Saturday, August 02, 2008

The Drift Recos

Since so many people are kind enough to recommend movies and music (something I've come to rely on greatly), I decided to create this little permanent space where we can put recommendations in.

When you recommend something if you could tell us why you liked whatever you are raving about, it will help us decide if its up our alley. Everyone doesn't have to like it, just one of us hearting it is good enough for a discussion.

This post will be linked on the sidebar so when it falls off the main page, you can still access it by clicking on the little Drift Recos star in the middle sidebar.

We are a picky lot and your name is next to the reco, so be absolutely sure before you tell us to go watch or listen to something.

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Anonymous said...

I also recommend Dexter the TV show - it is great.. First 2 seasons dvds are out so you can watch multiple episodes at one go..

writing, plot, storyline, acting = totally sublime (Michael C Hall OMG he rocks as Dexter..he was the younger son in six feet under)

i would totally love to date someone like dexter..

Pitu said...

I recommend 'Curb your enthusiasm'. It's dry, it's witty, it's howlarious. Larry David rocks. We're addicted to it.

Never Mind!! said...

I recommend Aamir, both movie and music.

ppl said...

I'll repeat Dexter because its my absolute favorite show, and add Deadwood (Excellent writing,wild west,whores and prospectors all 3 seasons on DVD)
Breaking Bad (chemistry teacher finds out has cancer, makes meth with an ex studentto leave his family some money.) The first season was gripping, second season's in Fall.

Movies - Maqbool (Macbeth by Vishal Bhardwaj better than Omkara in my opinion)
Ek Chalis ki last local - Funny and Abhay Deol is great in it.
I also second Aamir, Rajeev Kahndelwal is one to watch out for.

Anonymous said...

Gangster, Omkara and in a wierd way I enjoyed Bhool Bhulaiya.

Anonymous said...

Leera : Deadwood's good (Timothy Olyphant's yummy) but I absolutely abhor Dexter. It's hands down the worst show I have ever seen. It's a sure fire way to increase my blood pressure :-X I'm against censorship but I will celebrate if/when it's taken off the air. Sorry.

Ya, Maqbool was good- I wish Pankaj Kapoor acted in more movies. I do prefer Omkara personally but both movies rock. I wonder which Shakespearean play Vishal will adapt next. I'd like to see a desi twist on King Lear.

Anonymous said...

leera- yay! another dexter fan..

**don't read if you plan to watch dexter***

i can't wait for season 3.. apparently in this season we will see a serial killer fan convention in miami

and everyone thinks doakes is the bay harbor butcher so he becomes a huge cult icon heehhehehe i love him so much..

**safe to read now**

and Michael C Hall is nominated for best actor drama in emmy's..i sooo want him to win.. but i knowing annoying mainstream A list Hollywood, he probably won't win..

another show I recommend is Supernatural

and amongst desi shows

Junoon Kuch Kar Dikhaane Ka on NDTV Imagine..i download episodes HQ to watch it..

OMG it has the best talent out of all desi singing shows i have seen...

Anonymous said...

I have a bizarre taste in movies..and i am sure i will turn people off from watching them but i will "recommend" anyway

Ghost World if you haven't seen it already.. Thora Birch FTW! She is awesome..

Gummo - i don't know if Aspians would like this one..but its awesome..if you like bizarre crazy effed up devastating work of art

eraserhead - David Lynch's low budget black and white twisted surreal movie..its so hard to explain. you get so disturbed by the sounds, colorless visuals, bizarre characters and yet you can't keep your eyes off the screen.. in fact you'd probably end up watching it 3 times in a row

The elephant man- another david lynch movie..about John Merrick the guy with the facial deformity.. okay this is the most desi friendly on my list.. emotional, heart wrenching, beautiful movie.. i cry everytime i watch it..

that's it for now..

ppl said...

Well Pitu, I am torn, on one hand you like Deadwood (LOVE AL) and abhor Dexter! hmmmmmmmm (personally I think they are equally shocking, guns vs hacksaw, choose ur method)

M, I cant wait for season 3,the teaser sounds awesome. We can exchange notes once it starts. We used to have Dexter parties last season with Bloody Marys!!

