Monday, August 04, 2008

Meganomania: The Sawaal Jawaab

Once on Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, Head did some chhedkhani related to Shekhar Ravjiani's huge female fan following. Shekhar smiled shyly and from among the hundreds, if not millions, singled out Megan for her YouTube tribute and referred to her as Meghum (which very Freudianly rhymes with Begum if you ask me.)

Thanks to Google, I found Megan and wrote about it. Megan stopped by and has been kind enough to hang out here ever since. She's been great company - her comments make me laugh, cry, or feel like slapping random filmi people I didn't even know existed.

I figured which better celebrity than the Drift's poster girl for a sawaal jawaab.

Hi Megan, your 21st birthday approaches. A life of womanhood beckons. Any regrets so far - things you wish you could change?
Megan: No I don't have any regrets.. I am happy and pretty much content with my life so far.. this sounds super corny and cliched but yeah I have made some mistakes and done some stupid things but i wouldn't change anything.. everything i have done, been through shaped me and I just love myself.. wouldn't change a thing..

What are plans like for the birthday? Are you planning a quiet evening with family and close friends or are you planning to pass out in a bar blaze of glory?
Megan: My birthday falls on Monday this year so it will be a family affair...go to Gurdwara and spend time with family, having a feast with extended fam and mom, dad, sis, bro. But the following Saturday, I am gonna have a party for my parents have told me how much they are willing to i am currently getting quotes from different places.. i want to book this wine bar with live bands, still waiting for them to email me back.. UGH if all else fails i'll have it at this place that my friend had her 21st at.. you get a 2nd floor and a balcony all to your self and a small dance floor too..

yeah i'd be drinking and partying but hopefully not passing out

Ok, let's get the most important question out of the way. Say you have a pen with only enough ink for one autograph and you're standing next to Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai. What would you do?
Megan: I'll be like UGH who wants an autograph.. I will take my phone out and take 10's of photos with them.. and if i only have enough diskspace for one photo then i'll take it with both of them..and if i dont have my phone then i'll be like thats OK, I'll hug Aishwarya and molest Hrithik...eff autograph, i would rather engrave the moment in mah brain

Who would you much rather hang out with? Hrithik's sassur Sanjay Khan or Amitabh's pal Amar Singh?
Megan: Sanjay Khan.. he can bring his brother Feroze Nosferatu Khan with him, we can have a great time!

We'll get back to Bollywood in a minute. Tell us about what it was like growing up desi in the West. Any incident related to the duality of culture that sticks out in particular?
Megan: i could write major essays on this hahah.

well first of all i grew up where desi population wasn't very big (Hawaii)...there were like 20 families or so ..and we knew all of them and called them unclejis/auntyjis greeted them with a huge smile at festivals etc etc...they'd ask inane questions and we'd patiently answer with a fake smile...hang out with their kids (and yet wont talk to them outside of these gatherings)

..and well that was it..

my parents are super cool and open minded and not ethnocentric...they didn't raise us reminding us of our desiness every single day like Kajol's character in KKKG...and yet taught us a lot...we were just like any other kids in the neighborhood and school and at home we'd do our desi thang .. ..

and then our family moved to a "cosmopolitan" city (3 years ago)...and then OMG everyone wants to know where you're from and your race, religion, life history..and then comment about "that accent is it canadian or american" or "what's your nationaity" or if its like desi people on the street then they'd just stare!! it was a major culture shock.. like you'd meet someone and they'd be like "what's your name?" i'd be like "megan" then "where're you from?" like how is that important??? and the most annoying this is i go "well i was born in..." then they'd be like "well are your parents .." like they're probing!!! UGH..

if i just give a straight answer "well my parents are punjabi.." and they'd go "BUT YOU DON'T LOOK INDIAN".. WTF?? GRRR!!!

anyhoo now that i am older and wiser, i am rly proud of my heritage and culture and have consciously been trying to learn sister has Gurbani classes every Sunday at home and i sit with her...and i would want to go to india and see where my dad grew up and mom was born in....when i have kids, i would want them to be bilingual too...and before i used to think that i'll only date/marry a white guy but now i think marrying a compatible jatt munda would work as well..

