Sunday, June 01, 2008

June Linkology

The rock and roll sing a song writer - The Vishal Dadlani Interview (from anu g)

I have been offered over 60 films so far - Head (from anu g)

Saifeena plan a wedding (from girlie girl)

Aamir interviews Imran (from leera)

Ekta Kapoor - the spoof (from anu g)

Rakhi and Aamir - together! (from Joules)

Hrithik won't dance saala

Thoda Pyaar Thoda Disaster - Aditya Chopra and Kunal Kohli face off

Ronit Roy gears up for Bhishma

Bollywood's timeless beauties (from Pitu)

The role of Himesh's lifetime (from anu g)

Saif's proudest accomplishment (and what annoys him these days (from anu g)

Reality was paralyzing for this contestant (from anu g)

Aditya Narayan: I will look sexier this season - will it be too much to handle for the likes of us? (from anu g)

Preity's new costar is a snake - so what's new in Bollywood? (from Pitu)

Kareena (maybe) goes to Hollywood (from Kanan)

Imran Khan talks about Jaane Tu (from Pitu)

Raj Babbar's son explains the difference between a debut and a launch (from anu g)

Head back for Sa Re Ga Ma Pa (from anu g)

Way too much Aish for Abhishek (from anu g)

Paanchvi Pass: hazardous for criminals (from anu g)

Imran the Bachcha (from Pitu)

Get ready for Himesh 2008 (from Anon)

My son woz robbed - Shekhar Suman

Bangkok to Tusshar: your makeup is dangerous

The Gajini actress: First Close Look

Amrita speaks on Kareena, her size and her diet (from girlie girl)

The Bachchans Junior on Sarkar Raj and more (from Sidekick)

Aditya Pancholi explains why he is irresistible to Zarina (from anu g)

What is Sushmita Sen up to?

KJo: The Blog

The struggle behind Brick Lane

Amisha on acting

Vidya Balan on Hum Paanch (from Tina)

The Desperados behind India's countdowns (from Pitu)

Kareena's monitor lurve on Paanchvi Pass (from girlie girl)

Mika hikes price, gets fired

SRK gets cracking on IPL season 2

Abhishek, Vivek - yeh dosti

Vidya Balan compares her dress sense to a bad hair day

2 out of 10 - Jay Bhanushali rates himself as an actor

Bollywood heroines: Before and After (from anu g)

A delusional filmmakers shoots in Bombay (from Amrita)

Saifeena on Paanchvi Pass this Saturday (from girlie girl)

Karzzz finds a buyer

Kamal Haasan's Dasavthaaram opens to good reviews (from J) + two grizzlies watch the movie

And he dances like Hrithik too! (from J)

Guess who's been practicising cricket for her new movie

The Love Guru isn't getting much love

The beginning of the end for Yash Raj Films? (from Anon)

Amitabh on the Sarkar Raj reaction from the industry and RGV lashing out at critics (from meena)

Priyanka Chopra's upcoming projects

Kunal Kapoor's love letter to Mumbai airport

Aish juggles her careers in Hollywood and Bollywood

The Asha Bhonsle duet with Sachin Tendulkar - run everyone!

M Night Shyamalan talks about chasing Bollywood

Shruti Haasan signs her debut film (from Bee)

Trouble with Saifeena? (from Pitu)

Lage Raho Munnabhai wins big (from Pitu)

Anil Kapoor to Sonam: Beta, get thinner! (from anu g)

That Manoj Tiwari Nederlands stamp? Fake! (from anu g)

Hanuman bhakt Obamajee (from Pitu)

Rosa on breaking up with Saif (from Pitu)

Jaya makes a return to fashion sensibility: 1, 2 (from J)

The Sa Re Ga Ma Pa judges for the new season (from Parveen Sibal)

Indian Idol 4: The new judges (from Sania)

The return of Shenaz Treasurywala (from Pitu)

Getting over Udita Goswami - a director's tale of heartbreak (last item in this link)

David Dhawan to Sushmita: Lose weight (while I eat another ladoo)

Celina acquires pet, calls him Gooblee

Delete those unwanted foolish people! Who don't exist. Govinda sees Red

Hard Kaur on why she sang Ek Glassy

From Hotel Management to Actor - Harry Baweja charts Harman's journey to 2050

Call me Ms. Uncontroversial - Malaika Arora

Harman barrels down the Hrithik route (from Pitu)

Loving and hating Sarkar Raj (from Joules)

The best thing about Preity - Assamese director Jahnu Barua dishes on the Drift's #1 style diva

Why Mandira Bedi needs to worry (from Joules)

Jimmy Zingchak: the comic book homage to Mithun

Bollywood plagiarizes itself


Anonymous said...

I have been thinking lately after reading a few articles as to what the western press and western people think of Indian faces and Indian fasion.

The reason I bring this up is I read an article on Huma Abedin (hilary's body gal who is half pakistani half Indian) who has been called gorgeous in all quarters. If I saw her in India would I really consider her gorgeous - striking perhaps but not beautiful.

Huma in vogue:

Huma otherwise:

Same goes for sibling Sanjaya and his sister who have been called good-looking, cute, gorgeous by the american entertainment media.

Then there is this Indian theme wedding that Heidi Klum had. She looks like a B-grade movie extra.

I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder but was wondering what the drift junta thought of these exagerations in the american press.

Kanan said...

OMG! is this true? *haila*

Anonymous said...

Sikander Kher Info

Sikander is the son of Gautam Beri & Kiran Kher.
Gautam is ex Husband of Kiran and was a partner at ABCL.

Wonder Sikander changed his last Name?

Anonymous said...

Bollywood point LOL

what a way to advertise their Z grade website here.. the article along with the website just screams LOSER to me sry2say..

but when it comes to ash, people will believe anything even some random website with bad grammar and horrible layout full of ads

Anonymous said...

Agree with Megan. That is a badly written article. Plus unless Amitabh has been hiding under a rock that is how western wear looks. And compared to others Aishwarya always dresses more towards the conservative side.

Unknown said...

Yep, that article sounds weird - although I'm not sure I'd be all enthusiastic about watching those three reenact Kajra Re on their upcoming tour given their new family bandhan. Too much weirdness!

If you ask me, that pic of Aish looks airbrushed around the cleavage.

Unknown said...

Joules, interesting discussion. I haven't seen much of Huma, but I do think Sanjaya's sister looks like a cute monkey and Heidi Klum is very ordinary looking.

However different scales apply I think. At one point I remember a supermodel saying how beautiful Whoopi Goldberg was.

If you are a supermodel - you get judged differently. Its important to have clear skin, thin hair (so they can be styled easily), thin body and long legs. You could be ugly as sin (see: Claudia Schiffer) and it wouldn't matter.

If you are Hilary's aide - pretty much not looking like Hilary will get you attention. (Remember Al Gore's daughter and how everyone thought she looked good?)

But on to the question you are asking: does exoticness buy you extra points? Certainly! But its also about general career arc. Remember how hot Jennifer Lopez looked when she first hit the screen? And now everyone just rolls their eyes. She hasn't changed much in the interim but her personal life and career have.

Anonymous said...

I am with you Aspi. When I see the pa and bahu holding hands or hugging it gives me the creeps.

