Friday, April 18, 2008

Inspirational Posters

Two things happened recently: I developed a rather fierce interest in Adobe Photoshop thanks to my geeky obsessions with comics. And a goose decided to nest right outside our office.

And what amazed me about the goose was how she sat through all the bad weather we've had in the last week or two - rain, cold spells, gale force winds - without wavering from her nest and in the absence of whining.

Once I took the kids to see her and gave her a piece of bread. After some initial hostility while she scoped us out, she ate the bread and very graciously gave us a glimpse of five huge eggs in her nest. Motorsandal and Youngling were thrilled to bits.

Then after a quick stretch, she was back on those eggs again.

Since she is directly on the way into our building, we all pass her by on the way in and out. She watches each of us carefully to make sure we don't make any sudden advances. The gander is around, and close by at all times, but he gets to bhatko here and there. Its the goose here who has to stay rooted to one spot.

How's that for commitment!

In any case I've decided to call Mother Goose Nirupa and used her to make one of those annoying inspirational posters that provide me with minutes of entertainment during flights - while flipping through hugely addictive in-flight catalogs and going from "who in their right minds would buy that?!" to "hey, I could use something like that. No, really".



Anonymous said...

Cool pic. It is these kind of animal/bird stories that makes me believe that this planet is worth saving.

March of the penguins is one of my favourite movies. When you see what animal babies have to go through to survive its a wonder that so many species are flourishing.

Anonymous said...

At the library by my house, there is a pond in the back and sit on the table right above the pond and there are tons of Geese and ducks in the pond and it is one of the most relaxing things for sit there and watch them. Last week, i noticed that the mother goose was sitting on the side, just sitting there, not moving for hrs...whether its raining, snowing, or what. I'm with you aspi, that is full committment and i was very impressed!

Joules, i have yet to see March of the Penguins, i've seen bits and pieces here and there, but really want to see the whole movie.

ppl said...

Awwww, that mother goose is adorable and very aptly named Nirupa, since she has 5 egglings why not vijay, shakti, anthony, dolly and pinky :)

Tania said...

Great picture and poster Aspi.
I remember one of the stray cats at my mum's place use to bring the small kitties and stay inside our house for a week before moving to another place.Mommy cat was fiercely protective of her kitties.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Good alternative career option! That poster totally looks like the ones my office is so fond of!

and I'll add to the awww...factor as well!


Anonymous said...

Oh that's sweet.... except for the part where those eggs hatch and then the babies and the mama and the daddy and one million of their friends and close relations come and dive bomb your town for NO GOOD REASON!!!!!

You wait.

Anonymous said...

me too 'awwwwwwwwwwwww....'

how sweet:-)

Unknown said...

Amrita, how many kids DO you have? :)

Anonymous said...

This is really sweet.What is it about babies that makes us go all mushy? It reminds me of the time when we suddenly had an infestation of a few rats in our house. I hated the sight, and managed to ensnare some of them which my son bravely took outside the colony to set free. But there was this one tiny rat left which was so small, it used to run in, chew at the bait and then run out quickly.It used to zip aorund the whole house giving me heart-attacks:).My kids named it zipsip and almost adopted it.(Gag!). Finally when it grew up and got fat it finally got caught in the trap. My son pleaded with me to let him have it as a pet. But that was simply unthinkable. So my kids took it far away, gave it a treat of some tasty food, and then set it free with a tearful bidaai:).

Anonymous said...

The thought of them becoming goose cuisine is powerful birth control. :P

ppl said...

Double awww on Anu G's rat story and her kids tearful separation from zipzip.
However i still remember the plague in Surat, the city I grew up in and while in 2nd grade all it meant was a 3 month holiday I still hate the damn things.

Anonymous said...

awwwwww... got to go with the only appropriate drifter response :). anu g, i agree with leera - thats doubly so for the saga of zipzip and your kids.

aspi, i think hallmark would hire you in a heartbeat!