Thursday, July 17, 2008

Shaili Police: What never to wear

Admittedly I'm a pretty lousy dresser. For one, my shirts either hug me like a noose or surround me tent-like. My pants - well, lets not go there.

But that doesn't mean I don't hold others to a much higher standard than mine. And although I'm agreeable about a wide swath of dress choices, there are some that are universally bad ideas - kind of like making Mimoh dance.

Make these choices and risk going the way of the mullet, i.e. family album showings will become an annual embarrassment worth skipping Thanksgiving for.

Emily Blunt Long Belted CardiganThe Bath Robe

A while back long belted cardigans were all the rage and I still see women who can't seem to get rid of them. Like bad rupee notes, they end up near you every now and then. The only piece of clothing you can wear that covers your hips and has a belt (with matching fabric I might add) should be a bath robe, not a sweater. And the only appropriate thing to say while wearing one should be "Hot tub?" not "Bartender, another mango martini!"

The Branded Butt

Besides being a remarkably bad idea, putting words on the back of pants so that they frame people's butt is dangerous. Why? Because out of morbid fascination, I'm compelled to read them. And reading a word that is being split up and down continuously is hard. Now imagine someone jogging and me driving. Bad situation. And for god's sake, doesn't the irony of putting the name of a State on a badonkadonk strike anyone like lightening?

Jennifer Hudson Oscars ShrugThe Quarter Length Shirt

I've never gotten the idea behind a short shrug or a bolero and I suspect in a few years the trendistas will be scratching their heads over this as well. Why pay full price for a shirt that does less than half its job? Do you see anyone wearing only one pant leg? No, because its plain silly and impractical. Unless you are Mammooty and its your lungi we are talking about, full length is the best length.

The Rolled Up Coat Sleeves

For those of you who continue to do this (and you know who you are), I'd like to point out that its been over a decade and a half since we said goodbye to Miami Vice. Stop watching reruns on TV and believing this stuff is actually happening now.

Thanks to girlie girl, j and H&R for helping me name certain pieces of clothing


Anonymous said...

This could be an ongoing segment on your blog. A post on wierd fashion trends.

Here is something new on the indian horizon. Some fashion you look at it and know is never going mainstream.

These are called jodhpuri's a take on the harem pants that Kareena wore in JWM.

And why should men be left behind

Anonymous said...

On the branded butt there was a huge discussion in Austin schools if teenagers wearing pants with juicy written over the butt is appropriate in school.

I still dont understand the popularity of juicy track suits. Know they are comfortable and all but I find them as attractive as crocs which is my other pet peeve. If I ever become president say goodbye to your crocs.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree that this should be an on going segment. Crocs are the worst looking thing in the world...right next to those parachute pants that people seem to like these days. Crocs look cute on little kids but when i see a 40-year-old wearing purple Crocs, I really want to rip them off of her feet and make her walk barefoot!! THose things are Fuggos for sure! Maybe people realized how crappy they are considering their stock-prices (sorry, that's work-girlie girl talking!)

p.s. good job on the post Aspi!

Unknown said...

j, those are scary. Perhaps they will feature in a Kohli brothers film soon.

Regarding crocs - funny I was going to mention them and ran out of room.

Anonymous said...

Austin also seems like is the croc capital. You can't go to my favourite grocery store (whole foods) without seeing every other person wearing crocs. (Ofcourse, I can hear some of you saying that is what you get for going to whole foods).

Bee's said...

lol good one..
agree with you on the butt branding, adhura shirt and the rolled sleeves..
but but i have to admit i love the belted long shirts/cardigans..
:-d am i still allowed on drift?

Bee's said...

abt the jodhpuri's..actually rohit bal doesn't look quite bad..i think he can pull it off..but look at this one..what do you call this? Post mid life crisis???

Anonymous said...

I think Rohit Bal pulls off the Jodhpur look. He's worn them quite a few times--on and off the ramp. And there is a pic of Farhan Akhtar (on the ramp) and Nina Manuel pulling them off as well.

On the other hand, I've seen Rohit Bal's own models on the ramp NOT pulling of Jodhpurs. So...

Kareena's Jab We Met isn't Jodhpurs, but I don't know something else. And I think she pulled it off too. What Nina and Koel are wearing right there are neither Jodhpurs or the type of Kareena was weraing. I think it's supposed to be either one or something similar, but yeah they're not pulling it off.

But don't be hating on the Jodhpurs all, or the harem pants. I love my Patiala Salwars and the Harem type of salwars. Maybe not with a small t-shirt, though. Though some could pull it off.