Kanan said...

Joules, that's funny Heidi a B-grade extra hahaha.. :D I think that might be because we are only used to seeing white gals as extras in Hindi films. Isn't it? No idea about why the AP never cares to say good things about hundreds of other actually good looking famous Indian people but praise these otherwise average looking Indian Americans. I have noticed though that their idea of good looking and our idea are very different. Plus, people could be famous for many things - extraordinary or unusual talent, looks or personal lives.

Megan, lol @ LOSER. Yea I agree the grammar sucks on that site and not to mention the gazillion ads. I too don't want to believe it but then again what do I know about the new India eh!? Everything's become too much westernized, may be even more western than ever and some of it is definitely not for good. I remember watching KWK episode where Jaya B said the biggest baby in the family is Big B and he always gets his way for almost everything. She also mentioned how well they all get along since the Big Bahu came to family; In fact, she said the most nicest (err I sound like Shekhar Ravjiani) things about her with a mile-wide smile and chin up in the air. So it is possible that they are so comfy with each other to even make suggestions for what to wear and what not to?

Anonymous said...

V good points, Aspi regarding 'model' beauty.. I remember getting pissed about the Miss India minimum height restrictions because other than Madhu, Ash, Sush and Priyanka I hated all the other winners.

Some of the prettiest Bolly women of yore beginning with Nalini Jaywant were Miss Indias and they did not meet the height and figure standards that exist today to participate.

Case in point- Juhi Chawla (short, not too slim, but oh so adorable!!!!) as opposed to say, the horrid looking Annie Thomas, Diana Hayden, skeleton on legs Mehr Jesia, Fleur Xavier ewww.

Of course, one could argue that without the height/weight restrictions, we'd never have winners at the international level but honestly, all the Ms India being turned out today are butt ugly and they all look like clones of each other. There are probably way more gorgeous girls in an ordinary college in Bombay :-p

Anonymous said...

Kanan, On the phirangi's having Indian wedding - what annoys me is that their idea of Indian wedding is either extreme lavishness a la Liz Hurley and Arun Nayyar or tackiness as seen in the case of Heidi and Seal.

There is a romanticism to Indian weddings that these dont capture. Indian weddings involve the whole family in the customs which I enjoy immensely. I actually love weddings where there is a lot of confusion and drama (mine included) - the less choreographed the better for me.

Anonymous said...

Pitu, I agree with you somewhat onthe height/weight restriction. Loved Juhi Chawla when she went for the international competetion. That was the first time an International beauty show was telecast in India and Juhi wore a red and gray silk lehenga during the introduction round which was beautiful.

However saw Celina Jaitley on stage for Ms. World and she looked so short she did not stand out. Ofcourse, lack of personality did'nt help her either. She did make it to the top five, I think.

Anonymous said...

Sarkar Raj - Taran Adarsh gives it a major thumbs up

Anonymous said...

Joules, Celina was short but she did meet the height limit of 5'6". I think she floundered because she looks like a human Chucky, she is very tacky and she is a ditz.

But she actually illustrates my point of the Miss India standards having fallen drastically. Can you imagine, despite getting insane amounts of training on everything from diet, dressing, presentation, speech, even General Knowledge and the amount of cosmetic dentistry done, we get people like Tanushree Dutta and Celina.

I don't even know the names of the current 2008 girls because they are so awful. Women like Rita Faria, Juhi Chawla, Swaroop Sampat didn't even get any training whatsoever!

I personally think Indian women are the most beautiful women in the world (I think I am being objective). But by following Western ideals of beauty we're producing horrid robots :-/ It's sobering to realise that with the exception of long, leggy heroines like Ash and Zeenat Aman, most Bolly beauties (Madhubala, Hema Malini, Sri, Mads etc), nobody would even be eligible to participate today because of their height and figures)

Ok, I'll get off my soapbox now :-p

Anonymous said...

Celina Jaitley was actually the last successful Miss India contestant in the Miss Universe Pageant. She was in the the top five.

Neha Dhupia was in the next year and didn't make it to the top ten--maybe not even the top fifteen, I don't remember except that that year they did change the format to include top fifteen. Or at least I think so, it's been a while.

I am no fan of Celina now. But at the time, I thought she was unfairly punished for speaking truthfully and frankly.

The question was like "what is your biggest regret that you would change if you could go back" or something like that. The other four gave the standard of how they would change nothing--that's what has made them who they are now. Celina said something about either her or someone in her family being sick and how she lost a lot of time in that situation.

And lo and behold, she was the fifth runner up.

Funnily enough I think that was the last pageant I watched till the end. Neha Dhupia's one, I may have watched parts of it. And next I believe was Tanushree Dutta. After that I don't even freaking remember. Except for that one chick who had an obvious nose job though the official rules clearly state no cosmetic surgery. Some model named Kapoor I think.

And that's the last I know of the Miss India's. How far they have fallen.

The Indians used to use it as an expression of someone's beauty.
For example. A co worker of mine's work Id--we saw the picture and she was dolled up and it was a nice picture, and the more Indian girls (because I am more Americanized) said something like, "oh, oh, you look like a Miss India, or you're a miss India." It's hard to translate the exact Malayalam phrase.

Then there was some dude on the bus who asked me if I was from India/where in India and after my answer and telling I was from Kerala, he said something like, Miss India, huh?

Anyway all this was like four/five years ago. I don't know if the expression is still used (probably is) but I gotta say,

The Miss India judges are all smoking something major.

All that being said, perhaps it's best that the Miss India's fall down to a bad level anyway. And the zeal/excitement of the pageants that were in the late nineties/early 2000 wears off. No need for families to bring up daughters to be beauty queens. Women don't need that to accomplish major things in their lives.

P.S. There was a Time Article during the highpoint of Indian beauty queens where they gave the stats and detailed how families were training their daughters to be in pageants. And sure enough, after that article the Miss India's began a steady decline. Probably because I was such a high school geek and was excited about Indian beauties being mentioned in Time Magazine.

Anonymous said...

Lin, I didn't know that cosmetic surgery is not allowed. Are you sure? I know Namrata Shirodkar got an eyebrow lift and practically every Miss India has had cosmetic dentistry (including surgery). I had seen an interview of Dr Sandesh Mayekar who talked about how he had created new gum lines and smiles for Diana Hayden and Priyanka Chopra. Believe me, the 'Before' smiles were awful. Also, don't all the Miss Venezuelas and Miss Colombias get cosmetic surgery done?

The 'Oh you look like a Miss India' stuff reminds me of the Anaida song -
Main sunder na sahi,
magar mera chehra kuch bura to nahi
dil kehta hai mera,
something pura yakeen
banoongi main Miss India :-p

Unknown said...

Lin, at this rate, you should be doing posts for us. We'll call it Lin's Soapbin or Lin From Within or something.

I think the comparison between Celina Jaitley and Chucky really clicked for me.

But I must say I loved Janasheen so much and it had her in it. I had no idea Feroz Khan was such a hoot. That whole movie was so bad I spent half of it just wondering how it all came together and the second half enjoying myself to bits.

And Celina's vacuousness plays brilliantly in that flick. Loved the bikini-violin scene.

