Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ek Aur Strike on Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 3

This week on JDJ 3, the show that never fails to deliver, there was a shocking elimination. A week ago, the producers played up a jhagda between Hard Kaur and the show's resident firestarter Gauhar Khan. On the surface, it looked fairly minor, but much was made of it.

The week's festivities started off with a shaababi-kebabi mujra face off between the fighting hastis. Now you could argue that mujra is a fine art form, but having grown up watching Pran and Ranjeet sniff at a garland of flowers wrapped around their wrist while watching the same, I've come to associate them with much sleaziness.

Without being particularly impolite to the ladies, let me just say that both dancers delivered on this front.

Fast forward to the elimination episode and Saroj Khan was called on to declare the second finalist. Someone gave her a coin upon which she inexplicably unleashed some mujra moves of her own. Thank God for random loopiness because this was much fun to watch.

Saroj continued to prance around attempting to taunt the remaining super-tense contestants with the coin - which was nigh invisible in her hand. "You like this?", "Isn't it cute", "Do you believe in HIM" she said to glum face after glum face, reminding me a bit of King Julian from Madagascar.

In any case, in the resulting dance off between Gauhar and Hard Kaur (hey, who scripts this show so perfectly?!), Hard Kaur got eliminated. Everyone pulled a face and shook their heads. Then Hard Kaur was invited to do her final dance, which seemed to remind everyone of how much they were going to miss her.

Bus, that was it! Saroj Khan picked up the mike and framed by the other two judges, issued a karate chop in the air. "We strike!" she declared, adding for some reason that this was a historic occasion on TV.

Vaibhavi Merchant chastisized the audiences for not voting properly.

This is where all logic usually breaks down for me. This show is about dance? I think not - if it was, why would you invite non-dancers like Karan Singh Grover in the first place to participate?

This show is about spectacle, like any other TV show is (anyone watch the news lately?) So, complaints against the audience not voting "properly" is not only futile, but plain incorrect.

The audience always votes correctly. They vote for entertainment. JDJ 3 is nothing but. And I'm thankful for that. It's not that I don't appreciate a good dance - I loved all of Hard Kaur and Savio's performances - but if the show was only all about dance, it wouldn't be on my DVR.


Anonymous said...

I like your comment boxes Aspi. Don't even watch the show, but the write ups sum it up. I hope the strike continues....and would love to know what else is on your DVR Aspi??

Unknown said...

American Idol - actually watched it once
30 Rock, Office - watch every 3rd episode or so
Oye Its Friday - now defunct
Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 3
Penguins of Madagascar - Terrible show, but when the kids sit with me to watch it all becomes good.

Anonymous said...

Interesting I would have thought there would be many more desi shows!!
You should also add TDI (total drama island) to your list of watch with kids, more than funny you will turn and look at your kids and go "what the h***".

Mind Rush said...

LOL! Loved the tight clothes comments.

And the strike....I am biting my fingernails! What is to happen? Who will stay, who will go? I am breathless!! This strike is turning my world upside down....I beg the TV channel not to play with my emotions....

m said...

did anonymous just censor the H word?? as in "hell"??? hahahahaaaaaaa

thats f***y

*~mad munky~* said...

I've never watched this, but it looks hilarious!

Saroj Khan annoys me though..she's like a crazy aunt at a wedding :o\