Friday, September 05, 2008

Tomato Analysis: You are what you grow?

Recently I went to pick some tomatoes in the garden and saw something that scared the daylights out of me. I turned to our resident analysta Mind Rush for help.

Dear Mind Rush,

They say you are what you eat. But is it also true about what you grow to eat?

I grow cherry tomatoes and lettuce all summer for my salads. This year I decided that with the general summer craziness, I wouldn't have time to look after the garden as much. So tough love ensued: very little water and no care taking of the plants.

I've had a bumper crop this year - hundreds of tomatoes populate my six plants. They are all delicious. But yesterday I found this weird thing hanging off one of the plants. Does this mean I'm messed up? And should I eat it?


Dear Drift saab,

Your question reveals your earthy wisdom and also an eye for detail. What an extraordinary picture!

So, let's visit some mindful truths.

As you sow, so shall you reap. Your garden represents your deepest desires. Your plants are your progeny, so to speak. When you lavish your garden with love and TLC, you get a bumper crop. Why, even Prince Charles is known to have chats over a cuppa tea with the botanical beings at Buckingham gardens.

But back to your tomatoes.... We know that your garden symbolizes your fertile imagination and your thoughts are the seeds to great fruit. So, these are truly "hot house tomatoes!"

Drift saab, my question to you is: what do you see in your tomatoes? Do you see two cricket balls and a stump or a sticky wicket? Do you see a red carrot nose on a snowman or some other man thing? Do you see a monkey eating a banana or some monkey business in this picture?

In these tomatoes, you will see a reflection of your own mind. Your answer will tell you more than I can tell you. Maybe your blog friends can throw in their own thoughts too.

And before you chomp these tomatoes down, remember your own statement: You are what you eat!

Happy interpretations,
Mind Rush


Anonymous said...

..what have you been feeding your garden? ..or maybe all the creative energy in your house is making your garden turn out avant-garde art :)

Mind Rush I am amazed at your imagination in coming up with so many interpretations...I have only one question for you..has Freud been discredited yet?

Anonymous said...

Dear Meena,
Freud has his fans and ditractors.

But sometimes a tomato is just a tomato!

Anonymous said...

sorry--I meant "detractors."

Anonymous said...

Such intelligent analysis can only come from our favorite Mind Rush. Who knew that even though a tomato is just a tomato, there are times when its so much more...(i have no idea what that means, btw!)

but seriously Aspi, what HAVE you been feeding your garden Veggies?? hmm...but seriously, I have to admit, my mind went straight to the gutter when i saw the pic...sorry! hehe

Anonymous said...

For those that ask...Freud believed that certain objects such as knives, cigars, etc. were symbols of male body parts, thus leading people to say "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar."

My tomato quote is a take on the cigar thing..

Anonymous said...

Hehehe...looks like a roasted alien bug to me

Kanan said...

Aspi, that is one wild looking tomato, or is it even a tomato? That's where I'm stuck at. Mind Rush makes my mind rush to God knows where some crazy imaginations. *woozy*

Btw, I grow strawberries in my backyard, how does that make me like a strawberry? :P

Anonymous said...

How could you even eat something shaped like that. Ok like gg I went straight you know where.

Lol, some people have the wierdest things happen to them and I bet you are one of them.

Pitu said...


Clearly, I am a man-eater because I see something very.. err.. inappropriate :-D

Anonymous said...

Help! I have very un-tomato-like thoughts in my head when I see this picture! I am so messed up!

Anonymous said...

I think the people who DONT have inappropriate thoughts are the ones who need help in this case! That's my story and i'm sticking to it! :-/

Unknown said...

If Mind Rush had been trained in Management-speak the analysis would have been: "I see possibilities"

Be that as it may - if your thoughts are the unpure kind, as mine were, the picture is not an encouraging one now is it?

Stone said...

Couple of weeks back, heard Giada De Laurentiis talking about teary eyed tomatoes !!

Unknown said...

Indeed! In fact I found this awesome image.

Pitu said...

I love Giada. I watch her cooking show just to watch her. Hubs is like- ye cooking show hai ya cleavage show?

Unknown said...

Thats funny. So Food Network is hoping that men will watch too?

If we could only have Emeril cooking in cleavage then it'd be a lot of fun to watch.

Pitu said...

Clearly- have you ever watched her show? She is so incredibly uninventive- her recipes are b-o-r-i-n-g!

And pls no nanga-punga Emeril- Himesh and Shekhar Suman have cornered the manboobs market :-p

Anonymous said...

ok!so when i saw the pic first i thought it seems unpure only to me and that's ridiculous... but i'm glad i have company..hehe!!

or maybe it seems like two blood-shot,over-bulged eyes and an injured nose....

Anonymous said...

So I caught up with Javed Saab on Koffee with Karan yesterday. A rerun since they were still talking about RGV's Sholay before its release.

But I kept thinking on how Mind Rush would have enjoyed it. JJ was full of funny anecdotes and although he interrupted everyone Shabana, Farhan, Karan, I did'nt mind it a bit.

I so want Javed Akhtar to write a book about his life.