Monday, August 25, 2008

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2009: Katti Nation

Early on SRGMP this weekend, Shankar Mahadevan scared the living daylights out of me.

The end of fun?

"There will no more jhagdas!" he declared. "We will judge this competition in a respectful way!" Tie me up and call me Salman Khan, but why would anyone do a teerth yatra to ganga tat ke kinare and not dip in the water just because it happened to look a bit dicey? Just don't go then!

Happily Shankar proved that my fears were unfounded by setting up one of the most hilarious situations in the history of our beloved show. Who knew the man had the devil in him like that? Here is how it went down.

Early on during the singing and judging-shudging, the judges - Himesh, Shankar, Pritam and Aadesh sat stiffly, keeping their thoughts to themselves. Were they all just embarrassed from last week's high drama scrap? Head - bless the man - picked up enough courage to ask them the very same question.

No more jhagdas!

Shankar was on the mike in a flash and explained that the judges had decided to stop talking to each other to promote more harmony. He also said something unconvincing about keeping their interpersonal relationship intact."Its best we stay choop!" piped in Pritam.

Gali ka bachcha bachha - at least the ones with a good head on their shoulders - will tell you that the worst way to resolve differences is to shut down. But such is the loopiness of SRGMP, that smart insaans make entertaining decisions like these.

Himesh, unplugged

Clearly, Shankar and Himesh are both alpha males and a struggle was on the cards despite Shankar's memorable previous declaration that he was not that kind of judge. A black & white sankat moment ensued with the space between the judges split by terrific snake-like lightening.

Himesh looked pissed beyond words. He looked bored and unhappy. At one point all the judges shouted out their naaras. The House of Reshammiya glumly kept his chapped lips sealed.

All this was making me depressed when something really cool happened. Shankar asked Head to tell Pritam something because no direct conversation between the judges was allowed.

Proxy Conversations

Then Aadesh asked Head to convey a message to the other gharaanas. Pretty soon all the judges were using poor Head as proxy to talk to each other. This is the equivalent of a simmering domestic dispute in which someone says "Pappu! Tell Daddy ke khaana lag gaya hai!" Hilarity! An amused Head quipped "I should get you pagers"

This delicious and fresh take on jhagdas engineered by the SRGMP gurus restored my faith in the show. But there was more.

SRGMP Special Effects

We'll talk about the singing separately, but for now I'd like to congratulate the SRGMP producers for introducing those dhaasu special effects.

Screens were split. Stuff was turned sideways and upside down. Screens were stop motioned in time with the beat. If I remember correctly Pritam ended up stop motioned with a goofy expression on his face. A couple of times I got vertigo. This peaked during Naina Saxena's performance and was an absolute pleasure to watch.

Producers, please keep it up (and also make sure the budget for these effects stays exactly the same)!



Bee's said...

sounds hilarious...too bad i missed it..

Anonymous said...

And the outfits are getting tackier if it was even possible. I wonder if this is all a joke for the producers and they are laughing at how the junta is lapping it all up. One of the girls was wearing powder blue silk/satin pants with matching knee length boots. And not to forget Head with his peach pants and bronzy-peach jacket.

And is this a sleevless long jacket?

Got to say, please leave the Singh is Kingg outfits to Akshay Kumar. He is handsome, he is a star and everything looks good on him. You not so. So get back in those jeans and t-shirts.

Anonymous said...

awesome, awesome write up Aspi! As soon as i heard that the judges we're going to talk directly to eachother, i thought to myself, "who the hell is going to watch this crap?" but then they busted out with the "can you tell your father to pass me the salt" crap and it was pure genious!!

What i dont understand is how much that one girl (from Michigan, I believe) cried and cried and cried when she got booted off. I hate that sh*t on this show...i mean come on, you were not a great singer, you tried your best, and it's not the end of the world for crying out loud (no pun intended). JEEZ

Unknown said...

Jenice Sobti's elimination was pretty painful too. Its too bad she was stunned but she clearly wasn't in the same league as the rest. So she must have been expecting it.

Then Himesh gallantly strode up on stage and said: "I will give you a song to sing. What more could you ask for?". Such a dayavaan. And it could be my imagination but I thought Jenice started crying louder.

ppl said...

Oh my god aspi, this had to be the most entertaining week in a while and that review, I was chortling! (If that is a word)

First off I too have to commend the team, they read your blog somewhere down the line and upped the ante on the delicious tackiness.Head is now 'The Big Giant Head' and even in his pink blazered mini Liberace avatar he was all cheek, egging on the drama like a good yudh ka sutradhar.

Himanshu, if u wont give us an interview maybe your stylist ROOPA CHADHA (name flashed with every closeup) can, and give us the explain your Emo Unkil outfit and the modified mullet that sits top that devious dimaag.