Some personal questions if you don't mind. Are you a bindaas chick or a high maintenance one?
Megan: this is a difficult question...don't know how to articulate this...i don't know exactly what bindaas means but i am assuming it means "carefree"?? i think i am a mixture of both.. in some areas i am extremely high maintenance, i like being the center of attention...and i expect people i love and people close to me to give in to my demands...i have a tendencies to throw tantrums when things don't go my way...i also have some expensive tastes...but in other ways i am "bindaas" as well, i am open minded and very left wing...i am tolorent and caring and sweet and not judgmental at all...and just live my life by the day..i don't stress about monetary things or future or anything beyond my control..

What is an ideal first date for you like?
Megan: Okay!!!!!! hmm ideal first date!!! he would have to come pick me up for a start...and take me out to dinner or lunch..well somewhere we can talk...and the place has to be somewhere decent...i don't want him to be like "umm where do you wanna go?" wtf?? like should be confident and be in control...give me three
good options to choose from at least... and he shouldn't be the type who only eats traditional food..should have an open mind and palate...but i don't like uppidy wannabe snobs either...if he says something corny and tries to show off i won't like it...and i would prefer if the guy didn't stare at me or tried to touch me inappropriately on first date!!or talked about himself only!!! i can't handle it!!

well after dinner if he takes to my most favooorite Gelato place by this popular beach in my city i would be soooooooo happy...otherwise he can take me to this wine bar and we can have dessert wine !!!! then he can drop me home!!! yeah he has to show me that he reallllllllllly is into me without appearing like a desperate sleazebag and try hard smooth wannabe..

Back to Bollywood and the most difficult part of this Q&A. You will have to find one line of nice to say about the following celebrities.
Kareena Kapoor
Megan: good complexion
Priyanka Chopra 
Megan: half decent body
Bipasha Basu 
Megan: relatively good boob job
Shahrukh Khan 
Megan: dresses well half the time
Salman Khan
Megan: he's funny unintentionally..makes me laugh

Still with us? Good, wasn't so bad was it?

Any recent (Bollywood) movie you'd like to recommend? 
Megan: not Bollywood but Khuda Ke Liye

A recent (Bollywood) song that has been on all your playlists? in my desi playlist
Megan: again Khuda Ke Liye Soundtrack...also Nusrat f.a.k's nit khair manga, Lakhwinder Wadali's Jaan.. sorry no B/W haven't liked any new B/W song in ages!

Finally, some dating advice. Let's say a guy approaches you at a bar. He looks like Garibon ka Hrithik Harman Baweja. He praises your copious beauty, notices your fabulous shoes and hits you with the pick up line of the new millennium: "Hey baby, what's your URL?" What would you do?
Megan: hahahahaha OMG...donno man!! at least he aint gareebon ka govinda asking me "what is your style number? what is mobile number?" i don't noe what i'd do, probably laugh as if he made the comment in jest..

With social networking these days its possible to research kudas online well before you make up your mind about them. Do you have any tips for how to go about doing that? You may be saving a bad love chakker or two, you know.
Megan: Kudas! LOL well i check their facebook a/c.. have a look @ their list of friends...and then check out their profile..see what walls he's written and has written on his wall...check out the profile and it can give me an idea of what he is like depending on his interests and his pictures etc..


Anonymous said...

Excellent write up on our beloved Megan Kaur !

Anonymous said...

i've haven't been commenting much, but this celeb interview drew me back in. aspi, neat idea to interview one of the the drift's leading lights. megan, i find yr comments very entertaining even when i don't agree with u ;). So this extended baat cheet was lots of fun :D . and happy birthday --- whenever that was/is. hope u enjoy(ed) the celebration.

Unknown said...

