Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2009 Grand Finale

Here is the thing about SRGMP that is so entertaining. It throws up stuff from left field when you least expect it. But allow me to explain.

The finale of SRGMP - all eight hours of it, or so it seemed - was scheduled to climax with Akshay Kumar and Deepika Padukone, stars of the mega hit Chandni Chowk to China. At least that is how the thinking must have been way back when the stars were booked. Unfortunately, Chandni Chowk went belly up faster than the Titanic and the producers didn't make any adjustments to the show's script.

The first indication of this came when Deepika walked out on stage, looking long and angular in a white saree and had to jhelo questions from Head about her movie. This must have been painful. But Deepika negotiated this moment with grace, calling the audience reaction "mixed" but thanking those that had supported the flick.

Later Akshay showed up. Undeterred by the Deepika awkwardness, Head went hammer and tongs at Akshay with praise of his "hit". A montage of positive audience reaction was displayed.

Akshay looked distinctly depressed and launched into a monologue of how when you are down people throw stones at you, but you should pick them and use them to fortify your own foundation. "I'm telling this to the contestants who are waiting for the results inside" said Akshay. Beshak, my man. Beshak.

More was to follow. Calling Head 'Aditya sahab', Akshay said that by referring to his movie as a hit, Head had shown his badhappan. At this point Head began to grasp the delicacy of the situation - which he indicated by sticking his tongue out. Years of seasoning then prompted Head to ask Akshay to announce the results and move the show along. "The results are already in" wailed Akshay. "I've failed!"

Although I could feel Akshay's pain - and I continue to wish him the best - I couldn't help but chuckle. A lot. I was absolutely transfixed at this drama (when it comes to SRGMP, I entertain easily).

Besides this if there was one moment that really stood out, it was at the very beginning - a moment that veritably defines SRGMP. The grand finale was stage with the recently ravaged Taj as its backdrop. Clearly people had worked hard to deliver a gorgeous stage. The entire setting was beautiful. And it was very touching. Wow, I thought to myself: has SRGMP gone all classy on us?

Then the show started and the three finalists - Soumen Nandi, Vaishali Made and Yashita Sharma - strutted on stage to sing. Fwoosh - a gigantic gush of air blew Vaishali's kameez straight up, threatening to expose the poor girl's midriff. Vaishali cocked her waist and grabbed the flying thing, holding it down while trying to look cool and sing. This little wardrobe malfunction restored my faith in the show instantly.

Although I'm not particularly interested in who wins the competition - I should mention that the steady stream of regional revelation of votes (International votes! North Zone votes! East Zone votes!) had me thinking Yashita might well beat the odds here.

But the West Zone votes came in and Vaishali ended up winning the entire thing. Happily, the remaining two contestants didn't sulk glumly. Yashita joyfully bounced around the stage declaring how khush she was. Well done!

Finally, a word about Head who might well have hosted his last SRGMP episode as a regular host. I loved that all black outfit - clearly a tribute to Batman. Head looked styling throughout the show although his pants were too long (I'm just saying). And when he got dropped on stage via a flaming crane, the pride in dad Udit Narayan's eyes was very cute to behold. Head has gotten better each year. Don't go by that montage they showed of him as tribute - you know the one in which he inexplicably tried to imitate drag queens. Repeatedly. Head was terrific this year. I'll miss him.

But not more than Himesh. Now, I need to go crack open my Himesh collection to console myself.


Anonymous said...

I love the pictures Aspi!! This was one of the funniest finale's that SRGMP has had in a long LONG time!! As much as I didn't like the show this year, I will still miss all the drama...now to catch drama like that, I'll have to watch the other 200 shows that on the Indian channels!

Plus, now we'll have to think of other ways to make fun of our dearest Himanshu! I'm sure there will be plenty of opportunities for that!

Anonymous said...

It was so entertaining. But I was so diappointed with Himass's new hairstyle wherein he hid his silky lustrous locks beneath a toque, wonder if its his new look in his next movie!
I sure will miss my weekly fix of SRGM Pa.

musical said...