And the singing was pretty awesome too, I was about to skip the 'Hip Hop R&b' special, not wanting to cringe thru it, but I was pleasantly surprised, not half bad. The pop one was my favorite, always a good chance to hear some of those 90's pop songs.
Pritam is secretly taking all the footage what with his Pritam puran and the conteastants routinely singing his tunes, he also has the most promising and versatile brood. HR's group is not so bad, Zaheer is fantastic and Sunvinder is good (though fast become overfootaged). Aadesh Shrivastav is pointless, he has nothing new to say nor any of himanshu's rabble rousing skillss. Boring!

Unknown said...

Hi Aspi,
Great write-up!! I always look forward to your blog after each, the jhagdas are become mind-blowing. One suggestion, I think the "looked like specially invited" sardars for Singh is King song needed some mention:)..hahah

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Kruti, welcome! There are tons of things I miss on SRGMP. And people fill us all in on them. So feel free to do the same.

Pitu said...

Hahaha sounds crazy! leera: lol @ Emo Unkil!!

Anonymous said...

Frustrated Uncle Ismail Darbar Calls Pretam a CHOR on National TV.
* Must Watch

Anonymous said...

Ghulam Ali and Suresh Wadkar as mahagurus for Sunday episode of rock songs special! - who thought of it? both of them looked clueless. It was hilarious to watch them sway to rock music!

Anonymous said...

haven't watched the episode yet but they all look like clownshoes with those outfits..WTF

i knew Himesh would turn that cute little kid Sunvinder into that annoying O-Neek..

Anonymous said...

hilarious...loved your write-up.
in fact it was more entertaining than the actual show.
these days srgmp has become rather mundane and boring. used to follow very avidly in c05 and c07 but i rarely watch one whole episode now..mostly i switch on the tv, watch for 15-30min, get bored and switch it off.
the stylist needs to be sacked/fired asap! they all look like morons.
only a couple have talent among the bunch of wannabe mediocre singers this time. my favorite so far is sara. sunvinder is an awesome singer! but hr as usual tries to overhype him.

Anonymous said...

Hey Aspi - Longtime silent reader. Awesome writeup. Believe it or not, I have been waiting more eagerly for your pieces about SRGMP than the show itself!

Invalid - just wanted to drop a line about the mediocre singers. While I agree with you generally about this year's not-so-motley crew, do listen to Zaheer Abbas (the singer :p) - I heard his energetic take on Nagada Nagada, and got curious, and found his earlier pieces in the prelim rounds (which are floating around online) even better. He's pretty darn good.

Unknown said...

mein bechara, thanks for that hilarious link. There should be a post on all of this - I tell you - called Composers Behaving Badly.

sumanthi, welcome!

I do dig a few singers on the show. And if I can find some time will do a post on the singers - just so Shankar can stop griping that all everyone talks about are the jhagdas. Not that he reads or anything - I'm just saying.

Unknown said...

Also forgot to mention - I loved the way Pritam handled the Ismail Darbar roasting in the video link. What a cool guy!

Anonymous said...

This is an outstanding sight!
Aspi, you are great.
This is perhaps the only sight where I find all the members intelligent and nobody insults any other member.
I always visit this site evry single day to see if there is another new blog!
Keep it up Aspi and please convey my heartiest congratulations to all the members.

Anonymous said...

Aspi, you are superb, fantastic, mindblowing! Your captions ROCK!

Please convey to J that I agree about the tacky outfits.

Please convey to (losers) contestants that we want them to not rip their dignoty to shreds if they are booted off.

Please convey to V-S that we miss them!

Finally, please convey to Head that Mind Ruch should be hired for the show. I could be the psychologist/mediator to improve judges' communication.

Anonymous said...

and Mind rush, if you cant do that, then atleast you can add fuel to the fire that's burning lightly on the set! mwahahahha (evil laugh...Monty Burns style!)

Anonymous said...

Mind Rush, and also to provide some therapy to the losers.

Anonymous said...

Review Requested from Aspi for Uncle Himesh's New Music Released today for Karzzz.
Also time to remind Megania Diva to post some Dhanu comments , they are missed.

Unknown said...

Sadma Ghati, welcome and thanks for the note. I will get to it as soon as I can!

Anonymous said...

oh yes, please do a funny review on karzzz and that nasal pain.. can't stand him at all!!
karzzz is going to be hilarious with what that clownish part-ape running around trees acting like a complete moron... god spare us from this torture!
and sumathi- i checked out zaheer and yeah he was pretty good! i think i missed his nagada nagada so i watched it on youtube and it was good.. a welcome relief from the other nonsingers.