Thursday, March 27, 2008

Rock N Roll Family: First Look

What are the ingredients for a good TV competition show? (Or as some folks call it Reality TV). Good talent and tacky everything else. This is easier said than done: the mix has to be just right. Rock N Roll Family (ZeeTV, Saturday, Sunday) - while at the outset looks promising - completely misses the talent part.

How so? Well, in RNR Family, an entire family shows up and executes a dance. And here talent is besides the point, we are meant to enjoy a family dancing together - like in ye old rural times. Tie me up and call me Shallow Waters but if I wanted to see that I'd watch Krishi Darshan. If there is dance, I want to see Malaika Arora-like thumkas and Mithun Chakraborthy-style jhatkas. Heck, even Karan Razdan style ramrod aerobics would work.

But what happens when a family dances? Arms and legs get thrown in random directions. Waddling ensues. Older people are snuck in the back and asked to either (1) quietly do pooja or (2) pick the kankars from the rice or (3) pound chillies. Kids are thrust in the forefront and asked to be cute in a shameless bid for points. Coordination becomes a foreign language.

A girl once slipped twice and got up each time and was praised for her bravery. A cute little kid ran around the stage and was declared to be magnetic.

Who would want to watch this? Turns out there are judges who do (or at least try hard to show their interest). There happen to be three. Kajol, who employs the highly patronizing strategy of always praising the kid or the senior in every family regardless of how much they suck, provides the Oye Bubbly Factor. She's rather cozy with her husband Ajay - who is proving to be a gracious, game types - but somewhat distant from her mother Tanuja, who comes across a prickly entity one nudge away from a tantrum.

Now it wasn't always like this. When RNR Family first started, I had fun for about 30 odd minutes or so. First, there was the quirky amusement of watching Mauli Dave executing a Jessica Simpson-like genial turn but in a fine Gujarati accent which kicks in only when she's talking in Hindi.

And then there was the fun in watching the introductory montages for each family. In this segment, all the participating members of the family are introduced - in all their glory. "We are about to go become a Rock N Roll Family" they would declare with glee (and a raised fist). Delicious tackiness!

Neighbors would be interviewed - many of whom would express considerable pride and happiness that their bajuwalas were on a TV show. And the kicker in all of this was that a sizable part of neighborhood would show up to garland the family when they stepped out of their home to board the bus (or cab) en route to the show.

And the only thing I could think of was: where do all these people come from? The only neighborly send off I got in my entire life was when I busted Ba's teeth next door with a cork ball. We are talking double-digit economic growth in India and there are phaltu people walking around with nothing better to do? Or are the neighbors paid just like the audience?



Anonymous said...

You watched the show for 30 mins Aspi? you must be having soooooooo much patience then!! i couldn't stand it ...not even for 30 secs!!!

and you din't say anything about Mauli's co-host?? he was talking like he was acting in some melodramatic saas-bahu serial.highly irritating!
Aditya Narayan was far far better !!!!

Anonymous said...


Oh Thank you!!! I kept wondering WHERE they came up with these families from! (Also the ones on Boogie Woogie - another HORRIBLE show!)

Kajol - much as I like her as an actress, everytime she opens her mouth off-screen, I find myself cringing, waiting for the next stupid/mean/nasty thing she will that makes it hard for me to watch this anyway....Ajay must have the patience of a saint!


ppl said...

Wow what a let down that was.

One question remains - was it worth it Kajay? Even for a movie promotion?

Forget bringing the joint family back, this has quickly become rock and roll with fake family.
Out of work telestars and reality show alums aside, these 'families' made utter fools of themselves!

Btw Cinderella, mauli's melodramatic co-host is a actually a saas-bahu serial actor, so can't expect much more from him.

Shakiraben, forget hosting these dime a dozen shows and focus on first participating in a celebrity dance show (JDJ3, NB4 with Head etc) and then transcending acquired footage into a 'youth movie' thus kicking of your bollywood career!

Anonymous said...

Here is a bit of interesting news about this show, as mentioned in a website, "The buzz around is that the two families participating in the show, the Kapoor family from Jaipur and the Ubale family have defied all rules of the show and the channel is very annoyed with them. One of the members of the Kapoor family who claimed to be the son, is not even their blood-relative. In the case of Ubale’s, the family’s grandmother who has been loved by all turns out to be Ubale’s sister!!" LOL

Anonymous said...

tacky families? oh I dont know about that..

I havent been watching these shows lately. I came across a boogie woogie show sometime back, it was one of those mummy episodes (the competitors are mothers, dont ask!). I watched for a while with this scornful disdain building up inside, how could these tacky women (believe me, they came in all shapes and sizes) demean themselves like this?

