anon,though Zee makes lot of money from the show they definitely would not be losers without Aamir.Infact Amair would be the one unless there were queue of companies like Zee knocking at his door.During the initial part of the show the boy felt bad his father was a rickshaw driver.Should he feel bad or be proud? That shows his family's thoughts.His brother always said how greatful and obliged he is to Zee for giving his brother a chance only to say they are biased once his brother lost.Also he blamed Zee for eliminating Amanat,Nussarat and others.Why did they participate in such a biased show?

Anonymous said...

I am with Sonu on his comments of gareeb....People with no 2 meals to eat have to be carful of how they behave.It actually applies to all.But in India being poor is no joke. It also takes a big heart to help.Aamir was offered lot of help thru the show.I do not know if they accepted or not.But that show helped him reach the masses.I was a bit shocked suddenly to see the Sonu's album where he is semi nude and running behind girls but singing classical song.I hope they did not show that in the studio to all the kids.I thank my stars,my kids missed it.Otherwise I have to answer why was he running?why is she crying?Why he is not wearing a shirt?

Anonymous said...

Aspi,I have to share this.When I was in college we had music festival and Amjal Ali was one of the participants.I had a heard a lot about him so went to his show with great anticipation.I reached the show late by ten minutes.One of my friends who was a big fan of him was sitting next to me.I asked my friend how long has he been playing.She said he jsut came and he is testing his instruments.After some time I asked when is he going to start playing she said he is already playing. :)

Anonymous said...

eww Kajol, i can't stand her squints and her crassness.. srsly she is so paindu type..

and her monobrow offends me

Unknown said...

Ajay Devgan looked terribly uncomfortable - perhaps thats his excuse.

LP, thats a funny story about Amjad Ali. That man pretty much looks the same from days past.

Anonymous said...

paindu type, that is funny. I had'nt heard that word for a while :)

- Joules

Anonymous said...

a paindu type married to a Rondu Type !

Ram Milai Jori !!!!

Anonymous said...

i also feel that while Zee could have milked someone else if they needed publicity(they didnt only need aamir for that) it was his family that benefited from the show the most..and i agree with sonu's comments that they should not have been so ungrateful ..after all no one forced them into the show ...they came on their own..and what was all that about people from their 'vatan' telling them not to participate becos mussarat and amanat lost...UGH!why does EVERYTHING have to boil down to this (when they are the losers that is) till then Zee was their Mai-Baap !

Anonymous said...

What's a paindu? I've heard of Pandu and, of course, his evil twin :-)

-- Texan

Souvik Chatterji said...

Ajay Devgan is one of the decent actors of bollywood who had created a conservative image for himself over the years. He had started as an action hero in Phool aur Kante,

Anonymous said...

paindu as in gavar

i saw the kajol and her hubby episode.. she seems so full of herself and man is she crass or is she crass.. she is so unclassy..

ajay devgan seems so full of himself

Unknown said...

there is hugh money as prize . So contestants parents become so greedy to grab the amount.they should not put so much money as prize.Instead they can have an album of top rankers.If they are realy good their album will speak about them. they will have a good future.please take this suggestion in future and authorities may act accordingly.

Anonymous said...

SMS Music & Lil Champs: Family Drama

By: qwest

Aamir is a gifted singer, sure, some day he will do very well. But I do pray for him that, as like some people said that when he grew up he should distance him self from his parents and family and then only he can do better in life. I pray to God he rather dies before that happens to him. It is much better to be Garib rather walking away from there parents. I wish and pray to God for those people who will even think to write that kind of statement. One should never forget they also have kids every child are very precious for any parent

Garibi is a better choice in life rather than being bullied and kicked around by some disgrace dubious corporate characters.

A simple point to make here, Sonu continuously rammed him with criticism. Constructive criticism is one thing, but straight out bad behavior and argument with a ten-year in the national TV is very odd for Sonu. This is the instruction he is getting from higher authority of ZEE management. It is so sad to see the outrageous behavior of Aamir parents and Sonu both; it was disappointing to see such segregation through religion being done on a musical show. I wonder why Sonu mentioned even when Amir sang, that he seemed to be losing his innocence, and there were some not-so-good vibrations? I am still wondering who gave that much of authority to Sonu Nigam. Was it preplanned or scripted by ZEE?

