Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstar: Enter, Grand Finale

Now that JJWS has entered the finals, I'd like to not give it the benefit of doubt. So I'll assume that things go downhill from here - in other words, now that the show is more about competition than entertainment, I will lower my expectations.

However, there are a couple of things worth mentioning which I will.

First, interestingly enough in the last round of competition, Debojit and Toshi both created a vibe which felt all too familiar. They appeared intent of making the other guy look bad.

On the other hand Abhijit and Rahul, both similar singers and possibly competing for one spot in the top three did nothing of the short. They played the trash talking game but with enough playfulness that you didn't take it seriously. They egged each other on to some excellent performances and they kept it positive.

Result: Both Toshi and Debojit delivered tepid singing and had to leave the show. On the other hand Abhijit and Rahul created entertaining performances and snagged spots in the finale along with Harshit.

No comment from me except that I hope some desi technology professionals read this. Heh heh. There is a lesson worth learning here.

And second, its probably extremely difficult to choreograph dances around singers in a singing competition. But congratulations to the choreographers on JJWS who I felt did a stellar job for a show like this. They had some interesting costumes, decent dancers and they staged dances that were playful and inventive without getting in the viewers face.

Grand Finale is on July 12. Yawn, already.



Anonymous said...

Toshi's "Chaiya Chaiya" was so bad. When he started I thought that song was meant for him but what a let down.

Harshit is slowly becoming my favourite although its funny to see him smile. He almost has to put an effort to smile and usually smiles at the wrong moments (kind of like John McCain).

I like Rahul's childlike expressions when he nails a "harkat". Overall, though the guy is too camera conscious - Not cool!

Next show will be awesome as besides the singing we will get to see Shahid and Vidya (wonder what she is going to wear - my guess is cropped capris with a black top) on the show.

Filmi Geek said...

Hey Aspi - sorry to be a bit off topic, but since your blog is my lifeline connection to Indian television talent contests, I wonder are you going to be watching "Kaun jeetega Bollywood ka ticket" and blogging about it? I'd love to be able to link your comments on my Shabana Azmi blog since I am unlikely to watch the show myself. Thanks -carla

Unknown said...

carla, off topic is welcome here. In fact, most of the interesting discussions happen when someone goes off topic :)

I'll try my best to check it out - I have no plans as of now. These days SRGMP seems to have started but for the life of me I can't see it in my program guide, making me feel like an idiot who can't interact with a DVR.

Unknown said...

joules, my opinion is that if singing and entertaining the viewers was the only consideration on this show, Rahul would be the deserving winner.

And even more than Harshit's smile, its that surprised expression he gets on his face when he smiles like he can't believe it himself. It was on during that little speech his grandma made.

And I mention this because I'd like to remind Mandira Bedi that just because a person is blind doesn't also mean they are deaf.

Anonymous said...

lol on Mandira screaming at the blind grandma. I thought the same.

Pitu said...

Mandira screamed at a blind gramma? o.O This I hafta see! *runs off to watch youtube*

Anonymous said...

I know this is random but do yawl really think Shahid would wanna hook up with some buddia aunyji like Vidya???=/

Pitu said...

Ok, saw the epi- much fun! Rahul sang rly well and Toshi's overconfidence was hilarious as usual. Also, Debo cud have picked a nicer song. Jhumroo is hardly the sort of gaana to be sung at a semi final o.O

Anon- Well, Shahid himself looks like a bachcha on steroids so maybe all he can get is Vidya aunty.

Anonymous said...

Mahablogger Aspi
You can download SRGMP from BWTorrents and see some great singers some of them make an interesting impression like
1. Survinder Singh - A Small Kid who sang Jab We Met , Mohit Chauhan's song and I like it better than Original ( Tume Se Hi )

2. Sara Khan is a Cutie from Lahore with a million $$ smile and excellent talent.

There are a few other singers who make a mark - Girl from Chandigarh , Omman and a Gy from Jaipur .

Ommani Girl is great and her Hindi is Funny.

Do watch Himness with Oriental hair and bleached eye lashes.

Need you humour on this first week show hosted by Head

Unknown said...

bwtorrents - What's that?! *blink, blink*

Anon thanks for the tip. I will try my best.

However, I eventually need to find it on my DVR. I can't watch downloaded episodes - I did that on Nach Baliye and it bites.

Unknown said...

To answer Save-Shahid's question: Yes! For Vidya's sake. And I'm not being mean when I say that. But Shahid will do wonders for Vidya's image. Then she'll do a auntyji-no-more (kind of like my favorite spider-no-more comic book episode) and all will be well.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm I have a query.

I've been lurking around this place for quite some time now but have never encountered anyone use "lol",why exactly is that???

Have you guys sworn off it or somethin or is it cuz you guys think it 's a sign of immaturity lol.Just curious,nothin personal=]


Unknown said...

Its probably neither. We might just be way too cool for lol. Join us!

Anonymous said...

unfobbis..., I just used lol today. Sometimes it just makes sense to use it although I think of myself old enough to not get influenced by the latest lingo.