They were showing those introductory family scenes for one of the competitors, the scene where they had gone to her home to announce to the woman that she was selected for the competition. It was a modest home, a half naked toddler playing on the mat, a husband in lungi banyan type clothes and the harried woman with her hair up doing some housework.

the woman erupted for joy. the toddler panicked and tried to latch on to her legs. The husband quietly picked up the child and moved back. later someone thrust a mike in face, 'what do you think of this, your wife will be on the show?' He looked at her (a little sadly I thought) and said, 'she gave up dancing after marriage and what with the kids and time...loves to dance and she should do something for herself that makes her happy.'

was that put up? were they paid? I dont know. call me a sucker, I was touched. My inner snob ate some humble pie that time.

Anonymous said...


ouch - now I feel mean! But no matter what the economic/social status of the families concerned, I still don't like children dancing to the most suggestive of bolly-music...


Unknown said...

meena, I think your observations are worth a discussion. There are several ways to get back to dance and enjoy yourself: enroll in a school, hit the disco, volunteer to teach Bharat Natyam to kids, start a class. But because our world is saturated with Bollywood, I don't think people understand dance outside the context of performing for others to watch.

This is the part that annoys me about RNRF. There is no way those families are putting these dances together. They are working with producers and directors who get them ready. In my book, that makes them fair game :). If so much prep has to go into it - might as well show us some jalwa.

Anonymous said...

Aspi, loved the captions! Enchanted, still chuckling at that fake family story :). i defi think these fake families are fair game ;)

i barely managed to watch the intro of the first of the families and then couldn't take it anymore. i think the music shows (even the talent challenged II3) are miles ahead of this drivel. is zee able to score TRPs with this shoddy stuff?

Leera, the Devgan Khandaan has to be regretting their involvement in this. Surely they don't need an entire series of torture to keep their movie in the public eye?

Bitterlemons, I think Kajol is one of those stars better restricted to the silver screen. Outside of that zone, she comes across as ill informed and ill mannered.

Anonymous said...

Lol, Aspi, thanks so much for bavely watching the show, and coming up with this really entertaining post.Only you could make anything about the show interesting:).
Sameera Reddy seems to be getting bashed on the drift all the time.I have a different take on this. Poor girl,she was this very obese rolly-polly baby sister of two very slim sisters who r famous models. The fact that she lost all that baby fat, and has now reached this item-girl stage is appreciable. I am not so sure about the botox. Have u seen Hema Malini;s younger daughter in an advert? Even she talks with her mouth half closed. She is certainly too young to be botoxed.

Unknown said...

cinderella, I confess I watched much more than 30 minutes. But the Skip button on my DVR kept me sane.

anu g, fair enough - I'll lay off Sameera. If she didn't try so hard to be sexy, she'd probably do really well. Ah, I did it again. No more, I promise.

Bitterlemons and Sidekick, great job on saying it like it is with Kajol. Everyone seems to love her so much, nothing gets said about her. Its about time I say.

On the other hand Kajol is anu g's favorite. So I'm in for it now.

Anonymous said...

Oh,so its Anu-bashing now:(. I definitely think Kajol is a very good actress.I havent seen too much of her off-screen to term her as ill-mannered. I watched her on Lilchamps, and think she was very clear about what she felt. And I dont think she was rude. When she loved Anamika;s first song, she said so. But when A didnt sing the second one too well, she said she preferred the first one.
I definitely prefer her forthrightness to many of the other cool prim-n-propah-speaking-in-measured-tones actresses.
She is not a great looker (my brother-in-law when in college, used to have posters of actresses in his room. One day he bumped into A-K at a bookshop here. he came home so disappointed saying they both look so bad.The next I knew, Kajol's poster was no longer there:)).So no illusions about that too.
I guess I just prefer people who r real and normal rather than the very pretty ice-maidens.(Megan,before u jump to conclusions, I am not referring to Ash here.Its a general comment).
Aspi, I just watched Race. If u think Sameera is trying hard to be sexy, just see how hard she tries to be funny and stupid in the movie. Hey u want to bash her, go ahead. I just personally appreciate anyone who can manage to keep fit and trim.

Anonymous said...

i barely even managed to watch the first episode. Mauli looked so fat and her legs so manly.. She has absolutely no dress sense or class.. The twitching she does with her nose, YUCK.. who does she think she is? Isabel from Bewitched? or does she have Tourette syndrome?

The dude with her made horrible jokes and i can't believe all the sexual innuendos in a family show. Some of the dance moves were so offensive.. The grandparents look like they will drop dead any second..

Kajol with her crassness is as usual annoying and LOUD... Ajay looks bored through out and their mom/in-law (i wonder if she's a chain smoker???) needs to prepare more comments than the same ole same ole "its great to see 3 generation dancing together, whose idea was it to come to the show?"

The show sucks!! majorly

how come Mauli has a fobby accent?

Anonymous said...

can't sameera lose weight? her thunder thighs scare me and she looks so manly

If she can't afford liposuction, she should at least be able to afford a dietician and a gym membership

Anonymous said...

oh..that explains it! someone should go and tell the guy that he isn't shooting for the serial!! he seems to be forgetting that!!!