Anonymous said...

TV serials are not for me. I think the last one I followed religiously was Seinfeld. I do love Charlie Sheen in 2 1/2 men and like Big Bang Theory.

Unknown said...

David Lynch movies scare me. Either I'm getting downright scared, or creeped out scared or bored - in which case my mind wanders to what kind of a person Lynch might be in real life to come up with stuff like this - which then scares me.

m, Supernatural has another fan here. I think ~mad munky~ loves that show.

Unknown said...

I just saw Persepolis and I enjoyed the movie just as much as I enjoyed the comics. I'll have to review it soon.

Pri said...


Pri said...

tv shows allowed?

Unknown said...

TV is absolutely ok - given we watch it now and then :)

I read a lot about Weeds here and there. Sounds like a terrific show and sometimes makes me wish I had Showtime (or was it HBO?)

Anonymous said...

My turn:

Jodha Akbar - for the immense hotness of Hrithik
Dhoom 2 - for the immense hotness of Hrithik
Jab We Met - for giving me the dream to find my Geet type other half
Om Shanti Om - for absolute masala

Anonymous said...

More from me:

Three Ash movies I enjoyed -
Guru, Chokher Bali and Raincoat.

Another offbeat movie:
Rog - an interesting concept and some great acting by Irfaan.

Unknown said...

Hey our Drift Recos looks kick ass. Thanks for contributing everyone. I'll figure out a way to keep this list moving on the front page - maybe just have the latest recos here and keep the rest of them intact in the linked post.

Anonymous said...

ooh for me, just saw Iqbal last week. Totally see where YRF stole the whole concept of wash-out-once-famous-sportsman-leading-a-team or in Iqbal's case leaeding a player which leads the team! it was by far the best performance I've seen from Mr. Talpade...maybe because he's supposed to be mute the whole movie!

Anonymous said...

i just saw Halla Bol and i really liked of the few movies in which i really loved Vidya Balan!

regional languages allowed??

Anonymous said...

aspi, its Bella.. not Bee :))

i second Iqbal. and on the regional side, i quite enjoyed Gajini (the tamil version). Cant wait to see Aamir Khan's take on it

Unknown said...

bella, sorry! And thanks for the correction.

cinderella, regional films are a particular interest of mine so please recommend away! I'm always looking for those. But please tell us why its reco-worthy.

Anonymous said...

I think Bheja Fry deserves a place here. Its one of those movies which makes u laugh and laugh...its not slapstick humour, just simple normal situations beautifully enacted by Vinay Pathak and the gang.

Anonymous said...

is this only a non-Hollywood section? I wanna recommend Love Actually. I absolutely ADORE that movie. I think they tried to do a hindi movie off of that but that crashed and burned...not sure what the name of the remake is.

Anonymous said...

Yup, Love Actually is an awesome movie. I can watch it any number of times. Loved Liam Neeson and Colin Firth's characters. Don't think I have seen an unwatchable movie by Hugh Grant.

The hindi movie was Salaam-e-ishq. Put it on the list of movies not to watch. I always think Priyanka is a passable actress not too great, not too bad but hated her in this movie.

Unknown said...

I just saw some previews for God Tussi Great Ho and noted Priyanka has an awesome haircut.

Salman looks pretty good too - how does that man do it?!

If I lost all my hair and drank like a fish I'd look like Yunus Parvez the next day.

Pitu said...

I like Love Actually. Kate Winslet was very cute and I screeched with delight when Mr Bean had that gift scene lol. And it was fun to watch Prof Snape ;-) in a very different role.

Salam E Ishq was HORRENDOUS. I wanted to slap Priyanka repeatedly. Ugh! I quite liked Govinda tho.

Kanan said...

