Friday, May 30, 2008

Sex and The City: The Experience

I've dragged the Drift Memsaab to lots of weird movies. I still remember getting some lip from the usher as we were showing our stubs en route to the first show of Spice World.

But it was mostly because I owe the DM for marrying a clown like me that I agreed to go see the very first show in Chicagoland of Sex and The City - or as I like to call it: the Equivalent of Alien versus Predator For Women.

The first awkward moment I had to negotiate arrived when the DM dropped me off at the curb to go purchase the tickets while she parked. I waited across the street, tapping my feet, for the ticket counter to get somewhat abandoned. When there was no one around I sprinted across.

And whatdyaknow? about a hundred women appeared out of nowhere and fell in line behind me. But wait there's more: I muttered the ticket order and what does the girl selling me tickets do? She repeat-yells the order in the mike on the glass panel: "TWO TICKETS FOR THE 4PM SHOW TO SEX AND THE CITY!" Boy, since when did I start getting embarrassed at stuff like this? At this point lesser men than me would have given up on women entirely.

I counted about eighty women in the rapidly filling theater - and only four men, three of them pretending to read something of world shattering importance on their cell phones.

"How many men" the DM asked?
"Four" I said. A little too quickly.

Then DM left to grab something leaving me feeling strangely very alone. Loads of women filed in, filling up seats nearby. One came in a pink shirt bearing the logo of the movie. Never have I seen so many women in a theater and never have I heard so much pre-movie chatter.

Thankfully the DM returned and I could breathe again. Two more people walked in.

"Make that six men" I told the DM. "No wait, just 5. His wife just looks like a man"

I have a long standing connection with Sex and The City. And it works like this: I very rarely watch American TV - except when captive on flights. But I am honestly interested. Because I love to read, I read all about the shows. I am in the know about a lot of them: the shows, the hits, the flops, the stars and the networks.

So often enough the DM will ask me to find her a good show for time pass and I'll point her to one that appears up her alley - thus giving me an opportunity to watch for a few minutes and take mental notes. (Sample: Sarah Jessica Parker, whip smart ability to channel infectious girly vibe mingled with mature woman pathos, otherwise limited.)

It was in this way that the DM got hooked on Beverly Hills 90210, then Melrose Place and finally Sex and The City. (I had however nothing to do with the DM's addiction to The Bold and the Beautiful.)

So besides owing the DM, there was this sense of obligation to help with her closure. Have I made enough excuses already?

The movie itself is smartly written: it should appeal to fans of the show who miss it and the new ones walking in will instantly connect with the show within the movie.

I've never seen such huge lines waiting for the next show as I did when I walked out. And at this point I did my best to look pissed as I walked out just to see if I could freak people out. One woman in hair that looked like it had exploded asked the DM about the movie.

"It was awesome!" the DM offered.

Exploding woman's mouth fell open.

"Really!!" she gasped.

Well, its a matter of opinion. Lekin sab interests to madde nazar rakhte hue, yes.


Anonymous said...

The real reason Drift saab dragged me to see this movie was 'cause he truly digs_____(i'll let you fill in the blanks with your own imagination.)

Anonymous said...

haha aspi you're just a scream

anyway i wouldn't watch this movie even if it were the last movie to be made evaaarrrr..

Anonymous said...

"such a scream"

not just

Anonymous said...

last movie i watched was control on dvd. based on true story - ian curtis' life

at the risk of sounding like a sissy i cried watching it heh

Anonymous said...

Aspi, I think you went in to get material for your next blog :)

Going with girlfriends on Wednesday at the Alamo. Hubby totally refuses to go and I dont blame him. I was'nt a huge fan of the show either. Alamo has a huge pre party before the movie all with cosmo and wine so it should be fun.

Anonymous said...

Nice :-) No way my hubby will come with me and frankly I'd rather go with gals.

Joules- the pre-party sounds awesome. Ooh, are you going to get all dolled up?

Unknown said...

I have to say the first hour of the movie was so mind numbingly boring that I had fall into meta-watching mode, which is when I just try to observe how the scene was written adn how the director pulled it together, etc.

One thing I noted was that when I was reading the TV season roundups, someone had noted that Desperate Housewives - credited for reviving ABC's fortunes and post cursor to Sex and The City - had dipped in its second season. The reason given was that apparently the women in the show were friends but the second season had pulled them apart and run parallel stories instead.

In this movie I noticed the writers were very careful to pile on the sisterhood moments. Lesson well learned.

Never Mind!! said...

Aspi, you are such a sweetheart to go watch SATC with DM. I dragged the husband with me as well and the movie is truly awesome!! Here is more of what I thought about the movie :)

Kanan said...