Crocs. They were pretty big in the political blogsphere a while back. :)

Anonymous said...

Back from much Drift fun! With you on all but the belted cardigan look - some of them do look casually elegant - i.e. suitable for hanging out and running errands on Sat morning. As for Crocs, much as I hate the look of them, I have to admit they are oh-SO-comfortable, and have decent foot support - much better for kids than the flip-flops which seem to be part of the summer uniform otherwise.


Pitu said...

HeheheHe Aspi G.

J, those are not new. They are the evil, twisted brainchild of hippy firangs who visit India. I was in Rajasthan this Feb and ALL the firangs wore it. Imagine my shock and horror when a desi shopwalla tried to sell me that crap when I went browsing for lehariya stuff. Also, my BP would rise to DANGEROUS levels when I saw those fugly pants made with Sari fabric!!!! Yep, they were cutting up purana zari wala saris and those pants out of those. I was also told 'Aap bhi leke jaiye, kuchh Bombay wali ladkiyon ne bhi khareeda' Grrrrrrrrrrr

Err I want hot pink Crocs :-D They iz nice!

Anonymous said...

I called Kareena's look Harem pants not Jodhpuris. Those have looked great in the past on Sushmita and looked awesome on Kareena.

The jodhpuris or similar pants maybe great on runways and very skinny models but just looks odd when you see them in person. And for all the talk of Rohit Bal looking great I find him looking a little like a freak.

Patiala's have been around for a long time and look great with the right length of kurtis. That goes for churidaars as well. But I cant see myself wearing a churidaar with a waist length t-shirt.

Never Mind!! said...

j, I beg to differ but those arent Jodhouris. Those are some weird hybrid between pubjabi salwars and baggie pants. Jodhpuris are the loose around the thigh and hug your legs from knees and under.

I am guilty of wearing bathrobe cardigans. But then they are comfy and its easy to hide a big butt in them. I hate those PJs with Juicy and Pink written all over them. And what I dont understand is why a green or watever colored PJ has PINK written on the butt!

Unknown said...

Jodhpurs remind me too much of hunterwala/hunterwali types. So I find them funny.

Bitterlemons, welcome back! Hope you had a good vacation.

Bee, you are always welcome on the Drift. Even if you didn't love Himesh, you'd still be welcome here.

Anonymous said...

yeah the bathrobe cardigens are comfortable. I dont have any anymore but i did have them a few years ago.

The thing with Kareen's Patiala/T-shirt look is things may look good on screen but when it comes to real life, people just end up looking like Jokers! Remember Madhuri's hideous green/white choli from Hum Aapke Hain Kaun...and the day after that movie was out, everyone and their mothers were wearing that monstrosity!! I mean, if Madhuri couldn't pull it off, what makes you think you can?!?!

Anonymous said...

I think Harem pants fall in the same league. They look great on movie stars but I haven't seen a regular person carry it with elan.

Kareena's salwar tshirt look was ok - for the reason she wore it as a night suit in the movie and was left wearing it as she looses her luggage. Also the t-shirt was long enough. But I cant see anyone wearing it when not just lounging at home.

I have to confess, I always found the additional material on churidaars very cumbersome. Never knew what to do with it and why they would have so much material around the waist. Give me fitted stuff anyday.

Speaking of trends, anyone notice the style Mandira was wearing in JJWS. They almost looked like mail sherwanis (I said almost so please no emails explaining what sherwanis are :)) and the bottoms were more like pyjamas.

Anonymous said...

I meant male sherwanis

Anonymous said...

Female sherwanis. I was wondering when that trend would make its way to India. After the Kalidar and Anakali outfits, it was only a matter of time.

I had read a year or so back that there were female sherwanis in Pakistan. I think I may have seen some pictures as well. I had been looking and looking to see how I could get my hands on one. But the fashion shows this year all seem to feature a few of the female sherwanis--whether it be a churidar or salwar bottom. Maybe the Indian fashion ramp always did feature the female sherwanis, but I hadn't seen them outside of the ramp till now in India.

Anonymous said...

oooooh, I remember those scary green-white cholis of Madhuri, I was cajoled into buying one for my friend's wedding about six months after the movie came out. That was the only time I wore it.

See, the white skirt looks fine by itself, and the green top looks fine by itself (well, at least, I seem to like colours that bright) But I never, ever, ever found anything to pair either the skirt or the top with.

Anonymous said...

Granted I'm not too crazy about the Sherwani Mandira was sporting, but in my head I am picturing a nice sleek, black one with a secondary color.