Pitu said...

fobby: we prefer Our Himesness's JMLR! i.e. Jai Matadi Let's Rock :-D That's how cool we are ;-)

Anonymous said...

Aspi I am assuming that you are subscribed to Zee USA. Those idiots decided that they would rather show SRGMP USA then SRGMP 2009. They were actually planing to start SRGMP 09 on august first aftee. But they got a lot of emails from the north american viewers and they might start showing it a bit earlier.

Check this link out for more information:

Unknown said...

I'll be advocating JMLR in a post shortly.

Tanny thanks for the info. Someone at ZeeUSA clearly had a mental outage. I sent them an email. But seriously, I would like access to the thought process that went on through their minds.

I can see the memo now:

"No one is watching our snoozeworthy kavi sammelan disguised as SRGMP USA. So let's force people to watch it by not showing them the real deal. That is a sure way to have legions of grateful fans subscribing to our channel forever. Not to mention it will ensure the popularity of the original show.

ZeeUSA Strategy Department"

Anonymous said...

And JMLR is an homage to the drifters favourite celeb who has entertained us immensely.

Pitu said...

....and who is looking so atrocious in SaReGaMaPa I almost threw up my breakfast. *gags uncontrollably*

Anonymous said...

This one's for you, Aspi.

Heard Bips is going to be on the JJWS finale also


Anonymous said...

Srgmp USA just takes boringness to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL.

I bet the annoyingly cheesy saas-bahu crapmania serials are more entertaining than this drag.And sorry to say but just looking at Suresh's face makes me let out a big yawn.


Anonymous said...

I'd honestly rather watch Himesh Besharamiyaji bark on and on trying his best to gain some TRP's.

Dealing with his hyper attacks (which he gets quite frequently)is much entertaining than this USA crud where we have to watch these over the age limit hags.

Jai Matadi Let's Rack (rack was done intentionally=])


Anonymous said...

The only saving grace of Srgmp USA is Jeffrey=]

He's got good stage presence and I sortah think he's cute.

- unfobbishlyfobbified

Unknown said...

Joules, thanks for the Bips-love. You are too kind.

Unfob, you are right about how to use that phrase.

If it was Ismail Darbar he would say:
Jai Matadi Letsh Roke

Bappi would go: (singing) Jayyy Maataadi Lates Roke. Yeh low notes aisa hone ko chahiye.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys I'm new hereeee and so,this is my first ever comment.At the moment, all I'd like to say is that Aspi bud,YOU JUST ROCK.

You're funny,understanding,friendly,creative and your posts put a humongous smile on my face.Keep it up.You're just awesomely awesome.


ppl said...

Zee USA sucks. I don't have cable, but this delays our immense enjoyment of Aspi's take on the escalating hilarity in 'SRGMP the original'

What can I say Aspi, a million lol's wouldn't have sufficed for the rolling in mirth that happened on the couch, and this was just the introduction of the Gharanas. They had an earth,wind,water,fire theme and the sight of Pritam exploding like a wet grizzly out of the ocean with his soggy army was pure deliciousness.

The singing was good, Himesh has his own Mauli, while Pritam has a Sumedha. The male singers especially this 8th grader looking paaji brought their A game.
Himanshu is leaving no stone unturned to sell the show and the singers like a seasoned 'dukaandar' and I think he might have finally perfected the art of pre-emptive attack in defense of things to come.

In short, stop being a dick, Zee USA!!!

Unknown said...

xoxangelxox, welcome and thanks for all the praise. When the Drift Memsaab saw this she said: "Aspi are you writing to yourself?"

leera, thanks for covering for the lack of SRGMP here with that hilarious description of the opening ceremony. I think if you give us your reports, we'll be able to survive these few weeks until SRGMP is on Zee again.

If I cover SRGMP again, I will title the post "A million lols" and dedicate it to you.

Anonymous said...

As I was switching channels between SRGMP and JJWS this weekend, it was very clear that the singers of the initial rounds of SRGMP r far better than the finalists of JJWS.(Leera, loved ur description of the opening ceremony. LOL!).
But it was simply exasperating to watch Himesh grab the mike and sermonise all the time...maybe Aspi who is a big-time fan of Him would have loved it:), but for the non-fans, it was a little too much of Him. Tho, to be fair to him, he does look much smarter these days!

Anonymous said...

Unfobbishly....I think the posts here always so 'lol' that it sounds too cliched....Tho I did use it just yday!

Anonymous said...

First off---gr8 write up, and the caption was awesomely funny!

I want to piggy back on an issue you raised about Debojit and Toshi. Both came across as having "simmering anger" issues. Vishal had called it "creating a bad vibe." Then they got kicked off the show.

Abhijit, Rahul and Harshit have been pensive/reflective in the face of possible elimination, but not negative. Perhaps this helps them catch more votes?

If this is a pattern, future contestants should take note.

Anonymous said...

btw, the blind grandma was very articulate. I was very impressed with her confidence and her sentiments.