Anonymous said...

Aspi, woh Celina ke fake lenses look glassier than Pataudi's and scarier than Chucky. I can deal with a Chucky doll in my house but not a Celina poster. Neend nahi aayegi :-p

Anonymous said...

Aspi, you're in luck. Remember you were wondering about Shenaz Treasurywala (Ishq Vishq)? Here's an interview :-D

Anonymous said...

I also think the range of contestants going into miss India may not be as good. There are so many avenues in India for beautiful girls (VJ, act in music videos, tv, modelling, ramp etc..) that a lot of girls maybe opting out of it.

During Ash and Sush's reign it was one of the few avenues to get to bollywood.

Yes, Celina is 5'6" but when you are standing in a bikini against girls who are almost 6 ft tall and being judged on how you look, you dont have that much of a chance.

And the whole answering stuff, I think the judges mostly ignore it unless you make a major blunder like 'The poor are poor because they are stupid and lazy'.

oh, how I wish someone would say something like this.

Sania said...

Have we talked about this yet???

Indian Idol 4 judges- Javed Akhtar, Anu Malik, Kailash Kher and Sonali Bendre.

Anonymous said...

The poor are poor because they are stupid and lazy!!!!!!! LOL. Joules, have you seen Miss Congeniality? I love the bit where Sandra Bullock's toough cop- pretending to be a contestant character is in the Question round and all the other girls say Global Warming and World Peace. Sandra Bullock is like "Greater punishment for parole violators" and the room is completely silent! So then she quickly answers "And global warming and world peace" :-D

BTW Ash is also 5'6"

Parveen Sibal said...

Zee SRGMP Judges
Himness ( HR )
Shanker Mahadevan
Adesh S

Anonymous said...

Sarkar Raj - Raja Sen hated it. This review comes closer to what my expectations of the movie were:

Unknown said...

Sania, no we haven't talked about so thanks for forwarding. After Farah, I note that II4 picks potentially ditsy women only.

Parveen, is SRGMP on this year? I thought it was every two years. Hmm, did Ismail lose his job or are there too many garbas in Surat this year I wonder?

Anonymous said...

Oh, I can visualise Aspi beaming on hearing the news that Him is back!

Parveen Sibal said...

Yes Aspi - SRGMP is this year and starts the same day as II4.

Can't wait to see Junoon on TV , appears to be a great show with the likes of Rahat FAK , Mohd. Vakil , Jasvinder and a few more great singers.

Even Waar Parivar has some decent singers worth listening.

Unknown said...

Hey anu g, good to have you back.

I can't wait to see Himesh again :) Who will he mess with this time?! Only time will tell - but I'm a little disappointed with the choice of Pritam. That man is like A.R.Rahman - no jhagda potential.

Anonymous said...


You are right. It's not forbidden. I don't know I could have sworn I had read a few times that cosmetic surgery is officially not allowed.

But the Miss Universe site says, it is strongly discouraged but can't have an official rule because there's no way of enforcing it.

So I humbly take it back. Doesn't matter though--I still think the Miss India judges have been on the crack pipe the past few years.

And overall, the pageants are a freaking joke if every one gets surgery. They all look like plastic barbie dolls anyway. Nothing unique for most of them.

And I agree, I see more beautiful Indians while watching News reporters interview village women or people off the streets.

Aspi, heh. Thanks. But I'll just rant away in the comments section. Cause you never know what will set me off. :)

Also speaking of Celina and Janasheen, when I laughed like crazy when I read this about five years ago.

" Kashmira Shah leaves an impression, but not a good one. She overplays the role to the hilt! But her performance suffers on two accounts. The first is her make-up, her get up is so scary and out there (think Kalpana Iyer in Raja Hindustani hit Pardesi and you´ll know exactly what to expect) that it´s hard to take her seriously. Anyone who has seen the recent footage of the Janasheen premiere will know how beautiful Kashmira looks these days, so why hide it? The second major flaw is her cocaine snorting! Kashmira ends up wearing more of the powder than snorting it, and with Fardeen on the sets I´m sure she could have got some pointers on making it look more authentic (sorry i couldn´t resist). Instead of being menacing, Kashmira is more comical than anything else."


For anyone that may not get it,

And here
The money quotes from this article:
"His father, Feroze Khan, has said Fardeen used cocaine occasionally but was not an addict."

"It's unfortunate. Every kid wants to try it out," said Rishi Kapoor, Bollywood start[sic] of the 1970s.

Anonymous said...

"I still think the Miss India judges have been on the crack pipe the past few years." - Amen to that.

"They all look like plastic barbie dolls anyway." - Totally agree with you.

Regarding Fardeen, I had read about his bust back in India especially because he was caught in my hubby's area- Juhu. I remember at that time his mother Sundari Khan had told the press she thought people were making too much of it :-p With parents like that, how can anyone kick any addiction??

Parveen Sibal said...

Just Finished watching Jue 6th inagural episode of Lux Junoon Kuchh Kar Dikhane Ka.

Outstanding performances overall but the best today was a singer from Pakistan by the name of Akbar Ali and comes from a well known Family of Nazakat & Salamat Ali Khan. It was a real treat to hear this talented singer followed by Jaswinder Singh and Rehan Khan.
I am looking forward to expert comments / writeup by Top Blogger Aspi in the next few days. In case you have missed NDTV Imagin show , you can download it and waitch. Tommorow's show will also be exciting with Mohammed Vakil a SRGMP winner to perform.

Anonymous said...

Ash is 5'7.5" not 5'6..

i watched the miss india competition this year and msot of them were so ugly and they all looked the same, attack of the clones

EWWWWWWWWWWW this year srgmp is gonna SUCKKKKKKKK

can't stand adesh and that abhijit, annoying and full of themselves..

Pritam EWWWWWWW he cries too much like a little baby... UGH

shankar is the only decent judge.. WHY DID THEY HAVE TO RUIN THE SHOW...

Anonymous said...

aspi and other people i need help finding a song

i was watching TV the other day and they showed some video from the 80's, i think it was the 80's because it looked rly old

the song was so catchy but i don't remember the singer or the name of the song or how the song went

the video has a newly web couple, its set in transylvania i think..they get in a limo and are driving to some castle for their honeymoon.. and when they reach the castle, the owner/caretaker whatever is a vampire with funny teeth...

the groom does the lip syncing..

and the bride ends up being on the count/vampire's spell and they make out (AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH)

does that description ring a bell of the song?? it had nice beats, had very 80's pop music feel...

Unknown said...

Yikes, didn't really watch any Bollywood in the nineties from where this might well be.

Anonymous said...

ummm..sounds like some Ramsay movie....spkin of de 90s does anyone remeber dis really corny movie called madam X????rekha was playin d was showing few days back on star one...ugh! de corniest dialogue i ever herd!!
rekha actually used to paste a4 size posters stating "hum hai maut ki woh express..duniya jisse kehte hai..madam x" whereever she made a kill..:-s

Unknown said...

SkD you have the best type of Bollywood general knowledge.

This movie demands to be watched and so I shall seek it out.

It could be - as I say these days - even BTM (Better Than Mimoh).