I almost splashed the chai on my key-board! It was that hilarious :).

I give to Akki for his honesty, though! And what is this, not even a small paragraph on Himanshu?

Though seriously, one thing that this show needs to vote out is the regionalism.

Anonymous said...

Didn't you notice the second wardrobe malfunction - with Yashita - her vest or waistcoat or whatever it's called - slipped and provided an unintentionally hilarious look...I was rather affected by the Vande Mataram bits...but yeah, funny finale.

WHY was the stage so corny looking?


Anonymous said...

What is badhappan?

Also, for real? Aditya and Himesh are leaving? What are the reasons given?

I need to catch this online soon, just to catch the hilarity of it all.

Unknown said...

Bitterlemons, I did notice Yashita's wardrobe malfunction. But I felt I would be crossing the line there. I'm only REALLY mean with the people who've made it already.

Lin, badhappan means "bigness (of heart)". In other words Akki was saying Adi calling his movie a hit was out of generosity.

Head is leaving for sure - he is focusing on his movie. Himesh I don't know. I think he'll be back.

gg, musical, I will plan for a post for Himesh withdrawal.

maxdavinci said...

OMG adi is leaving?

I totally see aasma doing the lil champs episodes now!

Whose gonna be more irritating, asma or abhijeet?

Another Kiran In NYC said...

The Head decapitare?


We will miss him.

Anonymous said...

Thought would like hearing this:

Farhan and Zoya will be on Indian Idol this week. So you will see the entire JJ khandan minus Shabana on the show.

Unknown said...

All right, cool bit of news j. Entire JJ khandaan minus Honey and Shabana then.

I can't wait to see Abhijit on the show - in fact, I might endure an episode or two of Lil Champs just for him.

Throughout the SRGMP finales he looked slightly inebriated and somewhat pissed - just the way I like him. And then he went and hugged Aadesh and had a "Yeh Dosti" moment with him that was just fabulous to watch.

Hopefully someone will have the good sense to invite Atif Aslam for a spot on Lil Champs.

Anonymous said...

Aspiji, the accolades have already filled your inbox, so I say ditto. My favorite phot and caption: The Burning Crane!

Anonymous said...

An open Fariyaad to SRGMP producers:

Do consider Mr. Drift as a worthy replacement for Head. He knows a thing or two about music. He will make you laugh at things you did not even know were on your show. He has chutzpah, insider info, and most importantly, an undying love for Himesh.

Unknown said...

Unfortunately I am over 25 and wear my pants above my belly button. That automatically disqualifies me from hosting SRGMP.

Anonymous said...

lol!, Those pants might come back in style by next season.

But I can't see you coming on the stage on a burning crane.

Anonymous said...

She's right, high-waisted pants are slowly coming back, Aspi...so you do have a chance! hehe

Unknown said...

Hells Bells - we are going to have to put up with those again?! I was kidding really. But if I hosted SRGMP I would play a ditz - like Asma - which would give me the liberty to ask all kinds of uncomfortable questions and make people squirm. And it would all be because I didn't know any better!

Anonymous said...

what a genius plan!! MWAHAHHA (Evil laugh!)

*~mad munky~* said...

i was slightly puzzled by the reappearance of himesh's headgear...i can only assume that something's gone horribly wrong under there! is it falling out...again?

Unknown said...

~mm~ the thought occurred to me. I think there was a wig malfunction. Perhaps something awesome happened like Himesh's pet cat chewed that wig out. And Himesh's spare was stuck in Surat.

But in any case, Himesh seemed to have made a conscious decision to not wear his toupee. Which brings me to this - if you have a toupee and you have a scene with a cap on, do you still wear the toupee?

Anonymous said...

Maybe the poor guy had a bad hair day like the rest of us.

Arz kiya hai---
"And all the Zee's hair-dressers
And all the Zee's make-up men Could not put Himesh's hair Together again..."

Anonymous said...
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