Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Linkety to New Posts

I've been writing a few posts for my new Times blog (Line of Sight). I just haven't had time to update Drift. But I'll say this: I'm trying to recreate some of the same fun I had writing Drift over at LoS and I think with time I'll get there.

Here are a few new posts if you'd care to check them out.

Trailername: Reviewing the trailer of Kites
Hrithik and Barbara Mori's new flick opens May 21st. What is that thing? A romance? A thriller? An action flick? And 'the great betrayal' that the films bandies about. Well, we can all see that coming for a mile no?

Indian Idol Season 5: First Look
One of my favorite shows begins. And guess who's back?

Interpreting the dhaasu tweets of Salman Khan
I've been reading Salman's tweets for days. I'm convinced he is India's one true genius! At once playful, cheesy and with a razor sharp eye for finding the art in the everyday.

The evolution of Pritam
Plagiarist or Genuis? A closer look at the man who has his finger on the pulse of Youngistan.

The unsettling art of Sonatina Mendes
One of my favorite artists from Baroda talks about her work.

Sania and Shoaib: Should they or shouldn't they?
An interview with Tigermaasi who pulls the kundlis of the newly minted pair.

Will Hindi movies get shorter? Parts 1: Popcorn!, 2: Money! and 3: Length
Really, what drives Hollywood movies to be shorter? Will that work for Hindi movies also?

Postergyaan: The secret language of movie posters
A look at a few new posters of Bollywood movies and what they are really telling us.


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Shukriya Aspi Boss !

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Do you do film reviews? I hope you do one on Kites.

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Dil mange more!