Saturday, March 22, 2008

Race: The Premiere

Boy, those pictures from the Bollywood premiere of Race sure are funny. Hopefully the laughs in the movie will be more intentional.

Anil Kapoor Sameera Reddy Race Bollywood
Saif Ali Khan Aamir Race Bollywood
Rietesh Deshmukh Race Bollywood



ppl said...

Wow aspi that was swift.

Why does Sameera Reddy always look grumpy and constipated? is it the velvet mummy bandages, she swathes herself in or is the fact that her fist movie was with sohail khan?

Btw aspi i am considering this a precedent for more fashion-policesque posts.

Anonymous said...


I'd caption Sameera Reddy as "How NOT to: Botox/Collagen" Honestly, there is such as thing as too much, wouldn't you say?


Anonymous said...

Sameera needs to loose some weight. I think she has got in her head (thank's to the Indian media referring to her as sexy) that she is a sex siren and doesn't need to exercise or get a waist.

What's up with men's fashion these days in India. They wear a jacket so fitted that it makes them look like then have a big head and a dissappearing body. A big case in point is 'Sharad Kelkar' on the rock and roll show. I think Saif, Amir (although Amir's biceps are looking quite good) and Ritesh are slowly moving towards that look.

lol! a clutch. That is funny. Reminds me of the Sienfeld episode where Jerry carries a man purse.

Aspi, what, no comment on Katrina? She looks truly awesome at the premier.

Anonymous said...

You also missed Gul Panang's picture. It embarassing what she is wearing.

I think the girl recently got a b**b job and since then has been flaunting her assets.

ppl said...

Ya gul's high waisted pant/belt ensemble reminded me of something my grandpa would wear. I get that she's trying to be fashion forward but at what cost?

Katrina and Bipasha get my vote for best dressed, though I wish bipasha would sport her natural hair more often.
Bust out that smart bob and give those extensions a rest Bips!

Unknown said...

Sameera Reddy is botoxed? That might explain why she can't smile properly.

I agree: Katrina looked good. The age old principal of keep it simple color-wise.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Driftji, why no comment on Kiran Rao's outfit? She looks like she wore my neighbor's "house-coat." Else, it's a shiny mumu.

Her deliberate choice to look ridiculous reminds me of Tilda Swinton at the Oscars.

Anonymous said...

Aspi, ur write up is much more interesting than the movie itself. The movie is sad - complete WOT. The critic's best dress award shld go to the men in white - somehow they are always dressed like that. And Sameera bottoxed - all her little left oomph value is gone after hearing this. And whats with the Khan wives - they seem to be obsessed with silver (metallic colour) wraps around their bodies.

Anonymous said...

aspi, i agree with leera, i hope the fashion commentary becomes a regular feature - much fun was had with this one.

why would sameera need botox? isn't she much too young for it? also kiran rao is a fashion nightmare - does she ever get it right?

lol, joules - i was reminded of the seinfeld man purse too. go ritiesh;)

it seems like the indian celebs don't do western wear well - their choices are often execrable and they don't seem to know what sorts of cuts will flatter their bodies. i think priety, katrina and priyanka shd hold master classes - for the most part they stick to the big designers and keep it simple.

Anonymous said...

Sameera Botoxed - I'm repeating genl gossip folks, no first-hand (or anyhand :-)) Knowledge...but her face does look unnaturally tight, and her lips over-plump...which indicate botox and collagen to me at least :-)

Katrina did look lovely...that girl can really rock a sari., she was OK. Didn't really register what she wore.


Beth Loves Bollywood said...

Neil Nitin Mukesh, though...lookin' good. I wonder where Akshaye is?

Did you go see it? There is plenty of Bipasha in it. Otherwise unimpressive.

Unknown said...

Botox is used all over Hollywood these days even by younger actresses. Mostly to plump up the limps (although you could argue that is the most visible and gets noticed).

But if you see Sameera smile, you'll see that she can't stretch her lips beyond a certain angle and thats definitely a sign of botox. I could be wrong - but its more fun thinking Bitterlemons has it right.

Beth, didn't see the movie, but did read your thoughts. Hmmm....that steamy little shower scene convinced me I didn't want to go to the theater and answer my sons' questions about why people were playing doctor in the shower.

Payal said...

haha.. although i liked the best purse pic.. i think thats the invitation in riteish's hand!


sameeras footwear was worse that the bedsheet!

*~mad munky~* said...

So that's where my bedsheets went :o|

*will be writing a very angry letter*

Anonymous said...

Great post Aspi...Man-purse...haha, too funny! I remember watching Sameera Reddy in the movie with Sohail Khan...that girl was so skinny in that movie...what happened?? She just bubbled up after that.

Aamir Khan's wife needs to return the dress to SRK's wife and give the Priety-Zint-glasses back to the producers of Kal Ho Naa Ho!!
I dont get the whole "I'm-famous-so-I-can-look-like-sh*t" look...I'm sorry, but if you're going to be in the public eye, atleast dress appropriately!! Bipasha needs to accept her short hair and not go back to doing what she's alwasy done and looking the same-old way.

Katrina looked flawless...that girl is so pretty!!

Unknown said...

I know I missed a few - Aamir's wife being one of them. Its amazing how seminal the Missy Elliot was when it first came out. Everyone still tries to copy it without even knowing who Missy ever was :)

~mm~ good to see you here. Maybe other stuff you've missed during packing might show up on a major star soon.

Payal, I am useless with details like footwear, accessories, etc. For that we have you! And your blog :)

Anonymous said...

I had'nt realized that Mrs. Amir Khan had a golden chudidaar with that dress/garbage bag/kurta.

Payal, just saw it on your sight. OMG, some one please kill me. Do these guys dont have access to fashion designers for atleast important events.

Anonymous said...

Choclate boy Aamir finally becoming a hunk!! HAHA:)

Anonymous said...


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