I recommend Aazadi Ki Aor. It's too bad no one seems to have access to it now. If anyone knows where to buy it, please please please do share. Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

Pitu, did you mean Keira Knightley? Yeah, I have watched that movie so many times yet I can re-watch it. I remember starting Salaam-e-Ishq but just couldn't sit thru it even though it had John abraham in it. Thank god i didnt finish it huh, J?!

Yeah, i am really digging PC's new hair cut. I think she looks really cute.

ooh, Pitu, are you a big harry potter fan?

Pitu said...

gg, sorry I remembered Kate from 'The holiday'. I was chatting with a gf and we were talking abt exchanging our houses so galti se I wrOte Kate. I don't like Keira much. But yeah, that movie is a lotta fun. The Emma Thomposon Xmas gift made me sad.

lol no I don't like HP at all. But I adore Ronald Weasley (I just want to pull his cute, freckled cheeks whenever I see him) and I have the hots from Prof Snape. Mmmmmmm ;-)

Kanan said...

Pitu, another one of Prof. Snape is Die Hard. He plays Hans Gruber in it. It was so funny because I recognized him from his voice and I argued with rest of the people watching with me that it was him and no one else. They didn't believe me at first. He has that signature tone to his voice. It's the same in Die Hard as well.

More HP fans around here? yoohoo!!

Pitu said...


Anonymous said...

omg Kanan, i'm totally obsessed with HP. LOVE IT! I've porbably read each book like 2-3 times...I know, i'm a big, giant dork

Anonymous said...

me too me too.I'm a big HP fan..totally love them all!but the movies were such a dissapointment!

and abt the movies...i like a bunch of south Indian movies..but reasons for may not agree with my reasons but i'l give them anyway.

a few of my fav telugu movie:
'Anand' cos it's very simple and sweet...not at all of the masala kinds..they were mostly newcomers..nice to sit back and relaz once u start watching it!

'murari' purely for the masal-ful entertainment and at times Mahesh Babu's overaction.

'Priyuralu Pilichindi''s called 'Kandukonien something in tamil..not sure..there's Tabu,there's Asha nd that's reason enuf to see the movie:-p

Most of MR movies like 'geetanjali,Anjali.[my all time favs:)]

and in Hindi,Namastey London,Zubeidaa,Makdee,Blue Umbrella..

can't think of anymore right now!!!

the only tv serial i watch is Sarabhai vs Sarabhai..i totally love it!

Anonymous said...

and i recommend u don't watch Kuselan or the telugu version of'll leave u with a headache:-x

Anonymous said...

Favourite TV show of your next president. Guess which one is Obama and which one is McCain:

Choice 1: Mash, Dick Van Dyke Show

Choice 2: Seinfeld, Curb your enthusiasm, Dexter, The Wire,,20217425_4,00.html

Anonymous said...

I pick Obama with choice 2...considering it's in his generation.

Anonymous said...

wow...i take that back, i wrote my answer before checking your link J. I'm totally surprised!

Pitu said...

Cinderella: I LOVE Sarabhai!!!
Mommy ki purse Mommy ki purse
Jaise hospital ki koi pretty si nurse

I am glad Obama does not like Dexter. It would really really bother me if he did :-/ So McCain's fondness for Dexter is one more reason for me to not vote for him :X

Anonymous said...

Govinda to me is like Dharmendra. As hammy as he gets I still enjoy him.

Anonymous said...

Cindrella/Pitu...I love Sarabhai vs Sarabhai too. In fact thats my family's favourite programme. There have been reruns and reruns, yet we always manage to find it great fun:). Its such a pity that they have ended the show.

Anonymous said...

Anu g: Yup, it rocks! I adore Rosesh and Maya lol.

Anonymous said...

Aspi, are you going to make the Recos a monthly post, like the Linkology? In which case, I'll save my recos for September or October -- right now, it seems like recommendations are overflowing, and I have too few favourites to let them get lost!! :D

Unknown said...

svr, I wasn't planning on making them monthly. I probably just need to find a better way to organize those in this post.

But fire away and let me see if I can do some fancy formatting to get it right.

