Sunday, December 07, 2008

Aamir and Zayed on Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2009

What with the strike and everything - none of the details of which I seem to be able to find anywhere - its been a while since we watched a new SRGMP episode.

But after a few weeks, and I'll admit the break was a good one, SRGMP returned with not one but two stars on back to back episodes. One was promoting a movie and the other was promoting khuda jaane what.

I've never been a fan of Zayed Khan - the only time I've watched him was when I went to see SRK in Main Hoon Na years ago. But I must say his appearance on SRGMP completely made a fan out of me. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Zayed showed up on the Arabic special episode. This is a rather smart turn by the SRGMP producers because it gives them a chance to reuse all the props from the Qawwali, I mean Sufi episode.

Honking wine pots? Check! Huge golden balls with pointy bits sticking up? Check! Belly Dancer? Check! Harem Pants? Check! Half melted candles? Check! But this is entirely the greatness of my beloved show that the producers could have, but chose not to let their creativity stop there.

Also joining these props was a sand pit which replaced the usual stage. If that didn't take your breath away, a flat screen TV behind the singers constantly depicted videos of camels plodding in the desert. What do they say about cheesiness begets cheesy goodness? Towards the end Zayed picked up the mike and made some sadela joke about how those were shots of Bollywood actors crossing the desert to go to Oman to act in Asma's movie.

Speaking of Asma, SRGMP pretty much let that girl lose on the show. She co-hosted with Head, which is another way of saying she was on display for making fun of for an extended period of time. Why this special treatment? Khuda jaane! Probably this was the channel's way of making nice for the terrible roasting Asma had to endure a few weeks ago at the hands of her fellow contestants. Or perhaps SRGMP doesn't want to lose its Oman audience.

Back to the reason why I really liked Zayed. At one point Yashita Yashpal, who I should add with much fondness is continuing her love affair with wacky outfits, asked Zayed to come on stage and dance with her. And what does Zayed do? He bounds up on stage and immediately starts executing a Subhash Ghai type overwrought dance performance. There were ghutne-tek poses, shoulder shimmies and hip thrusts. Arms were thrown about. Much hopping ensued. Thus Zayed deftly promoted his upcoming Ghai movie and looked beyond his carefully constructed cool image to embrace his inner Bollywood junkie. How can anyone not love that?

In the very next episode, Aamir Khan showed up wearing a rumpled black jacket over jeans and a smart white shirt. Surely he was there to promote Ghajini? Nope, not a word from him about the movie. Instead we all had to wallow in Tare Zameen Par wimpiness for an hour. More discussions of adhuraness pervaded the mahol. At one point after Debojit had rendered the raundu song of the millenium - Maa - Aadesh Srivastava was so moved that he ordered Aamir and Shankar Mahadevan on stage. Then he saluted them. No, like with a proper military salute. What did Ma tell me about not acting out when drunk or moved? It always leads to regret later.

For a guy who is the most sought after actor in Bollywood, Aamir is fairly unassuming and business-like. And you can tell because he doesn't do anything that is supposed to look cute just because he is a superstar. Thankfully, he doesn't do any one ghisa pita thing or dialog to "entertain" us. (Hey Akshay, you listening? Time to ditch that laugh. Kareena, ditto with that "Bhatinda ki Sikhni" dialog) Instead he made some loose, mildly engaging jokes and kept the show going.

He was enough of a sport to sing Aati Kya Khandala on stage. He snuffed out a machees with his tongue. He endured some crazy ass bananas dancing by Debojit Dutta on stage. Later Aadesh brought out a drum kit which Aamir shakily played over Pappa Kehte Hai.


Anonymous said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Anonymous said...

OMG Zayed episode was so WTF moment ..that guy was on crack or what? My mom was like "i bet he had a drink or 10 before he came to the stage"

when Yashita was singing, he danced for the whole 4 mins or however long that song went for... his belly dancing (??) move had me in splits..

and when he lifted Yashita, hahaha i was like he's gonna break his back, that girl is like on the verge of obesity..

also when debojit started his random weird crazy dancing, he was like copying that dude and breaking out into a dance..

Zayed should come to these shows more often..

next they should invite his uncle Feroze Khan..

not his cuz Fardeen because that fatty is as entertaining as a plank of wood..

Anonymous said...

I only saw bits and pieces of both episodes, but I think we've had enough of Asma! She sucks as a singer and she's not funny. Unless SRGMP's avg audience age is 15, she needs to be the next one booted!!

Anonymous said...

Aspi, I started reding your blog when I become a Fan of Himesh. I luv the way you write,Despite the fact that you are fan of HR you never are biased. Amazing. I cannot take any critisizm abt HR, i just avoid reading anything against HR.

