Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Top Best (and Worst) Dressed Males in Bollywood

Drift stylista Joules returns by popular demand to line up the men on either side of her fashion fence

The Best

1. Shahrukh Khan
Right from his Fauji days this Delhiite has been stylish. While DDLJ made him a romantic heart throb, Johar's Kuch Kuch Hota Hai elevated him to a style icon. The young Shahrukh wearing Gap and Abercrombie brought western wear to Bollywood men. Shahrukh's style has always created news whether it was his pink shirt with pink tie look in Don or his 6-pack abs in Om Shanti Om or his ponytail look at cricket games. However what makes Shahrukh stylish and sexy is his believe that he is the best, his wit, his hair and his self deprecating humor. (Also: More SRK fashion + Aspi's favorite SRK song)

2. Hrithik Roshan
Hrithik catapulted into a style icon after his double role in his debut film. While Papa Roshan kept the first Hrithik simple it was his role as Rohit with his motor cycle, his designer clothes, glasses and his broken Hindi that girls swooned over. Hrithik's style is casual and an athletic body and his Greek god looks make him look stylish in whatever he wears. He took his style one step forward in Gowariker's period piece Jodhaa Akbar. Someone sitting behind me in the movie theatre commented "If this is how Jodhaa and Akbar looked, Jehangir must be the most beautiful mughal baby!" Advice to Hrithik: improve on how you communicate. I heard that Hrithik had a stutter growing up and he still is shy to speak in public. (Also: Aspi's favorite Hrithik song)

3. Saif Ali Khan
The biggest transformation in Bollyheroes. Saif came to the bollywood stage by playing the bratty younger brother. His girlish look, nasally voice and limited acting talent almost made him a has-been actor . But with perseverance and taking up second lead roles he has slowly and steadily reached the top not only in his profession but also in style. Saif brought the metrosexual male to Bollywood and India. Gone were the hairy chested men and in was this suave, stylish, capris wearing Pataudi. Saif's style lately has been showy - perhaps the influence of a Ms. Kapoor.

4. John Abraham
Humility thy name is John Abraham. John's style is laid back. Just like his personality and unlike his girl friend his outfit choice are simple - blue jeans and t-shirts. But recently John has been dressing up a little more in fitted suits and his suit with no tie look at the Filmfare awards was well received. The most photographed of male models, John's assets are his physique, his smile and the way he wears his jeans. Whether in long hair or the recently cropped tresses John's style is confident and cool.

5. Amitabh Bachchan
Who can forget the blue shirt knotted at the waist in Deewar or the jacket flapping in the wind on a motorcycle in Muqaddar Ka Sikander. Amitabh has been stylish even when Bollywood did not know the "S" of style. His lanky body, smoldering eyes and booming voice were his assets as they are now. Amitabh's style these days is formal and it suits his age. He also sports a lot of stone rings and has a penchant for silk scarves. Advice to Amitabh: You have a beautiful family and a body of work that would make anyone jealous. Stop being bitchy. (Also: Aspi's favorite Amitabh song)

6. Neil Nitin Mukesh
A rare combination of cute looks and macho personality. Neil's outings have been rarely photographed as he is still a celebutant. But his outfit choice by Narendra Kumar Ahmed for Filmfare awards was simply spectacular for a new comer.

7. Bobby Deol
Bobby has this inherent style that he looks good and appropriately dressed at all times. I would call him the male Preity Zinta however his facial features restrict him from moving up in this list. Unlike the other pair of designer-designee Tina and Hussain, Bobby's wife Tanya is very good at selecting and designing his outfits. His suits are always tailored well and fitted and he mixes in colors well.

8. Karan Johar
Karan in an interview has claimed that young Hrithik Roshan's character in K3G of the portly kid was based on his own childhood. If that is the case he has come a long way. His style is elegant, black and tailored. What adds to his style is his easy going nature. Whether it is the Khan camp or the Bachchan camp, Karan is friendly with every one. A successful producer, a successful director and successful TV host were not enough caps for him. He turned into a dress designer for Shahrukh in KBC.

