Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Jo Theek Gaya Wohi Superstar

Boy, things can sure change in a couple of weeks.

Just when we thought it would be hard to dislodge Abhijit Sawant from the top on Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstar, the man crashed and burned through four performances in a row. In fact, his rendition of Vishal-Shekhar's own Falak Tak (Tashan) so displeased the duo, that they saraasar piled the daat on Abhijit.

But more on that later. First, can I just say how happy I was to finally see Mahalakshmi Iyer come and sing on the show.

And this is why I like JJWS: instead of piling on the big stars who express fake interest in singing just so they can shill their movie, we get to see really good singers.

But wait, JJWS also knows how to have fun. Prior to Mahalakshmi's appearance, guess who showed up? Yup, that same guy Mika who drove his co-contestants on Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa to bouts of apoplectic rage and frustration. And remember how he got kicked off and went on to say it was time for him to give lesser lights some air time? Such a saint!

Mika was almost in a similarly fine mood here. He showed up in a silver jacket, white cap and honking sunglasses. And then he proceeded to warble through Ganpat and executed some tremendously pioneering dance moves - including one that can only be described as the tire-screech. Later he serenaded a dumb founded Mandira Bedi, giving hope to Garfields everywhere.

I noted with amusement that all three judges Vishal, Shekhar and Farah kept a safe distance.

Then in the next episode Mahalakshmi showed up and set the studio ringing with her voice and V-S and Farah warmed up visibly but kept proceedings matter of fact thus squashing any WWHD (What Would Himesh Do) possibilities.

Back to the singing: Abhijit now reminds me of homeboy Irfan Pathan, i.e. he's a rhythm performer. One six and he's bowling rubbish. Not that many fared well at all. And to their credit, the judges let it be known that the singing had started sucking.

What was noteworthy? As a fan, I thought Rahul Vaidya ripped up the stage with a sparkling rendition of Jhoom Baraber Jhoom - he sang for all four singers but wisely clipped either Kay Kay or Sukhwinder's parts out at opportune times. Harshit's attempt at Devdas' Chalak Chalak was brave and entertaining.

Everyone else (including Debojit who scored perfect marks but had me snoring at Hmmm) - aur mehnat karo!



Anonymous said...

Great caps, Aspi and bravo for calling Mandira out on the hair extensions. What is the point of the smart short cut?

The Mika episode was weird... everyone on the show treated him like he was a keg of explosives ready to go off, when all the poor guy wanted was some luuurve and some R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

While I'm throwing a pity party, let me add the much maligned Abhijeet. The judges are to blame for his sorry state. They built him up to be this super singer and catapulted him to the top of the class. What we're seeing is a regression to the mean, not necessarily a great meltdown. I think he is a good singer capable of some great performances, when in fact I think they're after a great singer who might falter on occasion. So really he wasn't deserving of either the extraordinary praise he got earlier nor the censure he is getting now.

Also, I'm not joining the bandwagon to pile on the praise for JJWS's promotion of "true" singers. First off, Shaan is a bonafide star and second, Mahalakshmi was on coz she is part of the V-S coterie. If they're available, I reckon we'll see K.K. and/or Sunidhi coz they play on V-S's team. I'm not complaining - they're all terrific singers and seem like low maintenance people, but I don't think the show deserves extra credit .

Anonymous said...

well said sidekick

maxdavinci said...

poor mika was bouncing like a buoy in water! Whats with making him sit with the contestants and not give points? is it a friday episode thing or discrimination?

aggar yeh ek saajish hain to is shadiyantra pe peeche jo hain unki toh....

ok i'm no mika fan, but found it weird...

Anonymous said...

I thought it was hillarious how Mika poked fun a himself by referencing the "kissing" scandal.

I loke Mandira but am shocked she can't dance even a couple of steps. I thought that was mandatory of a singing show host.

Anonymous said...

On a more serious note, I have a "shikwa" with Judge Shekhar. When Himani sang an explicitly sensual song you labelled the song as "waahiyaad." But I saw you smiling at the Ganpat song by Mika.
Double standard? Definitely!
Sexism? Methinks, yes.

IMO, Ganpat + Mika = epitome of vulgar.
Shekhar, please reconsider. Thousands of viewers internalize these values when they are your attitudes.

Anonymous said...

Vishal-Shekhar are coming to US with Unforgettables tour...
Which Drifters are going to see the show?

Unknown said...

Mind Rush, great point.

Anon, some of us are planning to go the show. But we'll buy tix soon (like today or tomorrow). Drop me a line if you'd like to go with.

sidekick, like Shekhar would say: I am agree. I think you are on to something there. I do like JJWS bringing singers on instead of bringing on wall flowers. However, you have a point about people from inner circles getting invited.

If its a conscious decision on JJWS's behalf - then credit to them. If they just can't invite bigger stars, then SRGMP probably just had more chops.

Anonymous said...

Great write up as usual, Aspi. Was sad to see my fav. Abhijeet perform so poorly. But then you are right. He was unnecessarily getting put up on a pedestal.