Anonymous said...

Maybe do the latest five per drifter and then a more click for the rest. Dont know how easy or hard it is to do it though.

Over Rated said...

Is it too late to recommend Boston legal and Brothers & Sisters? And Real Time with Bill Maher?

Or am I watching too much tv?

Anonymous said...

So I am going to get huge bric-bats from the drifters on this and I maybe the only one who enjoyed this movie.

Hubby ordered Sawaariya as it was out on blueray. Hubby is a fanatic when it comes to his high def - does not watch non-HD programs on TV and does not like to watch movies that are not on blueray.

Dont know if it was the quality of the DVD (absolutely excellent) or my low expectations I seem to have enjoyed the movie.

For all the bad things said about Ranbir, this is a very tough role and you could end up looking buffoonish but he managed to shine through and managed to evoke sympathy for his character.

Rani looked enigmatic and mesmerizing. The little scenes between Ranbir and Sonam were so non-cliched that hats off to the writers.

And the sets are simply dreamy. Maybe a little too much blue but I am sure working on this movie must be a dream come true for a set designer.

Unknown said...

j, sounds like some people really connected with Saawariya. You might be a minority but Danny Darko got a similar reaction from audiences.

You should see Bachna Ae Haseeno and give us a verdict on Towel Kapoor.

Anonymous said...

Oh, has anyone seen an old school movie called Angoor with Sanjeev Kumar?! It's hysterical! it is one of the funniest stoner movies out there...

Unknown said...

I remember that and it was funny. I wonder if the humor will hold up today.

Anonymous said...

There should be a romm for Movies and shows not recommended for Aspi Fans

Anonymous said...

I would also highly recommend Nagesh Kukunur's "Bollywood Calling". I think the drifters will enjoy this one; Om Puri was simply brilliant.

-- Texan

Anonymous said...

I recommend these movies:
-Jaane bhi do yaaron
-Mirch Masala
-4 Women
-The TV shows "Karamchand"; "Tara"; "Circus"; "Giant Robot"; "He Man"

Anonymous said...

I recently recorded Angoor, it was on Z-Cine. Cant stop launghing watching it. I am half way through. Its my kind of humor though. (My other fav comedy movies are Chupke Chupke, Chasme badoor, Old Golmaal, Hera Pheri and Masti)

Unknown said...

Anon, let's give it a shot - see what you come up with. Its an interesting concept.

Unknown said...

And if anyone is interested in having your pic next to your recos, feel free to shoot it over to me. Otherwise you can try this new that everyone is all over these days and send me your manga avatar. No compulsion of course, just doodling around myself.

Anonymous said...

i watched maachis today with my brother today for ole times sake.. he isn't into bollywood but i bought the DVD last week and he wanted to watch it..we saw it when we were kids

it is such a great movie.. wonder why its so underrated..
what happened to chandarchur singh? what is he upto these days? he acted so well, couldn't believe this was his first movie..

Tabu was good too, Jimmy shergill (he was so young and hot then lol he still is but looks diff), the dude who played tabu's brother, all the character artistes were BRILLIANT!

anyhoo i recommend it, its such a moving emotional movie..

Anonymous said...

I just watched 'a wednesday", which has Anupam Kher and Nasiruddin Shah. Jimmy Shergill is in it too, but I did not recognise anyone else. I enjoyed the movie immensely, and I must say, it is entirely due to Mr. Kher and Mr. Shah. They were both brilliant. There aren't any songs, and the dramebaazi and emotional overkill is (thank God) underplayed. The director(can't remember who) does a nice job.

He takes us to the brink of situations in which most directors insert stock cliches like the "good" muslim character making his "I love Bharat Mata" speech, or the young cop with loving wife and baby daughter singing a "happy family about to be destroyed by wicked villain" song, and then he twists away from the expected sequence.

There aren't any songs, and the young female journalsit isn't a love interest for the single young cop, and the cop with the wife and baby, well.... and what's more, the terrorist who we see, threatening to blow up different parts of Mumbai is...I can't say...
You have to watch it.