Anonymous said...

lol it wasn't a bollywood was a western pop song.. from the 80's

lol the vampire dude dancing was quite something.. where can i find out what the song is?? google isn't helping.. i need to knowwwwwwwww

Parveen Sibal said...

Himmie's Next Movie:

Himesh to name next film after himself

By movietalkies
Monday Aug 13 9:44 PM
Himesh Reshammiya has decided to name his next film after himself. It will be called Ay Himesh Bhai. And that's not all. He will also take off his trademark cap for the film as well.

Himesh believes that it will help his audience connect better with him, hence the rather narcissistic choice of name. So for all his fans and critics who have been wondering what he has to offer after Aap Ka Suroor, he has coming up with a sequel to his debut film to be named after him. The full name of the film will be Aap Ka Suroor—Aye Himesh Bhai. Himesh is expected to play himself in the film. He will also sport two looks for the film. One of which will be without his trademark cap. Director Prashant Chadha, too believes that the title will help Himesh's fans connect better with him.

Anonymous said...

First Ever Male Prgnency in UK

Anonymous said...

Saw some pics of Jaya B. from IIFA awards. Glad to say my favourite is back in form. She is mostly smiling in those pics (and it is not one of those fake smiles) and is looking very nice in sarees.

Anonymous said...

Rozza's interview about her split with Saif-

Anonymous said...

Hanuman bhakt Obamajee-

Unknown said...

Someone give McCain a Ganesh card to carry. Come election, we'll finally be able to settle the big dispute between our boys: Ganesh or Hanuman.

Anonymous said...

The ganesh comment reminds me of this purse from Judith Leiber (famous for expensive purses studded with swarovski crystals) came out with a "Ganesha Minaudiere".

The sales girls at the Neiman Markus in Austin where I checked it kept calling it the elephant because nobody would understand what a ganesha meant.

Anonymous said...

btw, here is the ganesha minaudiere

Little OTT for me.

Anonymous said...

Gawd I hate Leibers. They look so horrendous. I live in a town where it seems to be a rule that every over 40 woman must be severely botoxed, must have a 'sculpted' figure and must carry a Judith Leiber. I always gag when I am at the mall and I see the Leibers on display ugh.

I totally identified with the SATC episode (dont remember which season) where Big gives Carrie a Leiber and she is disturbed by it coz she's like do I seem like a Leiber carrying person? Any celeb carrying a Leiber automatically goes into my 'blacklist' :-/

Having said that, the Ganesha is cute simply by virtue of being Ganesha :-)

Unknown said...

J, the video you forwarded has Padmini Devi looking over those bags. And its a funny contrast: a lot of jhatak matak bags and the Devi lady peering at them.

Those bags look very - like - Texas millionaire. Big hair might look good with them.

Anonymous said...

That white haired dancer lady? or no wait, thats Chandralekha. Who is Padmini devi?

Anonymous said...

She is Rani of Jaipur. She unveiled the collection in India.

Anonymous said...

ahh gotcha

Anonymous said...

Pitu, do u remember u had linked to an article about Manoj Tiwari being honoured by the Netherlands Govt with a stamp in his name. I told u I was surprised cos I had never heard about him until then! Turns out he paid for it:).Ravi Kissen his rival is thrilled, and Manpj is moaning , justifying his stand!

Anonymous said...

How terrible! Anil Kapoor wants his daughter to grow even thinner??? I disapprove!

Unknown said...

That Manoj Tiwari link is hysterical. Stampva was fakeva.

Anonymous said...

Anil Kapoor telling his daughter to lose weight?!?! That's terrible!! Way to hop on the anorexic-looking band wagon! It's not like the girl's fat to begin with...and she cannot compare herself to Deepika Padukone...she's got about 6 inches on poor Sonam Kapoor!!

Anonymous said...

hahahhaaaa!!!! Madness, anug, I tell you, madness! This makes me think, shaayad main bhi apun ka ek stamp banva sakti hoon!

Anonymous said...

Yayyy Munnabhai and Circuitbhai 4 award leke mast maza kar rela hai!!

Anonymous said...

Saifeena kaput?

Kanan said...

When I watched Saif on KWK, I realized this was a big mistake Kareena made. Check out Saif at IIFA here. Is that an upset/angry look? I dunno but he sure doesn't look happy with that golden purse. hehe ;)

Anonymous said...

Re: Saif-Kareen issue, I can say that we all saw that coming! we'll see how long this actually lasts...

Bee's said...

Another star daughter making her debut..
she looks so much like sarika..

Unknown said...

Bee, I remember reading about her when she was more of a singer (still might be) and listening to some of her songs on her myspace page.

Anonymous said...

This is funny, I just watched 2 movies starring Sarika back to back! - Shriman Shrimati and Bheja Fry. The daughter looks a lot like mom, I am sure she can act well.

Kanan said...

I think Akshara looks more like Sarika than Shruti.

Bee's said...

yeah.. apparently shruti hasan started singing professionally at the age of six..
and she also made a cameo appearance in hey ram..

@ pitu..i hope she acts well too..such talented parents..hope she doesn't turn out like little b..

Anonymous said...

Bee- very good point. Aby is just average, which is shocking considering the powerhouses Big B and Jaya are. Although he could be worse. Look at Twinkle and Rinke Khanna :-p

Anonymous said...

Aishwarya Rai to Play Benazir Bhutto

Tanya Palta June 9, 2008
Know More: Latest News Aishwarya Rai
If everything goes well, then very soon we may see Aishwarya Rai as slain Pakistani PM Benazir Bhutto in an UTV Production. Neelesh Misra, lyricist for films like Jism, Johnny Gaddaar confirms that such a project is in the pipeline.

“I have been offered the project, but haven’t accepted it yet.The producers are contacting the Bhutto family before they go ahead with it.” A source reveals, “There is a lot of homework to be done on the film.

Anonymous said...

Ranbir Kapoor to Play Jihadi in Karan Johar's KHAN

Tanya Palta May 7, 2008
Know More: Latest News Karan Johar, Khan, Ranbir Kapoor
Ranbir Kapoor is one the most promising actors on the horizon and looks like the film industry is also taking notice. In Prakash Jha’s movie Ranbir may play slain PM Rajiv Gandhi and in Johar’s Khan he may play a Jehadi! Talk about contrast! The film revolves around the relationship of a husband and wife and what happens between them post 9/11

Says a source:
"Yes talks are going on. Karan has asked him to play the role of a jihadi and Ranbir too is very excited about his role. Also, he is thrilled about the thought of working with SRK.”

Anonymous said...

Mira Nair to Direct Richard Gere and Hilary Swank in Amelia Earhart

Tanya Palta April 17, 2008
Know More: Latest News Mira Nair
Mira Nair will soon direct a biopic on famed aviator Amelia Earhart which will star Richard Gere and Hilary Swank in the lead. Ron Bass has penned the screenplay and production is slated to begin later this month in Toronto, Nova Scotia and South Africa, reports Variety.

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Bachchans Threaten Legal Action Over Alleged Aishwarya Backless Photo-shoot

Tanya Palta March 14, 2008
Know More: Latest News Abhishek Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai, Amitabh Bachchan

Hell hath no fury like a Bachchan scorned! Radiodargam an online Bollywood portal created quiet storm posting a backless photo from a Femina Photo shoot where one of the models is credited to be Aishwarya Rai! However barring Madhu Sapre all the other models have their backs turned so its not possible to authenticate this!