9. Kunal Kapoor
I wouldn't call Kunal a style icon but he has potential. A hot favorite on the ramp Kunal has walked the ramp for designers like Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna. Kunal's sculpted face and his intense eyes are his assets and lately he is trying to walk away from the grunge look as seen at the Filmfare awards (Loved the silver scarf with the black suit)

10. Kabir Bedi
This dapper sixty two year old has always been stylish. Whether Hollywood or Bollywood Kabir has always made his presence felt. His good looks and personality enhance his style. Kabir carries both traditional Indian wear and Western wear well. Lately he has been spotted in very stylish black suits which are fashionably tailored and seem to blend Indian wear with western wear.

The Worst

1. Govinda
Flamboyance is an understatement for this mumbaiya. Loud is his style but the truth is audiences don't expect anything less from Chi Chi. His style worked in his favor for the slap stick comedies he was doing in the earlier part of his career. Govinda does not care as is evident from his weight gain and the red pants with yellow shirts and the check jackets he still sports.

2. Salman Khan
The spoilt brat son of writer Salim Khan, Salman was the first Bollywood actor to take weight training seriously and bring the whole muscular look to Bollywood (and I thank him for that). However he overdoes everything. From taking his shirts off to show his chest and abs often, wearing tight shorts, tattered jeans, to sporting earrings in both his ears, to his long hair look in Tere Naam Salman's style is absurd. These days he has come up with a clothing line of T-shirts that feature his paintings.

3. Ranbir Kapoor
Actors who look like their mom's never have a good debut and have to struggle the earlier part of their careers (Sanjay Dutt, Saif Ali Khan). Ranbir reminds you so much of Neetu Singh that it is hard to consider him as an individual. On top of that Ranbir has a penchant for velvet jackets. His waiter style jacket for The Filmfare awards moved him a few notches lower in the style ladder.

4. Abhishek Bachchan
Abhishek yoyos between trying to be a copy of his dad and trying to make his own style. He seems to fail at both ends. His dress sense is conservative for his age (always wears suits and has a serious demeanor) on top of that the facial hair is getting boring. When he tries to be cool he out does himself as seen from the hair band look he was sporting a few months ago. He struggles with weight problems and in an industry obsessed with the size of the biceps stays away from the gym. Advice to Abhishek: You are a good actor, acting is your ticket to the top, stop trying to be cool.

5. Anil Kapoor
Loved the Anil Kapoor of Woh Saat Din and Chameli ki Shaadi. Anil was a hoot in Tezaab although a little hairy. Anil although dresses well, someone needs to tell him to get his chest waxed. Also a change in the hairstyle that he has been sporting since the 80s will help. Unlike Govinda who comes across as extremely humble, Anil is a blowhard which does not help his image either.

6. Aamir Khan
Our very own Tom Hanks, takes his look and role in movies very seriously. Whether it is the dhoti-bundi look in Lagaan or the long mustache look in Mangal Pandey or the shaved head for Ghajini, Aamir spends a lot of time and effort to get the right look for his character. Aamir's problem is once he gets in a character for a movie that is how he looks even when he is not on the sets. (Also: Aspi's favorite Aamir song)

7. Vivek Oberoi
What happened to the Vivek Oberoi of Company and Saathiya? A brilliant debut followed by a beautiful remake. We recently saw the same sparks in Shootout but along the way Vivek somehow lost his acting chops and his style. The half-unzipped leather jacket to show his chest, the floppy hair and the kaajal in the eyes needs to go. Like Abhishek, Vivek is not stylish and should concentrate on building his acting creds.

8. Akshay Kumar
Akshay entered the industry on his own merits. Handsome face, cute looks, a martial arts expert and some talent took him places. However these days Akshay's style is bordering on ridiculous. Not sure if it is the pressure for him to say young and fresh. His look in Bewafaa where he was trying to be a musician made me laugh. His look at the SRGMP finale and Filmfare awards (suit jacket with no shirt) makes you wonder how he left home looking like that, specially when his wife and mother-in-law always look gorgeous.

9. Himesh Reshamiya
Yes, we know the masses love you but its not for your style. People like you because they can laugh at you and not with you. He has finally realized the topi look needs to go but Himesh please say bye-bye to the girly jeans. And what's up with the open chest look? When did Bollywood stars start thinking showing their chest in the name of fashion was Ok? (Also: Aspi's favorite Himesh song)

10. Insert your own
This could be Harman Baweja with his new kid on the block look or Tushar Kapoor who has to grow in the shadows of a very good looking and successful dad. It could be Ritesh Deshmukh or Arshad Warsi with their safe "jeans with a jacket" look or Akshaye Khanna with his "flamboyance bordering on absurd" look or Sonu Nigam or Ajay Devgan with their "I am ugly so what do I do to look cool" look.