Aspi,u have plans of going thru this torture again to write about it???

Anonymous said...

I am sorry Aspi for getting you to watch this show. I could'nt stand the first five minutes.

Tanuja looks very angry. Heard she and her husband had split long time ago and she raised the girls by herself.

Yeah, Mauli's dress sense is awful. She looked and wore great stuff on SRGMP but maybe they had more money/better dress designer on that show (but that would'nt explain why Poonam dressed so frumpy).

Anonymous said...

If you are looking for good dancing and tackiness watch Mr. and Mrs. Television. Its a nine day show so more investment than I can make. But it is like Nach Baliye except their partner is not their baliye.

The judges are Madhur and Sonali Bendre. Its good to see Ms. Bendre after all these years although her comments sound repetetive and she acts like any other female judges out there (no negative comments, be nice to everyone, dont upset the apple cart).

Anonymous said...

Hi Aspi. Agree with Cindrella. Cud barely watch the show for 5 mins. And Mauli - ouch. While her singing never appealed to me, she was a good performer at SRGMP and at least looked good even in tacky clothes. But she looks unappealing in "rock.... Is it tht she has put on weight or are her clothes really ill fitting. And her compereing is also very thanda.

Unknown said...

Arre Joules, no apologies necessary. Although initially I thought the concept was terrible but after watching I feel that the show could be saved. Its going to be hard but it can be done.

Two obvious ways are: get Himesh and Bappi as judges. But there are others as well I think and I did see the beginnings of it although I've only seen two episodes of it so far.

Anonymous said...

Anu G,

I used to like Kajol's forthrightness as well....until she came out with a series of interviews/shows where she said the most painful things. (one was a KwK episode, I think, another was some statement likening AIDS to the common cold - youtube has some of them, if you're interested :-)) Since then, I find it hard to appreciate her off-screen persona....on-screen, yes, she's very good.

IMO, there is a clear line between rudeness and forthrightness, and she's crossed the line once too often for my taste.

My mother (who is of the generation that watched Tanuja on screen) says that Tanuja always was acerbic.


Anonymous said...

Didnt mean to bring anyone down :)

Aspi,agree with you about the need for exhibitionism that drives the bollywood dance culture.
I expect the prospect of performing in front of people is mecca and those are the people that show up in these reality shows. Sure they are fair game. Only, thanks to you I can talk about them without having to sit through them ;)

Bitterlemons, I am so with you on the ugliness of suggestive dances by kids.

Kajol came with great promise of personality but really has done nothing to sustain it over the years. I thought her curtness was just impatience with pretension and gracelessnes was a rebellion against plastic beauties..guess we were mistaken..and it turns out her reading is a sham as well...

Anonymous said...

Aspi, here's quoting you..."There are several ways to get back to dance and enjoy yourself..."

Babe, let's take those dance lessons and audition for this show. (To those of you who may not know...Drift saab does a killer fox trot.)

Unknown said...

I'm not taking any more dance lessons with you! Remember how embarrassing it was when you glared at the instructor for telling you to always follow my lead?

Anonymous said...

Drift saab, Wouldn't you agree that since that time I have become the model wife who is sati saavitri, obedient to her pati parameshwar, and subservient...


Pitu said...

Who the heck came up with this eejit judge trio?? None of these three can dance to save their life. I would be maha offended if any of them criticized my dancing! Hmphh

Anonymous said...

lol, that is a great point, priti.

Anonymous said...

more drift first family nok-jhok --- terrific ;) aspi, a killer fox trot, huh? i think (and am sure the drift janta will agree) we need a demo. maybe all that RNRF needs to salvage it is the drift family boogieing away. if we can't get the next best (some youtube vids), then throw us a bone and post abt it --- the family that dances together, stays together :). Drift memsaab, we also need more hidden nuggets abt the multi talented drift saab .....

anu g,meena: admittedly my less than flattering view of kajol is based on a small sample of incidents. the AIDS fiasco plays a large part in the "ill informed" tag. i'm sure lots of BW celebs are ill informed. I remember prahlad kakkar saying once that he loved Ash, but was bothered by the fact that she never reads anything and he's always trying to get her to. seriously whoever does a P&P adaptation without reading the source material (ok, self-confessed jane austen fan!)? however i can't imagine Ash ever making that sort of boo boo at a public event. Sometimes, practiced, scripted and rehearsed have their advantages.

As for the "ill mannered" tag, again a small sample the most recent being how she responded to Shekhar Gupta once --- both laughed it off on "Walk the Talk", but it's not an isolated incident. I think bitter lemons made reference to this, but on KWK2 Karan introduced her as someone who said that she dislikes 99 of 100 people she met and how glad he was that he was the 1 she liked. He went on to ask if it was still true. She said yes, but that she is better at concealing her feelings now. I remember that conversation verbatim bcos I was slack jawed and disbelieving at how uncharitable that remark is in the first place and then she goes on to confirm it!!!!!.