Anonymous said...

Mind Rush, it's always the perceived "nice guys" who win the popularity votes. That seems to be common enough across all these shows. It's funny, though, Debojit made sure he had that image back in his SRGMP days, when Vinit, Himani and Hemachandra staged a walkout against him on national TV. I wonder why he lost it this time!

Moving slightly off-topic, where's the Hemachandra dude? I loved his voice! Anyone know?

-- svr

Anonymous said...

Haha Aspi,Drift Memsaab actually thought I was you?Awww,why does she doubt the existence of an Aspi admirer, who isn't Aspi himself=/


- xoxangelxox

Anonymous said...

Anyhooo enough of Aspi now,sorry Aspi ma homeslice, you rock and everythin but you can't always be the hot topic...teheh

Lets talk about something else=]Like the fact that I have this strange soft corner thingy for Abhijeet Sawant.And it's really really awkward cuz I never have crushes on any of the loserish fellah's who appear on reality shows.This is a first.Holy shit I'm creepin myself out.Lol.Am I the only one who finds his annoying smile cute???


Anonymous said...

xoxangelxox, Vishal loved Abhijeet;s smile and kept saying he was such a nice human being.He suddenly turned against him.Tho now its 'dost' again for the finale.

Anonymous said...

Since a few weeks I had the feeling that the winner of JJWS would be one who hasnt won any tv contest yet so that leaves Abhijit out.
Its going to be Rahul or Harshit..
btw, arent Rahul and Abhijit both Mumbaikars whove known each other since IIdol.

Pitu said...

Hmm I hope Abhijeet wins though :-D
Yeah, both are Maharashtrians and Mumbaikars.

Anonymous said...

I think its going to be Rahul or Harshit. The whole challengers overcoming the champions by sheer hard work storyline.

Agree with MindRush. The grandma spoke well. But then that is a typical UP grandma for you.

Anonymous said...

@ xoxangelxox:Haha Angel,whyy Abhijeet???Sorry to say but I find him super annoying.The way he tries to be all goody goody pisses me off.He should quit over doing the whole "Imma a nice boy who can never commit a sin" act.

And if you're talkin bout his smile,I find that annoying too.Why couldn't you fall for someone goodlooking..........oh shit what the hell am I saying.These Indian Reality Shows never have any good looking guys to offer.Besides,the guy's married to some gold digger named Shilpa...

- unfobbishlyfobbified

Unknown said...

Ok, I've watched people watch Abhijit and I have to say he tends to be liked quite a bit. Perhaps its that toothy grin that xoxangelxox is talking about.

However there is that somewhat devious look that crosses his face every now and then which is at loggerheads with the sweetness.

Yet I feel he's kept it positive on JJWS for which he should be commended. Certainly everyone seems to respect him on the show.

Pitu said...

He's married?? Um, how old is he? Also, I find him and Rahul good-looking in a very 'cute, accha baccha, slightly geeky' kinda way. Which isn't saying much but considering how Amit Sana (shudder) or Toshi (ugh) look, it certainly makes them look great by comparison.

Anonymous said...

Awww Unfob... you didn't have to be so harsh=[

I think Abhijeet's gorgeous and I've totally fallen for his charming personality.Same here Pitu,I love his geekyness.Oh and yeah it's really heart breaking to know the fact that he's married to his long time girlfriend Shilpa=[Is she older than him?It surely looks like it.

This is Shilpa:

Them at their marriage:http://i35.tinypic.com/2epou9w.jpg
(Shilpa's at the right end)

Goshness,Abhi looks happy with her!Buh I bet he'd be happier with me.Oh well,it's his loss...


Over Rated said...

For all drifters, my sources have just faxed me the following secret memo from Star USA

Guys, after the super success of SRGMP USA, we need to come up with some local content also. I have a brilliant idea which will knock your socks off.

I propose we commission a new show called Nach Baliye in LA.

We can have the following celebrity couples:

(a) Kal Penn and that women in the Namesake
(b) Kal Penn and the actress who played "Women in library" in CSI last year
(c) That guy from the Big Bang theory and that women of Indian origin who played a Nepali on Boston legal
(d) Salman Rushdie and whoever he's doing these days
(e) The Great Khali and his cow or his wife - depending on availability

Of course, the contest can be judged by the following people: Mira Nair
Bobby Jindal (though we need to ask him to leave the whole evangelical-batshit-crazy-shtick he has going on at the door)
and of course, Kal Penn.

Please let me know your views.

Love & a Thousand Namastes

Apu Naihoiqgipibhiuowgoeogw

Unknown said...

xax, great pics. Wonder who got them.

Over Rated, great idea! I have a post of reality TV I'd like to see that has been ready for days - can't find an opportunity to publish it.

Anonymous said...

Pitu, thanks for info.

Aspi, u noticed that abt Abhijit-
"devious look that crosses his face every now and then which is at loggerheads with the sweetness."

Anonymous said...

overrated...this is so subversively funny and sad at the same time.

hina said...

i love rahul vineet most of all anu malik