Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Gattuman does Himesh on Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstar

I have always been a huge fan of my gujju brother Himesh Reshammiya. And no one misses him more since the lights went out on SRGMP.

Recently there was an impromptu - lets call it homage - to Himesh on JJWS and it killed two birds with one stone for me.

First, let's dwell on this Vineet Singh character - or as I like to call him: Gattuman. (For those not fortunate enough to know Gujarati, Gattu is slang for short). Most of the time he runs around being annoying. He's hugely entitled, doesn't think much of his competitors and generally ends up issuing psychotic Heathers-like giggles.

Fortunately for him he has a terrific voice and a nascent understanding of how to essay a tune. And thus, he survives (Vishal once tried to cut him down to size and ended up having to eat some humble pie - which he did honestly and without fuss)

But last week on the comedy episode - after clearly haranguing fellow-singer Debojit - Vineet got perfect scores. And thus encouraged, he giggled some more and launched into an imaginary song called Jodhaa Akbar as it might have been done by Himesh. Vineet did a terrific job - he sang some of it to the tune of Aashiqui (36 China Town) and got most aspects of Himesh-style right: the baying into the mike, the left-arm googlies and the stateside roll of the R.

Not only did this make a true-blue Himesh fan like me really happy, but now I think of Vineet differently - annoyingly entertaining. Everyone: welcome Gattuman, the new Aneek and my new phavoreet.


Over Rated said...

Nooooooooooo. I thought one Himesh Reshamiya was enough. Now someone has successfully cloned him. Nooooooooooo.

*goes to buy lifetime supply of earmuffs and aspirin*

Anonymous said...

Aspi, gosh, I didnt realise u were such a diehard Him fan, that u have become a fan of His clone too!!!Wah Bhai Wah!!

Anonymous said...

Of all the reality show contestants I have always found Vineet to be consistently good singer. He is young and immature and that's what I write off his obnoxious attitude to.

Saw Himesh recently on the filmfare award rerun and I realized how much I have missed him. Haven't really followed any of the reality shows since SRGMP and I hate to admit it that it is because I miss Himesh's entertainment.

Unknown said...

In fact, I was just thinking of doing a post on Himesh's top 10 bawls, I mean songs recently just so I missed him less.

Joules you are my small screen soulmate.

Anonymous said...

aspi, another winning post! how do you keep it up?
as a closet fan of HR, i rejoice in his avataar Vineet.

Noticed that normally V-S give same scores. This episode I saw differences of opinion. Are they getting along OK?

Anonymous said...

Drfitji, Oh, behave!

Your reference to "gattuman" reminds me of "Mini-Me" of Austin Powers fame.

Wonderful write up! This love affair of yours with Him-mess...hmmm... See what I mean when I pronounced that you had a "wicked sense of humor"?

Anonymous said...

I want to voice my concern re: what bolly-boy mentioned here. I too saw that Vishal and Shekhar gave different scores many times. THey have not been looking at each other as much either...hmmm...another post is brewing.

Priceless idea to JJWS producers...if you want to see your ratings go waaay up, introduce a fake jhagda between Vishal and Shekhar. OMG, can you hear the remotes clicking on already??

Anonymous said...

HAHAH!! Gattuman! that's great! As a gujju, i truly appreciate what that means! I can't wait to go home and see Gattu making fun of his once 'bhagvan' as he has called him in the past.

Mind rush, an idea of V&S not getting along is like eating peanutbutter sandwich without the jelly!! UNTHINKABLE!!

I think there needs to be a love chakkar post for V&S!

Anonymous said...

Girlie-girl, I had done a Love Chakker post for V-S in the past.

Driftji, can you please pull it up? I had written about why the twosome is so winsome!

But if their equation changes I can always give more love-chakker advice.

Unknown said...

Its here. But I think girlie girl means one of us pretend to be pseudo-Vishal (or Shekhar) and submit a tearful letter on how one of us might be about to lose a friend.

I think I need to watch one more episode to see where this might be headed.

Anonymous said...

Entertaining write up.
But it irrating that judges are biased against Himani and Neha.

You also need to write more on the females on the show.

Anonymous said...

I don't agree with anonymous. The girls have bad voices and narrower range. They don't perform well. they don't get votes but that's not the fault of the judges.

Unknown said...

seven seas, I'm with you on Neha Kakkar. But I think anon is on to something. Himani I dig a lot and I think she kicks ass. But I think the best songs in Bollywood - and the most popular ones - are sung by men. And that has an impact on the perceived performance of the girls.

There is definitely a post in here somewhere if I can figure it out.

Anonymous said...

LOL. I never saw his giggle-ness before. Because I just tend to watch the singing and sometimes go on to watch the judges comments.

Anyway the clip, I'm like what an idiot. But he is young. But then the song. Hahah. I couldn't stop laughing.

I actually like that Vishal-Shekar give different scores. It would be boring if one gave one number and then the other gives another number.

The clips I've seen, I'm usually expecting one to (one number) lower than the previous one.