Unknown said...

I think its a brilliant idea to invite Feroz Khan. I can't believe that we have been denied more entertainment from the guy. I'm still waiting for Janasheen 2: Bikini Kabaddi.

gg, I think you might have discovered Asma's appeal. The kids want to watch her and we all know who holds the remote in Indian households.

Anon, welcome and sorry to disappoint you so often regarding Himesh. I only make fun of people I like a lot. But pl continue to ignore those parts of the blog.

taj said...

Its been 1 month or so since I started following your blog. Did not bump in here by chance, but just tried what the blog was all about when it was recommend on, "Chip's India" Magazine and got hooked on.

I found your satire interesting, most of all SRGNP & Indian Idol stuff. I watch both serials on and off but find the funnier side only after I read your blog. Asma thing is really going overboard for me too.

Carry on......

Anonymous said...

Aspi, you are a fan of HR? I don't know where did Anon got the idea from!!
Anyone, having a little appreciation of music cannot be a fan of HR. And Aspi, I think you've got a lot!

Unknown said...

taj, welcome.

Chips India huh - like in chip technology? Must have been a Bollywood special issue :)

bplusplus, welcome. No, at the risk of you losing respect for me, I do actually enjoy Himesh's music. I think if he could keep his singing out of it and build a better ecosystem of musicians, we'd be able to appreciate his compositions much more.

Anonymous said...

great analysis again Aspi - lol about the sets! I'm not sure all what was going on with that Zayed episode, but boy was it funny!

Aamir's show on the other hand - YAWN!!!

musical said...

Haven't been following SRGMP this season, but love your commentary. Are you sure though that you really want to see Feroz Khan on SRGMP?? Much luck sitting through the episode, if that ever happens ;).

On HR:

"I think if he could keep his singing out of it and build a better ecosystem of musicians, we'd be able to appreciate his compositions much more".

I am agree :-D.

Anonymous said...

I usually see SRGMP episodes on youtube, its a cool way to watch the episode without the ads, it cuts the total watch time to half.

I get really pissed off when the singers call these silly celebrities to dance with them on stage, and the celebrities are like standing on stage shaking their heads or clapping [but zayed was entertaining I must say].

Another advantage of watching these clips on youtube is when such silly things as celebrity swinging on stage or the horror episode with a women in white saree and candle happens , I just start checking my emails or do other stuff, so I can listen to the songs , yet I am saved by silly production antics ....

maxdavinci said...

AFAIK the zayed episode was shot after the Sallu bhai episode and must have been a contract with the promos of Mukta arts.

Do note that zaheer bhai was on both episodes and both were shot before the attacks. Hence meaning just before the strike or just after. That being the reason there were no votes and hence the drama of 'ek hafte hi raahat'

On the other hand, this could have been zayed's best performance on camera and he ought to stick to such shows like apna tusshar saab.

It was definitely interesting to see Aamir not speak a word bout Ghajini except the hairstyle. I was expectint hem to show the trailer and then all the gurus to proclaim it as the best of the year. Hell they did that even for Kidnap!

sirjee, nvr knew that you were a bigger fan of Himeshwar Maharaj than me. Chalega, aapse haarne mein koi gal nahin..

musical said...

And from what you write, the TZP bit has been stretching on forever, on SRGMP. And then they make Debojit sing a song from TZP! Condescenion much?

musical said...

"Condescension much", i meant. Clearly, my internal spell-check is off :(.

Unknown said...

musical, too bad you aren't following this season - you would probably have really liked it. But sometimes a show just wears you down.

MEEENA, the Drift Memsaab is a huge fan of Aamir so she wouldn't let me utter a word when he had his mouth open. That was amusing because normally the comments fly thick and fast from me. To Anon's points, the stuff between songs can get cringe worthy - but this I enjoy even more than the rest of the show.

max, I am a Himesh fan like you, but from what I've read from you the difference might be that I like his songs a little more than you might.

musical said...

Vishal-Shekhar are not there, me not likey ;). How is Shankar on the show?

Unknown said...

Shankar has done a remarkable job subduing Himesh. And the channel has kept up with him in terms of making sure Himesh doesn't get as much face time as he used to (perhaps Shankar negotiated that?)

But as a judge, he's pretty fair and straightforward. As a guru, he's a cheerleader more than a tutor.

musical said...

That's some inspiration for me to follow the show again :).

Anonymous said...

Aspi, w.r.t. you and being Himesh fan, your Gujju roots are showing ;-)
(Sorry, couldn't resist that one).