But husband Abhishek Bachchan is not amused and is now threatening legal action. A statement was issued in which it was said the photo was ‘morphed’ and not genuine. So what do you think? Personally knowing Ash’s stand on nudity and the fact that Rai never really had to struggle in the modeling world we think its not really Aishwarya! But we could be wrong.

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Deepa Mehta’s Concentrates on John Rather Than on Amitabh Bachchan

Tanya Palta March 12, 2008
Know More: Latest News Amitabh Bachchan, Deepa Mehta, John Abraham, Luna
Deepa Mehta’s affinity to John Abraham may just play havoc with her upcoming movie “Exclusion” which stars Amitabh Bachchan. Mehta has signed on Abraham to play an important role in the movie however the director is concentrating on Luna which also stars Rachael Weisz.

Explains the director, "Exclusion is a very ambitious project. And it's a script I'm writing on my own. Luna is something that almost fell into my lap. Warner Brothers gave me a ready script by David Ward. David's script for Luna was given to me ready to be directed. It was too hard to resist."
It was of course Deepa's idea to cast John. "And why not? After working with John I realized what a wonderful human being he is. He just brings so much positive energy to the location. And he's so willing to learn and participate. John was my first and last choice for Luna. If I have my way and if he fits in I'll cast him in all my films," says the director who has had some very unfortunate run-ins with Bollywood stars in the past. She brushes them aside to say, "John will be in Exclusion too. Yes, that project will be on hold for the time being. Right now I'm revved-up about Luna. It addresses itself to a favourite subject, the environment. From the start I've been a child of Nature. Water is a very strong ecological element. The love for Nature is another factor that binds me with John. And of course the fact that my mother adores him just ends all discussion.

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Jennifer Aniston in Remake of Asit Sen's Khamoshi?

Tanya Palta June 3, 2008
Know More: Rumors
Fact or fiction you decide, but the rumor mill is abuzz that Jennifer Aniston will soon be acting in a remake of Asit Sen’s 1969 psychodrama Khamoshi.

LA-based restaurateur Sanjay Patel will produce Silence. Says Patel excitedly, “Jennifer is a regular at my restaurant Bollywood Bites and I have spoken to her about doing Waheeda Rehman’s role in Khamoshi. Now she wants me to give her the full script which we’re working on. Jennifer was very moved."

Khamoshi was about a nurse working in a mental asylum who fell in love with her patient. In the end she lost her mind, when her love wasn’t reciprocated.

Unknown said...

Anon, thanks for the terrific news. If you can, I'd prefer if you linked to other sites. This way we'll go read them without duplicating content.

That Luna movie sounds interesting. I'm a big Rachel Weisz fan.

Bee's said... ..yeah true..
BTW ever noticed rinke khanna has her eyebrows frowned all the it a romantic scene or sad or funny..she has this constant angry expression..:-d
About little b..he being average puts so much pressure on him that he tries too it acting or looking cool..
On a separate note - saw sarkar raj this evening..aby as usual over acted, RGV over directed..ash was as plastic and unconvincing as ever..and sadly big b seems to be loosing it..

Anonymous said...

Yaar bee, I did notice that. And watching a Rinke Khanna movie made me realize how talented and pretty Twinkle is!!! lol

Yeah, with Aby, he does try too hard. I rly liked him in Antarmahal (Bengali) and Yuva though. Maybe coz both movies were made by extremely talented filmmakers who cracked the whip. He was also quite good (tho not amazing as everyone kept harping) in Guru.

I am almost scared to watch Sarkar Raj. There was a time when I used to watch RGV movies in theaters. I even saw the first day first show of Daud :-p Now, I run from the very mention of RGV. Forget RGV ki Aag, the most crappy film I have seen in recent times is Nishabd. I was truly speechless after that work of art :-/

Unknown said...

I am happy to report that I have dodged all of those above bullets. I did see Guru though and came away underwhelmed. Its an outstanding effort by Bollywood standards. Sadly, it would be below average on my Netflix queue.

Which is why I stick to masala flicks when it comes to Bollywood. Why bite into an apple when you want to taste an orange?

Anonymous said...

No but a lotta desi art flicks can compete with intl. cinema, Aspi.

Bee's said...

I think yuva was really good..i didn't like antarmahal that much though..but rituporno ghosh indeed is an excellent director..he even made ash act well in raincoat..and i liked his other movies as well (mostly bengali movies)..

Anonymous said...

Ya, totally agree abt Ghosh. Ash did do a good job in that one, she was also rather good in Chokher Bali. But the film that finally made me sit up and notice her was Provoked. She was FANTASTIC in it!! I was utterly and pleasantly shocked by what a fab performance Ash gave.

Anonymous said...

At last!!! Somebody admitting that desi films have something unique and good to offer without apologies! For that, M Night Shyamalan, I shall be magnanimous and go see your movie :-)
v nice link, Aspi

Unknown said...

Night has a lot to prove with his next movie if you ask me. First he had those big hits and then publicly broke up with Disney over degree of control on the Lady In The Water flick. Much unpleasantness ensued although the exec who supervised Night's departure from Disney was fired mere months later.

But then the film tanked and Night had to ride out a huge backlash against Big Twist Endings.

His movies are tough to market for sure. He makes art horror but without the gore necessary to draw the audiences.

Anonymous said...

True dat. Personally I love Sixth Sense and Signs but every other film of his has been crap. Lady in the water was atrocious as was The village. So yeah I am not rly looking fwd to his new film. It's like yeah, whatever.

It's funny coz I love art horror. I cannot digest the hard-core slasher flicks and in all things cinema, I prefer art anyway. But my all-time faves have to be Rosemary's Baby and Omen. Those 2 are still unmatched. Desi horror, pls let's not even go thr!! lol

Anonymous said...

check out ABs blog post on Sarkar Raj reviews. He includes RGVs responses to critics. Highly amusing to read RGV's snarly, so-what!, do-you-know-any-better kind of jabs against some critics. altho the defensivenes got to me after a while.
...not so cool mr.bachchan!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree 100% with Joules when she said 'Stop being bitchy' lol. RGV is a perfect example of wot my Musuu uncles like to say - Miya gira fir bhi tangdi upar ;-) which means 'The man has fallen but his leg is still up in the air'.

Unknown said...

meena, I was just reading AB's blog over lunch.

Pitu, that saying is hilarious. Along the lines of some of my favorites like say "Padiya To Namaskaar" which in my house is used for events where someone messes up and pretends it was intentional.

Anonymous said...

Talking about Sarkar Raj- here is comment that got me totally laughing:

Karan Johar touched AB's feet and said 'I just want to remain here at your feet after seeing your performance'. Is KJo a drama queen or what?

Unknown said...

I always find it funny when actors say "my performance in the movie has been praised" and refer entirely to the SMSs and emails they get from friends and family.

Hey Youngling draws a flower that looks like a pancake but because he's my family I think its the greatest. Doesn't mean he's Renoir in the making.

