Sunday, November 02, 2008

Why Indian Idol 4 is such a compelling show

Let me quickly tell you why Indian Idol is becoming such a compelling show. Yes, it is the train wreck that happens when everyone starts to sing. But its way more than that too.

Take last Saturday for instance. Both hosts Hussain and Chang kick-started the show with hazaar enthu introductions. Disco lights flashed. Everyone perked up.

After a rather complicated introduction, Hussain brought on the first contestant - Kuldeep Singh, who instantly appeared embarrassed at the welcome. Dressed in a pathan suit that looked a little leprachaunish, Kuldip launched into Jee Karda from Singh is Kinng with an Irish jig.

Instantly Anu Malik narrowed his eyes - deep in concentration about what he wanted to say about this guy when he finished. Often you sense that the judges commit to their comments well before the delivery has left the bowler's hand. In cricket this is called pre-meditated slogging. If it connects thats great, otherwise it looks comical - and II4 is no exception to this rule.

Kuldip continued, his pacing and pitching careening around the set. The camera focussed on a swaying Tullika Ganguly who has been appointed one of the hotties of the show - the producers constantly cut to her on the sidelines. More groanworthy amusement. 

Cut to a shot of Kailash Kher looking like someone was torturing him slowly - which might just have been the case. And may God strike me down if I lie - but Kailash let loose a belch (at 3:12 in this vid). You couldn't hear it above the music, but his body heaved ever so slightly and settled down with satisfaction.

This reminded me of K. K. Shah in our neighborhood who would announce the end of dinner in the Shah household with a series of carefully punctuated, loud belches which would reverbate across the colony.

For jogging my childhood memory thus and making me all teary eyed and reminiscent, I burrp, I mean thank you, Indian Idol!


Anonymous said...

i haven't seen indian idol, i don't even recognize anyone's names. Apart from BHANUUUUUUUUUUUUU HE ROCKS DA SOCKS!!!

But i watched elimination episode of srgmp.. OMG WTF WAS UP WITH ALL THE CONTESTANTS DRESSED LIKE i donno wtf they were meant to look like.. school kids? but they ended up looking like the stylist had a fetish for adults dressed as school kids.. it must have been humiliating for them

and then YaSHITa's mom's loooong talk about how it isn't easy for young hot girls to survive in this world was so LOL. her daughter won't be needing that advice lady, she is far from being hot..

and she went on and on about her hard life which looked super staged..and then Yashita wasn't sobbing on stage, she was cracking up.. hahaha gosh!

aspi you needs to watch that episode and do a blog, It was a really weird and surreal episode.

Unknown said...

I saw that actually and I like your roundup! I suppose everyone was dressed up school kids because they wanted to honor their parents. That's just brilliant if you ask me.

I was sorry to see Tarun leave - but then he end up laying too many eggs.

I also need to get a little familiar with II4. I get the feeling it'll be cool.

Anonymous said...

The focus this season seems to be II or SRGMP and ASVOI was ignored.
Though most shows have average singers , there a few half decent singers in each show. I like Zakir in ASVOI and at times Vipul.
Next time , Please consider ASVOI as a subject incl comments on Judges.

Unknown said...

Anon, I'm glad you like ASVOI.

But the minute they had their singers mime, they lost all relevance for me. Even tacky reality shows need to maintain some level of integrity. Otherwise you risk becoming a complete circus.

But that show does tend to throw up some good singers - it has that going for it.

Anonymous said...

i watched SVOI like a month or two ago, everytime I see Vipul i wanna punch him in the face..

the judges and Shaan they are so pretentious and annoying..

Shaan always does this smiley face as if he's kissing ppl's asses

Anonymous said...

Disagree with Megan....Yashita may not be "hot" in the skinny girl sense but she has confidence, chutzpah and talent. She is hot! Let's be more open minded!

Anonymous said...

I am all for Pratibha & Monisha Karmakaer. Yashita is also nice.
Pratibha is hottest of all !

Unknown said...

Yashita is tremendous. We'll have to do a post just for her one day.

Anonymous said...

And if after reading the important stuff (aka, Indian Idol burp) you are hankering for fluff (like how many percentage points will Obama win the the popular vote by and how quickly will he make 270 electoral votes) go to this blog:

It's the next best thing to Aspi's Drift. I HIGHLY recommend it.

Anonymous said...

anonymous - pardon me for not finding that buck toothed overrated oversized girl HOT.. humble apologies!

anyway her whole family is so dramabaaz.. argh..

maxdavinci said...

didya watch the girls elimination? two of the potential top 10 were kicked out!

I sseriously fail to see the spunk in ms.ganguly, lekin when she sings its like someone's slitting your wrist!

torsha is kinda Hot, but Prathibha pratibha rulezzzzzzzzz

Anonymous said...

What I found offensive about the whole Yashita mom story is SRGMP caters to the worst stereotypes amongst us.

1) Muslims upset about their girl singing on stage.
2) Kattar hindus upset about the jagrata guy singing an allah-hu song
3) Divorce is bad in muslim/omani society
4) Indians are not voting for the pakistanis.
5) Beautiful single woman have a hard time making it because everyone is lusting for them.
6) Young people ridicule someone who is mentally challenged or a girl from a divorce family.

Here are few more they can throw in next year

1) The brahmin contestant doesnt want to share a room with a lower caste.
2) Dark skinned girl - all she can do is sing as no one will ever marry her.

This show is slowly becoming a freak show. Too bad for the singers who are quite accomplished.

Unknown said...

SRGMP also has the "adhura aadmi" who pines for a woman (who may never be his).

Anonymous said...

well this is reality tv.
reality tv = random contestants with cliched, stereotypical characters thrown together on one show.
right now i'm starting to think that no one from an upper/middle class family with both parents together and in perfect health has singing talent.

Unknown said...

New theme song for II and SRGMP:

Aye zindagi gale lagaa le