Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wacky Sandwich Day

I've read lots of parenting material on how to raise your kids right. Everyone has loads of advice on how to grow them up to be confident, healthy, sensitive and yes, even non-codependent (dream on!).

What?! Doesn't anyone want their kids to grow up wacky? Last year I took Motorsandal to watch Ghajini. The poor kid cowered through half the movie. I'm very proud of that mistake. I constantly find ways to keep my sons off keel. If I can find a loopy way to interact with them, I immediately adopt it.

Risks must be taken within reason in order to raise reasonable kids.

Starting now, I'm going to offer everyone phaltu Drift advice on how to raise kids a little left of normal. Believe me this is a good thing. They'll grow up to write a book or make a movie about all the nutty stuff that happened to them as kids.

Yesterday, the Drift Memsaab announced that the kids would have Wacky Sandwich day. The basic idea is: the house provides the kids with two slices of bread and access to the refrigerator and pantry. They make their own sandwiches with whatever they'd like.

Based on the largely disgusting sandwiches (the boys wrote the recipes below) that came out of this exercise, I'd say that this is an incredibly good idea.

Youngling (7 years old)
Wakky Sandwich
- bread
- gold fish crackers
- choclate
- lots and lots of olives
- yaki soba noodles
- apsicot
- wusaby peas
- suger christles
- spiesy potato sticks
- bread

Motorsandal (10 years old)
Wacky Sandwich Recipe :)
- Bread
- Yaki Soba Noodles (cold)
- Flamin' Hot Chips
- Pepperjack Cheese
- Jalapenos (LOTS)
- Gun Powder (edible kind of course)
- Corn
- Sambhar
- Bread / not toasted

Right after this whole thing (boys being competitive and all) Motorsandal turned to Youngling and said "Mine is healthier!" Well done son, I'm proud of you.

Next up for the boys: watching chick flicks and reading zombie comics.


Drift Memsaab said...

Thank you, thank you! I can come up with great parenting ideas esp when they involve letting others make thier own meals :-)

Sundries said...

Dear Drift Saab, whatever you do, do not let your kids watch David Dhawan's remakes of cult comedies. Am considering applying for a court order to stop him committing the following crime:

"Having entertained audiences with his comedies, Bollywood director David Dhawan is mulling an offer to direct the remake of the 1981 cult hit Chashme Buddoor. "I have been approached by Studio 18, who have the rights to the film. Though nothing has been finalised yet, we are working on it," Dhawan told IANS in an interview. "Even if I agree to do this project, the movie will have a contemporary feel to it. I have to keep today’s audience in mind," he added.
One of the best remembered comedies of Hindi cinema, Chashme Buddoor was originally directed by multiple-award winning writer-director Sai Paranjpe. Starring Farooq Shaikh, Deepti Naval, Saeed Jaffrey, Rakesh Bedi and Ravi Baswani, the 145-minute comedy etched itself in people’s minds with its witty dialogues and characters.
Dhawan also says he has been approached to make a remake of Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s Chupke Chupke, "though nothing is final".

My addition: "the movie will have a contemporary feel to it." This is a KILLER sentence! My hands are wringing themselves!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, finally someone is on my side of the fence.
So here we go Aspi, my son has dinner dates, in such a date the kids come up with menu, cook the menu, set the table and clean up..(really a date for me, but why not!!) The menu can be one course, 2 course, or even 5 course and believe me they make great 5 course meals !! Most times the entree sticks to Maggie (masala flavor) but hell I love it. my daughter helps him with the appetizers, usually a salad, and desert is default ice-cream. I will be honest, all my friends and family call me wacky, but my kids love it...It is like in Sponge-bob they realize, "normal can be boring". Next one you should let them decorate their rooms, or fold laundry as they think it should be done. i have had socks hanging in my sons room since he thought the best way to fold laundry was to hang it up and then he didn't want to look at socks all the time so he started to knot them, fisherman's knots for the socks, they look great lined up in the drawer!

Anonymous said...

atleast we don't have to train our kids to be kings!!

ma said...

i wish i had allowed my son such wacky sandwiches.

NidaMarie said...

What a great idea! And your kids are adorable!

Ahem, I must admit I think Motorsandal's sandwich sounds kinda good....

Unknown said...

Sundries, you have to admit - David Dhawan acquiring rights instead of just copying a movie scene for scene is progress. Thanks for forwarding the news - Sai Paranjpe must really like David Dhawan to have sold those rights.

ma, come on I know its not you - your laptop is busted these days.

Anon, good plan!