All that said, anu g, it's much more important for me to be in yr good books than to diss Kajol --- so i'll lay off her here on in ;)

Finally, poor sameera has come in for all sorts of criticism here. not sure abt the botox thing (i can never tell who's had what done!), but
these pix
from the 1-2-3 premiere don't seem to show her as fat/flabby in any way, whatever one may think of the ensemble. but then again i'm not someone who thinks of kareena's size 0 figure or size double 0 aspirations as attractive, so may be my standards are different.

Anonymous said...

Sidekick: I absolutely adore Kads but I agree about the ill-mannered and ill-informed bits. I'd still pick her any day over Hamaari Plastic Ash and her goody goodiness. One interesting thing I noticed on a KBC episode that had Kads-Ajay on it.. Ajay seemed way smarter than her and she didn't seem capable of having an intelligent convo with Mr Bachchan. Ajay on the other hand was very articulate and Kads kept looking at him every time she felt the need to say something smart. It reminded me of that dialog in 'Andaz Apna Apna' where Sallu says to Aamir, 'Ey Amar, main jo bolne wala tha, wo bhi bol de!'

As far as Sameera goes, that entire package is so unattractive. It's not her 'not size 0' thing that bothers me, it's her absolute lack of toning. And those broad shoulders,flabby face and terrible dress sense do not help her cause. Watching her in the 'Race' promos with Bips and Kat was like watching a behenji next to 2 hotties. She has 0 star appeal in my humble opinion. It's the same deal with Octagonal-Face Tanisha Mukherjee. Both seem destined to be also-rans.

Anonymous said...

Pitu: fair enough - we all have our faves and enjoying a celeb's work doesn't mean blind adoration :)

I think Kajol is a natural and spontaneous actress with tremendous screen presence who would run rings around someone like Ash as far as acting goes. however in spite of it or maybe bcos of it, ash has chosen a far more interesting set of roles. regional cinema and offbeat stuff which is much more challenging, while kajol has played safe within the chopra-johar confines.

off screen, ash strikes me as having tremendous dignity - she always takes the high road, i've never seen her scrapping in the sandlot or washing dirty linen in public. all of which may make her boring, staid even hypocritical, but also polite, responsible and courteous (at least outwardly).

Anonymous said...

Expecting bw actresses or models to have read something is a huge stretch specially since most of these girls start their acting/modelling career when they are 16, never finish school, are so obsessed with how they look and are jetting across the globe for some assignment or the other.

Unlike hollywood actresses until recently they did'nt have to promote their movies or meet the press unless it is a tabloid magazine where the interviewer is already fawning over them.

Ash to me looks too rehearsed, too guarded in all her interviews. I prefer Lara or Sushmita (I wonder if it is the Miss Universe training).

I for one am really liking the Kareena look. Love her spread in Vogue.

Anonymous said...

Joules thats a great point about actors having to meet the press and promote movies nowadays. can you imagine a Hema or a Sridevi trying to do this? LOL.

The modeling and pageant training has been great for many starlets - teaches them poise and some public speaking skills (Dia Mirza comes to mind).

IF you think Sameera looks bad, you should watch Race. Yikes. (BTW Anil kapoor/sameera roles were a straight lift from the Karamchand tv series of yore). The role of working women in that movie! Aspi, here are a few more for your collection on ways the industry in down on them
- scantily-clad ditzy (might as well be blonde) secretary just waiting to be spoken to by her boss in sexual innuendo.
-scantily-clad not-so-ditzy back-stabbing secretary making inappropriate passes at her boss.
-scantily-clad gold-digging model who thinks nothing of sleeping with her husband's brother.

still..they are respectable schemers in their own right (whew) out they are just pawns in the hands of the men! (damn)

Anonymous said...

Sidekick: Good point about Ash's roles vs Kads playing it safe. Never thought about that!

BTW, Ash was hysterically bad in the Letterman, 60 minutes and Oprah shows so I don't agree about her always being polite, responsible and courteous. She made some interesting copy and none of it was to her advantage! If demeanor and behavior is what we are judging actresses by, then nobody can trump Madhuri. She is way more responsible, polite and courteous than most celebs and she never seemed plastic to me. Just watch the Devdas interviews of Ash and Madhuri. To me, Mads was truly classy. Have you seen her recent public appearances in India?

Joules: Kareena's really come into her own. Looking swell nowadays!

Anonymous said...

Pitu, I was watching coffee with Karan yesterday (probably a rerun) and Karan asked Rakesh Roshan which actress he misses in the industry and he mentioned Madhuri and used similar words to describe her that you have used. (she is responsible, courteous and very well behaved). I am no fan of Mads but it is nice to know that the private persona is the same as her public persona.