The only problem I had with Maha's showing up on the show was she did not have a whole slew of popular songs that can be fun to sing on such a stage. Shaan the previous week out-performed her.

Wish they would have gotten Sunidhi Chauhan instead.

Anonymous said...

..have not been following this show but can always catch up on the drift with extra special commentary from everyone here which is the most fun part for me anyway. may have to catch this episode though just to watch mika:)

Anonymous said...

Hmm Rahul Vaidya kinda put me to sleep. He sang JBJ a bit too slow for my liking. Koi energy nahi thi :-(

Unknown said...

J, quite right. There is a reason Shaan gets paid so much to sing live. But Mahalakshmi will be there soon! There is an inner bunny waiting to be unleashed.

Anonymous said...

Hie Sidekick, good to see u back:).I agree, even i was amazed to see that the judges, esp Vishal seemed to idolise Abhijeet. And I saw a couple of episodes where Vishal kept saying 'Abhijeet, u r such a good person ' gush, gush....and u could see Abhijeet trying to give an expression of a very seedha saadha achcha insaan.Lol!Maybe he is a very nice person, but when someone keeps gushing like that, I think its difficult to keep a straight face.

It sure looks like by the end of this show, we will have a completer ready-reckoner of all the songs composed by VS!

I havent been watching this show very regularly , but I found that just like many parents tell their kids 'beta, aunty ko abcd sunao',and look on proudly, Farah asks Vineet to sing like Himesh in front of the new singer-judges,and laughs so proudly!Maybe the maternal hormones workign overtime:).

Anonymous said...

Btw, Aspi, u must have been thrilled to see ur 'cute'(i think that was the adjective u used?) Mahalakshmi on stage:-).I saw a part of her entry-song and thought she sounded screechy on the high notes? Ok, Aspi, relax, I didnt watch the whole show so I cant say too much.She is certainly a great singer. I guess its not easy to sing perfectly on stage. In fact even Shaan sounded a little off-key in some song.

Anonymous said...

Sidekick, Mandira got her hair cut short for some programme for a kids-channel. Something which was publicised during the IPL.So she was dressed up in jeans and a tshirt with short hair, and she looked really smart. I think she assumes that a sari requires a longer hairstyle!

Anonymous said...

every singer in Junoon totally OWN JJWS singers. Watching this show feels like watching amateur hour. Bland, stale and boring.

Junoon is where the talent's at.

Anonymous said...

Sidekick, correction. It was the JJWS team which wanted her to sport long hair!!http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/Entertainment/TV_Buzz/Glamour_over-loaded_thats_Mandira/articleshow/3136611.cms

Anonymous said...

Thanks anu g, although i'll be gone again soon for a while. its always nice to come back and catch up. hope u enjoyed your break :)

Maybe i wronged mandira on the hair extensions.... well, whoever is responsible, it's awful

Anonymous said...

I hate Mandy's mushroom cloud meets Bandra wali aunty cut. It's so behenji like. Any way she can hide it is ok with me, if that means wigs or hair xtensions, so be it :-p

Unknown said...

What is wrong with the JJWS stylists? Clearly they are watching too many saas-bahu serials. Mandira showed up in that short hair at least once and I thought she kicked ass.

But I suppose its better to project a "traditional" vibe rather than a good one. Jai matadi, what would Himesh say?

Anonymous said...

Hmm when had she come in her short haircut? I haven't followed all episodes. This is her new hairdo :-x


Anonymous said...

I dont like M.'s hairstyle. But I dont like the extensions either. Wish TV stars would learn "less is more"

Anonymous said...

I dunno about this massive attack on Abhijeet. I didn't think the judges were all that fair -- didn't Debojit go hurt-my-ears off-key in the episode with Mahalakshmi, and still he was praised to the nines? Compared to that, Abhijeet's performance was 10-worthy -- only his bhav was off. I kinda feel the judges like Debojit and Vinit a little too much.

Speaking of Vinit -- so he's 19, do I really need to be reminded every episode? I believe Rahul's 20, but no one seems to care...

BTW, nice blog, Aspi!

- svr, a long-time lurker and first-time commenter

Unknown said...

svr, welcome!

imrana said...

sir abhi abhi maine mail dekha ki saregamapa 2008 main Vishal &
Shekhar nahi a rahe hain mere liy ye bori khaber hi mi aap se naraz
sir aap saregamapa 2008 Jo Jeeta Wahi Super Star khatam hone ke bad be
shru ker sakty thi per aap ne aysa nahi kiya Aap ne V&S ke sare fans
ko nirash ker diya hi. Sir abhi bhi time hi saregamapa JJWSS ke bad
shuru kijiy PleasePleasePlease

Anonymous said...

this show sucks! it's really tired.
and does anyone notice harshit's lisp when he sings?

Unknown said...

imrana, yaar, your note is touching. But who is it addressed to? Yeh sir kaun hai? Humko bhi batao who lurks around here.