And that is a rare pic too :) Now, will Lil Mo stop by and propose again?

J said...

and I thought all along that megan (a.k.a.) m was a random fictional character all along.

ps: the pic could have been 'easier' on eyes :)

Anonymous said...

See what you learn from a hard hitting interview ;)

Anonymous said..., just curious.
how many drifters that live outside india get questions about being of mixed race (like having one caucasian parent and the other being african american). that's the question i find most irritating!

Unknown said...

Arre, I had to work hard to obfuscate Megan's picture. She might be with the secret service or something :) I'm just happy she shared a pic - nice to put a face to it.

Anon, what kind of questions do you get around bicultural parents?

Kanan said...

Nice interview, Aspi. Great answers, Megan. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

Anonymous said...

our new drift celebrity is here! I really enjoyed the Q&A. I really ,liked your answer to the one nice thing you said about Priyanka Chopra "half decent body" i guess the other half is the padded badunk-a-dunk she's trotting around!! lol!

Anonymous said...


*grabs tabla*

Lil Mo ko maaro goli
Anu Malik ki join karo toli
Shekhar Ravjiani ko bhulo
Anu Malik ke sang jhulo
Hrithik to hai nacheez
Anu Malik ko karo please

Anonymous said...

Aspi, what a creative idea to interview one of the Drift stars! Great questions.

In true iconic ishtyle, Begum Meghum did not let us down. Megan, I love your sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, I never realized that megan here was the same fan that Shekhar acknowledged!! Great interview, Aspi and megan, it was awesome reading and took me on a little nostalgia trip.

BTW, I always wondered -- how did Aditya Narayan find out about Megan, does anyone know? The Zee folks hire people to search for their shows on YouTube? I'd think they wouldn't have such a huge budget.

Unknown said...

I don't remember the specifics, but I do remember Megan once mentioned (either blog or email) that Shekhar SMS'd her before saying that there would be a surprise for her on that show.

I think Aditya might have been surfing the net and come across the vid. He's pretty handy with the mouse I think.

Kanan said...

Aspi, I reread the interview! I request "Interview of the Month" series on the drift. Please please pretty please.

Btw, how come you only put five names on the "one line of nice to say about the following celebrities"?

Also, we need new page for August Linkology.

Thanks in advance. :)

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, Shekhar *knows* Megan?! She wasn't, like, a fan he'd just heard of -- it certainly looked that way on the clip, especially when he struggled with her name!

(I see, re: Aditya. I just kindajavascript:void(0) had the image that busy TV-folks don't surf the Internet, least of all for people they see everyday. :)

Anonymous said...

lol thanks you guys.. i have a tendency to ramble on and on at times

yeah the good ole days when i was Shekher-ed!! those were some crazzzy days..

Anonymous said...

well i didn't get a sms i got an email from shakky like a week before saying i should watch that week's show cuz i'll be mentioned..

and before that vishal had sent me a msg on orkut saying i'll me mentioned

well yeah they HAD to notice me.. i do everything with style .. teehee!

Anonymous said...

Wow, a few weeks away,and the drift seems to have changed!
But firstly, God, I never knew that Meg was 'The Megan' of Shekar. I just assumed that Our Meg watched the show and started to call herself Meg.Wow, Meg, nice to read the opinions of a celebrity-fan:).Happy Birthday!
And Aspi G( I was quickly browsing thru the comments and columns,a nd every time I saw the Aspi 'G', I had to take a second look cos I thougth someone was referring to me:)). Well, so Aspi G, u r now a celebrity urself.I am very happy for u.And glad that now we know a celebrity-journalist too:). But I wonder whether thats going to affect ur funny comments on people....or now that u know the celebrities, will u suddenly be on guard and say 'Thats going to offend him, so let me be very careful about what I write'. If thats true, then what a pity!

Tania said...

Great interview Aspi.And great answers Megan. Loved the part about saying nice things to the celebrities.:)

Unknown said...