Anonymous said...

here we go again... well everyone have their own opinions but i don't find all these actresses that online-indians looooove to put on a pedestal.. i always fail to see whats so special about them

like Madhuri, i can't even last more than 30 mins through her movies from the 80's and 90's, there's always some girl getting raped and some song with boob thrusting happening and major overacting.. oh and all those old school bollywood fans used to diss all the new school actresses saying how madhuri alone could make a horrible movie a huge hit, that is why when Aaja Nachley flopped i was like heh

i also didn't see anything special in the way she acted in those reality shows

about sushmita, gosh she tries too hard to be "bold" and "classy", i mean bragging about having affairs with married men don't seem classy to me from any angle..even when she does some public speaking, she acts all hyper with her hand up in the air when clapping..

and Lara, when she talks she sounds like she is concentrating too much to not sound "Indian" and i saw an interview of hers in NDTV and she giggled every 2 seconds as well making some rly bad jokes..

Anonymous said...

i haven't seen ash's those so called interviews on american TV except for Oprah and i think she did really well..i remember all the criticisms she got, and around the same time Preity Zinta was on CNN and my god she rly embarassed me

also only desi people moaned about her "interviews"..i remember day after the 60 mins thing, in Vogue forums, people did a thread about her randomly and everyone were like thank god we are getting to hear about beautiful actresses from other countries and not those annoying hollywood types.. and i would be like "i liked her first"..

oh gawd i remember those days every desi and their dog used to talk about it on diff blogs for hours on how Rani/actress B/actress C would have given a better interview
and i would be like "sure Rani will spend half the time talking about how Spielberg uncle loves her so much and the other half talking about how she is good friends with such and such"..

Unknown said...

m, when you tongue-lash someone, they really stay tongue-lashed :) And I like it - its immaterial whether I agree or not. But this "boob thrusting". Whats wrong with boob thrusting. In fact, I'm very fond of the breast jiggle in 70s Bollywood - pioneered by Helen and perfected by Rekha. There's not a funnier moment in songs.

I agree about the general comments about Sameera and Tanushree. But because they are (relatively) golu women - I do feel an obligation to not trash their looks based on size alone. They are actually both very good looking (if you ask me). But their sense of dress (and make up) lets them down a lot.

Meena, that movie has been getting mixed reviews. In other words, everyone didn't hate it. Which surprises me. It might not be that bad.

Unknown said...

I just saw those 1-2-3 pictures and noted that none of the Indian men tuck their shirt in.

Anonymous said...

i broke up with my new bf today :(

Anonymous said...

M, Really sorry to hear of your breakup with the new bf...How are you doing?

Unknown said...

No! Man, what happened? I thought it was going well.

Anonymous said...

so did i, he came back from easter break and we had brunch together..he got a job offer elsewhere (diff city diff country) and he accepted it and will hand in his resignation tomorrow.. he is moving in 6 weeks

i was like "what about me?" and he's like i was hoping we could still be together and i was like "umm fuck off"...

he did tell me when he went to some convention, some dude from some other university offered him a job (same but better pay) and that he might take it if he got a good deal..but now that we're together i ddin't think it was gonna be this soon and i definitely didn't think he was gonna go.. i mean after all that happened... i got dicked around like my feelings don't even matter

i told him it was over and left..

i cried driving home :( i am gonna go out with some friends tonight and get drunk or something.. i got early class tomorrow :( i will ignore him for the next 6 weeks

Anonymous said...

Aspi, it was a slickly-made fun movie that you should go to with very little expectation. never a dull moment -there is a twist thrown at you every 10mins and unexpected hilarity (check out this one totally surreal scene where Anil Kapoor is making a pass at sameera)

Anonymous said...

Meena,u r right, go with no expectations, and though the first hour of Race is a little boring, u really enjoy the twists and turns in the later part of the story. This is something new in Bollywood, so its turned out to be quite a big hit in india.
But dont u think Saif looked younger than his onscreen younger bro Akshay? A has put on quite a lot of weight.Hey, why is that nobody talks of the men who r becoming heavy and rotund?

Anonymous said...

Ok,in deference to most drifters here (egged on by Aspi)I agree, Kajol is not a great conversationalist. But She still figures in my list of best actresses:).
I just saw the promos of the movie U,Me aur Hum, and Gosh, it didnt seem to be one of those feel-good soft romances. It had scenes of Kajol screaming in the rain,someone behind a dark door....seemed like something out of a horror movie. My kids have announced they r not going to watch this movie.I am not sure if u have seen the earlier Devgan production called Raju Chacha. The promos were so interesting with kids living in a castle and singing songs. But what a shocker! The so-called kids' movie was the story of kids who dont have a mother. But the worst part was when soemone tries to kill their dad Rishi Kapoor, and he is hanging from a branch on the edge of a cliff,his kids r standing there screaming, and after telling his son to take care of his sis,falls down deep into the valley.It was sick. My kids who were much younger then, were so upset after it, they had nightmares for some time. Heck, I was myself very disturbed. So if this movie turns out to be one of those sorts, I am going to very disappointed.(I still like Kajol though:)).