Kanan said...

girlie girl, thanks for reminding the green/white outfit of Madhuri. I still laugh about it. Who in their right might would wear golden jewelry with a dress that has silver jari work? I mean come on! And remember that white-pink-black kabutar dress from Maine Pyaar Kiya? A friend of mine actually got the exact same dress and I was like LOL!

Aspi, the half-length top things are cute once in a while when wearing them over spaghetti-straps, but it's looking too crazy on that copper colored dress in photo. Also, I believe certain cloths look good only on certain sized people with certain kinds of frames. That's why we see those "who carried it off better?" comparisons in magazines. As for the belted cardigans, I think if you're hourglass like figure, it should be okay but for a dhol-like figure it would look he-he-he-funny. And I just can't stand people wearing jogging clothes or sweatpants at work or while running daily chores. Whoa! have you seen some Indians wear those Bata chappals with sweatpants while they're out for groceries? Oh it looks so UGH!

Pitu said...

I wear my sweats while doing grocery, going to the library, walgreens etc. I even wear them while traveling coz it's so uncomfortable (and cold) in aircraft hehe. Admiteddly, it looks bad but I feel so cozy :-D I also walk my dog at 11pm (last walk before bed) in my fuchsia Hello Kitty jammies :-p Clearly, I am no fashion icon.

Anonymous said...

Pitu, that is cute. I always admire people who are comfortable in lounge wear. I subscribe to the Victoria Beckham model - never be seen without your makeup (or high heels) on.

I think Aspi knows more about women's clothes now than he ever wanted to know.

Pitu said...

Yaar, I always see folks like that at the airport and I'm like WOW! But eh, I can't do it. I have like 1 pair of heels and even then I have a propensity to totter. Airport pe pehnungi to I'll fall and break my tailbone lol.

Kanan said...

Oh Pitu, please tell me you don't :P but on the other hand, sultans are excused for things like that, aren't they?

Speaking of high heels, I hate them for giving me leg/foot cramps. But at 5'7" it's not like a necessity and moreover it's almost impossible to find a good looking shoes/sandals with non-pointy heels that are size 11. I have to admit, every once in a while I do get into a mood of wearing them. How can people walk, run and dance in those? I never understood.

J, do you get questions like "are you sick?" on the days you don't wear makeup?

Anonymous said...

No I get the perpetual "you look different" which I always tend to take it as "not good"

Pitu said...

Exactly Kanan! I am a sultan, even if wear a gunny sack and an ostritch feather in my hair, nobody can say anything ;-D

Also, you are 5'7"? I am 5'2" so in my kindgom anyone taller than me is required to walk around like hunchbacks. Just sayin'.

Kanan said...

A friend of mine is the same. I've never seen her without make up. I do ask her whether she ever gets tired of doing it every single day. She just says no and that she likes it. So what is it that keeps you girls going? Don't you feel those chemicals are actually more harmful in the long run for the skin than the way they beautify you on day to day basis? Just wondering.

Unknown said...

I don't understand most of this conversation. This is not to say I'm not enjoying it.

But I've noticed everyone seems to have given up on men and their sense of fashion. Or maybe we've just talked about man cleavage and pony tails enough.

Kanan said...

@Pitu, jo aagya maharaj! (lol) :P
*makes a mental note of gifting the platform heeled shoes to sultan for the next special occasion*

Aspi, no worries. You reading the conversation is quite commendable! ;) Glad you enjoyed it.

Btw, I just realized we still haven't talked about men wearing nice jackets at party or special occasions and sneakers for shoes. Major blunder IMO. I haven't searched for photos but I am sure they're out there.

Anonymous said...

Kanan, I was using makeup as an overall thing. But just like my fashion model Victoria Bekham:) I like to have a very put together look - I change purses everyday and am very fond of my shoes and accessories. Dont think I own a pair of sweat pants.

But yeah, regarding the makeup bit I do follow a facial regimen and think I have an ok skin for someone my age.

Anonymous said...

I used to be like that J...I used to different heels to work and get completely decked out but then it made my skin totally sh*tty and it took too no one to impress at work so i stopped the make up...the heels will always be there though!! Gotta love shoes!

Re: Guys wearing coats over jeans and sneakers...i've seen John Abraham wear that at a few occasions but damn that guys can't do anything wrong these days!

Unknown said...

I will list my top 3 desi male fashion faux pas'

#3: Wearing sneakers with dress pants (or biz causal pants even).

#2: Hitching pants up over the belly button. To be fair this might be getting phased out.

#1: Not doing laundry often enough - yes, its a fashion issue as far as I am concerned

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone...i stopped by to chech out some dhamakedar reveiws of Jaane tu .. or thoda pyaar.
Hasn't anyone here see these yet?
I rely on the collective wisdom of this group can someone pls provide me direction ;))

Unknown said...