Unknown said...

But you have to admit that Ekta Kapoor SMS was funny. Who knew she was so enthu about lolspeak.

Anonymous said...

Joules, well he is a queen, drama or not ;-)

Aspi, I have never heard that saying. Is it Gujju?

Speaking of Youngling's art, check this out-

Anonymous said...

Unknown said...

I saw that movie a few weeks ago and as an experiment I did a painting with Youngling in the exact way that girl does (at least on camera).

And I can tell you that the vibrancy of colors she gets on her canvas isn't possible with that approach. I can see why everyone was disturbed after watching her paint.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, so do u think the dad did it?

Unknown said...

I think the Dad lets his girl have at it. But then went back and did some work. Ok, a lot of work. And he's convinced himself enough that the Mom is convinced as well.

But that is just my theory - I also thought the girl was way too normal (read: inarticulate or without a propensity for basic art appreciation) to be able to churn out the kind of structure she had in her paintings.

But what I found most interesting in the movie was that the people defending her all had a vested interest in her success. So their "testimony" should really be discounted. That leaves us with - well not much evidence of authenticity.

That and the fact that the guy filming the documentary handled it like a first year project and tripped all over it. Sheesh! The number of opportunities he had to put the girl on camera and ask her innocent but probing questions. All wasted!

Anonymous said...

What Ended Yash’s Raj?

Unknown said...

Interesting article, that. But it fails to explore something that I think has triggered YRF's uncertainty when it comes to planning films - and that is that they have tried to hook in the lucrative NRI market. And they haven't found their formula yet.

There are reasons why the NRI market is hard to cater to - primarily there is no one large demographic you can cater to. But that's a discussion for a post someday.

Anonymous said...

Anon, thanks for the fab article. Raja Sen as usual does a great job. He is the only reviewer in India who knows what he is talking about, apart from the wonderful Baradwaj Rangan. I do wish he had mentioned Kala Patthar and Daag while mentioning YRF's path-breaking history. Both films were phenomenal.

About YRF, how the mighty have fallen. I own dvds of Silsila, Kabhi Kabhi, Chaandni, Lamhe, DTPH and DDLJ and have the dialogs mugged up from all 6 movies but now when I hear 'YRF' all I can think of is near-nude Tanishaa cavorting in Neal n Nikki :-/ They deserve to lose money. After all, the audience always puts their money where their mouth is.

Aspi- Abt the NRI thing, I do believe if a movie is well made and engaging, people will spend money and see it in a theater whether they are NRIs or resident desis. Look at Karan Johar. Uski har film NRIs ke liye banti hai, lekin wo hit hoti hai. While I wouldn't say his films are perfect (far from it), they are well made and paisa vasool. I just watched KANK for the 5th time and I love it!

Somebody needs to give a wake up call to the Chopras. The only thing I can say about them that is positive, is that they have never come across as arrogant know-it-alls (RGV, I am looking at you) so they just might redeem themselves.

Anonymous said...

i hate yashraj movies. I didn't even like DDLJ, it is so overrated and corny.

I hate how arrogant they were, underpaying stars and thinking that everyone would kiss their ass.

Anonymous said...

Actually YRF has had some sparks in the last few years. Saathiya, Chak de, Bunty aur Babli. The problem is, which is the same with RGV as well, they have started treating movie making as an industry.

Earlier when all of their movies were a hit they made one movie at a time. You have to give in the time to make a movie when you expect audience to spent their 3+ hours on your movie.

YRF has made stylish movies in the past. Kabhi-Kabhi was a beautifully made movie with cool characters (and the dialogs are to die for) but their was a storyline.

I hope the failure of Tashan, Jhoom Barabar Jhoom (unfortunately Dhoom 2 succeeded) and others tells them that style without substance will not work.

Anonymous said...

Spectacular review for Dasavathaaram. I guess he saves his best work for Tamil movies

Anonymous said...

Not only does he look like Hrithik he dances like him too.

Anonymous said...

Hot off the presses...

they will do anything to get people to watch this show, huh!?

Unknown said...

girlie girl, many thanks for the tip. This must be watched!

Anonymous said...

O I am definitely going to watch. These shows are v helpful for figuring out how smart a star is. Case in point- my dear Kajol, so witty, so smart, such a 'reader' and she comes on KBC and shows herself to be a total doofus :-( SRK shd invite Sushmita Sen. I have a nagging feeling she is all hairspray and hot air :-x

Anonymous said...

I would like to see Himesh on the show and I sure Aspi would agree.

I have a feeling that he will do quite well.

Did anyone watch Karan-Rani on the show. Was it a huge giggle-fest?

Anonymous said...

Meena - I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for that link to AB's blog. I've never laughed so much in my life!!! Dude, that was the best. I'm kinda sorry I didn't see Sarkar Raj and trash it on my blog just to see if I would have made it onto RGV's radar... seems like he spent all weekend reading the net.

You know we should start a meme of some kind "Why Sarkar Sucks" and just make shit up. Oh god, my inner 13 yr old is coming out.

Anyway, Best. Link. Ever.

Anonymous said...

I can imagine it being like a slumber party with the girls...braiding eachother's hairs and talking about boys!

Anonymous said...

Amritha, SLB and RGV are pretty funny when they get all angry with critics...juvenile is the word. What made it doubly amusing was that AB would actually publish it:)

Unknown said...

J, to quote Shekhar: I am agree about Himesh. He would kill.

The best all time guest would be Feroz Khan. But that won't happen in my lifetime because God doesn't read my blog.

Anonymous said...

Lol we'd all have to hear abt how Feroz is so 'hot', 'pioneering', 'path-breaking', 'stylish' and 'sexy' all on the basis of one film- Qurbani :-p Tumhari manokaamna poori ho :-p

Anonymous said...

Lookie it's Mr Dev Smooch Anand

Anonymous said...

Ash admits that she is going to be a sex worker

Unknown said...

Hey how about Dev "rumal phek" Anand on Paanchvi Pass.

Anonymous said...

About Saif and Kareena's episode on Panchvi pass,i wish Kareena could have spoke a li'l more.she was just standing there dumb.even when she smiled it was looking so artificial.i like her soo much.i guess i shd just watch ONLY her movies from now on!i don't want to start disliking her.

I've seen 'Dashaavatharam' isn't great...just'll enjoy it if ur a Kamal Hassan of it i of it were unnecessary.but much much better than his previous movie.
there's always some type of crime shown in his movies which is of the very extreme kind and to me,that's very disturbing.he's a great actor,no doubt abt that but the self proclaimed'I'm the greatest' stuff that he does is one of the main reasons that i can't get myself to like him or his movies.

Unknown said...

cinderella, you bring up this "extreme crime" thing and I think its a great point. Its about actors being attracted to certain types of stories - and what audiences come to expect from them.

There much to be discussed - is it necessary, for example? Would the movie have the same impact were the crime not shown in its extremity?