Anonymous said...

M, dont worry! Think positive!Maybe u r going to find a Neil-Mukesh sort of hunk in ur life soon:).

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear m, may you find a Hrithik like hunk who is a rockstar soon.

Anonymous said...

Saw Race yesterday. I thought the movie was OK. This movie was about characters but the director did'nt build them very well.

Akshay was an alcoholic but he did'nt look like an alcoholic - the dark eyes, the hangover look. Saif walked through the whole movie with a single expression.

I did'nt think the girls looked that great. Bips was playiing a model but the way she dressed in short skirts, she looked like a school teacher trying to seduce her students.

Kat was an efficient secretary and she dressed like a model. It would have been fun to put Kat in a not so visible getup (maybe a little more decent clothes and glasses) only to have her turn into a vixen later.

Sam on the other hand was playing a detectives assistant. But was wearing the same designer labels as Kat and Bips.

They all were sporting some killer handbags though.

Anonymous said...

OMG anu g, I was thinking the same thing, Akshay khanna looked like he should have been Saif's bada bhai and his hair plugs sat badly on him too!

Unknown said...

If someone does a Race review for us, we'll be sure to call it "Killer Handbags". That cracks me up.

Anonymous said...

M, sympathies from a newcomer here - I started using your handle first and was politely told off:-) (hey, it *is* my initial)

As for Madhuri's movies being no great shakes, I'll agree, but then most of the 80s and 90s movies were that way. Her acting still managed to shine through some of that dreck (and the Godawful costumes). But what I admire is her personal dignity - she always came across as very much a lady (to use an old-fashioned term), above most of the gossip about her. Aish has some of that same quality, and is unique in that attitude (IMO) among the current crop of actors, all of whom want to show you how much they are like you! That said, I did find her overly giggly on the Letterman show, but most reviews were positive...maybe she was just nervous. Her Oprah interview was fine, though I did cringe a bit at some of her statements - they seemed to display as much ignorance about American culture as America's of her and Indian culture in general.

One actress not mentioned here so far: Soha - VERY good speaker in public and seems to have a smart head on her shoulders. Of course, she has mostly crappy movies :-)


Unknown said...

I actually watched the Letterman segment and the distinct impression I got was that Aish was trying way too hard to impress everyone.

When your international career is riding on a few big interviews in a press junket, the best thing to do is to relax. Whatever happens will happen. As it turned out, Aish blew her chance and landed on the C list. Otherwise with her built-in exoticness and presence, she would have made a killing in Hollywood.

Of course, now she's a Bachchan bahu and we know those aren't allowed to lip lock. Bye, bye Hollywood.

Anonymous said...

M--My sympathies on the breakup. But getting drunk is kind of boring. Here are some " positive coping techniques" to deal with a breakup.

1) Write your feelings in your journal.
2) Work out.
3) Watch silly films with your bff.
4) Do volunteer work for the next six weeks.
5) Re-channel your anger toward focusing on your grades.
6) Count your blessings.

And if these work for you, then Happy April 1st, everyone!

Anonymous said...

sorry M # 2 - you could use M2 or something... like D2..

and thanks Mind Rush..i am okay really.. kinda over it now i think...i just need to find another guy to swoon over.. pronto

i got majorly drunk last night and went all emo (only with my aspis lovelies thank god for that).. thanks for the help and support you gave electronically

but i am over it really.. SCREW HIM.. not literally, he missed out on that..majorly... i was actually thinking of putting out before May.. heehee

Anonymous said...

Did you hear about the recent shor sharaba over Ash's supposed topless pic? It was a bare back shot by Atul Kasbekar and the funny thing is Ash denied being the model. And the saas-sasur were hopping mad. Well, didn't anyone see the bare back shot from Chokher Bali? Selective memory!

Anonymous said...

I did'nt think the Letterman interview was that bad. Recently watched it on youtube. I did think her choice of outfit was a little harsh - the whole leather jacket look. She would have looked and come across better if she had dressed more casually or in a dress.

Unknown said...

Pitu, the backless shouldn't be an issue - its standard issue even in a place like Gujarat. But if someone were to use a body double without permission that might be worth getting mad about. After all - in recent Bollywoodspeak - the Brand must be protected.

Megan, next time trust a guys' instincts in music and then make a judgment call :)

Anonymous said...