Anon, and who might you be :)

Pitu reviewed Jaane Tu for us last week.

Amrita (who is gracious enough to be part of our collective wisdom) reviewed Thoda Pyaar here.

Anonymous said...

So I'm going to say something that most people will probably disagree with.

But I hate wearing make-up, and I don't like wearing heels.

Doesn't mean I would never wear either, but very rarely.

When I was a teen, I did wear heels with every outfit that weren't jeans or sweatpants. But after a while, I just got over it.

Plus, heels are REALLY bad for your back. I remember even Sarah Jessica Parker (I think it was she) complained of the toll they had taken on her.

I'll wear it with some outfits, but I don't see why they should be worn with every single freaking dress or saree.

And the feminist in me gets riled up when actresses are criticized for wearing flats--not because they are bad shoes, but like, "she disappoints by choosing flats. should've have gone with the heels." Or something like that.

And then forbid that an actress is seen without make-up on her face. Oh, no, she needs some concealer. How could she go OUT like that. WTF? Pisses me the hell off.

I can understand criticizing bad outfits, but messed up hair. But I despise it when clearly gender-based criticisms come up.

Oh, another thing that bothers me. So what if actresses and females have their phones in their hands during their events. Maybe they have calls. It would be a freaking hassle to keep reaching in and out of the handbags or clutches.

The men have their nice deep pockets--a luxury women do not have.

That's it I'm done.

And you know, it's amazing how much your view can change after college and some courses. I used to be all "eeh, pshhh feminists, what gender issues" but now all kinds of various stuff gets me riled up.

Sorry for the rant. I'm tired and it all just came out.

Unknown said...

Lin, well said! Your thoughts are always welcome and you did it well by not launching into personal attacks (not that we have that here) or singing any Himesh Reshammiya songs (which we have here a lot figuratively).

Most people who get criticized in fashion mags or sites seem to look fine to me. Heck I even thought Bjork's legendary swan outfit was extremely entertaining.

Anonymous said...

My cousin recently wore those harem pants/salwaar with a T shirt. She looked nice coz she's young, a size 2, and confident. Moreover, the pants were made of a knit material and were a neutral color.

Anonymous said...

Second thought...Reading everyone's comments made me realize how well one can analyze someone's personality based on their favorite clothing style.

Are you SJP heels type or a Whole Foods crocs type?

Sweatpants or satins?

Juicy or jodhpuri's?

Mind Rush will mull over over your fashion persona(lity).
Do write in...

Unknown said...

Mind Rush, I will go first since its only fair.

I wear dockers and full length sleeves to work. My pants are always looser than they should be thus making my butt invisible. I favor shirts with collars but enjoy wearing T-shirts.

My favorite item in my wardrobe are my sketcher. At least one pair is old enough to register at a museum.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Drift saab! Thanks for humoring me.

The man who knows what a bolero is and yet wears loose dockers daily has achieved fashion nirvana...i.e., he is above it all.

He is so into his other passions (writing, cartoons, cricket, Drift memsaab)that he doesn't have time to shop. However such a man is not a rebel. He wears enough "safe" labels to act like Clark Kent and mingle with the mortals. Meanwhile, he carefully notes the fasion faux pas of others.

Kya bole?

Anonymous said...

Me Me! I wear a LOT of pink and white and a lot of stuff has animals on it (everything from my ASPCA shirts to cats etc). And velour sweats. I also wear a lot of feminine stuff from Anthropologie. I own exactly one pair of jeans because I abhor pants. I am a skirt or dress girl. My hair is always loose and my definition of makeup is pink lipgloss. And I wear mu purana beat-up flip-flops except when I wear my silver ballet flats. And I have an enviable collection of socks with risque things written on them.

Anonymous said...

i never follow fashion trends, i hate all those fashion victims who end up looking the same .. i have a random and eclectic fashion sense and i wear some unusual clothes.. but i ALWAYS get people complimenting my style.. at the risk of sounding conceited but whatever i wear, i make people notice me without even trying..

Anonymous said...

i remember one school holiday we went to europe and bought these cargos in belgium, the brand was Punk Royal, it said "Punk Royal" on the butt area.. i thought it was edgy and different at the time..

that was like 5-6 years ago i was in my early teens... anyhoo soon after they started making those skanked out track pants and tacky looking clothes with ass logo..

found a picture on google

Anonymous said...

Kanan,great to hear u r many drifters said they were petite, I was beginning to feel left out:).!
Aspi,Snaaneshwar!!! lol!!