Never Mind!! said...

Great! Thanks for the follow up list. Now that said, the most stylish male award definitely belongs to Hrithik. No way SRK can top that list with his ugly looking ponytail and those uglier looking six packs (yeah I am from the Aamir camp). While at that, no Aamir in the first list? I guess Kunal Kapoor and John Abraham could move up a bit on the list. And I totally forgot Kabir Bedi.

Anonymous said...

She is so totally right in her choice for #1 style icon as it defiantely is and has been for many years, Shah Rukh Khan. No other male in Bollywood comes close to his fashion sense. And with his build and pose he looks so great wearing a suit or the vest and jeans look too.

Unknown said...

Joules, terrific job like the first one. I noticed while linking with the pics that the men really stay away from Indian wear way more than the women do. Its unfortunate because some of them would kill in it.

I had much fun reading this.

Bee's said...

absolutely loved this one..couldn't agree more..
great work joules..
for #10 my vote goes to mr devgan..

Editor said...

Great Article!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic post!!! Absolutely loved it and I cannot disagree on a single point! And oh, thanks for mera droolworthy SRK at the very top :-D

P.S. A big style departure for SRK was his simple checked shirts in Swades. The clothes totally said 'Mohan Bhargava' to me.

Anonymous said...

Great write up, though I am not to certain abt Aamir in the second list.... Loved reading it..

Anonymous said...

none of the bollywood men have any style worth talking about

at least hrithik with help from anaita adajania has started dressing well

big b has a good style for his age most the time

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

rediff's version of the list

Unknown said...

Boy, these French Indian Salman Khan fans are an angry lot. But I loved the homage to Salman and how he tends to repeat himself. A true fan!

Unknown said...

Tarik, sorry my man. But I had to delete your comments because of the swearing. Otherwise feel free to tell us what you think (as long as its once)

Bee's said...

i remember jackie shroff used to be known as best dressed man of bollywood or something like that..
look at the guy he has ruined his reputation..

Anonymous said...

Joules, great list and must have been a fun exercise.
BTW Aspi you threw me with your favorite AB song. I totally expected something out of the orig. Don:-)
I would say that Aamir does not belong either in the best or worst dressed list. He just moves from one character to the other and (probably be design) doesnt sport a 'look' in between.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Jackie is a sad study. What a fall from grace. If I had kids that would be a good way to teach them on what excessive alcohol can do to you.

Unknown said...

meena, Don doesn't have a song in which Amitabh grabs a guitar and plays it like he's stroking someone's ass. Later, someone plays the drums over a keyboard piece. Thus, this is my favorite Amitabh song.

Anonymous said...

stupid job, making me miss all the fun that's going on here!

Nice job Joules! I agree with most of the best-dressed list. I think eventually, Ranbir might make his way up there, but for now...he's no where close. It must've been hard picking the 'worst-dressed' list, considering there are so many people in b-wood that belong on that list!! Nevertheless...wonderful writeup!!

Anonymous said...

ha ha Aspi, and the aamir one? let me guess - because he pulls off this indescribable strut walk?

Anonymous said...

Good List Joules! But I'd actually move SRK into the second list - all the instances of his dressing well are in movies or at award shows - i.e. either dressed by a designer or in a black suit! He has stated in interviews that he has no sense of style and relies on friends and family to buy his clothes...his normal look is scruffy, IMO - which *does* suit him, and makes for a unique style of hiis own, but does not make for best-dressed! (I speak as a die-hard SRK fan - love him in ALL his roles, even the dreck that is Anjaam!)


Anonymous said...

Thanks everyone for the comments. This list was harder as men dont pay as much attention to style (most actors fall under neither here nor there category - blue jeans and t-shirt look and a black suit look) and truth be told the ones that do try are the ones that fall flat on their face. (Did you see Vivek Oberoi at the IIFA awards?)

The other thing I believe is that no designer can make you look good unless you have it in yourself. Hence the debacle of Neeta Lulla and Aishwarya Rai.

Having said that my criteria was hence forth:

1. Men who brought a particular style to India - Shahrukh with brand western wear, Saif with the metrosexual look, Amitabh with the "you can look good in your old age"

2. Styles that were copied by younsters - And that is the reason Amir did'nt make the well dressed list. Except for his DCH I dont think his look has been considered edgy and trendy by youngsters. Also I cant get Aamir Khan's Mangal Pandey phase out of my head.