A good example is Almodovar's last movie Volver. The crimes are extreme but their depiction is very soft. It carries an impact but it doesn't shake you. The question is: is that good enough? In Volver it works. Other movies - different story.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone out there heard of this doc called Shot in Bombay? I just chanced on it through Salon and Cinematical. But the review that's really making me want to see it is this one. Money quote:

Shootout’s gung-ho director, Apoorva Lakhia’s approach to filmmaking involves yelling “Cut” “Super!” “Mindblowing!” or all three, after each take, which he frequently okays. The heavily tattooed and chain-smoking filmmaker is clearly delusional. He behaves as if he is the Indian Tarantino, and lacks empathy for his inventive hardworking crew.

Anonymous said...

gawd...parveen r u sure no Vishal- Shekhar in saregamapa this time.its gonna be so boring...with only "Besharmiya" in the show.i m not sure if i'll be watching the fun:(

Anonymous said...

But there will be Hairy & Huge Monty Sharma as a New Face and you can only see his one eye at a time( Other eye will be under his curly Lat)
The auditions are currently being shown on TV for SRGMP 2008.

Too Bad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan eliminated my Fav singer from Junoon.

Parveen Sibal said...

Saanwariya Towel Kapur to act Opposite Konkana Sen Sharma in KJo's next to be directed by Kajol's cousin.
Kya Jori Hai !!

Anonymous said...

The 'Before' and 'After' of Bollywood heroines.

Anonymous said...

Anu g, fantastic link!!!!!!
music biz info

Anonymous said...

Wow Tina, thanks. That was Behenji Squared! Hmm Ekta was in full form us waqt, I loved this show in India. It was downhill from here for Balaji.

Anonymous said...

Pitu, keep a look out...if Big B find this blog, he may start trashing you (for the Sarkar Raj review, which I think is great, btw) on his blog. Seems like all he does these days is sit on a computer and find any webistes which are writing anything negative towards him/Abhi/Ash and talks about that in his

Anonymous said...

Aspi,for the normal junta such kind of HORRIBLE depiction is,i think, unnecessary.if u've seen 'raghavan',you'll know what i mean.showing the pain and suffering a family goes thru after their daughter gets raped and killed is something.But showing the girl being raped is outrageous.they can do without that.
and it also depends on the type of movie.if it's some off-beat movie[the more truth bearing,as they say,]then maybe it would be better accepted than if it's in a mainstream movie where it's shown just to increase their box office collections by saying 'different,bold concept'!!!

Anonymous said...

Aditya Pancholi proudly proclaims that Zarina wants to be his wife for seven lives, even after all that he has done, which he explains in detail! Gag!!!!§id=30&contentid=200806222008062202420242895fd16

Anonymous said...

anu g .... that was just sordid. i felt like i needed a shower!

here is some baat-cheet with the Jr. Bachchan couple on sarkar raj and more

Anonymous said...

Yuck! Somebody give Aditya Pancholi a thappad!! And wot is Zarina Wahab? A doormat?!

Anonymous said... it just me or Kangna Ranaout does resemble a young Zarina dat why aditya pancholi was so meherbaan to her?

Anonymous said...

wait...i'm so confused...was he sleeping with her or was he a "father figure"?? I like how he openly just said "I've had innumerable affairs. I've never spoken about any of my women. " Plus, what kinda wife takes a man back after doing somthing like this?!?!
I think Mr. Pancholi needs some love chakkar advice...

Anonymous said...

gg, it's most definitely the former. i dont think AP is capable of platonic relationships :-p

Unknown said...

And from what I've heard, he doesn't mind spreading the love either - a cricketer from a nearby country is said to be a beneficiary of his um, networking skills.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

oooh...TMI Aspi...TMI!! well, that's what happens to c-grade "stars" if you can even call them that. They have to stay in the news somehow!!

Anonymous said...

Hwy, i hadnt heard this. Who is the cricketer of a nearby counrty who was AP's um, well whatever:).

Anonymous said...

...and the "trend" continues...

I still dont understand why our movie industry is so gong-ho about this. It's bad enough that little girls idolize these actresses (if you can even call amrita aurora that), but now we're goign to have little girls throw up after meals or even worst, just stop eating becuase of this new fad that they're creating. It digusts me!!

Anonymous said...

Uff Imran Khan is the new hottie in town! I am definitely checking out Mr Eye Candy on 4th July :-D

Unknown said...

I'm about to post one of my long and boring music reviews and while working on it, I took a closer look at Imran. I thought he looked much better on film than in pics.

Anonymous said...

Oh goodie, I absolutely luv that Aditi song, and u are right, he looks better (read-hawt!) on film. I love the bit where he is making funny faces in a red sari!

Anonymous said...

Finally! A well crafted website with loads of pics that give you a peek into the film without giving it all away. Look out for the yummy Imraan Khan wallpapers :-D

Anonymous said...

SRGMP-09 Elaan-e- Vishwayudh On 27th June
Finally........Our wait is Over......The most Awaited series Among all reality shows begins from 27th June 08.........

Show Timings

SRGMP- 09 Elaan-e-Vishwayudh Red Carpet n Show Case

Date : 27th n 28th June 08
Friday / Saturday - 10PM

SRGMP -09 Sangeet ka Vishwayudh

From : 4th July 08 Till 4th Jan. 09(Grand Finale)

Every Friday /Saturday at 10pm


1) Himesh - Rock

2) Pritam - Dhoom Machale

3) Aadesh - Jai ho

4) Shankar Mahadevan - Har har Mahadev

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon, great news! I am looking forward to Aspi;s reviews of the show. Last year, I got onto the drift only towards the end of the show....this time,I am going to be there from day1(rubbing my hands in glee...).

Anonymous said...

It doesnt always help to be on a reality show. Poor Sweety who was on Paanchvi pass was booked by the police becos her mother had looted many women in Amritsar. And from one show to another...she is being grilled on the news channels...The mother has disappeared, and there was this lady from Amritsar saying 'U have to pay for your mother;s sins' blah blah. Sweety says it hasnt been proved,and she will go to court.Indian news channels r certainly becoming reality show channels.

Anonymous said...

Ash in high spirits?§id=30&contentid=2008062620080626025550484e6a1294b

Anonymous said...

Aditya N continues as the host of SRGMP.Details on the gharanas...

Anonymous said...

Oh, I didnt know Simta Patil;s son was acting in JTJYN as Genelia's brother.....a tiny sidey role. What a pity!

Unknown said...

Well, SRGMP 2008 looks promising.

There are two crazies: Himesh and Aadesh. There are two sane people: Pritam and Shankar.

How long before the crazies piss off the sane ones? I give them four weeks.

Let the games begin!

Anonymous said...

Lookie Mr Eye Candy speaks about his movie :-D

Anonymous said...

Pritam is anything but sane. He is a loose cannon, mark my words.

I only watched a few of that kiddies VOI and in every episode he'd cry like a baby. A hairy chubby adult sobbing like a fat kid who was told that he isn't allowed any more icecream!!

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait til SRGMP...the craziness is what makes that show so much fun to watch. and now that we have head on board to host it...nothing is going to stop those folks from going to the top!! lol

Anu g, just read the Ash article...what a drama queen!

Kanan said...

Kareena to make waves in Bhollywood?

Anonymous said...

I dunno whether to laugh or cry!!

Anonymous said...

From singer to anchor to actor:

Anonymous said...