Anonymous said...

i am tall too

5 foot 8

Anonymous said...

Well, I have already spoken enough about my style. I am into the finer things that designers have to offer :). My taste are mostly classic (For eg: Chanel purses are my favourite for their lasting design). Not into the latest trends although I keep up. So you would'nt see me harem pants or anarkali suits.

I love a pop of color with most of my outfits. For eg: if I am wearing jeans and black t-shirt I will carry a red purse. Like Pitu I am into girly things - dresses and skirts - no cargo pants for me.

Anonymous said...

Lin, on your question of heels and back problems, I have been wearing high heels for almost 20 years now and so far haven't had any issues ::touch wood::.

I am getting at the age that another 15 years I am going to have some problem or other and back problems maybe the least of my worries.

A lot of the talk about heel issues are with stilletos. There are lots of designs these days wedges and platforms that are a lot more comfortable.

On the feminist issue, I choose to wear high-heels because I like them and how it makes me feel. Aren't feminist all about choice?

Anonymous said...

lol on the swan outfit. Any guesses on who would be the first indian actress to come out wearing something that ridiculous. My guess would be Mallika Sherawat.

Anonymous said...

Also Mind Rush, I am the SJP heel wearing type who totally adores Whole Foods, abhors plastic bags and tries not to use the dryer too much.

Unknown said...

Gang, the Great Desi Mind Rush has decided to address everyone's answers in a separate post.

I look forward to it! In the interim, just a note: your names will be in it. So if you would like to use some other name let me know. Otherwise have fun and use your Drift persona.

Never Mind!! said...

Such action happening here!

For some reason, I imagined Kanan to be a man. :).

mindrush ji,analyze me please. I luv wearing dresses and skirts most of the time. Make-up sometimes. PJs almost never. Dont care about flats or heels as long as my shoes are cute and match my outfit. Not much of a jewelery person either.My must have accessory, ear rings.

Anonymous said...

J, I wasn't criticizing the choice to wear heels. I never said that, and if it came off that way, I apologize.

I was just letting off steam that Sonam Kapoor for example, seems to war a good number of rlats. And I have seen her criticized--not because her shoes may have been ugly or bad--but because she keeps picking flats and that heels would be better.

Admittedly, this was a while ago. I have no idea if she wears a lot heels these days.

About the problems, yeah not every one gets those problems. I never got knee problems for example. And the only time my back started hurting was when I started carrying around kids when I was dressed up. So yeah it didn't cause me back problems either.

But, it is an effect people do experience. So I don't see what's so wrong and unfashionable about choosing nice flats or with not much heels instead of high heels.

Anonymous said...

Well, I always did carry kids, but not for a long period of time and play with them for a couple of hours as well. And plus yeah I wasn't 18 or 19 anymore. :(

Anonymous said...

ooh, Mind Rushji, do me (that came out wrong!!)

My closet consists of everything from designer clothes to "Candyland" t-shirt I got off eBay! I love wearing dresses and skirts and heels...I only have 3 pairs of flats and to me, they're more uncomfortable than my 4" heels. My dressing is totally extreme, either i will walk around in hospital pants/sweat pants or wear designer clothes...nothign in between. Not much make-up wearer on a day-to-day basis...just some power and pink lip gloss. Like Never Mind!! said, must have jewelry is earrings...

can't wait for your expert opinion!!

Kanan said...

anu g, that was one of the reasons I didn't post the other day when everyone was talking about it. I felt like an odd one out like I did in high school. :P Glad to know there's quite a few of us on here.

Lin, I totally am with you regarding the high heels and back problems. In fact, I am glad I've realized that sooner than later. One of the reasons why I avoid them is the same and other than that I never could learn to balance myself with those pencil heels. Forget even balancing, every time I try them on, I feel like I am learning how to walk all over again.

Hahaha Never Mind! that's funny, but don't feel bad, you aren't the first one to think so. I am not sure whether it's the name or what.

Unlike most of the gals on here, I'm a jeans fan. Also own quite a few Corduroy pants which I love dearly and own about a dozen jackets in that same material. I love the jackets be it summer or winter. I love all kinds of tops, all lengths and all colors but any shade of blue can make me go gaga over it. For shoes, give me any kind of flats and I'll take them - I love all colors too. I also love wearing shoes/sneakers with jeans and tshirts - aah so comfy and walkable for my large feet. High heels are for special occasions and all of them are the one-inch-wide kind. I also own a couple of pairs of those orthopedic SAS shoes and their sandals are also great. Make up isn't an every day thing but I love the desi kaajal, dark brown eyeliners and light colored powdery eye shadows (bare escentuals zindabad!) and light pink lip colors. The darker lip colors are for navratri times only. Purse is essential but I'd carry any color. No brand names for me, anything will do. I do have to admit I've committed crime of carrying a non-matching purse with my shoes. It's so funny I do it and then laugh when I realize. I try to avoid it though. Btw, hair's mostly down unless I feel like making it look wavy for the day then I make a braid of it in the morning and then let it loose after a few hours. I own about 85+ pairs of earrings and they change every single day. My latest love is copper jewelry but only have a ring so far.