Nida, I've seen people put chips in their sandwiches before. You belong to that club?

kusublakki said...

Wow! WHat a solid idea! I wish my mommy had let me create my own meals :D I wasnt even allowed to enter the kitchen for the fear of breaking stuff..

I love sandwhich number two..spicy all the way :D

meena said...

I find nowadays my kids keep me off-kilter..they progressed rapidly this summer from total drama island to Malcolm in the middle to the office and they would go right on and watch 30rock if we let them.

Aspi you didnt answer the most imp question- did they eat all of their handiwork?

meena said...

..and Sundries, you have my nothing sacred?

Unknown said...

meena, would you believe it if I told you that they ate the entire thing and believe it to be gourmet cuisine.

This, of course, stops at my personal doorstep. In other words, if they try to make me eat that sandwich, all hell will break loose.

Anonymous said...

Aunty is using mine, I had to let her Aspi, since this is such an important matter of discussion !!
Meena, the day I saw total drama island, it was off limits for my kids...but yes I have graduated this summer from letting them take care of breakfast and dinner. I am sure by now most of drift readers think my house is Hell's kitchen !!

Anonymous said...

And Oh I forgot, Aspi, you should have tried a bite, kids love it when parents make a screwed face at their gourmet creations!! Kinda of saying right back at you kiddo !

Anonymous said...

And Oh I forgot, Aspi, you should have tried a bite, kids love it when parents make a screwed face at their gourmet creations!! Kinda of saying right back at you kiddo !

Anonymous said...

And Oh I forgot, Aspi, you should have tried a bite, kids love it when parents make a screwed face at their gourmet creations!! Kinda of saying right back at you kiddo !

Anonymous said...

I Plan to give a Party in My Mulk where I am going this Friday.
Would you accept overseas orders for 1000 people ?

musical said...

Drift Memsaab, you are a cool Mommy! I shall pass this idea on to other friends. Youngling and Motorsandal, i LOVE your sandwiches! Am sold on the idea of having goldfish crakers, wasabi peas, jalapenos and flaming hot chips in the sandwich. You both have awesome taste!

Aspi, this stuff is waaaaaaay tastier than any gourmet cuisine, anywhere :).

Unknown said...

Thanks to everyone's kind comments the boys have now been encouraged to do more of this. Heaven help us.

megan said...

you have very cute kids...

youngling looks like he'd grow up to be an art student with a penchant for irony and a flair for the dramatic..

motorsandal would probably grow up to be a ladies man, most likely a sports therapist..

Bella said...

I put chips i my sandwich, especially if its a cheese sandwich. Too yum! :)
decided to stop delurking...

Unknown said...

Bella, welcome!

megan, I am trying to visualize my kids the way you pictured them. But Motorsandal and sports?! Perhaps there might be a late surge in life but otherwise - no.

D Memsaab said...

megan, currently Youngling wants to be a teacher and Mototrsandal is keen on becoming a geologist. Your predictions sound more enticing, though.

Unknown said...

They will have to become a lawyer and a surgeon respectively because I'm planning to retire and become a beach bum in a few years and I need my family to sponsor my lifestyle.

Teddy said...

Ahhh.. David Dhawan is remaking Chashme Buddoor!

He will call it Chashma Number One.
An aging and sagging Govinda will play Farroukh Shaikh's role. Shakti Kapoor and Kadar Khan will play Rakesh Bedi and Ravi Vaswani's characters. Rakhi Sawant will be the Deepti Naval character.

Imagine the scene...
Govinda is pactising dance moves in front of his mirror in yellow pants and a tight red satin shirt. Govinda sings "meri paint bhi saixy, Meri shart bhi saixy"

Doorbell rings.
Govinda waddles to the door and lo and behold! On the doorstep is Rakhi Sawant in micro shorts and a halter top, selling Chashmas door to door.

"Aye, yede, chashma chahiye kya, sale pe hai..pesal (special) rate hai"

Shakti Kapoor and Kadar Khan materialise. "Aaaaooo! Lolita!" says Shakti.
"Abbey o langoor ke chaachey key bhaanjey, peeche hat, teri Bhabhi aayi hai" says Kadar Khan.

Rakhi : "Aye tapori log, shaadi-waadi banaane ka hai toh Rakhi ke Swayamvar mein aao, samjhe kya?"

Teddy said...

your kids are adorable, Aspi. Loved the sandwich recipes. I was going to make a cheese sandwich for dinner but now I want Motorsandal's sandwich. Nothing else will do.

Unknown said...

Teddy, hilarious - you should do this more often.

Mind Rush said...

Teddy got talent...