Kanan, thanks for the reminder - the August linkology is now up.

anu g, welcome back. You bring up a good point, one that I often struggle with myself when I try to contact people and see if they'll come play on the Drift.

After some trial and error I've decided this: I won't make acquaintance with someone I don't respect. So I don't have to chato phaltu mein.

Other than that, when reviewing things I tend to look at the positive side of most works of art (I find something to like in almost all the music I hear for e.g.) So slamming someone over a film or music is not an issue.

I know three people who have already forgotten about me. So flying under the radar is good that way.

Finally back to Kanan's request: I'll try hard. Its not easy :( Some people won't play with me. A lot of them are kind enough to engage and give me some gyaan but won't do Q&A. I remain grateful for that as well.

Others will do it, but I don't know if I can get a unique angle out of them. And yet others are too much work (what can I say, I'm a bit lazy).

But we'll always do different and interesting people who are engaging and have a unique enough perspective that we can all learn from it and entertain ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Ha, Megan, so that means V-S found your fan videos and wrote to you before it went on TV? That's so *awesome*. They always did seem like super-nice dudes.

Anonymous said...

oooooooooo...wat an interview!! and interview with Farhan Akhtar??!! wow!!
i love ur confidence Megan!
and happy birthday to u!

Anonymous said...

I do not understand why irrelevant people are projected as 'celebrities" here.
No offence Megan, but Aspi, you could do something on Ishmeet's death instead of this waste of time.

Unknown said...

Anon, I don't think Meg will mind me saying this: but the word 'celebrity' here is used tongue in cheek. I was just being playful.

Thanks for the thought about Ishmeet. I don't do obits well at all unless I have some kind of personal history with the subject. I tried writing something in my head and came up short.

But if you'd like to take a crack at it, I'll be happy to be your executive editor and post it for all of us.

Anonymous said...

I agree with my brother Anonymous. When there are so many social/entertainment issues why dedicate a whole post to someone who can't even respect elders! and who does not seem to have bharatiya sanskriti.

Also that picture of hers, why would she ask you to make it obscure? Is she ugly or is she ashamed of her Indian face and brown skin color. NRI kids just want to be either black or white these days.

Kanan said...

Oh oh! is this place on fire? I smell something burning. I am going out for some fresh air now.

Megan, save me a piece of that cake. I will have it once I come back. Happy birthday, girl!

Anonymous said...

Geez who are these Lyndsay Lohan types who just showed up?

Anonymous said...

For people objecting to Megan Interview

You guys are taking things very seriously which is in contrast to the fun loving Readers of this Blog.

Meganis is very popular and loved by Many Readers.
So Please take it easy & Enjoy Reading th Blog.

Anonymous said...

Anon, Meg has been our first resident celebrity,and she has been our poster-girl too. So theres no harm in having her post:).
Wish you would sign in with ur name rather than as an anon.
The drift is just a nice fun-place to be in,so, just chill!

Anonymous said...

Happy b'day, Meg.

Anon, we get it, we are frivolous and we love to have fun.

As I tell people when they b***h about a tv channel (mostly fox news) change the channel you have control over the remote.

Another thing you must have noticed there is no structure to the comments. You can just enter anything you want to talk about and move the discussion in the direction you want to move it in.

Unknown said...

My two cents:

First anon comment largely ok because it gave me some specific feedback about what someone liked or didn't like on the site followed by an alternate suggestion. I like those.

Second anon comment: I don't mind getting slammed. But I dislike it when anyone else who comes to the Drift gets picked on. I know people here are v. articulate and gracious and can take care of themselves but I'm just saying.

Sania said...

Megan, you're a fellow Leo like Aspi & me. Awesome!

Anonymous said...

no i am a Virgo! my birthday's on september 15... i just started making a big noise about it for like a month shamelessly..heehehe

Unknown said...

Virgo - or they say in India: Kanya. Somehow this seems appropriate.

Tanvi said...

Entertaining Interview!