Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fun with a gun on Zanjeer's Mumbai Ka Hero

Sure, India is a young country - the average age is just over 25. But given the music videos these days you'd think everyone in India is young and horny. And this catering to a certain target audience is reaching ridiculously entertaining heights.

Let's take a look at the catchy club song Mumbai Ka Hero from Zanjeer. The original Zanjeer (1973) marked a turning point in both Amitabh Bachchan's career and Hindi cinema. It was the first time we saw a grumpy, smoldering, not-so-hot looking leading man with enough oil in his hair to fast track a Dabur Amla ad. The movie's success gave birth to the angry young man archetype in films and kick started Amitabh's legendary career. The remake - produced by original director Prakash Mehra's son, Amit - stars Ram Charan Teja and Priyanka Chopra. I enjoyed Ram Charan (RCT) so much in 2009's rebirth epic Magadheera that I'm really looking forward to seeing him in Hindi films.

The songs starts with clips of some iconic Amitabh Bachchan dialogs from the original film. These don't sound as dhaasu as they did back then. But it's a good way to acknowledge the source (given that the writers didn't get paid anything.) Then Mika Singh starts singing. Now it could just be me, but anytime that Mika sings, he sounds completely inebriated. His voice epitomizes the words "sloshed" and "party". RCT dances with a bunch of chics dressed in camouflage outfits that are designed to show, not hide (points for ironic comedy!) RCT is already flashing a gun, setting us up for the fun to follow.

At just under a minute, Priyanka shows up in a cop outfit that would stop traffic in all 28 (or was it 29 - I can't keep count) states in India. I think PC is a terrific dancer and if not her work, I've always admired her career choices. Talia Bentson does a terrific little rap for Priyanka and begins by declaring "cop in the khaki uniform/you turn me on". Then RCT whips out his revolver causing PC to palm her cheek and exclaim: "Oh my God!/Is that your gun!?"

Now you know what the gun represents, right? Right?! Ok. So PC begs to "hold it please". Then RCT proceeds to - get this - twirl his gun. Is your imagination firing here? Good. PC sings "Tu lage sexy off-i-cer/jab taane apna re-vol-ver" and then goes down on her knees and pulls RCT's gun to her face, mimicking an activity that would turn Leela Samson blue and instantly convert any PG-13 rating into a straight R.

Then there's more innuendo although that could just be me looking for further entertainment. I'll let you be the judge. PC admonishes RCT for stealing her dil ka chayn and suggests that he "kar complaint mera register" which I think is by far the best line in the song (no, I'm serious - I loved it).

Then RCT and PC indulge in some awesome dancing. RCT pulls out a really big gun and moments later threatens to yank his pants down by furiously jiggling his belt. But by that time, the video has become considerably more tame - and hence not as much fun.

Mumbai Ka Hero is composed by Chirantan Bhatt (who dazzled me with his songs for 1920 - Evil Returns). 

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Unknown said...

Rofl aspi. I had no hope from this movie given the lack of buzz till u pointed this gem out. The makers owe u big coz my hopes just went up for more midguided corniness coming our way. No young man can stay angry for long given this treatment!