What was done wrong by Aamir parent that was very SAD? I assure you all today what was done by Hafeez Clan it was wrong but it will be done again by another Clan who will come from another slums. It is just a matter of time unless and until ZEE TV stop playing with people life and there dignity.

I am least bothered by the fact that either it may have been Aamir or my own daughter who is out that day. I could care less about any body’s family backgrounds; if they are from a royal or poor family, I am genuinely apathetic about their level of education or their NRI status but I am very tired of Zee TV politics and their policy and their operating system. Knowingly, every year they conveniently will skip a week or two and will bring back a contestant. Today what had happened (ZEE) is totally responsible.

Their policy keeps changing because for SMS money. In my opinion, yes, both the judges are similarly responsible for what happened on that day Sonu stated that lot of people are saying this and that and I have done this and that but at end of the day they also agreed to skip the elimination yes they have asked the parents but did they said, “Ha, all you parents please note that this is the contestant who was out today.” But when time came, they did not miss to say few good words either. I am still wondering why Sonu jumped the gun I thought he very educated, sensible and rich people. It was the Job of Adi not Sonu Nigam.

Sure Hafeez Clan was 101% wrong .But is Sonu and Zee management is not correct either, I do not know. May be you all could be a better judge. My opinion on this whole issue is that it could have been handled in a different way,

Sonu himself did a walk out of Indian Idol because one of favourite contestants was voted out. I do not think he has any room to do any big talking what he is doing now, I am sure he may have similar choice in lil Champ also. He has learned from his previous mistakes on how to play the elimination game. I sincerely believe that’s why they have skipped the elimination week. That was the outcome of this elimination. Both the judges are similarly responsible for such a situation.

Every contestant has been under contract with ZEE for 2 years. This child is under that contract, and his parents have sing off for there kids. No single community can claim the entire credit for the richness of its culture, heritage and traditions. It has inherited its composite culture from the east to west and north to south. What's praiseworthy is the fact that despite this diversity,

Anonymous said...

Hey, does anyone know why Sonu and suresh have missed both the spisodes this week. I was really surprised to find that there was no reference to their absence, except a feeble 'Anamka,aaj aapko Sonuji aur Sureshji ke comments nehin sunne honge' by Aditya. Does anyone know whats happening. Is it possible that Zee has started to fiddle with the results, and the two Ss decided to stay away?Today was supposed to be the Annual Day,the last day on this stage for the kids, and I think its sacrilege to have carried out the show without the gurus.

Unknown said...

anu g, since its the last 3 now it doesn't make much sense for the judges to kick in now. Which could be one reason they had the week off. I think both have done their job.

But who knows what the real story is :)

Anonymous said...

i was kinda touched by the girl who was the special guest on this week's show. it was pretty blatant emotional manipulation by Zee but every now and again, the person transcends all the trappings.

the aamir drama last week was tiresome in the extreme. the channel exploited it to the hilt and the family displayed the sort of mean spirited and bigoted behavior that seems increasingly sanctioned in today's india. leaves a bad taste in the mouth on a show that has largely been pretty clean entertainment.

Unknown said...

Indeed! I was touched as well although Akshay seemed to be in a strange kind of mood.

Nazim said...

M. Z. M. Nazim A.C.I.I (London)., A.I.I.I.
No. 1 / 2, Madangahawatte Lane,
Colombo 6.
(Sri Lanka)
Telephone: 00 91 11 2586627
website :

Although I am from Sri Lanka, my wife and I have a very strong affinity and a great love for children, irrespective of country, race, religion, caste or creed. When the five finalists were chosen, I wrote to the management of Zee TV intimating our anxiety and concern for the lovely extremely talented little children, stating that we cannot bear to see any more eliminations but just add on another 5 Lakhs to the Grand Prize of 45 Lakhs, make it 50 Lakhs and distribute 10 Lakhs each or even something a little more to the one who will be declared the final winner, by the voting, but no eliminations.

My wife and I who make it a point to watch this programme, cried our hearts out when we found that specially talented little beauty, Vasundhara, with a powerful haunting voice, was subject to the process of elimination. It was heart rending.