What is the hype about? I've never watched a single thing related to this stuff on TV, nor have I watched any movies. I don't understand why people are so crazy for it. Aspi, you want to write a one-liner summary for me please? TIA.

Anonymous said...

Kanan, I have watched each and every epi of this show (I mean it, literally) and there's nothing like it on tv. I think it's the combo of sistahood + gorgeous NYC backdrop + gorgeous fashion + man candy that makes it one of a kind. It's humorous but it's also a great look at women in their 20s and 30s who are looking for Mr Right. I love it :-D And I'm a Miranda ;-)

Girl Drifters, which SATC character are you?

Anonymous said...

I am the character that refused to go anywhere near this show

Anonymous said...

M - lol, clever you! This movie was the suckage to the max. Sorry SATC lovers. If you enjoy gut wrenching weepies, i recommend Keane, the (2005?) Damian Lewis / Abigail Breslin movie I just saw. Le sigh.

That said, the stupid fangirl in me thoroughly enjoyed the Carrie-Mr.Big melodrama, minus the sister bonding sessions. And I want my body to look like Kim Catrall's when I'm 50. wowza!

I don't know - i came really late to this show and i only got hooked on it coz my roomie was crazy about it, but once i accepted it as it was, I had a good time. however, the movie just didn't measure up to it.

Anonymous said...

PS - also, talking of Damian Lewis, everybody should really watch Life when it (hopefully) returns this fall to NBC because despite its unfortunate title and description, it is one THE best things on TV and will probly get cancelled unless all of you watch it because TPTB are stupid like that and this will make Amrita very sad and then Amrita will come here and cry and weep and cry some more and be really really annoying to a level you've never seen so pretty please.

Whew. In conclusion: watch Life. it's awesome. thanks.

PPS - somebody said they were looking forward to watching The Tudors? I just want to say "Henry Cavill". Coz that's all that's good about it.

Anonymous said...

Now look what you've done! I was dying to watch Tudors because of Jonathan Rhys Myers and now you make me look at Henry Cavill pics. I can't get this stuff from netflix till I return all 4 movies at home AND hubby gets his stupid Korean flicks. *sob* What shall I do till then?? *sigh*

Unknown said...

Pitu, a lot of phoren flicks on Netflix can be streamed. So you don't need to hold those DVDs and just watch the streams on your PC hooked over to the TV.

In fact, if you are a serious Netflix person, you can get the new Roku - which I think is a terrific idea for customers.

It works like a Slingbox but exclusively for Netflix so its much easier to use.

I'll admit though most people aren't as nerdy as me when it comes to options like these.

Anonymous said...

Aspi, Ajit uses the streaming option to watch his flicks but the thing is, we prefer using the laptop to play videogames exclusively. Also I hate watching films on a relatively smaller screen. I have never used the dvd viewer in my iBook. Having seen the Tudors promos, I think it's worth seeing on a TV, if only to enjoy the costumes and music. What is this Roku stuff? Researching it...

Unknown said...

Think of it this way: you could get the full Monty experience by streaming NetFlix on your PC and hooking up your PC to your TV. Then you'd be watching on TV only its coming through the Internet.

But you have to go through the hassle of connecting your PC to the TV, switching your TV to AUX input and then controlling the video from your PC. Instead you can buy the Roku box and hook it up to your TV. It'll stream directly from NetFlix for you.

I'm thinking of trying it out - if only to keep Netflix alive, I'm somewhat fond of them and how they focus on customers when coming up with new ideas.

Anonymous said...

Pitu, this movie has been more stress for me than it is worth. I have spent hours trying to think what to wear :)

My friends say I am more like Charlotte.

justanotherfishinthesea said...

I knew this movie was not going to be that great. It was simply mediocre, but I loved the show not the cultural phenomenon. The thing is this that is one of the few times Hollywood is catering a movie to primarily women so I went to support the feminist cause. LOL! Otherwise they would probably wait another 10 years to do a movie with all of the main protagonists being female. That being said I went to see Superbad with my best guy friend the first day it came out and loved it to bits.

Unknown said...

fish, superbad was great. But don't just write off SATC yet. I checked its weekend numbers today. And those numbers for a movie with this kind of a theme are amazing. (Chick flicks almost never open big - so this is an anamoly of sorts).

Expect more of the same - probably even a Desperate Housewives movie might get greenlit at this rate.

Kanan said...

Pitu, thanks for the executive summary. That a great help. :)

Anonymous said...

ok, finally saw this movie and it was a BLAST. Enjoyed every minute including the sappy ones. And Manola's are such beautiful shoes.

Anonymous said...

I mean Manolos.