Anonymous said...

Lin, sorry I must have woken up on the wrong side of bed (:

Thanks for clarifying.

Kanan, on your shoes not matching the purse, the trend these days is to avoid looking too matchy-matchy. Ofcourse, it makes it harder to figure out what purse goes with what shoes now.

Unknown said...

Man, since I don't have much input here I'll use my vast knowledge of graphic and web design gleaned from the three books I've read to tell you about color associations that have been classified by research:

Blue = Sad
Green = Rejuvenation
White = Fresh/Clean
Red = Passion/Danger
Black = Mystery/Power
Purple = Luxury
Orange = Happy
Yellow = Optimism

BTW, I picked the principal Drift colors based on this info.

Kanan said...

Cool! Glad I have orange for my main blog and green for the others. :D Very interesting info, Aspi. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Also, Pink = Romantic and feminine.
Also, fragrance marketers believe pink packaging can sell perfumes irrespective of their notes are.

Anonymous said...

Girly Girl- we shd raid each other's closets :-D

Anonymous said...

ooh we totally should! Ever since a friend who borrowed my uber-expensive sweater and instead of reading the tag that said "Dry clean ONLY" she put it in the wash...i've stopped letting people borrow my stuff. But because you're a fellow drifter, I should trust you! :D

Unknown said...

:-D yay!! Currently, I am trying to figure out a way to borrow a sari from my best friend- the woman looks like a supermodel and has the most fantastic sari collection ever!! I think I will threaten her by saying I will show up at our common friend's wedding in my Hello Kitty jammies if she doesn't quietly hand over a jamewar or two :-p

Pitu said...

bah that was me btw, i forgot hubs was signed in to his google account!!!!! now he is gonna see it and be like? jamawar saris? me??!!

Anonymous said...

Red and black are my colors. I am also doing a lot of aubergine this season.

Anonymous said...

I am overcome by your interest in having your fashion sense analysed.
I will ask Drift saab to create a new blog post on "LoveChakker/Fashion-alysis" and will tackle your questions under that....

But for starters, Ajit, man, you have good taste in clothes :-)

Kanan said...

He he he he.. I seriously thought Ajit was a Punjabi girl. :P sorry Pitu, looks like we're not going to let you forget that for a while.

Unknown said...

Ajit is in good company. Why, Imraan Khan wore a saree recently and hunks like Mel Gibson and Sean Connery have been known to prance around in skirts.

Anonymous said...

Plus, since Pitu (and I) are soo in love with Imran Khan...she can associate that as well! Ajit, you can borrow my clothes anytime!! :D

Anonymous said...

I think Priti just accidentally destroyed in 5 seconds the years of effort it took me to build up my identity as a mindless plain vanilla corporate drone. (And yes, this time, it really is Ajit.)

Anonymous said...

This is hillarious.

Talking about guys wearing women's clothes did ya'll see the picture of Jim Carrey wearing his partners bathing suit. He is such a riot:

Unknown said...

Real Ajit, welcome. Of the few guys who show up here, we had to have one who likes dressing up like women.

That Jim Carrey link is hilarious - I think he and Jenny McCarthy are well matched. Both can be really over the top.

Never Mind!! said...

Kanan: its probably your name.

Pitu Sultan Saheba: You are hilarious!

Sania said...

hey - I want Mind Rush to analyze me too!

I'm nearly always in jeans, if it's up to me. I have been getting into dresses and skirts lately, but they require advance planning on my part. I do like my "client-facing" clothes, but I wouldn't wear them of my own accord. I do like color though, but living in NY I also wear a lot of black year-round.

I don't like "bling" on my desi clothes - too much work or too many sequins make me queasy.

I hate heels, I'm just too hard on my feet and gave up wearing them a few years ago. I will occasionally wear wedges or kitten heels, but stilettos give me aches and pains just by looking at them.

I always wear a watch (feel naked without one) and earrings and a silver ring or two.

On the makeup front - I adore it (I mean, for goodness sake, I blog about it! a lot!), but I'm not the "full face" every day type. Can't go without lipstick and eyeliner, but everything else is mostly optional but good. I love bright red lipstick!

