Thursday, March 13, 2008

The music of Superstar

Superstar may have garnered some tepid responses at the box office, but I have to say its soundtrack is worth listening to. Its not just that the songs are catchy, but the selections are also unconventionally varied.

There are five songs on the CD (Shamir Tandon composes, Shabbir Ahmed writes) - and the one I picked up the CD for is a collaboration by Rekha Bhardwaj and Ustad Sultan Khan. The resulting ghazal Aankhon se khwab rooth kar is a terrific mood piece paced by a piano and slow beat percussion. Rekha and Ustad Sultan's voices probably don't compliment each other perfectly, but they are both mature enough singers to guide this composition to heights.

Yet the rest of the CD is just as fun to listen to.

First, there is Adnan Sami, making a welcome return to form after his dog days as singing Bollywood clown on albums such as Dhamaal and Rama Rama. On the pop confection Don't I love or Do I love you, Sami's ladoo loaded voice is infectious when waffling on romantic commitments. Sunidhi Chauhan also shows up and makes a rare misstep with some flat variations that almost kills the lilt. (I would probably have picked Nikita Nigam to complement Sami here.) But Sunidhi's piece is short and the song still holds its own.

Hamza Farooqui starts off Mann Tu Talbat (I Love You) in Arabic. And you can call me crass but Arabic in a Bollywood song compels me to stand up and bobble my head at great speed. Hamza also sings in Hindi but keeps the same irrepressible jiggle in his voice. In fact there is not a single line that Hamza sings in a straight note, thus making Mann Tu Talbat memorable and highly dance worthy (a fact that is not lost on Tandon who has ordered two remixes of the original)

And finally, Shaan and Kunal Ganjawala collaborate on Rafa Dafa, a song about friends cut up with over something that may or may not be trivial. Infused with doo-wop chorus', micro-scat jams, jazz licks and even a carnival interlude, Rafa Dafa has Kunal Ganjawala singing what may be his definitive song. He sounds like a guy having too much fun - someone you wouldn't mind partying with.

Kunal, dude, we should hang. Call me!


Anonymous said...

off i go to check it out.

Anonymous said...

thanks, aspi. it sounds intriguing -- i'll check it out too. i'm always up for more rekha bharadwaj :)

Anonymous said...

only got the one song( 2 versions) from this soundtrack. Love the clappy (spanish) version of Mann Tu Talabat

Anonymous said...

i love 'mann tu talabat'!!!my arab dates love it when bollywood comes up wid indo-arabic numbers...nice dance beats!!

Anonymous said...

I listened to couple of songs of this album and as I had expected not too catchy.

Mann Tu Talabat is not as catchy as "kaho na kaho". Infact I kept feeling the singer was immensely unconfortable singing the song.

The Rafa Dafa did'nt seem very original either. Seems like I have heard that music before.

On Kunal G. a friend of mine who organizes big events in Delhi said Kunal is a total animal and could sing throughout the night. Even when the event is over, he likes to sit in a mehfil and make music.

So Aspi, you are spot-on on Mr. Ganjawala.

mimi said...

look forward to checking this out, if only for the 'laddoo laden voice' and some manic head bobbling!

Unknown said...

Sounds like Ganjawala is a composer in the making.

Anonymous said...

attention mindrush or any other agony aunt

I have a major problem. Well this guy I have been hanging out for the last few months, well a week and a half ago I was out clubbing with my friends and i invited him over. Then we hung out for a while and I had to go home before i had some family business to do first thing in the morning and it was 12 pm, my parents have a tendency to get totally desified at times and that night they kept on texting me.

Anyway, since he was getting a taxi to his house as well i said i'll come with him then get a taxi from his loft to my house so it wont cost me much.

anyway we got to his house and then i went in cuz i needed to pee and then i needed to get the ladies only taxi not the normal one. Anyhoo, he then confessed that he always found me hot and has a thing for me etc etc and then we kissed. then i was so drunk that i get paranoid making out with anyone when I am drunk (desiness kicking in) and i randomly started crying (i think too much alcohol) and was like "okay i got a boyfriend".. i don't even know why i said that.. and i was like okay i need to go home.. and he rang the fem taxi..

so i was being a total fkn dork the whole time..

