Say What?!

A little about me: I was born in Vadodara, which used to be a small town with a fine University, its own Royal Family, a lot of cricket history and a bustling art community. The University still thrives, the Royal Family is still around, we still have cricketers playing in the National team and the art community has thrived to the point where almost every artist of note in India has passed through town in some capacity.

Here on the Drift, we don't take too many things seriously. Except probably music. Well, maybe not really. Most of the stuff written here is tongue-in-cheek. So take it easy when you pass by - if your blood pressure rises when you read the stuff here, you are probably not getting the Drift. In that case take a deep breath and go back to perusing Orkut for a while. (This last line was a test).

I've been watching Sa Re Ga Ma Pa and Indian Idol on TV since 2008. So you'll find lots of reports here about those shows. Occasionally if a show grabs my attention, I'll watch it for a bit and post about it. I don't watch as much TV as the Drift might suggest - but I'm always open to suggestions from people. Which leads me to this: I rely a lot on people who comment on the blog for a lot of my gyaan. Its amazing to me that inspite of the busy lives people lead and the reams of great reading material available to them, they still find time to stop by and read the Drift. And then find time to comment. I am always very appreciative of that.

A few areas on the Drift worth noting. The focus is loosely on Bollywood. That doesn't mean Drifters aren't into other stuff - but if you want to unleash your inner Bollywood junkie, this might be one of the places that might interest you. There are a few people Drifters are very fond of: Himesh Reshammiya, Rakhi Sawant, Bappi Lahiri and Vishal-Shekhar. We make fun of all of them although we seem to be genuinely fond of Vishal and Shekhar. Some of them sometimes stop by and leave us funny comments - they are all fake!


चिराग: Chirag Patel said...

do u still live in vadodara?

Denise Pellissier said...

Hi Aspi,

Just wanted you to check out "Pursuing Anjali", interactive film series on pre-release @

Series is filmed in New Delhi and Atlanta GA. Pilot is 12 mini episodes and then viewers send in plot ideas. Top vote is filmed.

Contact me, "Pursuing Anjali" creator and Quirkjl creator,


Unknown said...

Hi Denise, would love to learn more but my email bounces off that email addy.

Unknown said...

Hi Aspi ,

Do check out this webisode & review it for its comedy ...