My nails are nearly always polished, and not always conservatively - I love blacks and blues and neon colors for my fingers and toes.

Anonymous said...

It is so interesting to read all about what people like to wear, their likes and dislikes.

As for me, I used to spend hours and hours in shoe stores. At one time I used to have MANY pairs of shoes, but I've been downsizing everything in my life, just trying to cut down on possessions in general, and reducing my needs and wants. (it's a very difficult task -there's so much stuff I like)
Several reasons for the attempts at simplification, and that would be years of analysing from mindrush..ha ha.

I like well fitted jackets. And bags. And shoes, especially boots. Jewellery of choice - has to be rings, unusual rings. I don't wear skirts much, dresses almost never. Favourite bracelet is a chunky antique silver number studded with lapis lazuli. I can't wear any jewellery on the neck, because it feels too constricting for me.

I use make-up when I go out, I like to be well-groomed. My usual daily tussle is the clash of wills between my hair and me. I emerge triumphant, but only for the day, and the next morning my hair has raised the flag of revolution yet again.

Some years ago, Ma-in-law was scandalised when I took off the mangalsutra a day after the wedding, because I can't stand having anything around my neck. I bet she was thinking, "kaisi bahu le aaya mera laadla!". Oh, and the wedding ke bangles came off pretty quick, too, 'cause I can't stand tinkling and jingling when I walk around. Imagine the horror of all the buas and masis and mamis.

Anonymous said...

I cant wear any jewellery in my neck or bangles either. Ofcourse, writing software all day on my laptop bangles usually come in the way.

Attending my cousins wedding last year all the old ladies thought I was a kanya as I dont wear any indian symbols of being married. They probably also thought I was married to a poor family I did'nt have much gold on me.

Anonymous said...

Can I say something here without being beaten up? I hate the whole 'chuda' whatever thing with jeans-tee shirts young brides sport nowadays. My N.Indian friend wore that stuff for a month after her wedding- it looked hilarious on her miniskirts. I didn't say anything coz I thought she'd feel I was mocking her but rly I don't find it cute at all. If you rly rly 'must' wear a chuda, wear salwar kurtas or saris pls. Otherwise, it's just a step away from the bindi-jhumka on mom jeans look so prevalent in the San Jose area. Ok, I'm done. Pls don't hate me.

Anonymous said...

Pitu, you started it. I hate chuda. It looks so plastic-y. Plus, there are so many beatiful ways you can match bangles with indian outfits.

And yes the whole jeans with chuda's is ridiculous.

Kanan said...

Pitu, I love sultans. ;)

Anonymous said...

I cannot help wondering how women who spend so much time and thought in choosing their saris and other indian clothing, can achieve that ill-fitting, shuffly, look when they wear western clothing.

I speak of the many ladies that I see around in the city where I live, who are otherwise elegant in Indian clothes, but invariably end up looking uncomfortable in baggy jogging pants, paired with frumpy sweatshirts, sandals. The hair is pulled back in a kind of braid/ponytail with a colourful scrunchie, and the entire look completed with dark maroon or brown lipstick, gold jhumkas, and bangles. Sometimes, the head is crowned with a woolly cap. And don't forget the shopping bags overflowing with dhania, and tindas, and adrak-piaz.

Unknown said...

Teddy, related to your description - I've studied people in the city versus the suburbs for years to figure out just why the suburban look is so dumpy compared the city look. I'm figuring a few things out - but its a hilarious exercise.

Pitu said...

*sends many many bearhugs to Kanan*

J,Teddy- I almost keeled over and fell into the thanda thanda pani at Fisherman's Wharf when I was visiting friends in SF. There was this invasion of jhumka-bindi-teeka-mom jeans-stroller ladies everywhr I looked. Don't mean to diss anyone but seriously, I've never seen desis dress that badly (and in that large a contingent) in Chicago.

Anonymous said...

Another major irritation is a number of middle-aged desi men....why, oh why are they so badly dressed? Dress pants and long sleeved shirts with sneakers, belly hanging over belt, hair sprouting from nostrils, ears, collars, everywhere else but the head. The head has a pathetic looking combover, and the nondescript looking mustache adorns the jowly face.

The heavy sweaters and "mufflers" even in the middle of summer are a must.

But nowhere does the essential desiness of the Amreekan desi emerge, more than at the temple on a religious occasion.

Perfectly groomed women in silks and diamonds begin a cut throat shuffle-and-tackle scheme to get ahead in the "darshan" line-up.