Anonymous said...

Which reminds me of ....Himesbhai. I wonder when he will ever make a movie in which he pays a cop. How would a Vardi look on Himes? would he leave the buttons open, would the Policewalla hat muss his hair? would the criminals die laughing to see Himes's man-boobs peeking out of his khaki shirt, would he take his gun or his lathi or his guitar when chasing the baddies?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Himesh, why does he walk so funny. I laugh everytime I see the karzzz promo songs.

Unknown said...

After watching Tandoori Nights for three straight times I have concluded that Himesh is a terrible dancer. So he tries to shake his shoulders - which looks a little like someone ducking a cricket ball - and get away with it. But he's hilarious in that song and definitely something to look forward to. Antihero, JMLR!

Anonymous said...

the way he jumps in that Hari Om song..i found that the funniest of all..i always end up laughing hard whenever i see that.he musta been soo scared to jump up and down cos his hair might just fall off:P

Unknown said...

Cinderella, thanks for pointing out that the song was available. Its terrific! Can one handle so much Himesh? The mind boggles.

Anonymous said...

One from me..
Lakshya - i found this one to be farhan akhtar's best..hrithik was absolutely wonderful.. don’t know why it didn’t do well on BO
- Bee

Anonymous said...

(Returning after a long time...)

I recommend Kannathil Muthammittal (sp.?) It's a Tamil movie about a little girl who, on her 9th birthday, is told that she was adopted. And her search for identity and her biological mom. I think it should be a classic; I've watched it half a dozen times. I can't imagine it didn't do well!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and it's by Mani Ratnam, if that helps with the motivation. And y'all remember Chinmayi, the girl who sounds so amazing in Tere Bina from Guru? She got her break with the title track of the movie -- and sounds incredible.

Anonymous said...

thats called 'Amrutha' in's one of the most beautiful movies i've ever seen!i remember i cried loads and loads when i saw it the first time:)
i remember each and every dialouge ..every scene ..every moment of that movie..just can't get over it.

Anonymous said...

There should also be a "Do Not See"List here.
My Vote Gos to Mahabore Drona !

Anonymous said...

I don't know if this section is still active and accessed by peeps or if this will go to some black hole teehee

but I recently started watching True Blood.. Its a show on HBO and the lead is Anna Paquin - the little kid from that old movie The Piano.

Its also made by the dude who wrote Six Feet Under and American beauty and the show is dark/funny/weird, it is just FANGTASTIC

premise- vampires come out in the open on national TV like a year ago and now are trying to live with the mainstream population and want people to except them for who they are.. because japan started making synthetic blood that means they dont have to feed on humans or animals anymore.. and the story is set in a small redneck town in Louisiana and it revolves around a waitress who can read minds

not the usual vampire also shows rednecks and normal people and their stereotypes against them.. lol hate crime against vampires heehee.. in the opening credits they show a sign outside a southern church that says "God hates Fangs" OMG just love the humor

I recommend the show to everyone..but i suppose it ain't for everyone..specially the ones who are into those normal mainstream-y shows and are a bit squirmis...mind you it has a lot of twisted sex scenes which don't bother me but I get scared watching the show thinking what if my parents or brother or sister walk in while they show such scenes.. that would be so awkward and embarassing..

Anonymous said...

and the main vampire is so hot, well he's ugly in real life but the character is so hot and he has such a great chemistry and funny convo with Anna Paquin's character.. the kinda chemistry that gives you Goosebumps.. and they have the best dialogues..

i wanna date a 200 year old vampire :(

Unknown said...

I finally watched Sin City last weekend and I'll have to wait a while before trying True Blood. There is only so much I can take. :)

But in general, whenever I'm bored I dip into this section for recommendations. Worked well for me so far.

Kanan said...

Aspi, since you were looking for a South Indian flick, I'd say you should watch the one called 'Autograph'. It's real nice one and would take you back to your school days, I promise. I guess this is probably the one and only SI film I've watched.