Anonymous said...

then the following monday i would go to classes and i just pretended like nothing happened, (this guy's an older guy and works at university that i study in). he didn't even mention anything or even asked me out, WTF is up with that? he probably thinks i am out of his league (??) that is so not true

anyway wednesday i had classes until 5, and i was waiting for the bus and he said he'll drive me home and i asked him what he was upto? then he said going home and doing laundry (how dorky) i then said "lets go watch a movie or something" and then we went to movies and after that we went for dinner (he took me to some french place, i had salmon crepes) but it wasn't like a date date.. and during dinner i had 2 glasses of leffe blonde and I am a lightweight..

then he asked if i wanted dessert, i said no and we went into the car and i started throwing a tanty (blame the beer) and said i wanted to have dessert at my favorite place in other end of the city (1.5 hours drive).. he was like "we can get better creme brulee somewhere else" and i said "NOOOOO I WANT THAT" .. then he was like ok and we were driving there and i decided i wanted margaritas instead

then he was like "damn for someone so young you are high maintainance" was he implying that he didn't want me??? was he trying to say i am too young for him???

then he took me to some totally flash place and we had a few drinks and then i said i needed to go home.. and then he drove me home and by the side street we kissed.. and i went home..

but today i had classes and i walked through his office hoping he would come out and talk to me but he didn't.. then i was at cafe with my friends getting my coffee and he was behind me and he said hi and i said hi and he didn't say anything else.. i was with my friends so i just walked off..

and then after classes we went to uni bar and i texted him saying i was there having drinks with my friends and he didn't even reply!!!

WHY NOT? should i just forget about him??? YTF is he so mean to me?

Anonymous said...

oops i meant 12 am like 12 o clock at night

Anonymous said...

anon.... u sound like u totally confused, and i don't think guy wants confused. chicky, make up ur mind about what u want...
don't mean to hurt you, but this just based on what u saying, its like u pushing him away (i have a bf), and then texting him to come meet up with u...
totally confusing

Anonymous said...

well the thing is i am with him and its all sweet and great and i have great time and stuff, then i think i would want him to change a few things about himself (superficial stuff, i know i am shallow but i can't help it)

then i don't see him for like a day and i go crazy.. its hard to explain..

and yeah i may sound confused and you dont have to be sorry bella.. i would feel the same.. i am a little cuhrazy and a little weird.

and he isn't a mainstream dude either, i mean he is like a younger, better, hotter version of jason bateman from juno (without the house, money and psychotic boring wife).. he plays in a rock band and is into all great music except a few bands that i hate. and he doesn't appreciate Interpol, but apart from that he is great, except maybe i would like him to get his teeth whitened)..

Anonymous said...

well, sounds like u do like him, so if that is the case, let him know but don't keep pushing him away. Guys hate that as well, its like if she is not interested, why should i bother? and crazy is not bad, being tooo crazy is bad :)
and if u want something to happen, make it happen. But before you do that, make sure u want to be with him so that you don't have regrets later....

Thats just my opinion

Right now there is this guy that I am chatting to. He isnt that hot looking, but we get along really well. See, the thing is that i know he likes me, but i'm not sure if i like him, and he knows this... well i hope he does... i didnt tell it to him properly. so i guess time will tell, and once i realise that i do like him and i want to be with him then i'll make it happen

dunno if this makes any sense

Mind Rush - I'm sure you have another angle on Anon's problem

P.S. anon, i think i figured out who you are... ;)

Aspi.... u probably gonna hate us for discussing our love problems on ur forum :)

Unknown said...

Arre, bella not at all. We'll wait for Mind Rush to get here. Although I hope the Drift Memsaab doesn't read this because she'll go: "What?! And to think I was all happy after a movie and McDonalds!"

Anonymous said...

Drift miya,
High maintainence I am not...thank your lucky stars! Yet I am stuck with the "memsaab" label...sunc a misnomer.
But the creme brulee does sound nice. When are you making me some? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Awesome blog! Will be back again.

