Thursday, November 29, 2012

Priyanka's new song Erase (with The Chainsmokers)

With much fanfare, and exposure most stars would kill for, Priyanka Chopra launched her music career with "In My City" this September. We talked about it here and I didn't like it much. The song was tepid and felt highly manufactured. Which was a shame because Priyanka has a pretty sensual voice.

Priyanka is on the verge of doing something cool here so its worth following her progress. There's another song called Erase doing the rounds that The Chainsmokers put together featuring Priyanka on vocals. The Chainsmokers are two NY-based DJs - Andrew Winter and Alex Pall. They program House music and their career is on a smart, upward arc. The song itself is full of aggressive, high energy EDM and Priyanka does sound way better than she did on her first single. There are no traces of Bollywood in here - which tells us that Priyanka is ballsy enough to play in a new arena on its own terms. By the way, this song is not on Priyanka's upcoming album.

Since my two sons - Motorsandal, 13 and Youngling, 11 - are avid music listeners and fine, if somewhat misguided, critics in their own right, I decided to ask them to review the song (which for the record, I enjoyed).

Youngling's review:
Its fake dubstep, Daddy. But its good. I would listen to it again.

Motorsandal's review:
Its gwiddz (this is apparently a teen way of saying "good"). I would listen to it again for sure. But not now.

You can listen to the song via the soundcloud widget below.


Dino said...

Priyanka's strategy is a good one. Chainsmokers are up and coming but not big yet. Now thanks to this song they have a potential 1 billion fans in India and their song will get played in clubs and their CD will get distributed in India just on the strength of this song. Of course Priyanka gets to break into the western market.

Sunita Banerji said...

Hi this is Sunita - one of the best private detectives in Mumbai and I think this is a spectacular attempt on the part of the music companies to push an Indian star on the international music scene. Its about time and something like this should have happened long back considering India is an English speaking nation and pop culture forms such an integral part of our DNA. If Colombian and Mexican artists can break through internationally why not an Indian who is probably more talented, better looking and speaks better English than an Hispanic. More power to Priyanka and her ilk!

Anonymous said...

Um.... Erase is not dubstep.