But noooooo. No crazy judge dramas.

P.S. Aspi, great job on linking to previous posts--which links to still even more older posts. I see I'm going to be spending even more time reading this blog than I already do--not that I'm complaining. :) I am sure I would be procrastinating and putting off house work by finding something else to spend time reading/watching.

Anonymous said...

Trying to write it in a way that makes more sense.

The clips I've seen, I'm usually expecting the V or S to give a lower score(usually by one number) than what the other gave before.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I can't get enough of

"Tu mera Jodha hai."

I keep re-playing that part over and over.

Anonymous said...

Mindblowing,Superb,Fantastic!'hehehe......I'm not any Himesh fan but i loved Vineet!haha i can watch that clip over and over again especially the way he ended it.

he imitated him so wonderfully.

i was just hoping u'd review this part.

even though he may be annoying he somehow dosen't get on my nerves as some others do.[i can't stand neha kakkar]

and V-S jhagda?NO.NO..please!

They are asked to give marks separately so it's pretty obvious that their opinions will sometimes vary.

i like Himani a lottand seriously,i don't want her out .... i wonder if there are any 'real' votes counted on the show anyway.it seems way too scripted than the previous shows.

Anonymous said...

Hey Aspi, ur Gujjubhai now says that comedy is his forte!!So no more intense nose-flaring melodrama from him?http://www.expressindia.com/latest-news/Now-I-know-that-comedy-is-my-forte-Himesh/312541/

.m.a.n.o. said...

I enjoyed his Himesh-style imitation...but he's still annoying to me :P Just annoying.
Seriously, his pompousness, better-than-thou,big-headed attitude with his "psychotic" giggles just annoy me to no end.
However, as a singer, he's one of the top best among the show... therefore we cannot get rid of him. *sigh*... fate.

Anonymous said...

I think it's ok for girls to sing songs originally sung by guys. A lot of Sukhwinder, Raahat or even Atif Aslam songs can be sung by both sexes.

Himani sings "Jiya Dhadak Dhadak" beautifully. That is almost like her trademark song.

Ofcourse, some songs will look silly (Bheege hoth tere) but if you pick right you should be able to carry it off. I would like to hear Himani's take on 'Chak de', 'Jogiya' or 'Man ki Lagan'

Anonymous said...

mind rush, what I meant was writing a love chakkar as if V&S had a jaghda over something...Like what aspi said. the truth is, I just miss the love chakkar...the Idea that no one in bollywood needs love advice is a little absurd, if you ask me.

Unknown said...

anu g, thanks for the link. Finally my man has gotten savvy to what us fans knew all along.

Unknown said...

Lin, I'm glad you are enjoying the links.

Joules, I think you are on to something. That sounds like a really good idea. Might as well go sing the great songs written for guys if you are a woman struggling for votes on the show.

ppl said...

Ok I am finally sold on JJWS. I have been avoiding it despite the 'cool' judges and good singing, but that clip was the push I needed.

I am a little confused as to why John Mathew Mathan of Sarfarosh fame is making Love Isshtory.

Regardless Himanshu's loving comedy and I am envisioning a love
triangle movie starring Tapori Himesh and Mimoh-Jimmy DJ, a movie with a B feel, yet expensive locales and a lot of unintentional hilarity ensuing.
I demand they bring these stalwarts together.

Bhushan Kumar?

Unknown said...

leera, tremendous idea. Now we need to cast some skanky heroine. Hmmm...several come to mind.

Anonymous said...

All right! Mind Rush is waiting by the Inbox for a tearful Love Chakker letter from musical twosome--V-S.

Anonymous said...

mind rush, if i had the talent to come up with something entertaining, I would totally email you something right now, unfortunately, that's not me, but I know there are drifters out there who have written some amazing letters to you to solve their love chakker problem...come on you creative people...it's time to shine!

ppl said...

Neha Dhupia? Tanushree? (I have a feeling she would be B gold). Maybe they can have Sanjay Gupta's castoffs.

Unknown said...

leera, good choices. Neha Dhupia is high on my list. I would also cast that Tara Sharma - who for some reason always creeps me out. And then there is Kim Sharma.

Unknown said...

Man, I hope no one on the Drift is related to any of these fine young ladies.

Anonymous said...

I saw this episode after reading this and I found Vineet's rendition highly assuming. As somebody said earlier, I am also playing the "tu meri jodhaa hai" again and again. It was completely unexpected and hilarious.

Anonymous said...

aspi, toshi ka is waqt champions ki side par jana, it was proprely pre-plane.i know very well.taa k aakhir main competators ka sahi dutt k muqabla ho.inhon ne jaan bujh kar pehlay larkiyan champ side par bheje k wo easily eliminate ho jaay taa k baad main strong competators reh jaay.lekin main sirf itna kehna chahtee hoon k soophy day toshi k aane k baad rakh detay taa k muqabla zara kathin hota .ye to toshi k saath na insaafy hai.its really bad.