Then the "prasad" lunch free-for-all begins. It's every person for himself/herself, as little old ladies jostle each other, and doddering, harmless looking old men jab kids in the ribs to push them aside. Battleship-sized ladies sweep aside smaller Kumpteeshun with contemptuous ease, scattering lesser beings in their quest for a plate and a spoon. Maasijis block your path like rugby players, and as you retreat, defeated, to the nearest Subway for a sandwich, you hear an uncleji admonish the temple workers, "arrey bhai, aur dus puri de do! Kheer bhi!"

Meanwhile, small Babloos and Pinkies run around in unruly abandon, spilling glasses of water, bumping into people waddling with full thalis looking for a place to sit, while Mummy is running after them trying to push some chhole into their screeching little mouths. Papads, rice and balled up tissues are scattered on the dining hall floor.

Some people, who have cleverly finished lunch while the rest were jostling in the darshan line-up, are now merrily washing their hands, belching, gargling and blowing their noses at the sinks, right under the big sign that says, "Drinking water. Please wash your hands in the restroom to your left."

Pitu said...


Anonymous said...

What is a chuda? A quick google search has not helped me. I know it is arm jewelry, but am clueless. Only things I know of are bangles and those bands on the upper arm.

Anonymous said...

Lin, here is a pic of the chuda or churha.

I think newly wed women are suppose to wear this for a year??

Pitu said...

Lin, see this pic-

Have u seen Honeymoon Travels pvt ltd? Amisha Patel wears chuda the entire time.

Unknown said...

Teddy, hilarious! I wish that had been a post on our blog :)

I dig glass bangles of all kinds. There is something lyrical about them that transcends what they are paired with.

Anonymous said...

J and Pitu, thank you for the pics.

They are pretty. But yeah, I don't see how all of those bangles could work with jeans.

And thankfully, I've never seen those types with jeans and a t shirt. Other type of bangles yes, and but not chudas.

Anonymous said...

OMG Pitu...I was at Millenium Park in the city last year and saw this newlywed Indian couple where the girl had these ridiculously tight jeans where they're too short to be pants but not short enough to be capri's and i remember she had a green halter top on, and chuda's up to the elbow on both arms! to complete the look, she had one of those bindi tattoos on her back cause she wore a halter and those jhumka earrings!! I mean the full package! I'm assuming she was not a Chicagoan (I hope!) but it was a total sight to see. People took more pictures of her than that big Kidney Bean

Kanan said...

Teddy, you said it! lol

girlie girl, they could have been from SF bay area. I wouldn't be surprised. Just last weekend I was at the Golden Gate Bridge. Look at this pic I took. :D I think this is the best thing about bay area, you feel right at home. ;)

Anonymous said...

Few weeks ago I was in the NJ area - the hub of tacky indian clothes and style.

We also attended a couple of indian parties. Ofcourse, I am thinking get togethers. So I took some nice summer dresses. Everyone else at the party was dressed in indian clothes and these were the types that you wear at weddings. Lots of bling-bling and lots of jewellery.

A lot of them wore sarees that were a few inches shorter than they should be (I chalked that to people not wearing chappals in the house). The kurtas, the designs, the colors were so outdated. I felt like a fashionista snob but I think any of you would have thought the same if you were in my stuart weitzman shoes :)

Anonymous said...

Aspi, maybe its time for a post on what not to wear in desi apparel.

What say you?

Please, please add "far too much embroidery on everything including your chappals" to the list!

Unknown said...

I think that's a great idea. But I'm so uncool about these things. Either one of you will have to do it :) or I'll go back and collect everyone's comments in a post. That might be fun.

sheeba > fashion victim said...

hey,,, tokin bou Crocs,,,
wen u set ur foot on Delhi roads , even leisuring down the marketplace ,, don even dare to think dat ur shoes,,, or waeva your wearin will be lastin for over 2 months ,, hwhigh a quality they boast of..
u meet thins like - broken walkways, muddy water with dead insects or if ur really lucky ,, maybe even dead n disgusted pigeons or rats>>

also peebles dat are like SHarp.. (unlike pepples actually...)
so , i think crocs are the best thin dat cud hav happend,,

wash , wear and Still no Tear >>

however fashion murderers they may be >

Unknown said...

Sheeba, welcome! At the risk of sounding patronizing I enjoyed reading that comment because it took me a while to wrap my head around it.

It felt like reading this book all over again (which I really liked).

Kanan said...

This post and the comments are hilarious! Aspi, posts of this kind are being missed enormously.

Unknown said...

I know - I miss it all too :(

But life is so getting in the way for now. Hopefully some day I'll be back to all of this.