3. Guys who have a comfortable body language in whatever they wear - this is where John Abraham, Hrithik Roshan and Bobby Deol fall.

Unknown said...

meena no, that song I genuinely like :) as I do the others on the list.

Come to think of it Don's Ye Mera Dil comes close to being my favorite Amitabh song because there is a shot in it where Amitabh suddenly flips around and glances at this poster of a woman behind him.

This random event (YouTube link: 2:38m into the song) I think is when he realizes he's being duped by Helen. Why, who can say? But it elevates the song to greatness.

This song also has Helen prancing around like a wall lizard during mating season - always a plus.

On the other hand, Amitabh playing a drunk making out with a guitar: priceless!

Cine Masala said...

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Anonymous said...

Joules,wow,how do u manage to come up with such detailed analysis! I am impressed:).
Its good SRK has good designers around him cos I remember him mentioning in an interview that for all formal affairs, he simply has to choose between his 2-3 black suits.
I remember seeing Vivek some months ago with a bleached face, and no eyebrows visible?It was so disgusting.Is that what he looked like on the IIFA?
I think Neil Mukesh is a very smart boy. I pity him cos he is there for all the award shows, and Ranbir bags the awards.

Over Rated said...

Nice list Joules!! Again, your analysis is on the money.

Also, lmao @ actors who look like their mothers ...

I find SRK to be too blah and Hrithik to be too yeah....whatever. I know I might be stepping on some toes here but it's just an opinion. Not a matter of life and death. :P ...

And somebody should have told AB Jr that his 13 year old neighbor called, and she wants her hair-band back.

*Goes away now*

Beth Loves Bollywood said...

Fab! And yeah, let's see the boys in more Indian clothes! They seem to look so stellar when they do so for films (especially the taller ones, I must admit).

And I love the advice to Amitabh! It needed to be said.

Anonymous said...

over rated, who would be on the top of your list? Just curious.

Anonymous said...

*remembers SRK in the black and red chikan kurta in Kal Ho Na Ho and drools all over the keyboard* :-p

Anonymous said...

even saif in Kal ho na ho manages to look good in Indian outfit even though he's short! I agree, Indian men should wear more Indian outfits outside of movies.

Over Rated said...


I think your list is perfect and being having my limited knowledge, I only have a worst dressed list!! :P ...

I am just not a big SRK or Rithik fan (or anybody's fan for that matter) though they are rightly placed on top of your first list.

And as far as being stylish, if I ever was rich and famous (which is so never gonna happen) I'd need at least a team of 15 stylists and still end up looking stupid. My only mantra is "Black is the new black!!"

Anonymous said...

there is one good looking guy on desi TV... you know of the soap kind

Anonymous said...

i agree with overrated..

there aren't any men in bollywood worth being a fan of..except for hrithik

they're either bisexual fugly chain smokers or girl bashing drunk midgets or girly boys who could do with some testosterone

No thank you don't want them

Anonymous said...

or some gross looking sleazy middle aged man who will do anything with 2 legs

Unknown said...

hey now, lets keep Sawan Kumar Tak out of this.

Anonymous said...

*sings* Saawan.. the louv seajon.. saawan..the louv seasjon...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

umm.. Shahid Kapoor? Definately deserves a place in the best dressed category.

Anonymous said...

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renuka said...

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piya said...

Loved the article !
Ofcourse SRK is the best well dressed man of bollywood. Can carry amy attire with charm and elegance. Be it black suit or a check shirt or a sherwani. He just fits in every cloth smoothly ! Maybe its the wonderfull, pleasent personality and a simple innocent genuine smile or the positive aura and awesome sense of humour that makes him look perfect !
What to say about Big B ! He is the best ! Such amazing dressing sense in this age is worth applause !

Moving on to worst... I think Salman is really worst dressed actor. Moreover his silly expressions plus arrogant looks give me creeps. Either he is over the top giggly or too damn serious as if going to punch anytime ! He better work on his torn jeans and oily flicks ! ( that is sooo over !! )

Puhleeezz ! Amir is not that bad ! He dresses up good !

And yup. Put Ajay Devgan in List #1. He has such a cool n elegant dressing sense.