And I couldn't disagree with you more on HR - Himesh has made a career out of SRGMP! So he is a permanent fixture (no matter how tired we are, he is not). He owes every bit of his success to this show. Remember him from 2005 season? The suit clad, baseball-hat-less, chest-buttons-in-place, normal human-being looking, gujju boy - and look now! He is a sales guy, camouflaged in musician or actor outfit. His comments have least substance, yet his spoken exclamations have made it to the rating system of SRGMP (else who will use 'History' as a rating of a performance??)
I won't be surprised if he's been paying the producers to have him on the show.

But yea, you are entitled to your opinion, and are most welcome to stand like a Rock between HR and rest of the world :-)

Anonymous said...

Call it age or lack of coolness (both of which apply equally to me) but I thought Zayed was Ranbir for almost the whole episode...he looked like Ranbir, and his speaking Hindi (Ok, Hinglish, but "normal" Hinglish) put me off as well...I really did think Zayed didn't know Hindi!

Aamir...yeowch! Am not a huge fan of the guy (he reminds me too much of a garden gnome, and I find it hard to look past that to his acting) - but that episode was SO FULL of people kissing a**! I had the TV on mute after the first time, because it was clear that each-and-every-contestant *had* to document their "Aamir-moment" and tears would flow and people would look thoughtful...but thankfully, the songs were good. Yashita's costumes...who hates that girl?

Thanks for the info abt the episodes being shot before the attack - I did wonder if Zaheer would still be on the show now.


Unknown said...

bplusplus, ironically I have to thanks SRGMP for making me realize that I dug Himesh's songs. This happened right after one of those Himesh special episodes last year when other people sang his songs.

Bitterlemons, speaking of which I noticed that the little Mumbai tribute segment on SRGMP in the beginning had a fake "special effects" shot of a blast. It looked more like a puff of smoke.

Anonymous said...

Leave it to SRGMP to get more viewers out of this tragedy. I wonder how they will show the Mumbai attacks on the show...

hmm...I smell another walk-off for some contestants!!

Anonymous said...

me not following the show either,but i no miss Himesh.
i seen his Karzzzzz..... like a month back and my head is still the reeling....had enuf of the guy!!!

and my dad's a Himesh fan and he dosen't mind him singing too:)

Anonymous said...

Zayed sounds like he's a lot of fun! I just saw "Main Hoon Naa" for the first time recently, and I really enjoyed him in it. But then most of the comments from readers on my blog said he really hasn't done anything too spectacular since.

Maybe he has potential to show some personality!

musical said...

"Mumbai tribute segment on SRGMP in the beginning had a fake "special effects" shot of a blast. It looked more like a puff of smoke".

Please tell me that this did NOT happen! Okie, whatever enthusiasm i had gathered for following this season has evaporated :(.

Unknown said...

Seriously, check out this vid at 0:27s. On TV that looked even more fake.

ppl said...

Hey Aspi, been buried under papers this semester, but man have I been missing out!
SRGMP and bigg boss 2, I have a lot of guilty pleasure watching to do.

I did catch the Zayed-Aaamir episode online and man are you spot on about Zayed being the biggest sport on SRGMP so far. Most celebs come do a clap and sway/awkward stand around during those cringe-worthy 'dance karo' routines, but not Zayed. He called their bluff, danced from beginning to end, manhandled the girls, dance-offed with Debojit phew!
Aaamir, well what a coup SRGMP! Clearly TZP is going to be on Zee this christmas,
I am loving the singing, except poor Asma, but man they are wearing her thin. I feel sorry for her because they are clearly not paying her to be the resident comedian.
Well now that the snoozeworthy mahagurus are gone and the stars are coming, the circus of SRGMP is brewing to a cresecndo.

Pitu said...

Why is Asma even on the show? The woman cannot sing! Oh right, the Oont ka danda/ maa ne ghar chhoda/ all the heroes she's dying to cast.. sigh! :-p And some bear somewhere is missing his nice warm coat given that Himes stole it for his toupee :-p

Anonymous said...

I am just watching SRGMP from last Sunday - I cannot believe what they have made out of this once-upon-a-time greatest musical show of Indian TV!
Cheap, cheap, cheap....!

And what is this with bringing overdose of religion into a singing contest. Nothing against Baba Ramdev, but I really didn't get what he is preaching! He is trying to wake the nation to go into war? Even if he wants, that's his opinion, but do not use SRGMP as a platform - take it into a diff forum.

And I hate this hypocrisy - the way they expect respect for their own religion, they don't give the same respect to other religion. Well, the cleanest way is to just keep religion and singing contest separate.

Coming back to contest, Yashita Rocks! She is the ONLY one who is a league apart from rest.

Anonymous said...

Dude, check this out..