Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Becoming a kid again

A lot of times people tell me this: no matter how old you get, you become a kid again around your parents. This is certainly true of me and especially so because I am an only child.

And all the interactions I remember from older days apply when I'm at my parents' house. This week I had a couple of minorly late nights with old school friends and stumbled in around 2am.

The next day at breakfast Dad peered from behind his newspaper and had this conversation with me.

Dad: So you came in very late last night
Me: Yes

(brief silence)

Dad: Its not good to be out gallivanting all night like that
Me: It wasn't all night Dad. I was in bed by 2:15am plus I'm way past adult
Dad: Hmm

(brief silence)

Dad: But it disturbed me you see
Me: That can't be Pappa - I heard you snoring all the time
Dad: Hmm

(brief silence)

Dad: You let a mosquito in when you came late
Me: I let a mosquito in?
Dad: Yes. And it bit me (points to huge bite on cheek)
Me: We come in and out of the house a zillion times all day. And I let one mosquito in at 2am that bit you?
Dad: That's right. Don't be late tonight.
Me: Yes, Pappa

I'll be watching IPL and pretending to watch soaps tonight.

Picture: Dad trying to convince Ma that they've both had the girl they so desperately wanted


Anonymous said...

LOL Super hilarious! Your dad sounds adorable :-)

Anonymous said...

Thats so sweet..the pic is adorable..

Anonymous said...

My parents do the same thing...Every house has the same story! I'm sure you'll do that once Jr. Drifters are that age...

When I come home from a long night, my mom tells me the same thing...she usually guesses as to what time i came in and then when i tell her that she was passed out when I came home she says (with an Indian accent) "I'm aware of everything that goes on in the house. Next time, dont be that late" and then a week later, it's the same thing! Man...i need to move out...just cant get myself to do it...it's hard to get away from the home cooked meals and the rent-free house (plus i'd miss my parents!)

Unknown said...

That's the cutest pic ever (and yhe write up), Aspi!

Anonymous said...

Cute! And you look adorable in a dress :)

Never Mind!! said...

Such a cute picture of you Aspi!!
Your dad seems to have developed the knack of identifying the exact mosquitoes that fly in when you open the door late at night! :) Very funny story indeed. My parents are exactly like that. Especially my mom. Despite the fact that I have been in grad school for 4 years working towards a doctoral degree, she calls me to wish me luck before exams and reminds me to "check" all my answers before I turn them in. What would I do without them huh!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...I am glad your dad is making the point that I am thinking..."It's not good to be gallavanting out all nite...", esp when your "memsaab" is not around :-)

Hmmmmm...(again). This time it's the mosquito saying the same thing as above...hmmmmm

Anonymous said...


Lovely pic! What's with this cross-dressing tendency all Indian families seem to exhibit with their babies?? :-)

what do your kids think about your relegation to childhood again? Mine love it - and take particular pleasure in egging the g'parents to relate all the worst behaviours my parents can remember!


Unknown said...

My mom seems to want to know the precise time I came in. And its amazing how she checks the clock and checks in on me whenever she is up and about to have a drink of water.

After I moved out and started coming back to stay with my parents I actually started enjoying the intrusions.

Unknown said...

never mind!! that exam thing is really cute. It wouldn't feel right without that now, would it?

drift memsaab, you know what "lets party" means in Vaodara. Its men sitting around in a circle, nursing a drink and getting sillier. The only difference between now and the younger days is we sit on chairs instead of motorcycles and scooters.

Anonymous said...

That is one of the most adorable dad-son talks ever :)
and so is the pic :D

Anonymous said...

haha its the same story at my house. I tell my parents "i'll be late tonight", mom's like okay whatever but dad will be like "where are you going? don't drink too much, remember what happened last time when you got drunk.." etc etc

there'd be so many voicemails and text messages over the night. i told him so many times don't worry i'll be home safe you go to bed.. but he gets up at random times and rings me leaves messages, then gets offended when i don't answer..

in the morning he asks "so what time did you get home?"

i'll say "think it was 12:30", then he'll say "DON'T LIE ..you came home at exactly 3:05", i'd be like "if you know why ask?"

also last week i had a date and the guy picked me up, so i opened the door,got in the car.. DAD WAS HAVING A LOOK FROM THE WINDOWS.. you noe through the curtains.. ARGH

i am not a little kid anymore, i will be 21 soon! its so annoying and embarassing.

Anonymous said...

Drift memsaab called...she wants her dress back!

Unknown said...

anon, you have to admit, at least my parents had the good sense not to put my hair in a ponytail - something which parents used to do a lot in gujarat with boys.

megan, that reminds me - some parents have this hover move. They hover strategically behind you when you are opening an email or reading a magazine or checking SMSs, etc.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAAH!!! I think your Pappa is my Daddy's Kumbh ke mele mein bichhra hua twin!

Anonymous said...

well i went out last night as well.. it was a date.. and my parents were out so I just texted my sister saying "i am out for dinner be back late, tell mom and dad"

and anyway then my dad didn't even text me or leave me msgs or anything ONCE. I just didn't get it. no missed calls no messages nothing..

this morning i came downstairs scared that he might ask me what i got upto and i'll have to lie and i was wondering if i'll blush etc but he didn't even mention anything.. no sarcastic questions about what time i came home, if i got drunk, where i went NADA..

maybe he finally realized his little girl is now a responsible adult?

Unknown said...

Ooh, that sounds eerie! Maybe something else was on your parents' mind that night.

Or they hired a private dick.

Anonymous said...

Or they give you the silent treatment when they dont know what to say! My least favorite thing my mom used to (sometimes even still) says is "I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed!" It drives me crazy EVERYTIME!!

Anonymous said...

LOL! That was so cute! What's your ethnic background, by the way? You and your dad look Indian, but you look white on your profile.

PS: I'm a new reader.

Unknown said...

Anon, welcome. Pick a name for yourself so we know its you if you stop by again.

I'm Indian->Gujarati->Parsi. Or like some sites (you know who you are) like to call me: North Indian.

Kanan said...

Aspi, so funny post and that last line in your comment even more funny. hahahaha @ North Indian. I always get that, so are you from North or South? I'd be like neither, I'm from the West. ;)

Btw, the photo is very cute.

Anonymous said...

Add me to the Western category!