Pitu, u seem to be such a great fan of Imran...I wish u were in india.. I was surfing news channels to check out the latest, and three of them were showing interviews with him at the same time.Amir is so fond of him that he is coming on Salman's show 'Dus ka dam' with I.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

lol on the Aditya Narayan interview. He is sporting a "slight mohawk". Can't wait to see him.

Unknown said...

Dang it when is that 2008 season starting anyway? Just last night I saw something recorded on the DVR and checked it out and got the shock of my life when I saw Aishwarya (the singer) come on and bore the living daylights out of me.

I thought it was a spoof for a while before I realized the contestants were all phoren ke log.

Unknown said...

Well, maybe it is a spoof cleverly disguised as a promo. I should go back and finish watching.

Anonymous said...

Anu g, I do like him a lot. And now I am totally going to watch Dus Ka DUm episode. I didn't know Aamir-Sallu ki jamti thi!

Anonymous said...

Saif's kids r his proudest 'accomplishments(???).§id=30&contentid=2008062920080629021817956c745704f

Anonymous said...

Aspi, u r going to love this! Two Himeshs!!!

Anonymous said...

Head is so full of himself, apparently he gave an interview where he said that his clothes are way more expensive than shah rukh khan's..and that he is gonna buy a new Rolex

Unknown said...

Why have one Himesh, when you can have two? I'm happy Himesh is making so much progress, but will he be the same without his cap? That is the only thing that bugs me. We shall see.

ppl said...

Finally, Himnanshu cashes in on the 'lovable dhokla boy' image. (Are there carbs in dhokla?)

I personally can't wait to see both the 'street' Himanshu and the 'loverboy' Himanshu in the same film, with a head of 'gorgeous helmet-mullet styled hair'

Aspi, this calls for a BTM rating!

ppl said...

I don't know if anyone is watching Ek se badhkar ek, but I just had to share this particularly delicious segment, where Aneek sings 'Pehli Nazar' and Abhijeet(judge) goes ballistic about Atif Aslam.
(Note: the fun part comes on at around the 5:15 mark in the video)

Btw has Pritam ever publicly explained why he didn't just credit the original song and call his version a remake?
I hope this issue become a 'b/w sankat' opportunity in SRGMP.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous older actresses in Bwood-
Check out the swoon-worthy Sharmila!
Btw, their math is terrible, look at Lolo's age ;-p

Unknown said...

leera, hysterical! The best part was the B&W shots of the dumbfounded contestants.

And to think he won't be on SRGMP! Sob!

BTW whats the deal with our host babuva? He looks like he's had too much Prozac.

leera, the fun started at about 8m in my vid. In case anyone else needs to be entertained like you and me.

Anonymous said...

OMG!!!!!!! What was that all about?? Yikes, Abhijeet looked he was going to have an apoplectic fit! And wot's wrong with Atif Aslam, I totally didn't get the rant about 'machinon se gavaya' blah blah.. And that Ravi Kissen, yaar koi usko thandi pani mein duba do, he looks like a zombie.

ppl said...

My view is that everyone on this show is on something. What else explains Aneek's full metallic ensemble!
He looked like a golden toad.

Keep Ravi Kissen drunk/high and Abhijeet on the verge of a manic episode and my viewership is guaranteed.

Anonymous said...

Golden toad hahahaaaha!! The poor thing looked like he'd pee his golden pants what with Abhijeet acting crazy. And I am willing to bet Ravi Kissen was high. Or at least I hope he was. Pls don't tell me he always looks so droopy eyed/off in la la land. Also, someone needs to tell him giggling is *not* sexy!

ppl said...

Well, Ravi Kissen was actually on Big Boss, the desi big brother and came in third. He was kinda loopy on that show as well. On some level I think he's high on himself!

He would randomly chant 'Har Har Mahdev' during Big Boss, in fact I hypothesize that RGV stole the 'Govinda bombardment mindwarp' technique from him.

Anonymous said...

o.O And this guy is a hearthrob in the Bhojpuri belt? *dies*

Unknown said...

I wish I had time to watch that show - I am trying my best to finish Kandukondein these days.

But that Abhijit moment was one of the greatest on Indian TV if you ask me. Leera, thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

ooooooooo the movie? It's freakin awesome. And oh, the songs! And the patta sarees!! And oh, the gajras! And Aish's black sari in 'Konjum Mainakale' and oh the Kathakali dancers. Man oh man, that movie rocks, I shd see it again!

On related fantastic news, Netflix finally listened to my impassioned pleas and added ALAI PAYUTHEY to their catalog. People, you know who to thank, mere ghar zara amba-peti vagaire bhijwana ;-) Sing with me, "Saakiye.. Sneghidiye.. kadhalil kadhalil kadhalil niramundu"...

ppl said...

Ur welcome Aspi!
If it weren't for the Drift i would still be in the closet about my love for desi-reality TV.

Anonymous said...

Hey btw where is Mind Rush? Been a while..

Unknown said...

Mind Rush was here a few days ago, no? I will check.

Anonymous said...

Aamir and Rakhi - Two peas in a pod?

Anonymous said...

Ekta's new serial "Kahani hamaray mahabharat ki" has Ronit Roy playing Bhishma

Anonymous said...

Pitu, heres some Imran news for u.I watched an interview with AmirKhan where he said Imran had acted as the child-Amir in Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander and Qayamat se Qayamat tak. If u recall, in JJWS, when Amir;s brother is in the hospital, Amir goes into flashback and remembers the good times with his brother as a kid. Theres one scene where Amir's elder brother pulls Amir;s pant down. So Amir announced 'So Imran is actually the first Bollywood hero to show his butt on screen'!!Lol!

Pitu said...

Anu, you're such a doll- constantly feeding my Imran mania :-D That's amazing, I had no idea IK played AK as a kid. Too cool! BTW that would still not make him the first desi actor to show his bum. That distinction belongs to Rishi Kapoor in Bobby. I saw promos of IK and AK on Dus ka Dum, it's looking rly funny.

Anonymous said...

The spoof on Ekta coming soon...§id=12&contentid=2008063020080630024012113bafc1ee

ppl said...

An anti-promotion?

Amir, Imran grill each other.

Anonymous said...

Wedding bells for a certain Ms. Kapoor and Mr. Khan...sooner than we thought?!

Unknown said...

That Aamir-Imran interview - really entertaining to watch. You can see Aamir trying to position Imran to the viewers but at the same time his impatience with the whippersnapper catches up with him occasionally.

But way better to watch than that cloying BS that is in regular interviews.

Anonymous said...

The Head is a man!

Anonymous said...

No more acting for Vishal.

ppl said...

Trust Aaamir to make shilling look like an introspective interview.
However I must say their blatant lack of over-confidence and certain degree of unsureness is much more believable than Harman's mock bravado

Pitu said...

Aspi, I remember in some comment you had mentioned that anyone who thought Parmeshwar Godrej was hawt was smoking something. Well, guess who looked Bhayaanak with a capital B at the Jane tu ya jane na premiere!

Anonymous said...

Best picturized song in Indian movie industry!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i nmean histiory

Anonymous said...

Nice, Amitabh's homage to Smita Patil after seeing her son in Jaane Tu...

Aspi, we need a July linkology.