Monday, April 05, 2010

What's your Line of Sight?

Ever wanted to know why Hollywood movies became short and if that same thing will happen to Hindi films? Actually movies in the US are getting longer and movies in India have been getting shorter for years. But hey, we are talking about decade long trends here!

That's a new post on a new blog that I'm writing for Indiatimes. I should have called the blog Manoranjan Planet but during a particularly tequila fueled brainstorming session I decided to call it Line of Sight (LoS) instead. Don't ask me why - its the first time I've become less fun and more staid after a few drinks.

I'm doing this blog for a number of reasons. I wanted to try out something different. I was curious to see how to build a blog in a crowded space. I wanted to bring irreverence and wackiness to a generally well-behaved section of the media. I wanted to see if I could score a press pass to go see Indian Idol.

Will I succeed? Will I fail? Will I get my ass sued? Will people bitch me out? You can watch me humiliate myself on that blog - massive risk taker that I am. Speaking of which, let's start with the artwork. Bad enough! Comments? Moderated! But I'll be gaining more control over style and format and hopefully over the type of content I can put out as the weeks go by and will have the opportunity to put some changes in place.

If you have some spare cycles I'd love for you to read LoS and tell me what you think. 

What does this mean for the Drift? I'll have less time to update it. But it'll free me up to write some really nasty posts - hey how about that last one?


Mind Rush said...

I think I like the new name of the new blog: "Aspi's Los" since it has a "huh?" factor to it.
But don't trivialize it too much...I notice that you are head to head with Jug Suriya and getting great votes.
Will the cake people chase you to LoS?

Anonymous said...

no Javed saab? I think the Drift comments drove him out of Indian Idol!!

Unknown said...

Indian Idol underwent a rehaul. So no anyone from the old except Anu. Why is Anu still there? Not sure!

Mind Rush - comments are moderated on the ToI blog so those will edited out before they make it on the blog. I don't like moderation in general but it has its uses.

Kanan said...

Aspi, dat's da coolesht! Loved the popcorn article part I. Found it very thought-provoking.

I tried posting comment and it says "Your comment was marked as spam and will not be displayed."
Moderated. I understand. Spam? C'mon. I know I did the math part right.

I think LoS sounds like ToS. ;)

Unknown said...

WHAT!? I will write junk if I have to but I won't stand for commentators being turned away!

Thanks for reporting that Kanan. Will get some more control of the blog this week and so should be able to look into it.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! celebrity blogger, you! I heard that all the stars write on India Times. Will chk it out.

Banno said...

What happens to people who want to comment and are mathematically challenged :)

Unknown said...

Banno, that would also be people like me. - I use a calculator for those to avoid embarrassing myself.

Mind Rush said...

Drift saab, I notice that you are getting a great reception but also some ignorant/annoyed comments on your Times of India blog.

Are those folks just killjoys?
Is your humor too unique for them?
Does this affect your writing?

Unknown said...

I think ToI just has a different audience. When you write for ToI people expect you to be 'journalistic' and you attract a more generic audience.

Does it affect my writing? I'm very committed to two things: (1) challenging how old media works and (2) learning how to adapt myself. So I see it as part of the fun.

Mind Rush said...

Analyzing those Times of India reactions, particularly the negative ones, here are my two "mindful" cents:
1) The Drift blog is your own little kingdom; Times of India is a more public space. Here you have a following of like minded people who "get" your writing. If they don't, they stop reading. With TOI the janta has a sense of ownership...they assume they can tell you what to write!
2) Basic stats fact: When N is larger, the Range of scores is greater too. The more people who read your work (as they do in TOI), the greater variation in taste and intelligence you will encounter.

My suggestion: Add a prominent Intro to your TOI blog to say that it is supposed to be funny. This is a cultural shift for folks and they don't get it. Second, make sure your boss at TOI supports you :-)
Good luck, and keep blogging!

Saritha said...

Second that.Sure you are going to get some serious,totally unnecessary advise,but then they'll get it soon and will start to see the fun part:)

On the other hand,drifters,have you seen Drift Saab's interview?

bolly boy said...

Driftji, saw interview. Congrats! Did not know you were a celeb!!

Unknown said...

Right about ToI - but its all a work in progress. We'll see how it goes.

Saritha, many thanks for the link.

Bolly Boy thanks for reading.

Kanan said...

Aspi, it still says my comment is spam. Grrr @ TOI

Kanan said...

Whoa! finally submitted to moderator.. is that because I didn't put my website link?
Thanks Aspi :)

Unknown said...

Sorry yaar. URL is optional so that is not it. But ToI moderates all comments. I'm trying to get them to use a better spam filter so we don't need moderated comments.

I moderate in any case so nothing gets turned down :). Can't log in today so will be a while before yours shows up. But thanks for taking the time - great to have your support.

Anonymous said...

Well, you are right Sirji, drift has drifted away (sob sob) no comments and no post. The LoS has become drifters Loss !

Giftwithlove said...

I liked this content/ article. I would certainly recommend the same to others as well.

Dhakkan said...

No New Post Since April 5th ?
Lambi Break ?

Unknown said...

Sorry Dhakkan, a bit busy with the new ToI blog. I'll try linking to a few posts every now and then on the Drift just to show I'm active :)

megan said...

hi guys
what's new

i am confused so this blog is closing down? you're just expanding your horizons and bank balanc? what's the dealio?

do you get paid to blog?

Unknown said...

Hi Megan, I hope to keep the Drift around in some form. Haven't figured it out yet.

I'm doing LoS as a change really. Just wanted to see what it took :) No expansion on the bank balance for sure. In fact, if I'm making about the same from the other gig as here (which is not much in any case), I'll probably revive the Drift.

You not into visiting the ToI blog?

Anonymous said...

Megania ji
welcome back.
tusi eh blog takeover kar lo from aspinder bhra ji

Megan said...

You are hereby warned not to post ANY Spam.
Do you expect any business when you are pissing off loyal readers of Aspi ?
Shame on you.

AspiFan said...

I second it !
NO Spam on This Site ever by anyone !!

Unknown said...

Seriously! :)

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