Anonymous said...

Dear Agonized Anon,

Have no fear!
Mind Rush is here...

So to summarize your problem, you are into this cute, older TA, and if I remember correctly, you have been kinda flirting with him for a few weeks, toying with the idea of going outta town with him, and now this whole mess happens. More than once..

Mixed messages have nixed many a relationship. Sounds like you need to think about what's going on with you two.

Let's face it, you have been a brat with him. He's probably feeling confused by your behavior. If you like him, first apologize. Like, truly, sincerely. Own up to how you may have come across. Then ask if you can go watch him and his band play. Go out for coffee afterwards. Drinking alcohol is not working for you. Give him a chance to see the wonderful, sober you!

You have to try leveling with him. And what if he does not bite the bait? Turns you down? That could happen too but you always have the Drifters to lean on.

Main hoon na!

Unknown said...

Thank god for Mind Rush. And here I was about to say: Doesn't like interpol? Dump the sucker!

Unknown said...

Memsaab, I can't make creme brulee anymore. Remember you threw away the blow torch after that little accident?

Anonymous said...

I am no MindRush but here are my two cents.

Can this guy afford (or atleast have the potential of affording) designer clothes, channel purses, lanvin shoes, trips to Paris and Rome. If not dump his ass. Life is too shortn to be wasting on a worthless cutie.

Anonymous said...

That was chanel purses

Anonymous said...

hey anonymous..I am not trained in this counseling field but maybe mindrush is.
all I can say about you and your rock star is 'yeh to prem chhe, prem chhe...'

Anonymous said...

thanks guys, yeah i am a bit disfunctional and my emotional IQ is rly low..i do the msot craziest things and i do everything without thinking.

mindrush - well don't you think apologizing will make it look like i want him too bad? but i want him to ask me out..i don't know why he isn't bringing it up. LOL @ coffee, yeah that i totally agree, maybe i should cut down on drinking specially when i have a tendency to get out of control after one drink..
maybe i should not say anything for a few days and see if he wants me just as much(??) .. he asked me to see his band a few weeks ago but i couldn't go, i should go to his next gig..but i wonder if i should wait for him to talk to me first? then maybe apologize etc cuz i dont wanna appear too desperate..

aspi - not only does he not like them he was also saying some unsavory things about the "Interpol fans being posers" LOL.. but the way he said it was adorable and there is some truth in that..

joules- he spends all his pay on gears, that boy's loft is full of amps and equipments and he said he is broke now cuz he spent like 5 grand on some recording stuff.. how will he buy me things then??

and i prefer Fendi bags and louboutins and trips to tropical islands, i found france too smelly, and somehow italy seems too boring to me.. but yeah i wouldn't kick him out of bed for getting me Chanel purse and taking me to Florence for a week hehehehehe

bollywood boy - yeah prem is super complicated, i ahve been thinking about this all day and i have like a thousand thoughts its wack..

Anonymous said...

i'm loving the nok-jhok between the drift saab and the memsaab ;). Drift sirji, u'll have to provoke the missus more often :P . i vote for aspi's creme brulee at the first drifters sammelan --- sort of like all those fab star trek conventions! get another blow torch aspi, clearly it is a versatile tool!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, let me make it even plainer...

Grad guy did make the first move. He tried to hang with you. But you told him: a) You had a bf, and b) Creme Brule is more imp to U than his feelings or convenience.

Any guy will interpret this to mean that: 1) He's not the one 4 U and 2) Nothing he can do will be enuff.

No wonder poor guy is is nursing his rejected heart and ignoring U.

If you take the Big Girl route and talk with him instead of playing games he will truly adore you!

Ooof, yeh zaalim ishq!

Unknown said...

Mind Rush, you also have to consider the possibility that Anon might be looking for a good time and not an engagement ring necessarily. But sane and sensible advice as always!

Anon, I say this: after this interpol thing, check if he likes My Chemical Romance. And if he says the same thing, definitely dump his ass. One mistake in life can be tolerated, two is forewarning about some bigger issue in life.