Now, this week, we witnessed something that was indeed devastating. Before I wrote to the management I checked their Zee TV – Li’l Champs message board on the website and I found so many wonderful people, who too like us, had made positive comments on this weeks programme, which, we felt, had been anathema to the Management of Zee TV. Because, one moment I saw these comments and the next moment, the comments were missing from the message board. One such comment which caught my eye, was a very long one and I was amazed to see it was from Sri Lanka and I thought we were the only family who had been watching and want to comment on the programme. However, before this wonderful write-up went missing, I quickly copied this from the website. It read:
Quote : “To all concerned:
We do not know what to say, but what I have seen in your competition programmes is that you people have some sort of specialty in destroying something that was built up in a wonderful manner. Filling a pot with honey and adding a drop of poison at the end.

This Thursday's programme was totally unjust in the sense that you did something which you did not do in other weeks. Normally, You choose the top three and those who received the lowest number of votes are subject to people's voting and one is being eliminated - that was what you have been doing all along -
Why is it that this Friday, inspite of the fact that after chosing Amir Hafiz in the top three category, where he was placed third - you all did something totally unjust?

Suddenly you decided to get some international votes - or substitute a second level of voting to push one of them out. Amir Hafiz had already been declared third - and you did the worst thing that you could ever have done in destroying all the goodwill and integrity that you built up.

What you should have done was chosen only the top two and then subject the bottom two for a further test, voting and elimination - then you would not have faced any trouble.
But after choosing the top three you went in for the test, voting and elimination - which is totally unacceptable by any standards.
We in Sri Lanka, feel that you have all done great injustice to Amir Hafiz. Not that we have any animosity against the little chap Thanmay. We adored him and we loved him.
What you could have done was had a little bit more feeling towards these children. Especially the little girl Vasundhara - who had a visual impairment/impediment. You could have taken the final five and divided the prize money equally among all five. Please do not do this type of stupid things in the future.
The whole world knows that you have done wrong.
I was also amazed at Aditya Narayan. He made a wrong statement. He said to Amir's family: "So long as your son was winning you found everything correct but now since he lost you found us doing wrong." What he did not say was that on the fateful day, they did something unusual inspite of the fact that Amir was placed on the top three category.

The other biggest mistake you did was, when Anamika created a problem a couple of weeks back; A problem that nearly destroyed the programme - saying that if she loses she feared that her father might get a heart attack. She was not even willing to listen to the judges. And all of you, including judges were pleading with her to come back.
You even filmed her friends and viewers pleading her to come back and everyone behaved as though she is the only one who had a father, who might get a heart attack and other children have no parents - When she should have been disqualified for creating such a mess.
And she is the oldest of the lot. She is the one who tried to get sympathy and sometime back, when Smita Nandi, made a remark that she had a bad throat, the judges tried to class her as trying to get sympathy and she was marked for elimination - that's what we viewers saw and felt. I also saw a posting on Smita, saying that Zee TV tried to cover it up by giving her some singing ‘contracts’.

But we found that the real person who was trying to get real sympathy was none other than Anamika - If this had been done by any other contestant what would you have done? Is there some sort of sinister design behind all this?

I was also shocked to hear Sonu Nigam saying that how Hafiz had earned enough money on this programme - we thought that was a very cheap remark by a judge - (my comments: pinpointing a childs poverty stricken state – abominable indeed.)
Hafiz did not make any mistake for you people to make such a rude, unkind and filthy remark - in every sense. He behaved very gentlemanly although a little boy. So we know, why the world is in turmoil. It is all because of INJUSTICE - in capitals.
Greatly disappointed

We all totally agree with this comment, which was conveniently expunged from the message board of Zee Tv website. We also felt what a great damage Zee Tv has caused to the psyche of these adorable and talented little children.

We still feel, it is not too late to rectify the issue. Get all the five back – which included Vasundhara and Amir Hafiz – give them the opportunity to perform and give the winner the 15 lakhs as promised but provide at least 10 lakhs each to the other 4 contestants. Eliminating I feel is a harsh word meaning ‘to do away with’, ‘destroy’, or ‘annihilate’, ‘get rid of’; which do not apply to children at all.
Most of the comments I have seen in various message boards by the Indian Public shows their generosity - they do not have any religious bias at all. They have assessed the situation with justice and fairness, of course, there maybe one in a million who may try to make a communal issue out of it - but they are the minorities who should be ignored.
Jai Hind
Mr. & Mrs. Nazim

bindaasbharat said...

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