Are the Bachchans just sitting ducks because of their fame, or are they really as scarily conservative as portrayed? first the D2 kiss, now the backless shot... Ash seems to have slipped into ultra conservative mode too post marriage. word has it that she turned down a karan johar project coz it was too racy/ inappropriate for her as a biwi and bahu. actors do roles contrary to type and who they are in real life all the time - isn't that the definition of acting?

jaya bachchan seems a formidable and scary ma-in-law. plus the creepy amar singh seems to be a fixture around the bachchans. not sure that Ash has it easy!

Anonymous said...

Aspi: No dude, you could clearly tell it was Ash, not a morphed pic. Plus the photo ran in Femina and had the models' names beneath. And the Bachchans being the Bachchans, even a backless pic would be an issue for them! Lemme see if I can find said link.

Anonymous said...

Itna hoo-haa karne wali kya baat hai is pic mein?

Anonymous said...

those sites just trying to show as if they're really important, i mean WTF.. if they were indiaFM and rediff or something then maybe just maybe..

"abhi unhappy after RS posted picture"??? LOL sorry but they are giving themselves a bit too much importance.. they're just Z grade desi tabloid how will they even know if they're happy or unhappy? judging by the site design and the tacky ads all over, they wouldn't be able to afford to bribe the bachchan kaamwali bai, let alone any "reliable sources".. LOL i can't believe some people are so gullible.. i guess anything remotely negative about Ash and Bachchan family has to be true no matter how ridiculous it sounds..

Anonymous said...

also radiosargam tried to show themselves as some great big digger of "controversial" pictures.. LOL its funny how the same picture had names of 6 models or so but only 3 or 4 in there..and one of the names was of a guy "Milind Soman".. well he does look very feminine from the back since his name was also on the page so he must be one of those girls..

i think the magazine probably had different photoshoots with all those models in different pages but named them on that one those fashion mags do..and Radiosargam probably decided to make some extra cash from their adwares and pop up ads by increasing traffic to their pathetic Z grade site..because put the bachchans and ash in bad light and everyone would wanna read about it and give their 2 cents

Anonymous said...

"Aspi: No dude, you could clearly tell it was Ash, not a morphed pic. Plus the photo ran in Femina and had the models' names beneath."

well it also had milind soman's name in it and had names of 6 models but only 4 or 3 i don't remember on the what happened to the missing 2 girls???

also only one of them had turned around and was showing fer face.. the other two could have been anyone..well i don't know how anyone could "clearly" tell those extras were ash.. i mean LOL you just see the hair and legs..

"And the Bachchans being the Bachchans, even a backless pic would be an issue for them!"

LOL!! and we know they lost their sleep over it. HOW?? oh some Z grade website said so.. the same website that said saif had sex with kareena in a toilet.. so that must be true as well..

Anonymous said...

ummm have you ever looked at those Femina specials? They were always 3-4 page spreads that had the names of all models on the 1st page with the rest of the pics inside. Look at any Femina spread even today- they follow the same format. So even if Milind is mentioned on the 1st page, his pic doesn't have to be there, it could be on the last page! And having met Farrokh Chothia and seen his portfolio, I can attest to the fact that most of these models shoot racy-artistic-topless-backless-
whatever one wants to call them pics, knowing they are going to languish in some portfolio or be published in an obscure mag.

Clearly the Bachchan khaandan can never do wrong in your eyes lol.

Anonymous said...

If you ever meet him and see his work, you can make a list of so-called sati savitris with all manner of revealing pix that I'm sure they'll deny now that their Bolly careers are everything to them.

Anonymous said...

"Clearly the Bachchan khaandan can never do wrong in your eyes lol.

WTF is that even supposed to mean? just because i don't blindly follow your so called "opinion" and your so called "facts" doesn't mean i am a blind fan.. so keep your little assumptions to yourself.. i could turn the table around and say the same thing about you as well.. plus i'm not even a Bachchans fan, but yeah i'm not a blind hater who will believe everything..

"So even if Milind is mentioned on the 1st page, his pic doesn't have to be there, it could be on the last page!"

*rolleyes* Gee thanks for that.. thats what i was saying but since this great big logic can work for him but not Ash.. riiight... she had to be in THAT PARTICULAR PAGE..

"And having met Farrokh Chothia and seen his portfolio, I can attest to the fact that most of these models shoot racy-artistic-topless-backless-
whatever one wants to call them pics"

So? that means nothing to me because i don't even know who he is.. heck you could namedrop and say you met someone who once made hardcore porn with Ash, i don't care... i never said she was a burkha clad woman and i never said i will have problems with her exposing..

just in that particular issue, i was sceptical and i am allowed to have my own opinion..

and sorry for not being gullible enough to believe anything and everything that gets written in a Z grade tacky looking gaudy celebrity website.. its a downside of having a mind of my own

Anonymous said...

Meg, calm down! Here r some pics of hunk-Neil for u...

Anonymous said...

Jaya B. did want a conservative daughter-in-law. Remember how Karisma had started wearing suits when she was dating abhishek. Some of it must be because of Jaya being in politics. There is a certain image you want to portray to the masses.