Unknown said...

sidekick, I'm very comfortable with everyone's anonymity here. But if you and the BH ever come to Chicago and are inclined to stop by, I'll microwave a creme brulee for you. (I also make killer chicken anything from scratch.)

Anonymous said...

thanks mindrush - well aspi is kinda right, like i want him but i don't know about being serious, because i don't think i can bring him over to dinner with family. They will probably won't think he is ideal for me.. so there is a problem there.. and once we start going out my parents would know and they would want to meet this new guy i am seeing..

but i am not looking for a casual fling either, i wanna date him and like have an exclusive relationship.. which will be difficult because i am living at home..

but yeah i may look like high maintainance from the surface but i don't act like a princess rly, also i think i would want to be treated like i am special which i am. i mean that isn't a big ask..

gawd i really am super confused and sound like i have issues.. thank god for internet, i dont want ppl i know in real life thinking i am cuckoo

Anonymous said...

Sidekick I agree with u about the fun on the drift between the First Couple. I am glad Aspi managed to lure Lady D here.

Anonymous said...

I think i fuct everything up..i think he thinks i have BPD.. i need to somehow get over it ASAP.. i need another interest soon or change university asap... i don't know how i'll handle being there..its not gonna work..

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon,
Calm down!

Please go to your University Counseling Center and get help. At least they can tell you that you do not have BPD. Get it in writing. Then fax it to your former love interest :-)

Anonymous said...

haha a lot of things have changed since then.. yeah thanks for all the help guys... i won't be needing them anymore (at least for this problem) anyway..

anon dipped in madness topped up with a little cuhrazy

Unknown said...

I'm too scared to ask what happened.

Anonymous said...

lol and why is that aspi?

Anonymous said...

Anon... details please
you cant leave us hanging like this

Unknown said...

Anon, I'm just not ready to hear that you beat him up, bagged him and stuffed him in some locker for the weekend.

Anonymous said...

hahah i don't do that even before a first formal date.. that comes much later, i make them wait..

ok chronological account.. in details..

anyhoo after last weekend, when i went to uni for first time, i was like should i do what everyone suggestedi do, you know have a one to one talk and then apologize and come clean like something straight out of a chick flick.. or should i just be myself

he was sitting at the cafe drinking his coffee in the morning so i joined him and we talked about random stuff like my assignments and this annoying teacher etc. then his manager comes and was like "you coming to the meeting?" and he said yes and just left and said bye..well????? i was stuck alone i felt like a freak.. his manager gave me a weird look too.. i wasn't happy

lunchtime break, i went to his office to show pictures of my new project.. and he was like what you doing for lunch? i was like okaaay he totally wants me so i said well i would ahve lunch with you but you might have meetings i was half joking..then he went on about how some people in this world have to work for a living and don't have filthy rich parents.. i don't know why he made that dig.. my parents aint that rich that i don't have to work (when i actually have to work)

Anonymous said...

yeah i didn't like that comment AT ALL, then i said well then fine and left the office..his receptionist gave me a weird look.. i don't like her..then i had lunch bitched about him to my friends and went to class then i realized that wasn't nice of me to create a scene at his office..i mean he'll be seen as not professional, yeah i felt bad the whole day and hence the "he must think i got BPD".. sometimes i do think i need anger management

anywa the next day at cafe, everything was fine and i said i felt bad that he made that dig..and he said sorry and i said sorry and we made up.. and after talkign about random things i asked him well are you ever gonna formally ask me out? or should i move on to the next guy? as a JOKE of course.. and he said that he really likes me etc etc etc yeah so we are together but he hasn't even taken me on proper date yet..that evening i had to come home because of some family stuff..

Unknown said...

I'd say that last conversation is real progress. Stay with it Anon!

Not to sound like an ass or anything but this story would make a worthy sequel to Jab We Met called Jab Love Hua. Intead of ditzy Geet we'd have party girl Geet.

Anonymous said...

yeah he is weird about certain things though, yesterday i went to his office randomly to surprise him cuz we were planning to meet at the italian restaurant in downtown across the street..but thought he would love me to come there and we can walk together.. the girl who works with him, i don't like her, she looks at me with a stupid grin like she is implying that she knows, i bet she is his aspisdrift, aka agony aunt.. yeah anyhoo you know what he did? he wrote on a notepad, we can't leave together, you leave first and meet me at the car park in 2 mins

well?? i don't think that is necessary..every employee is entitled lunch breaks afaik.. why doesn't he want ppl to know we're together.. anyway that really made me feel bad so i thought yeah screw this and went to the restaurant directly.. just to show that i ain't interested with his theatrics

heheh he is sooo funny...during lunch we saw my critical studies tutor with another teacher, and i said ooooh love is in da air..and he was like people will say the same thing when they see us.. i then said "no they will be like they can't be together she is out of his league" and he was like yeah you are right i suppose.. haha during lunch he kept on asking me to take my sunnies , i was like WTF and he said well i wanna see your eyes (i thought that was corny and weird?? but hot at the same time)..yeah the lunch went really well.. then we went to the park talked and stuff...i just love the way he looks at me, it makes me feel like i am miss world, its weird..

yeah then i came home and he went to the airport :(

he's going home for 10 days over easter.. UGH!!!

Anonymous said...

haha well he has blue eyes and dark blonde hair, anyhoo as a joke i was like we can look totally compatible if you dye your hair black (i was serious he'd look so much hotter and alternative and cool with dark hair)..and as a joke he was like can't you love me for who i am (sarcastically of course, i would never date a guy who mouths cheesy dialogues like that seriously..gosh that would have been the end of the relationship if he was serious)..
and i was like "well i can love you more with black hair bb"

well is it too soon to change his appearance and clothes??

Anonymous said...

lol next to the place we went for lunch there is a shoe store, and i wanted to look at them, he didn't even make a big deal. With my last bf he would have made some lame joke about girls and their shoes

yeah his phone rang in there and it was the singer and they were talking about some gig they're doing supporting this other band and equipments and all the rocker sh*t.. i was like happy, ahhhhh my own sexy rockstarrrr

Unknown said...

There used to be a time when Shekhar was everyone's favorite (wannabe) rock star. Well, seasons change :)

Now that we are in a groove there are several ways to test this relationship:

- Jodhaa Akbar
- "Baby your tune sounds totally ripped from an Interpol song"
- Pink rocks!

Unknown said...

Also, that chick at the office needs to be put in her place. A plan must be devised.

Anonymous said...

Yeah well she isn't a threat. I just hope we don't have to play the whole game of like hiding it. I mean whats wrong with walking out of his office together, i didn't like the whole you leave and i'll leave 2 mins later. WTF?

Yeah 9 more days to go :(

Unknown said...

Hmmm...that could be interpreted as "Not man enough to hold my hand" (also called Kareena-style) or "Wow, how cute and shy and all that" (also called Kajol-style).

Anonymous said...

omfg you got a point.. i don't expect to like show PDA in front of his colleagues but we can at least walk together

okay when he comes back from holiday, i am soo gonna go to his office first thing in the morning and after every class.. and see how he reacts..

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,
I smiled so much while reading your posts. Aaah! Young love in Spring!!!

Anywho, m happy 4 u and Rockstarr.

Will gladly help in the future if you need Mind Rush's advice.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mind rush
thanks! well i talked to him on the phone for a while, ugh when will holidays be over?

Also is it wrong to stalk his friends' facebook profiles using fake profile? one of his "friends" well i clicked on her name and it said "they hooked up", well when i don't know.. and she is like desi and not just desi her name sounds sikh. I don't knowwwwwww...feck don't tell me he's into one of us..and he doesn't love me for who i am but more that i fit his "type".. NOOOOOO
btw her profile is set to private so i sent her a msg using a psudo name, i hope she replies and i can see her profile..i wanna see what she looks like...

Unknown said...

Facebook stalking - its the latest craze. Wonder what you'll uncover.