I dont think she or they care what the girl had done previously. They were ready to include Karisma in their family and I think K has been more racy than Ash. Ash has always dressed and behaved conservatively so I dont think it is such a stretch for her to be a part of that family.

What I find odd is how Amitabh and/or Jaya and Amar Singh hover over the couple. When was the last time we saw pics of Abhishek and Ash together. And I see pics of Big B and Ash all the time. Remember the stories the press had on Abhi's b'day where Ash had surprised him by showing up in Agra ofcourse with ma and pa and Amar Singh in tow. The press called it their second honeymoon (lol!)

Now you hear Ash and Abhi will be in Miami for their first anniv. Guess who is going to join them :)

Unknown said...

meg, I hope Aish appreciates what an awesome fan you are! Sidekick, if you run into her again let her know about our Megan.

The Bachchans are a very united and conservative family. Of that there is no doubt. On the other hand, the film industry is a vicious place especially for women. So I'm not surprised with the extra layer of protection around Aish at all.

The copyright for pics belong to the photog. So if someone took backless pics of Aish, they had a right to publish them and identify them. I think more than anything, the fact that the magazine pulled those pics does more damage to their credibility than their tacky sister web site. Why not let us all see the pic and decide for ourselves?

anu g, great pics of Neil Mukesh - his hair appears to be tamed.

Anonymous said...

Humari Bahu Ash!

Anonymous said...

Aspi, alas i fear i lost my one shot to see Ash but I couldn't agree more that she needs to know what a fiercely loyal fan she has in megan :). drifters, criticize Ash at your peril coz Megan is watching ;)

Anonymous said...

i am calmed down, anu-g LOL thanks.. i just don't like some people who think just because someone happens to speak in favor of Ash (shock shock horror horror), they are biased.. but it don't matter that they are being blind haters.. then tag me as someone who worships the ground bachchans walk on..

umm like WTF..i am not even fan of Bachchans just because i aint willing to crucify them at the drop of the hat i have to be their die hard fan? that is fantastic

and no i aint her crusador, i just defend her when people bash her for the most inane reasons.. and that i am allowed, no?

Unknown said...

megan, were you a fan of the Bachchans before Aish's shaadi or after? Just curious - no hidden agenda.

Anonymous said...

umm i am not their fan. only Bachchan I am a fan of is Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

just because i am not willing to like diss them or crucify them for inane reasons and media speculations don't mean i am their fan..

Anonymous said...

Absolutely, megan… more power to you in spiritedly sticking to your point of view. Sometimes looking for compromise simply ends up being wishy washy :). In fact, I hope it’s an equal opportunity playground for the detractors and defenders of Ash and anyone and anything else one may fancy discussing where there’s a punchy argument that doesn’t degenerate into personal attacks. Let me quickly add that I’m NOT pointing any fingers at you here Megan, rather I’m articulating my enjoyment of a well reasoned but spirited argument that respects the “Live and Let Live” idea. In all of this dhoom dhadaka, I hope we haven’t lost Pitu our only expert on marathi cinema and only virtual puran poli maker ;)

Anonymous said...

Fair enough Megan!Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion. Only dont let it affect u, and the other:).I have seen lots of simple arguments snowball into controversies, so I am one of those wishy-washy sorts (in Sidekick's vocabulary).Some call me diplomatic, the others call me most undecided and wishy-washy(?).I prefer to believe I am the former:). But hey, i am glad u have got over ur ex. Remind me never to take pangas with u the next time u r not in the greatest of moods:).
Pitu, trust u t still around. Dirft family main aisee choti choti baatein hoti rahthee hain.

Anonymous said...

well at the risk of sounding promiscous, i am almost kinda "friendly" with this dude in my class.. we always go to the cafe where ex gets his coffee.. and i get all close to new dude whenever i see him..

i dont know if i am over him but i'm on my way i think (well btw is he even classified as my ex?)

Unknown said...

m, if you see your ex and stick to your friend you can always sing "Paani me jale tera gora badan" - one of my all time favorite songs.

Pitu has entered a green campaign. If she doesn't mind talking about it, she should tell all of us in the comments so we can all vote for her.

Anonymous said...

Well, I am a fan of both Amitabh and Jaya movies.Believe both of them are truly gifted actors.

The nuances in Amitabh's performances even in movies like Sarkaar or Kabhi khushi kabhi gham are awesome to watch. I can still watch Zanjeer and Muqaddar the Sikandar for the nth time. "tumhara naam kya hai, bansanti?" still makes me laugh. Can you imagine any other 65 yr old dancing to Shava Shava.

Jaya is an absolute bundle of talent. She makes acting look effortless. Parichay, Guddi, Chupke Chupke, Abhimaan - what can I say. Even her choice of movies these days are reflective of her seriousness about acting (except for Koi mere dil se pooche)